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  • Money Shots FTW...

    I’m trying to put the finishing touches on the next episode of the GIO Member Herding blog with the expectation it will be ready on Thursday or Friday, but in the meantime I have to hammer something out for tonight’s blog. I want it to be... More
  • The mindset of game improvement

    Do you find yourself improving to a great extent when you play a game? That may sound like a silly question (and actually, it is), but there's an interesting mindset in how we improve, as well as how much. How much of a challenge are we willing to... More
  • It's Called Spell Check!

    Before I begin on this wonderful little rant, I should mention that this post is not directed towards people whose first language is NOT English and/or those that are still young enough to take spelling tests. Now then... WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU... More
  • Homophobia...This Has Got To Stop

    Dan Ryckert, was so kind to give us a blog, in which he gave some amusing "Missed Connections" post off of craigslist. This was fine, but there of course was one in which I guy missed a connection with another guy. While most of the community... More
  • Why on EARTH did I put this game away for a year!?

    I just took Super Mario Galaxy off of my shelf the other day for the first time in almost a year. I'm not so sure why it took me this long to get back into it. Maybe the hype for Mario Galaxy 2. I never did beat this game. But last Monday, I got power... More
  • Trolls in my chat?! O_O

    Yea so the chat, I may have hinted that I now own it, I dont im just BS'ing you. But lately we are getting a bunch of trolls in there, I thought they might be able to get a smile if I mention them in this amazing blog. And you know all the trolls... More
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

    I was thinking about the blog that Hist published yesterday regarding playing cooperative games online with friends and/or strangers. So I guess you could say his blog was the inspiration for this one. Technically, it’s part of a bigger issue that... More
  • Games With The #2 In Them This E3 Season

    I'm sure E3 has kept you guys and gals pretty excited about this and next year's games. Well, I'm here to tell you about great and well-worth-it games to try this year and next year. Let me know what you expect from these outstanding games... More
  • Half-Life!

    Oh my friggin' God. Over half of my life (that wasn't intended in the slightest, but it is coincidentally true) has been spent hating on this game. I STARTED to play it over and over again for 7 years not liking it. Then, I saw some gameplay for... More
  • Star Trek and What it's Done for You

    Star Trek has to be the best show ever made. Mind you, I'm not a die-hard trekkie that freaks out when ever William Shatner is in the vacinity, or I find a thirty dollar (cheap) prop from the show online. I just enjoy watching this show and I enjoy... More
  • Vampire: the story of Malkev (chapter 3)

    Chapter 3: A night to remember. By J.K.Ramswick Two months had gone by, when Brian asked me to deliver a package to a town called Dundee. It wasn’t uncommon to deliver packages to other towns, so I didn’t question it, but if I knew than what... More
  • The Rise (and Fall) of music games for hardcore gamers.

    In '04 or '05, I think, Guitar Hero released for the PS2 to warm reviews and high sales, catapulting music games out of arcades and onto home consoles. Now by no means was GH the first successful music game, but it was the game that started the... More