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  • Bizzay as a Bee

    It's been quite a while since I decided to hunker down and write a blog. It's stereotypical, redundant and unoriginal but I have to liken this blog-less transition to a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT happening in my life. I've made the transition to... More
  • *UPDATE* Rage Quit- Socom Confrontation (Ps3)

    Join me as I go the battlefield of boringness... I would normally say welcome to blah blah...but I'm to pissed of right now. First I'd like to discuss the box art above. See that I added some text in it? Good, but first a little history lesson... More
  • City Of Heroes And Villains - Game Review

    City of Heroes is a computer game that allows you to interact with many other people. First, you choose an archetype of sorts, a hero for City of Heroes, and a villain for City of Villains, and then you get to design your own unique and special costume... More
  • Personal Thoughts on Killzone 3

    I played the hell out of Killzone 2. I spent over 400 hours in the multiplayer and beat the campaign five times over. To say that I was going to be invested in its sequel would be an understatement. I've been waiting for this, I've needed this... More
  • The Friendship of you Fellow Gamers

    Now before I begin I must repeat once again, I dislike grammar very much so please forgive my many grammar mistakes. But I do believe this blog has less grammar mistakes...I think. Anyways I hope you enjoy my blog. Have a great day..or night.Also I am... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 33 of XX

    I have to keep the intro for this week's Member Herding blog short, because the responses were a tad bit longer than the average response. If that's any indication who this week's member is, then you might already know or have an idea. Clearly... More
  • Demon's Blog of Constructive Criticism For the GIO Blog Section

    Well folks, I am finally back after doing some hard time (AKA a week of being banned for being aggressive). During this time, I had a lot of time to reflect upon my actions that brought me to this point. Besides the sleep deprivation I was putting myself... More
  • Hello

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    Hi, hows it going? More
  • My Mass Effect 3 Ending

    I've always imagined a scene something like the one below. Keep in mind it wouldn't all be a cutscene, as Shepard would most likely play a pivotal role in finishing the fight. full-paragon playthrough ending. *Play Suicide Mission track * 0:00... More
  • 2011 A Good Year for Gaming?

    I'm usually not one to jump to the conclusion that a certain year is a golden year for gaming, but I honestly have a good feeling about 2011. The list of games is growing at an abnormally large rate, and Q1 hasn't even come to a close. Will this... More
  • Gamer rage and why it's natural to get mad.

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    This is it ! The big one. After lengthly hours of play time and punishing diffuculty, I finally make it to the final boss. The life bar is a bit low but it shouldn't be a major problem, right? The fight begins, I begin to wear down the bosses life... More
  • Five Reasons Why I Didn't Get Into World of Warcraft

    Note that these are only my personal opinions, I respect every reader's opinion and if you would like to kindly voice them in comments, please do so. A few months ago I tried something totally out of my video game league. I decided to try World of... More