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  • A Weekend at the FanimeCon Anime Convention - Part 1

    7 1
    I'm visiting California once again so that I can attend the FanimeCon anime convention in San Jose. Just like with the previous conventions I have attended, I'll share my photo gallery from the event with Game Informer's community! I'll... More
  • Where there is Digital Media, there are Pirates…

    Software Piracy is a dynamic topic and one that is impossible to capture the complexities of in a simple blog such as this, even if my blogs do tend to stretch out to the self imposed 3 page limit. But I’m going to take a whack at it anyway. I’m... More
  • Be a leader, not a follower.

    I don't usually blog very much but over the past few months mostly, I've really been irritated by one major issue that I want to talk about, and another I thought of recently, so hear me out. The more recent issue I was thinking about dealt with... More
  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 1

    Alright, I'm doing another Let's Play video, and after being somewhat inspired to do a Zelda game while watching the Super Replay of A Link to the Past, I figured I'd show off the so called black sheep of the early Zelda games. Personally... More
  • XBL Community - Syco Clan

    Syco clan is a community of XBL gamers who are looking to have fun. Any XBL game you request, we will have an event for any game (if a certain number of people have that game). We also have Member of the Month (MotM). Every month during the summer, one... More
  • Duke Nukem Manhattan Project

    Well it isn't Duke Nukem Forever but it is good news that 3D Realms actually is developing it, they aren't the original developer, I think it was Sunstorm or something. Why is it good news?? well 1st is that I thought 3D Realms didn't have... More
  • Games ARE Art! (Here's why.)

    I racked my mind of all the incredible games I've played today when I thought of the topic of this post. I decided to go with one game I never quite finished to use as fodder for this arguement. So first, I will go through some things that are widely... More
  • Teh Game

    So theres a lot of crap here lol. Have a read if you want its just me with note pad open throwing ideas down. Its not consistant at all because I think its good to leave all previous ideas up so if it turns out that idea was better I can flick back to... More
  • Things In Pokemon You Can Get Away With

    2 1
    In Pokemon, you are allowed to nickname pokemon you catch in the wild. But I am pretty sure that Pokemon didn't overlook the statements that could be made. To increase your fun in Pokemon games, Nickname your character something funny. Then think... More
  • Blogging Malfunction…

    Okay…we’re in trouble. Due to technical difficulties the blog I had planned for tonight is missing in action. I know I know. This has happened before. If you knew the method to my madness behind my blogging you would understand how this happens... More
  • Call of Duty: Zombies, my take on the Call of Duty series

    Well, everyone loves and knows Nazi Zombies. It's awesome. So, why not add a plot, 4-player co-op, competitive co-op, multiplayer and a great bunch-o-weapons? Well, there shoul be 4 players: A tough American Marine, A brutal vicous Russian Spetsnaz... More
  • Finished Heavy Rain!

    Finally beat Heavy Rain today! According to my save file, the last time I picked it up was March 8th, so there was definitely a little lull in there. I managed to get the "best" ending, wasn't too hard honestly. Thought it was good, but... More