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  • Making Time for Portable Games

    [This post started out as a comment on Dan Ryckert's recent post, Thoughts On The Portable Landscape . As it grew longer and less related to the topic, I realized it would be better suited to a blog post.] Lately, I find myself changing the way I... More
  • Can't wait for DoTA 2? Try League of Legends

    DoTA should be familiar to most gamers as a Warcraft III mod that was wildly popular. It had many unique characters to choose from, and two teams went head-to-head to destroy the enemy base. Well, if you are reading this, you should probably know what... More
  • The Re-Review Episode 3: Delta Force: Urban Warfare (PSx)

    Being ahead of your time is rarely a bad thing, especially in gaming. When a game's graphics and gameplay are so unprecedented that they don't show up in other games for years, the game is usually great, and becomes an instant classic. This is... More
  • My Controls, The Way I Want Them

    I recently got Mass Effect 2 for PC... you know, because playing through the whole game plus the DLC twice on the Xbox version wasn't enough. But, I discovered something extremely unfortunate once I started up the game. Lots of PC games come with... More
  • From Journalism to Community Manager

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    As the giant web of social media continues to grow and grow, and as video game fans continue to cluster online in order to complain about (or sometimes compliment) some of the biggest games out there, gaming companies are learning that they need to have... More
  • The News - 07.24.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! With Comic-Con in San Diego wrapping up and in its final hours, we will be covering a couple of things today. First, we will be taking at a number of new games and release dates that were announced at Comic-Con over the... More
  • How do YOU Choose Where You Buy Your Games?

    When buying a game, we often look at a plethora of reasons to do so. Some stores will give special bonuses, or various in-game weapons, extra maps, while others will have lower price points. It can be daunting to find a good place to get a game, especially... More
  • The Problem with Halo Anniversary

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    343 is the new Treyarch. The game may have been a "labor of love" for them, but they are running the original code...except with an enhanced graphics engine. Which you do not even need to use. Unfortunately, this is another classic case of the... More
  • Suggestion & "Let's Play Together" Idea

    First of all, I am really angry right now because of some stupid mix-up of hotkeys and GIO blog writer program. I was here, writing my blog post for like 3 hours straight and when I had finally finished it, I wanted to select it all to copy it in case... More
  • Can A Video Game Change The World?

    I just finished reading an article in Spin Magazine about the effect of Nirvana's masterpiece album Nevermind from 1991. The article laments the fact that American society and youth embraced this dark album and the rebellious attitude it espoused... More
  • What do you do when you buy a game you hate?

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    If you're saying "Screw you, that game was good!" then you have so many problems. Because of that game, I would need to see a therapist every week. But because I didn't buy it, I don't. So, I don't really have a story, but I'll... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 20


    It's episode 20! This week, we talk about Freddy Krueger being in Mortal Kombat, MegaMan Legends 3 being cancelled, Arrested Development, and Netflix. Yes, we're finally talking about gaming news again. ...Kind of.

    ... More