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  • Delta Force Xtreme Review and Tiny Announcement

    Delta Force Xtreme For years, Delta Force was regarded as one of the leaders in online gaming. Even Novalogic's Joint Operations and expansion were highly rated and loved by those who played the multiplayer. In 1998, Delta Force was released. 1999... More
  • Video Games that shouldn't have Died.

    There are some awesome games that got left behind in the PS2 era, and never evolved to Xbox 360, or PS3. Some, just never got their deserved sequels. All of these games are great, and very well known. 1. BULLY: Quite possibly my favorite game of all time... More
  • EVOLUTION 2010: Tournament of the Year

    Players from all around the world have been training for this day. This is our "Super Bowl," Evolution 2010 where the best of the best gather to compete! This year is pretty massive, with G4TV collaborating with Level|Up to stream the event... More
  • X L R --> <-- A B? Sorry, But I Don't Speak Geek...

    Games are lacking these days. You heard me, they’re lacking. Oh sure, the majority of games these days have superb graphics, flawless controls, heightened realism, and beautiful storylines. It’s terrible, am I right? Whoa, whoa, don’t... More
  • July Issue Response - Limitation of the 'M' Rating

    I have one major point of interest in the July issue I'd like to discuss, and then some random comments about the rest of the issue after the walls of text. I can answer the response to reader Jess Wasson, in which GI stated: "ask any gamer if... More
  • PREDATORS... No game?

    Today I'm going to see Predators. And my expectations are that it might (emphasis on "might") be good. After all, it looks to take what was great about the original Predator movie--a group of unsuspecting tough guys being hunted by an unknown... More
  • Nerdiness is next to level-ninety nine.

    I have raced to these pipes for most of my life. I have defeated monsters, saved worlds, and shot badguys for so long it's a real part of me. I am homo-sapien-gamian. It's a classification of myself- I am a gamer. People have always told me I'm... More
  • Looking for game reviewers and podcasters.

    -If anyone is interested in reviewing games on my website "". -Make video game blogs on the site. -Or want to be part of a soon to be podcast. Then read this! Let me start things off, my website just launched a month or... More
  • The First 2000: Hitting the Reset Button Vol. 2

    So after I hit the reset button, I ran here to tell you guys all about it. Many of you were quite supportive of my decision to roll with it, and requested an update. So here it is, two weeks later and I'm a little over 2000 with my new Gamer Score... More
  • Brandon is sending mixed messages

    Brandon and I were hanging out this weekend. We had a few beers downtown, and he poured his heart out to me. It was weird. The following is the conversation as I remember it: Brandon: So I was drivin' around the other day by the river and I was checkin'... More
  • Checking Out? Chapter 4 part 1

    Don froze. "Oh sh*t," was all he could think. His heart racing, he tried to think of something to do. He backed up in to the wall to see if he could find the door. Two bright blue lights shone where Don remembered the woman's head being... More
  • Music CDs

    Are any of you like me when it comes to CDs? When I buy one, I listen to it only that one for up to two months (Yes I listen to other music on my MP3 player, but with CDs I'm weird). I know that you can get MP3s for free, but I like to keep CDs for... More