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  • No Real Blog Tonight, Blame Dean…

    15 1
    It's been awhile since I've been able to blame Dean aka born4this for anything substantial, but tonight I am going to blame him for the absence of a proper blog. You see, I was working diligently on said blog...and it was all set to be a good... More
  • Has the gaming industry gotten too BIG?

    I have played video games for all my life. I did not start gaming avidly until the SNES days and now being an adult with some money for once, I am actually able to game on whatever I want. When I was younger however I always wished for games to become... More
  • Photo-Realistic Quandary.

    There was a recent news article that explained the attempt a new engine (luminous) that would not only lower the price of future game development but create photo-realistic environments that depict life-like features in shocking detail and clarity. This... More
  • Todd Howard = My Hero

    Well... First and foremost I'd like to say that this is my FIRST blog. Yeah, just reached level five last night. Let me tell you, it's great to finally be part of a great community. Reading your guys' blog is crucial to my daily schedule.... More
  • Project RUN Miles Challenge, Now with Free Swag!

    3 1
    Hello all you gamers out their, I'm here representing Project Run's Group and we're inviting you to run with us next week. Our generous leader TurdFurgy has offered up some free Project RUN themed gear, and I'm offering up a couple ps3... More
  • Locking Out Content: How To Make Buying New Games Appealing

    One of the most debated topics in the video game industry is the " used " market. Today felt like as good of a day as any, especially considering the absolute rubbish Batman Arkham City online pass. This is the exact fear I had when Rage announced... More
  • You won't believe what Saint and Annette Gonzalez are up to!

    I have recently been informed of some goings on that involve our very own Saint and our still beloved and recently departed Annette Gonzalez. It turns out these two have been up to something secretive, and I now know what it is...... Okay, okay so that... More
  • IT'S A TRAP! Getting sucked into buying new games

    When it comes to buying games, it's almost like we want every single one of them. From early releases, like Battlefield 3 to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, they all(for the most part) look good. But one thing to keep in mind, especially when buying... More
  • Game City Vienna 2011: news and impressions coming in !

    Very soon Vienna is turning into a gaming spot to cherish videogames at a big event once again, the Game City. I've called some friends and with them I will explore upcoming games which are shown by several producer studios like EA and Ubisoft, until... More
  • Announcement: Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge

    Hello hello there! So I don't know how many of you caught it, but during the last episode of the indie and mojo show I announced my next project. Now unfortunately because I was having so much fun on the episode I misspoke a little bit. (said contest... More
  • Battlefield 3! Excited or Concerned?

    October 25th, Battlefield 3... The sequel to Battlefield 2. AND I CANT WAIT. Playing the crap out of the beta (very fun) I noticed, like all of us, the glitches of the game. With a new engine this game takes bad company 2 too a new level. But the glitches... More
  • Extra Life Marathon: What To Play For 24 Hours Straight

    4 1
    As you may have already known, I've entered the Extra Life charity even under Team GIO. But I think that's been talked about enough; The real question for me is what do I play? I don't want to play something I already own for 24 hours, so... More