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  • Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) Review

    Ah, Batman. Perhaps one of the coolest comic book heroes ever, justice has finally been served for the dark knight, and for comic book/video game crossovers in general. Enter, Batman: Arkham Asylum. First of all, don't knock the game off just because... More
  • Love, Irationally

    Love is a complex emotion, especially when it is misunderstood. Both Sammy and the narrator of “Araby” suffer from this problem. Even though the basis of each character’s love is different, some common ground can be seen in how that... More
  • Why I am happy for Bioshock Infinite

    At 1:40 today, I could be found at the teaser website for Bioshock Infinite, the new Bioshock game from Irrational Games. If you haven't seen the trailer, or heard about it, I'm glad you came out of your cave to read this blog. Now I was patiently... More
  • Sonnet of the Subway - A Short Story

    [Walter has always had a problem. He has found the solution for his problem through a simple song he listens to twice everyday. But what happens when for one day, he is unable to channel his anger. In his third short story, Enigma blurs the lines between... More
  • Nintendo Defense League: Chapter 4

    Hello again. The is the fourth chapter of the epic saga I call the Nintendo Defense League. If you have not read the other chapters please do so by clicking on the links below. Chapter 1: More
  • Wii are the Champions

    If you've seen the Top 10 Wii software sales lists released by Nintendo recently, then it probably seems like the "Champions" are both Nintendo and the masses who are snapping up all of those casual titles that hardcore gamers don't... More
  • A Sad Moment (spoiler for Mass Effect 2)

    This is maybe one of the saddest gaming moments Ive ever had. My squad gets in the shuttle after getting the reaper IFF. The Normandy is then attacked and the collectors board us, abducting and killing everyone. Playing as Joker I felt helpless, watching... More
  • You Might Be a Gamer If...

    Well, it has been awhile since I wrote anything here. Apologies to all of my loyal fans. Since I collaborated on a couple with Saint, I don't feel too bad about it. However, after all of the great comments I got from those blogs, I felt like I should... More
  • Fixing GIO Blogs

    So, I remember Sean saying some things about what they are planning to do on the site. One of these things is that they are only going to put up SELECTED blogs from users on the front page. ***NOTE TO STAFF: I may have mis read the post by Sean, but that... More
  • Five Truly Despicable Wii Game Concepts

    If you thought that the Wii library had some real stinkers already, just be thankful that none of my ideas exist. #1 - Call of Duty: Recruit Training Style: 1-Player On-Rails Shooter/Fitness Publisher: Activision Developer: Whatever Is Left Of Infinity... More
  • Are Gamers Born or Made…

    For centuries people have debated whether leaders are born or made. Of course there is no right or wrong answer. Some people think they’re born; some people think they’re made. What I want to know…are gamers born or are they made? On... More
  • My 10 favorite Beatles songs

    I love the Beatles. They don't really need an introduction, as they changed music and produced over 25 number 1 hits. With the amazing list of songs they have, it's not hard to find candidates for a top 10 list; putting one on top of another is... More