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  • The excitment

    Oh god the excitment. When I awoke this morning, back and legs hurting from work last night, I thought I was in for another average day. But I couldn't have been more wrong. It started off harmlessly enough, I downloaded War Inc. Battlezone overnight... More
  • Team Fortress 2 Community Frag Fest!

    Hello, if you are reading this, you probably want to be in on the epic frag fest that is Team Fortress 2. So, i will be hosting a server for GI, and i will give a password to many people. But i also need other people volunteering. This means i need other... More
  • Limbo - My Take

    Here is my interpretation of Limbo: You know what they say when you have a near death experience; They say that your life flashes right through your eyes. That is what this game is about. A brother and a sister were in an accident. Just before the brother... More
  • The Shooters Of The Past

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    I can remember a time, when side scrolling shooters were one of the biggest things happening to video games back in the earlier years. Whatever happened to this genre? I can certainly appreciate current games(LBP2) trying to give gamers the freedom to... More
  • An achievement of mythical proportions

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Demon’s Souls was the first game in a long time to really challenge me and push the limits of my gaming ability. From the time I picked up the controller and stepped into... More
  • Dear Devs, People are not Two Dimensional.

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    As is true with about 85% of my blogs the following is my opinion . If you disagree with it you are more than welcome to do so in the comments section below. Please though if you are going to discuss I ask that you keep it civilized and that you prepare... More
  • Beginning a Master Quest

    Yesterday I beat Ganon. Yep that's right I defeated the King of Evil, escaped his castle, and then killed him again as Ganon on the 3DS. And the fight was just as awesome as I remember it. It truly is a memorable fight, and anyone who has played Ocarina... More
  • Harmonix’s Gain is Game Informer’s Loss

    When I stepped away from blogging at Game Informer, I told myself there were only a few circumstances I could think of where I would come back and blog. And while this isn't a blog as much as it is a public good bye letter to a special person who... More
  • Chell's Real Parents - A Portal 2 Conspiracy Theory (spoilers)

    Exposure to this conspiracy theory may cause slight insanity. Also, SPOILERS. A few Portal diehards (including myself) have came up with some interesting ideas as to Chell's origins. No, we don't think that Gordon Freeman is her father. This is... More
  • My New Found Love For PC Gaming

    That is such a nice PC. I wish I could have that. The beginning of my gaming life started on the PC. Games like the Backyard Sports series and other games got me started on gaming. After I got a Game Boy Advance and Gamecube, I stayed with consoles and... More
  • How Disappointing. . .

    With Hist and Demon Ragnoroak doing their expectations blog/ disappointment blogs, I decided to give it a shot myself. What do I call a disappointment though? If I thought a game was going to be one really good thing and it came out and it was something... More
  • Rebuilding The Bastion

    Bastion: an action adventure RPG blended together with a hint of a Clint Eastwood film where you are the man(kid) with no name, a handful of steam punk to give it that untold time frame, along with a dab of a soundtrack comprised of abrian-electro and... More