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  • I are a colledge grajuate (sic)...

    Hopefully my title with intentional errors didn't scare any potential readers away. Okay, so...I don't consider 37 THAT old...but chances are I'm slightly older than most of the people that might stop by and read this blog. Just from the few... More
  • Random Funny Posters

    Here are a bunch of funny pis that i have found online, I hope you enjoy them because i certanly did. Hope you enjoyed them, i have plenty more if you would like to see more. More
  • Book Review: HAUNTED by Chuck Palahniuk

    I know, I know. Nobody in a gaming website is gonna give a sh** about these so-called "books" that people read, but since I'm in a big writers block, and I'm incredibly bored, I thought I'd share this amazing literary discovery with... More
  • An RPG Idea I've Been Kicking Around For A While Now

    Like a lot of gamers, I'm tired of the RPG premise of teenagers saving the world. I was thinking about it one day, and wondering what I'd do differently. I totally wanted to scrap both the teens and the world saving, and here's a taste of... More
  • The Persistent Persecution of Ben?

    I've crawled all around the GI site, and I don't ever believe I've seen someone get attacked as much as GI's very own Ben Reeves. That's right, the most notorious person on this site actually works alongside the magazine who birthed... More
  • The Industry, As It Stands

    13 1
    The past few days, I, as well as many other gamers, have been wrapped up reading about the dispute between Call Of Duty developer Infinity Ward and its parent company, Activision. This, along with recent lawsuits and accusations of harsh working conditions... More
  • Stop Talking About "Girl Gamers"

    Seriously people. It doesnt matter! why do so many of you care? Girls play games, guys play games, old people play games. Some people enjoy playing games some dont. It doesnt matter what gender you are or how old you are, if you enjoy games then welcome... More
  • Halo. Epic. Legendary. Iconic. Unoriginal.

    As a follow up to a blog titled “Originality is Dead. So, Who Cares…” that I published here at GIO yesterday, I continue the dialogue with a discussion why (in my opinion) the originality debate is irrelevant to the overall merit and... More
  • Where is it, I don't see it?

    I had this on my mind for some time because no one has made it yet, and that is a WW1 game this sort of game has never been made from what I know. ( there is that toy solider game coming out for 360 but I mean one without "toy soldiers", but... More
  • Girls......and gameing!!! Is it true?

    *Note the girl in the picture is a epic zero suit samus cosplayer and the pic is just for lols cause she actually took this pic* EditL...............that pic of the samus cosplayer.......would be best not to post that pic at moment <,< i may throw... More
  • Snipers Are A Part of A Balanced Breakfast

    Thats right. I eat snipers for breakfast! I've been playing Bad Company 2 when I can and I got to say, it is a great alternative to Modern Warfare. Dont get me wrong, I highly enjoy MW2 but Bad Company is a whole different ball game. I love the lack... More
  • 40 News! A look at "Vanquish"

    Hello and welcome to the second installment of my blog segment 40 News! Where I take a look at what's happening in gaming news, post my opinion about it, and see what the readers have to say in the comments. If you missed my first installment you... More