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  • Sentimentality Makes Me Happy

    This is not directly about a certain game or a franchise. This is about me and I once again bring you my sentimentality. This past week has been... different. Different from my usual life in many ways. I don't know why, but I feel that something has... More
  • When Spam Attacks: What Can You Do?

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    As I'm sure at least a few dozen people saw today, there was an overwhelming spam attack this morning. Beginning at about 7AM, a few users had flooded the Blog section with literally hundreds of spam blog posts advertising illegal movie downloads... More
  • Spam war!, A grouchy old dude report.

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    Hey everybody except you wormy little SOB who posting BS about downloading movies. I hope your computer crashes into oblivion. And I hope your *** shrivels up and seals itself shut. (bloggers portrait of spammer) Now with that said I have had my fill... More
  • Looking Past a Game's Flaws

    (I'm reposting this because it got drowned in spam) There are some really great games out there, and if you're like me, the first game that comes to your mind is The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. This is an amazing game. It was release... More
  • Falling In Love With Portal 2

    Like many of you this week my eyes have been glued onto one game and one game only. No not Mortal Kombat. While that's a fun game as well I can not get enough of Portal 2. For the first time in a while it's the first game I was aching to go back... More
  • Today Our Website Was Attacked By The Meat No One Wanted... **Update***

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    I woke up this morning in a state of complete disarray. I was on the floor, with a tiny pillow- and I didn't recall falling asleep there. Must have conked out during the movie I was viewing last night on my PS2. Since my iPod was nearby, I picked... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: The Devil's In The Details

    Hist inspired me with his recent blog about storytelling in video games. He brings up some good points about the limitations games have when trying to deliver a cohesive story. I agree with most of what he said. To continue the discussion, I'll be... More
  • A Man Named Coulton

    Back in 2007 when the original Portal came out on the Orange Box I was blown away by the innovative gameplay, unique story and characters, and mind-bending puzzles. I was also extremely impressed with the catchy ending theme song "Still Alive"... More
  • The Journey Man Reviews Ep. 2 Of XX: Jak 2

    (Since the spam blogs blocked out this post before it's time was up, I'm re posting it right after the spam ended so it will get it's full lifespan) welcome to (Uhh...seriously i need a name for it) review episode two! (You may begin your... More
  • What?

    What? I have a blog. Cool! Except I don't have anything to blog about. Never mind. More
  • Range: S2 Part 5

    Before we start, a couple notes. First, Drym commented on the last post asking for longer parts, so I wnt back to my reserve parts and revised and combined some. Ultimately, what was going to be 4 parts is now 3, and I'll try to maintain that length... More
  • Storytelling in video games - why it may never reach the level of books/movies

    Whenever the topic of "video games as art" comes up (and don't worry, I'm not really going there, as I hate that discussion), one of the aspects used to prove how games have become art is the expanded storytelling that many modern games... More