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  • Inviso Gun At Play!!!! (Fallout: New Vegas)

    I turned off the game from last night's exclamation branded glitch. Turns out it's the game telling itself there's a error. The gun still works and there's hardly a sound to it now, but it's cool to see people die from an invisible... More
  • Fallout: New Vegas Branded Glitch!!!!!

    Look what I managed to do. lol More
  • Video Games: My Continuing Struggle to Defend Them

    Video Games: My Continuing Struggle to Defend Them Dead Rising: When My stepmother walks into my room, to find me hunched over, 1 foot from the television screen, one hand on the controller, the other reaching into a Pringles can, eyes locked on the screen... More

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  • Dissecting DLC

    DLC is all the rage with companies these days. They get to extend the life of the game by adding new features and content. However DLC is not all fun and games as there are some really big issues with it that are not talked about enough. Some games do... More
  • That is So Cliche. A Look At Some of Video Games Most Common Cliches

    Today I have decided to look back at some of the cliches in gaming that I wanted to comment on nothing too serious Amnesia Ah yes when our lead character that is supposed to overtake an empire or save the world has somehow lost all his memories. This... More
  • Famous Video Game Characters: A Decade Ago and Now

    Mario In 2000: Still riding high off the success of Super Mario 64, Mario was getting ready for the eventually cancelled Super Mario 128 In 2010: After New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario doing pretty well right now. No word though... More
  • Favorite Arcade Memories?

    This is for the old folks here, though the rest of you can take part too (see below). We all love video games here, or else we wouldn't be here. Some people have some very fond memories of their first console, be it SNES or PS1 or whatever. But some... More
  • My thoughts of online glitching.

    The most annoying thing ever.We all know how it feels and it angers me to know end.Online gltiching is a practice when someone exploits problems in the games code to gain an advantage over others.People leaving the map,going thru walls,Going under the... More
  • Generational Bias: Extremely Late But Still Relevant Thoughts on the New Pokémon

    New Pokémon are hard to get used to. In fact, they're supposed to be: "Even if people say they don't look like Pokémon at first, they're designed so that they grow on you. As you look at it, it begins to look more like a... More
  • What Gaming Means To Me...

    Have you ever heard the song "Time Won't Let Me Go" by The Bravery? If you haven't listen to it now. I know it's a bit emo. It got me thinking about all the different events in my life. Surprisingly, a lot of my fondest memories... More
  • Medal of Honor - Review

    If Metacritic is to be believed Medal of Honor is a game that received overall positive reviews with a fair share of mixed reviews. Personally, I think that’s calling it a bit generous simply because I don’t exactly find a 60 to be a mixed... More