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  • Spread the Wealth...

    In my experience there are two kinds of gamers, at least in the sense of what I'm about to discuss. And unfortunately, I think I am in the minority group, which is potentially troubling because the last time I published a blog and said I was in the... More
  • My love/hate letter to Mass Effect 2

    Dear Mass Effect 2, After spending so much quality time together, I feel we should be at that point in our relationship where I buy you flowers from Pick ‘N Save, put on the Craig David CD and tell you I made the Stouffer’s lasagna from scratch... More
  • Mini iPhone App Reviews

    This is my first entry into this new series, so I'm going to explain it just a bit. (Even though it is not a hard concept to grasp.) I recently got a iPod Touch 3G and I have gotten into the apps. This is just were I could write if I thought it was... More
  • why Vulcans do need logic

    Here is why: To use logic you need goals, like if my goal is to stay alive, then I will not jump into Lava. However, if I had no goals, Which would I choose? You can use logic to make goals that will further your progress to your final goals, but you... More
  • What I Do Instead of Sleep, Part 3, or The Never-Ending Blog

    [My apologies for a darn LONG blog. I tried to keep it short, but did bold key elements to help with navigation. If you skip this entirely I can't blame you, LOL, but I hope you do persevere and get something out of it.] On today's agenda is Battlefield... More
  • A blast from the past.

    Here recently I have found quite a few games that I missed while playing Call of Duty and Halo. My last 4 gamestop visits have been to find those games and enjoy what I've been missing. Enjoy these diverse experiences from my opinion :) Dead Space... More
  • Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

    As usual, minor spoilers lie ahead. If you want to go in sight unseen, you have been warned. Alice in Wonderland Reviewed by Ryan M. Eft Tim Burton has a gift that few filmmakers possess: he can show us places in the movies that we’ve never seen... More
  • My Creative Writing Piece

    Right away, let me come clean and tell you now that this isn't going to be anything thought-provoking or controvercial. It's not an opinion piece, nor is it one that really has anything to do with video games. I know I'll probably hear from... More
  • The Quest For 75K Gamerscore, Week 6: The Grind

    Greetings readers and achievement hunters. Its time for another update on my quest for 75,000 gamerscore. This week has been nothing short of a grind. I spent a lot of time going back and working on some old games to get some achievements that had eluded... More
  • Return of the Living Dead X-Box

    I have experienced what can only be described as a "miracle". Or a "catastrophe". Or a "zombie invasion". Or maybe even "clam chowder". Well, maybe not that last one. But it sure is crazy! I am a huge fan of the... More
  • When it gets too dumb.

    I am writing to share with you about what I've experienced wile playing online with others. And I'm sure plenty of you have experienced what I'm about to talk about. I know we all have all been in a lobby were there is some person boasting... More
  • I are a colledge grajuate (sic)...

    Hopefully my title with intentional errors didn't scare any potential readers away. Okay, so...I don't consider 37 THAT old...but chances are I'm slightly older than most of the people that might stop by and read this blog. Just from the few... More