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  • A Heart Full of Joy, Eyes Full of Tears--When Halo and Star Wars Collide(not really, kinda sorta?)

    So, I discovered something today. Something that I think is the most amazing thing I've ever heard in a while. Something... life-changing. I guess. Something that I can't stop thinking about, something that makes me want to cry tears of joy, something... More
  • Trying to become a better blogger...

    During my first few months on GIO, I've been trying to use the blog function on the site as an effective tool ,and I'm starting to understand it a bit more. An example of that is I'm starting to use the advance editor to write my blogs. It's... More
  • Range S4: Part 11

    The next day passed rather uneventfully, at least, in Alphonse’s opinion it did. Others seemed to place such high value on their final exams. In any case, he soon found Jack after the tests ended. “Jack, we need to go to Jack’s Crack... More
  • Have You Heard of This New Thing Called "HD"?

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    Hey guys, have you heard of this new thing called HD? I hear it's the next big thing! Some people are kind of down on it, but I honestly think it'll become the next big new thing, right alongside HD DVD.

    ... More
  • A Small Announcement Regarding the Community Update

    Well Blog Herding is back, in case you didn't hear, and it is being taken over by probably the one person that I would really trust to do such a thing, Saint . Seriously glad that they chose the right person to take over, because as much as I love... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: Nonsensical Ramblings and My Cure For Boredom

    Two weeks. That's how long it's been since my last blog, which is too long under my current philosophy. I used to not have a philosophy; now I have that one. So I got that going for me. This blog already makes no sense, so mission accomplished... More
  • Attention Doctor Who Fans: I Am Now One of You

    Today's a short post, I just thought I'd mention my new television addiction. I'm not much for British television. Some people really enjoy watching shows from our friends across the pond, but I've never been much of a fan. Their humor... More
  • I like you people.

    So this blog is just, saying "Hey, you're a good person. I like you". To a specific list of people. Here's that list: Hist Saint The86thNemesis For your hospitality. "What hospitality?" I know how you're wondering. It's... More
  • The PSP is a Success

    What, a success you say? That's madness! No, friends...It's genius! The PSP has had a rough life cycle. Bad ad campaigns, a never ending downpour of new versions, and rampant piracy has made it very tough for Sony to maintain it's handheld... More
  • Finding Shelter: Making Sense in an all-out Fanboy War

    After a few leaks and a complete reveal, April 2011 saw the return in the final (?) entry in the Modern Warfare Franchise. In February, Game Informer revealed DICE's follow-up to its popular online shooter Battlefield with the upcoming Battlefield... More
  • Jensen to Public: "I didn't ask for this [accusation of racism]"

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    Hello fellow humans and transhumans. You may recognize me from the critically acclaimed video-game, Deux Ex: Human Revolution. My name is Adam Jensen. Recently there's been a complaint that I'm a racist or have in some way engaged in behaviors... More
  • 30/30 Day #2 - Warcraft 3

    Hello there and welcome to day #2 of my 30/30 series. I trust that you all have read my Day #1 post on Final Fantasy VIII . No? Well go on, go read it. I'll wait. Also while you're at it, to get some more perspective on my life as a gamer and... More