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  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Day Watch (don't let my son cross paths with my girlfriend bad things can happen)

    As some of you know I've been reading the Night Watch series. The interest in the series really started with the first movie Night Watch (obviously). I think at the time I knew they were books but for some reason never got to reading them. Well I... More
  • Serious as Stable Angina…

    Well, it’s Friday and as I look at some of my notes and scribble scrabble for potential blog ideas, they all seem a bit serious or at the very least, idealistic. Not quite the mood I was going for. So, as I often do when I find myself in these situations…I’m... More
  • RAGE!

    At this year's E3 people seemed to be really interested in ID's new post-apocalyptic shooter/driving game called Rage. First off it's being developed by ID which is one of the best game developers out there; they are know for the Doom, Wolfenstein... More
  • ID's Quake Engine: foundation of an entire genre

    Just browsing the Internet today trying to find any bits of information of Rage and soon to be revealed Doom 4. I came across a really cool illustration showing the importance of the Quake Engine that literally branches off to other engines that sound... More
  • Just Another Kid at Heart

    As I like to think about it, I never really think of myself as a full fledged grown up. Yea, I'm in high school and can act mature, but when you feel stressed out, to me it always feels good to act like a kid again. When everyone around you is blabbering... More
  • Vault Spelunking: The Revival

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    Delve III This didn't become the regular posts I was kind of hoping it would be, but really, when you don't have any time to game, what choice do you have? A lot has happened since the last Spelunk ( *cough* E3 *cough* ), and that means this one... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 03 of XX...

    A few comments before I jump over to the actual “member herding” part of the blog. This is only the third member herding blog and I’m already a bit surprised, make that pleasantly surprised with the reception the series is receiving... More
  • Speculation of 3DS's hardware numbers... *Updated*

    This is almost a direct copy and paste from a post in ResidentHazard's thread about the new Resident Evil: Revelations trailer, exclusively for the 3DS. This is all completely thought up by me, so none of it is officially posted anywhere, this is... More
  • The FPS Generation

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    The sign for a game that blew my mind about four years ago. A game so large- with such beautiful graphics at the time, that not playing it would have resulted in me hesistating to go into the next generation. And it was a FPRPG, a not-so-brand new contraption... More
  • Brilliant Alan Wake parody video

    And you don't even have to have played the game to find it hilarious. A little while back, I did a post about the seemingly endless "collection" quests that so many games have us do, inspired by an audio that Talk Radar did making fun of... More
  • Tactical's Rapid Reviews

    So, I think I am going to take a break from my series on knowing thy enemy to bring you Tactical's Rapid Reviews. What is about to happen is this, I am going to list off the games in my played list and rate them. The scale will range from "I'd... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Troma's Monster in The Closet (you can call me chief if you want)

    Ok so there's an interesting story behind my seeing this movie today. Back when I was a kid I think my brother rented this from Blockbuster, or it came on tv I can't remember, either way I watched only part of it, I think one scene. So yes I've... More