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  • Top 5 Horror Heroines

    So Halloween is my favorite time of year. It's the only time other than ComicCon where i can where my Samus costume without looking strange, plus it is the best time for horror movies. I got the idea for this from the most recent issue of Revolver... More
  • The NPD Console sales

    I was wondering where the NPD sales were Hiding. Halo saves the day and the battle between hard copy and digital sales Dan Gallagher , MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Video game sales fell during the month of September, disappointing analysts... More
  • Video game stock profile EA

    Meet the EA stock activity for the last 6 months Looks very shakey doesn't it? Is it worth investing in the short term? long term? Or at all? on the bright side the stock is recovering it's losses. Here is EA's profile After Hours: 15.75 0... More
  • Interesting login problems

    After years of using the laggy Internet Explorer, I finally decided that enough was enough; I had to find a new web browser. First, I tried FireFox. After a week of constant computer problems and lock ups, I uninstalled it, afraid that if I downloaded... More
  • Sharing is good, Mmkay?

    I'm going to jump right into this topic: Sharing online multiplayer. I'm tired of seeing remarks like "I'm glad that a law is being passed so little kiddies can't play Halo online" and "Stupid little kids shouldn't play... More
  • Rock Band 3 recycling songs.

    I was excited to hear about rock band 3.The new guitar controller gives me something to look forward to and to bring new challenge to all of us pro Guitar hero/Rock band players.But when I looked at the set list I was confused.I saw alot of songs that... More
  • When a game "clicks"

    No I don't mean when a game is damaged or if the laser isn't reading it.I mean when you first picked up that new game yesterday and when u played it,it completly blew you away.And no matter how many times you play it...u never get bored of playing... More
  • Activision's biggest 2010 failure

    Those who have been following this blog know that I'm not an Activision-hater. In fact, I've come to its defense a few times. Somebody complaining about CoD being run into the ground? I'm there defending it. Complaints about Bobby Kotick's... More
  • Challenging the Empire: The Importance of Medal of Honor

    Exclusivity is the death of originality. We see it all the time in video games. Madden took a nosedive after NFL 2K was driven out of town. After owning the skateboarding landscape for years, Tony Hawk began the type of slow death usually reserved for... More
  • The Blizzard Ban on Hackers on Starcraft 2

    Before I get too heavy into this, just watch this video. This is a replay from a multiplayer game on in which a player is using a Map Hack. A Map Hack allows the user to see parts of the map that otherwise wouldn't be visible to them. Now... More
  • Batman's Rogue Gallery

    Batman has a wide, broad, and certainly diverse range of villains. Villains have a meaning, known for them, but a demeaning meaning, that is known to others. These lowlife, baddies try to get their point across, but ultimately fail almost every time.... More
  • DmC: Devil May Cry Reboot (***-bags Aren't Cool)

    Oh hi! I'm just another nameless gamer, lost in the culture that is fairly popular today. But let me tell you a few things about why I play video games, and one serious tragic error that has occurred. When I was a young lad, so very long ago, I played... More