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  • Gremlins and an Idea

    Ok , I would like to start off by saying that something has always bothered me...bothered me so deep in my core that I simply can not not let it out... Ever wonder about Gremlins you know the rule where the Mogwai can't eat after midnight...isn't... More
  • Top 5 worst ways to play online

    Online is popular to today`s gaming audience it is so popular many people don`t even care about story modes and jump straight into multi player to play those who have online and a copy of the game. There are so many players, good and bad. Today`s top... More
  • love2read2's guide to ruin your video games,(and fix them if you want)

    Guitar Hero, Madden, any sports game, and now, saddest of all, Call of Duty, what do they have in common? They are going downhill fast. Activision is making mistakes. This list will show you how: 1.Guitar Hero- What can one say about Guitar Hero, it made... More
  • Go West, Young Man...

    To boldly go where no man has gone before. When you think of a pioneer, you may think of a colorful character fresh from the pages of our history books. Perhaps someone like Daniel Boone or Lewis and Clark (for those of us in the USA). Or perhaps someone... More
  • More COD 6 rage

    Another day of observation on my siblings behalf I have seen an inconsistencyin what he says and what he puts into action. When my brother says he hates the single hit kill shotguns he uses them like a fiend, when he says snipers are "cheap"... More
  • The Demise of the Adult Gamer

    It's 1986. You're 4 years old. You have no idea what you did for recreation up to this point, but you know you're getting tired of drawing square boobies on your Etch-A-Sketch. Then your parents come home with a surprise: they bestow upon... More
  • First Toyota, Now Sony...

    Okay...maybe that title is a cheap shot. Comparing faulty motor vehicles resulting in accidents and loss of life to a glitch in an online video game system probably isn't very fair. My apologies. Still though, people are pretty angry with both companies... More
  • My Xbox is in danger

    I am braced for the worst... Today, at 8 pm I went up to my gaming room to play xbox, and it was already on..... I have recently been letting my brother watch movies on it since our dad doesn't let us watch movies on the downstairs TV past 10pm. SO... More
  • Call of Duty 6, online anger

    After observing my brother for several months after he got COD MW2 he got online for the first time this my friends was a horrible mistake as he exerted a huge amount of rage toward inexperienced players with harsh words and quiting the sed game. Well... More
  • Great Sequences: Episode II

    "Games should be measured by the moments within them. Moments make a game memorable, they stick with you, and it burns in your mind forever." Hello, welcome back to my second episode of Great Sequences. This week I will reminisce about game... More
  • Bring These Games Back!

    Thanks to Xbox Live (dont play WiiWare or PSN) I have been able to play just about every game that I remember playing as a kid. Theres just about everything there someone could want to remind them of a simpler day in gaming where story didnt always matter... More
  • Crapola! It makes even weird people regular!

    So I recently had a breakfast adventure that began with a second hand t-shirt and ended up in new breakfast nirvana! It all started one day when I stopped at my brothers house and his girlfriend said she had a t-shirt for me. Her friend at work had won... More