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  • Why I'm losing faith in Nintendo

    (That's a Wii game, recognize it, no. . . well that's because it is only a japanese game) Recently gamers who love Nintendo have been begging for them to release games in America that have been made in Japan and are scheduled for European companies... More
  • Opinions: IGN's Top 100 Modern Games: 40-21

    As the picture suggest we are getting down to the best of the best. This time around it shows just how versatile this generation was. We have practically every genre and every platform represented right here. From shooters, to RPG's, to Tower Defense... More
  • Pie Hard: Pie-Filled Gaia Summer Event of Pie (did I mention that there's pie?)

    Hell-bent for pie? HELL YES! So apparently it's summer and no one told my local atmosphere because it's been raining, foggy, and generally un-summery around these here parts. So how appropriate that the Gaia summer event just kicked off today... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 13: The Unluck of the Irish

    Hello GIO community, A couple weeks back we brought you Episode 11: Double Winning, and this week there is another focus on video games in the second half of our show. I discuss my feelings on Sony's Welcome Back (it's old but I thought of another... More
  • Marathon for charity, including PS3, N64, PS2, and Wii

    On Saturday, July 4-5/6, I and 2 friends will be involved in a marathon raising money for charity. The charity is the Make A Wish Foundation, and since I can't seem to figure out how to get the money via credit/debit card online, I'll be doing... More
  • The Top Ten Most Important Games Released in May 2011

    I'll be the first one to admit that this list is appearing even later than usual, but it wasn't exactly the easiest list to make this time around. May didn't see much software coming out, after all.... More
  • Flame Wars and Allegiances: Utterly Pointless and Counterproductive for Gamers

    Similar to any blogs I may do about hackers or trolls, I understand the main point of this blog is to vent, as I'm certain that what I say will not have much of an effect on these current fights gamers have the pleasure (sarcasm) to spectate and participate... More
  • Get Ready To Rumble

    What the world needs now is another fighting game. Nope, no it doesn’t. But, if the game is done well and it’s also free to play, how can you complain? Newgrounds is a staple on Kongregate games. They offer a host of free video game action... More
  • Some awesome (and some not so awesome) indie games I've played

    There really aren't any indie game reviews out there so I figured I'd try to spread the word on some of the one's I've played. I tried to rate them based on the amount of money they cost also, so I will go easier on a $1 game than a $3... More
  • How I Became A Brony

    37 3
    Hello. My name is Mray901, I'm a male teenager, and I like a cartoon called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic . Surprised? So am I. If you can believe me, I'm going to tell you the tale of how I came across this show, why I like it, and why... More
  • How To Better Appreciate Your Video Game...

    Going through life with a big "F YOU!" sign in your hand won't get you far. Nothing is perfect, and some things are really bad. Video games are no exception to this rule. So how do you go about appreciating a game, even if it sucks? Well... More
  • Advice for Blogging

    Considering the amount of time I spend lurking in the User Blogs page, it speaks well of GIO that I rarely see a genuinely bad blog post. Nearly all of them are well thought out and bring an interesting opinion to the discussion table. However, there... More