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  • The Green Bar of Morality

    I really wanted to avoid this blog, but it just couldn't be helped. By now, you are probably tired of this debate and discussion on morality in video games. The discussion is basically broken down into, from what I can tell two different camps. Those... More
  • Fable III Impressions: Only halfway through and I can't stop!

    I was going to leave my full opinion of this game in a Review once I finished playing but I honestly don't think I can bear that long to hold back from talking about this game. There's been a lot of conflicting opinions but I will simply say:... More
  • Pull My Trigger. Or, the Moral Implications of Playing Video Games...

    Before you dismiss this as just another blog about the looming Supreme Court case and Mature rated video games, I promise you it's not. Well, not really. Honestly, something I read in the Meagan VanBurkleo's article about Rush Limbaugh kind of... More
  • Keep Me in Your Heart For Awhile

    There are fun games, and then are games that absorb us. These games are able to keep us playing for years, or they could. But these days, A plus titles are popping up all over. If you like any type of game, you can be sure that a fun version of that genre... More
  • The PSP's Silent Renaissance

    I used to hear it all the time. People all over kept saying how the DS had so many games coming, and the PSP so few, that it continually left it in the dust. I kept hearing that the PSP had no games, that the only thing going for it was God of War and... More
  • Surviving the Coming Week...

    This week kind of snuck up on me. Do you know what happens this week? Elections? Well, sure...yeah...I'll give you that. Way to put a damper on things. That's not quite what I had in mind though. Something else. My brother's birthday? Now... More
  • The Halloween Blog

    Tonight is Halloween so I thought I would give GI Online a history lesson on Halloween. This is from Halloween (or Hallowe'en ) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, primarily in Ireland , Scotland , Canada and the United States... More
  • 5 Ideas For Mass Effect 3

    I explore some possible avenues that BioWare might take us down in Mass Effect 3. Two words: Reaper politics.

    ... More
  • project 85' a grouchy old dude report.

    Hello and greetings all members and friends, Sorry I haven't had time to write a blog for a while things have been very busy for me and the family. First. I got some good news and bad news on my surgery: good news they decided I should have it and... More
  • Feeling sorry for game characters

    I was playing this one level of Splosion Man last night (yes, I downloaded it, and yes, it is an awesome to come when I'm finished). Actually, playing and *dying* a lot in this one level, but I digress. Anyway, as Splosion Man... More
  • An Open Letter to the Game Informer Staff and Editors.

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    Dear Game Informer Editors, I can live with some of the flaws within Game Informer the website and the magazine. However, the one thing I cannot live with is the poor quality of information and slow abandonment of integrity noticed within the written... More
  • Does This Ever Happen to You?

    So you're playing an awesome campaign on an awesome video game on an awesome console. You're on a MASSIVE completion streak of missions until...You hit that one level that you replay over and over again until you finally hit a state of video-gaming... More