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  • GIO Member Herding Part 22 of XX

    After a week hiatus to eat turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving, the Member Herding blog makes its triumphant return. Once again, I had to resort to Plan B. Plan B consists of a systematic approach using complex formulas and algorithms to analyze a series... More
  • Assassins Creed: Brotherhood AKA Ridiculous story inc.

    Don't worry, I'm not going to criticize AC for having a crazy story. It's basically the video game version of Lost. Both jump around in time, both are crazy, both insist on killing off my favorite characters. Oh yeah, there might be SPOILERS... More
  • [Update] No Phil, I'M the world's greatest detective.

    Congrats. If you caught that joke, you're a Gameinformer nerd like me. If you didn't, it's a joke Phil Kollar made in Gameiformer's Batman: Arkham City podcast. Anyways, this story doesn't have much to do with Batman, but an equally... More
  • A New Hope? Not. Or Not Exactly?

    Well, as most have probably figured out by now, those rumors regarding the grand unveiling of alien corpses from Area 51 NASA's "big announcement" about a new scientific discovery have little to do with solutions to the big questions regarding... More
  • The Tyranny of Father Time

    With the holidays in full gear, my video game and film collections are likely to grow. As is my desperation at keeping up with them. If there was a trophy or achievement for futility, it would have my gamertag written all over it. I recently picked up... More
  • 15 Authors - a Different Take

    This is another one of those Facebook memes that's going around (they seemed to take a powder for a little while, or at least nobody deigned to include me). When I was tagged in this meme, I said to myself "Self," (because I always address... More
  • 3 Steps For Nintendo's Wii to Have Any Chance of Survival

    It is no secret that most gamers look at the Nintendo Wii as somewhat of a joke these days. Sure, they may produce some great first party games but that is pretty much all they do. The system lacks the heart and soul that Microsoft and Sony's have... More
  • Why Video Game Movies and Movie Video Games Flop

    So why do movies based on video games and video games made for the movies fail. I will try to figure it out. All right lets get things started with video game movies. I think the reason why video game movies flop is cuese the director treats it like every... More
  • The Trouble with.................Blogging

    (Don't take the following too seriously, you have been warned) What do I mean by the trouble with blogging? I'm mean the trouble with my blogging, here is my ever growing list of problems, and who they concern: 1. Writing: Ok, I'll admit to... More
  • Making a List, Checking It Twice. Christmas Shopping for Gamers...

    Hard to believe that today is December 1st. I'm trying to figure out where the past four or five months went because I sure don't recall them passing me by. It almost reminds me of Far Cry 2, where you set your watch ahead a few hours, go to sleep... More
  • Holiday Interview: Wolf Link

    I thought it would be interesting to get a gaming werewolf's perspective on the season to be jolly. So I sat down with Wolf Link. Williamon: Thank you for coming, Wolf Link! Or should I just call you Link? Wolf Link: WOOF WOOF! W: Uhhh... I'll... More
  • Criteria for Rating Games

    As some of you may know (or no one, possibly), I co-run a video game review and article website . As a game critic, I use what I think to be an affective system for rating games. However, I am fully aware of the fact that my system is flawed (maybe even... More