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  • Games that Sadly Cancelled

    In the game industry some things just never come to be. Wether its a budget reason, the studio closed up, or the game was just not good in the developers eyes. But quite frankly, I think some of those games never should have been canceled. Here are some... More
  • Ode to the GI Community

    A shoutout to you, the little, I mean great people on this site. I've been posting here a *lot* this past week, but I have been neglecting my "mainstream" blog. Until today, I hadn't posted anything since Tuesday. Today,... More
  • Gamer's Challenge #1

    Alright. Here's a new thing I'm trying to introduce for Xbox 360 Live gamers. Gamer's Challenge can be anything from a photoshop/gimp project to an in-game challenge. Each challenge will be over the span of two days. Note: The Gamer's... More
  • Do We Need an "R-Rated" GI Online?

    I've heard this pop a few times recently. I've decided to write my personal opinion on the issue (that being against this movement to a more adult-oriented website), especially given other recent articles discussing various aspects of the site... More
  • The Rise of the Casual Gamer (or Why This is a Double Edged Sword for the Industry) (Part 1: Facebook Gamers)

    This latest gaming/console generation has seen a huge rise in what we know as "casual" gamers. A lot of sweeping changes in the industry have happened to attempt to grab a share of this sought after consumer. In this seriesI plan to address... More
  • Why 3D video games are a good thing.

    17 2
    I dont understand why many people are against 3D being integrated into gaming. To me, thats like saying no to better graphics. If you've seen Avatar, you know how amazing it can look. Some people dont like the idea of having to wear glasses. It shouldnt... More
  • Is It Cheating If It's Just The Tip?

    Growing up as I did, with a NES controller in my hands for a substantial portion of my young life, I acquired a simple ideology: cheating is bad. Not that I came up with that on my own, nor am I denying hearing that repeatedly through my adolescence.... More
  • Why can't the Kinect, Connect with me?

    Microsoft's Kinect seems to be all the talk lately. Some find it interesting, some find it passable. I found myself initially falling into the passable crowd, but began to question the reason. What is it about the Kinect that has some gamers turning... More
  • Location, Location, Location…

    I’ve played video games in some unusual places. On a C-130 flying over Iraq (not all that uncommon). In the waiting room while my wife was in surgery (it was planned, and she's okay). We even carried an Xbox 360 with us from hotel to hotel as... More
  • Delta Force Xtreme Review and Tiny Announcement

    Delta Force Xtreme For years, Delta Force was regarded as one of the leaders in online gaming. Even Novalogic's Joint Operations and expansion were highly rated and loved by those who played the multiplayer. In 1998, Delta Force was released. 1999... More
  • Video Games that shouldn't have Died.

    There are some awesome games that got left behind in the PS2 era, and never evolved to Xbox 360, or PS3. Some, just never got their deserved sequels. All of these games are great, and very well known. 1. BULLY: Quite possibly my favorite game of all time... More
  • EVOLUTION 2010: Tournament of the Year

    Players from all around the world have been training for this day. This is our "Super Bowl," Evolution 2010 where the best of the best gather to compete! This year is pretty massive, with G4TV collaborating with Level|Up to stream the event... More