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  • Why The DS-Lite is the Best Handheld Nintendo Has Ever Made (yet).

    Face it, Nintendo has gotten a really bad rap lately (more like for the last 10 years). First the GameCube largely flopped because of the tiny disks with high prices, lumbering cube shape and relatively few games for the hardcore gamer (also cel-shaded... More
  • L.A. Neo Noire

    L.A. Noire inspired me to tour the Historic Downtown area of the City of Angels to see how the streets might have looked during 1947 as depicted in Rockstar’s gritty and entertaining vision. I’ve interspersed my pictorial with notorious tales... More
  • Education and Games


    I've been thinking lately of education in games, and why gaming hasn't followed its other media brethren into the educational scene. Movies, books, radio, and music can and have all been used for both recreational and educational purposes. Yet, when it comes to games, only recently have some involved a form of teaching.

    ... More
  • Weekend Plans

    I'm hoping this weekend to play alot of Brink, as well as possibly some Halo Reach if I can find any friends to play with. My current level in brink is 18/20, so im hoping that I can finish the progresion system by sunday. Next week is gonna be hella... More
  • Rewinding The Clock

    Hey guys, just had a little bit of a quick thought I wanted to share/inquire about while it's on my mind as it has been something that I have thought about many times over the years. So, today I booted up my PS3 to get in some summer gaming and I... More
  • Top 5 creepy video game song: Viewer edition + 1

    A week ago I made a blog of the 5 video game songs I thought were creepiest, now I'm making this for the responses I got, plus 1 from me to make 5. I started with a reverse song last time, and I'm doing it again. That's even creepier than... More
  • Where have I been? INCLUDES: Games, Crashes, Injuries, ME!!!

    Finally, writer's block has been defeated. Gosh it was such a hard boss fight, but hey, everybody will annihilate such an enemy eventually. And I'm back, only a bit different... I haven't blogged properly for quite some time now, about a week... More
  • Indie Game Review: VVVVVV

    Imagine playing an Atari game with a smooth framerate that auto-saved often and had an overworld map like Metroid...... That game is VVVVVV. VVVVVV is a 2D puzzle platform video game designed by Terry Cavanagh and scored by Magnus Pålsson. The game... More
  • I have an Opinion!

    18're probably reading that title and thinking to yourself, "Well...I'm just going to skip this." Well let me tell you something pal, skip it all you want. But at some point today, you're going to run out of blogs and articles... More
  • The News - 05.20.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! We have a couple of interesting pieces today, some being new developments, some being updates on previous matters. So, first off we will be looking at a special offer from Microsoft that will reward college kids for their... More
  • What Sort of Gamer are YOU?

    "I will destroy you. Of that, you can be certain." Whenever we game, we often take a specific part of our psyche and apply it to our gaming strategy. We all know at least one person who, when losing, will slam their controller or their game... More
  • BurgerTime World Tour E3 Trailer

    My "hero banner" on this page is an homage to Frozen Codebase's BurgerTime World Tour . So, it should be no surprise that I'm excited to share this new E3 trailer from MonkeyPaw games is publishing this update of the... More