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  • Screw art, I just want to play.

    *Cracks fingers* Ok, my first (real) blog post, and I'm ready to rant. Here I go. Roger Ebert and Rex Reed, what do they have in common? A lot of things apparently, most notably, they're grouchy, hate video games, and are professional movie critics... More
  • Mass Effect 2

    Finally finished Mass Effect 2 last night. I won't spoil it here, so don't worry. You can read on. I have two thoughts on the ending of the game, first as a game and then as a story. It's pretty much common knowledge that the end of the game... More
  • Playing the FFXIV Beta Pt2: Combat

    The last time I posted I took the chance to talk about how the Beta introduced us into its game and controls. After the server opening again I took the time to associate myself with its menu and combat scheme (albeit it was abruptly cut short due to an... More
  • Gamer's Challenge #3 Red Dead Redemption

    Alright, last challenge wasn't much of a success... This time, I'm going to try something that a lot of gamers may be able to do. In Red Dead Redemption, you are going to try and get a high bounty, for every $1000 of bounty, you get one point... More
  • Member Herding 06 of XX

    This week's candidate was a bit of a stranger, but one that I was at least somewhat familiar with, having read some of his previous blogs. It doesn't take much to figure out he has a passion for anime and cosplay. I also think he is one of the... More
  • Late to the Party, and All the Cool People are Gone

    Let me give you a little background information before I start. I go to a boarding school where I am unable to play my console games during most of the year. Needless to say, this leaves me in the position of trying to catch up when I come home, which... More
  • Is GameStop Evil (Part 2 of 4) Pre-ordering…

    I’m not going to dilly dally with a summarization of Part 1. You might want to read it though to understand the background for the rest of this blog. A few points of clarification…I’m hoping if I open with them they’ll get read... More
  • For sonic the hedgehog fans and others in general

    I found this video while looking on sonic stadium and must admit its a epic retailing of sonics battle with eggman in the doomsday zone. mario doesnt have anything on this. More
  • My Top 5 Games Of The Year (So Far)

    I know. It's a little too early to do one of these. But I don't care, so I'm doing it anyway! Enjoy! (Also, keep in mind that I have very little money, so don't be surprised if your favorite game is missing. I can't buy everything... More
  • E. P. Greg Goodrich talks Medal of Honor with Inside Xbox

    On Tuesday October 12 th , the latest in the Medal Of Honor franchise will land on store shelves. After spending 11 years simulating WWII EA has decided to grab the market's coat tail and bring the series into modern day. Having been a fan of the... More
  • Butler and Molyneux Walk In To A Bar...

    What if Peter Molyneux and Kevin Butler, walked into a bar, sat down and began talking candidly about Kinect and Move? I imagine it would play out something like this: Butler : Hey Pete, how’s that uh, that third grade science fair project coming…... More
  • How far behind is too behind?

    Well, I just got Dead Space and Borderlands lol. That's pretty behind. I also got RDR 2 days ago and Alan Wake a week ago. I know that I'm behind on teh games, but I like to enjoy games for as long as I can, but how far behind is too far? Hell... More