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  • What Recession?! (comic sells for a record cool million)

    Hello Game Informer faithful! You've finally made it to the end of the rainbow (my new blog), and so you have my sincerest congratulations! I know it was a long, arduous road to get here, likely through a lot of questionable material ( primary from... More
  • My Hero Image

    Im all about my Hero Image, I think its a good way to show people what your all about when they come to your profile. So I want to make sure I get the right one for me. Im going to be making 5 or 6 maybe more Hero Image concepts and chucking them in this... More
  • Feeding the Cash Cow...

    I’m away on a business trip for the week and staying in a hotel. I don’t have any games loaded on my laptop and not sure that it could run anything that I would be interested in playing anyway. Obviously I didn’t bring my PC gaming rig... More
  • dbull's Corner IRC Channel Edition

    12 2
    Yes, you saw that right. I've decided to create an unofficial Game Informer IRC channel for everyone to chat on! What better way to help establish that cozy community feel than to shoot the breeze with your fellow GI members? GROUND RULES There are... More
  • Fairchild VI: Episode 4

    In our episode 4 , we're joined by guest Jack Huang (, Cerebral Collective), who enlightens us as to some of the reasons why China may impose certain restrictions on video games that we in the Western world would find offensive or ridiculous... More
  • Peruse has two completely opposite definitions - Whaaaaaaaaa?!

    The other day a friend of mine told me over the phone that he was going to have to spend a little more time familiarizing himself with his new employer's handbook, saying that he had merely perused it thus far. I've always believed that to peruse... More
  • The 3rd Space Gaming Vest

    I can understand and appreciate the need for some to utilize more extensively featured control devices, but I prefer to keep things simple. Although I'm not a PC gamer, I can still say that I'm not to fond towards accessories, only in cases of... More
  • All the console girls *pics included*

    Well since a lot of you liked the pics i posted of them here are a few i have of the console girls. Ill post more as i fell like it. But this is normal. Computer operation systems, consoles, etc have a anime girl to represent them. *if it comes from japan... More
  • Console Wars: 2010 Exclusives

    31 1
    Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you have to admit that exclusive titles are big news in the gaming world. Fanboys use them as ammunitition, newcomers use them to decide which console they want, and the rest of us look to them with high expectations... More
  • My Top Stories (In Games)

    In my opinion, story is the one thing that will continuously make me come back to a game regardless of anything else. If a developer can create a story that is good, with characters I truly care about then there it is almost guaranteed that I will never... More
  • Numa Numa (Mai-Hee)

    Today, why not shove aside Video games and enter the world of "Numa Numa." Yes it is the Numa Numa guy, who has made millions by the way! After seeing his brief appearance on one of the commercials during the Super Bowl, I decided to post the... More
  • GI covers.

    I was recently looking at the cover gallery on this website and thought I'd post some of my favorite GI covers. 2010 From the beginning you know the end. 2009 It's Gordan Freeman and he's awesome. Making me wish I had a PS3. 2008 I don't... More