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  • Games That Deserve A Sequel/Remake #3

    Back in high school, I went through a phase where I started to get into PC gaming more than console gaming. This was spurred on by great PC experiences such as the Warcraft series, Diablo 1 & 2, and Unreal Tournament. However the game that stood out... More
  • More 3DS Notepad Doodles

    Even I don't know what this one truly means. Anyway i'm back again with more quick doodles courtesy of my 3ds. Let's a' go! A downtrodden kid-link. This drawing is missing something... Hyper-exaggerated cartoon perspective for the win... More
  • Surprising lack of variety in the types competitive multiplayer games available

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    Why am I surprised? because the Assassin's Creed series shown that it can be done, and it can be successful. Every year its always an over saturation of multiplayer shooters, and a few racing games here and there. Its actually pretty annoying, because... More
  • 30/30 Day #27 - Demon's Souls

    Hello hello there. Are you having a good day? I sure hope you are. After all today... well, we'll get to that later. If not though, why not sit back and relax with a good look back at one of the toughest games to come out. This is 30/30 Day #27 and... More
  • GI BroTrip 2011: A Quick Update

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    Well hello there! I thought I'd just touch base with everyone interested in taking part in our event what's been going on. Well alot and we believe we got a schedule of the goings on good and ready to go. Just a few more things are being hammered... More
  • X-Men: Destiny

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    For all you awesome dedicated gamers who buy awesome games the day they release, here's some awesome news! The fabulous new X-Men game "X-Men: Destiny" released today (albeit without a lot of fanfare) so that means that many videogame stores... More
  • The Good Left Undone

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    Today marks 7 months since my brother's death . While this is not a blog to discuss or even continue to mourn his passing, it has served as a bit of inspiration for a blog. You see, when we were younger, we had a specific way to get back at each other... More
  • Game Informer Newsletter PSA

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    Whenever I receive the official Game Informer newsletter in my email, one of the first things I do is scroll down to the bottom to check out which community members got their blogs published in the newsletter. Well, I say published, but it's really... More
  • Time With Demos! Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

    Last week in Time With Demos! I wrote about El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron . What I didn’t tell you all was that I had found the demo for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon available for download. This made me incredibly excited, as the Ace Combat... More
  • Because I'm Too Cool

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    Well to anyone who use to read my blog regularly I'm back, for now I guess. I don't know if I want to start doing this again as a constant thing, but I was playing Critter Crunch and that got me thinking... Does the average gamer miss good games... More
  • 30/30 Day # 26 - Killzone 2

    My people. Sons and Daughters of Gameinformer... Welcome to the dawn (okay, dusk) of a new day. And that means of course a new entry into the 30/30. Yes, I had to do that by the way. You'll understand why soon. Anyways of course with a new blog comes... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 2-3

    6 1 Episode 2-3 is available now. This week, we talk about the Gears of War 3 multiplayer and DC Comic's New 52. For the Netflix Instant Queue Movie Review, we talk about Man in the Iron Mask. Click here to play this audio clip Show... More