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  • The Importance of Remakes

    One of the most hotly debated topics in the world of video games is the remake. On one side people feel that developers should spend more time creating new experiences that gamers will love and games that will go down in history. They also question the... More
  • 30/30 Day #14 - Madden 05

    IT"S MADDEN!!!!!!! ****** MADDEN .... and that is quite enough of that. Welcome again to 30/30. I'm not going to lie, there are a few blogs on this list that I am not that excited about writing about, but that is part of the reason that I chose... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: There Is No "I" In "Team" (But There Ain't No "We" Either...)

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    Tell me if this sounds familiar to anyone. I'm in the middle of a tense power struggle on Wake Island between my Allied Forces and the Japanese army. I've seen the members of my team struggle to maintain control of a plane, so I decide to hoof... More
  • A Scathing Review of GTA4

    Fair warning people, put on your thickest set of skin and apply your best sense of humor. Grand Theft Auto 4 is the continuation of the GTA series, and the first to appear on next generation consoles. Upon it's release, it was greeted with incredible... More
  • Sanctity 2.2

    Sanctity 2.2 They slipped off into the darkness, cheering silent cheers and shedding silent tears. For their dead. To do otherwise would be weak. The weak did not survive in the Reaches. The Black Brothers were not weak. The weak were left for the Beasts... More
  • Why you shouldn't care about the VS.

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    Everyone knows about the battle between Battlefield 3 and MW3. Everyone knows that the people usually hate each other. And, everyone knows that they're supposed to be the biggest games of the year. Well, I'm going to contradict what most of you... More
  • Off Topic: I Wonder...

    Breaking from the traditional intellectualism (or alleged intellectualism) of my normal posts, I was compelled to share a list of things that keep me up at night. I wonder why : "Where's Waldo?" caught on. Don't we generally look for... More
  • Range S4: Part 17

    Alphonse ran at Allistair, he jumped over him, firing all through his arc. Allistair stood still, blocking all the shots easily. Alphonse landed, he immediately turned and lunged at Allistair. Allistair stepped out of the way and kicked Alphonse aside... More
  • How Google Is Killing Itself

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    Alright... I'm normally not one to recycle the writing I do for my job over at Vikitech, but I really like this article. This was one of my favorite articles. Plus, I completely rewrote it from scratch for the GIO audience so anybody can understand... More
  • gtrcrgy's Name Change, Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3: The Winner, In My Eyes

    Hey. It's gtrcrgy here... Well, I'm DeadManWalking now. I decided to change my name. I'm not going to abuse the name change privilege, I really intend this to be permanent. ( this blog in no way promotes Call of Duty: Black Ops) Not that type... More
  • Returning Courses in Mario Kart 7

    In my last blog, I left out the Retro cups, which are tracks in previous games put in the most recent game. The confirmed tracks are listed in the following. Maple Treeway (Wii) Luigi's Mansion (DS) DK Pass (DS) Kalimari Desert (N64) Airship Fortress... More
  • Epic List: Volume 2- Things That Annoy Me...

    Alright, I'm being clear now. This goes beyond video games, and into the real world. I know. So, agree or disagree with me if you want to. I don't really care. These are the Top 15 things that annoy me. 15. People who send hate mail to reviewers... More