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  • Why I Love Vanquish

    One thing I noticed when reading reviews for Platinum Games' Vanquish is that most critics think the story was an afterthought. I disagree. Platinum has successfully deconstructed the "space marine" genre and managed to incorporate every... More
  • Anarky

    This is the beginning of Batman's Rogue Gallery where I will share with you a number of villains that the Caped Crusader has faced, over his comic years, of crime-fighting. Now let's let Batman begin and stay forever... Perhaps Batman's youngest... More
  • How To Truly Enjoy Your Stay At New Vegas. 'ICG'

    I'm going to show you how to do the Infinite Caps Glitch in Primm, while also showing off my guitar skills by playing Super Mario Bros. theme song. (I didn't really practice for the guitar I sort of just grabbed it and started recording. I play... More
  • Something GI will never live down

    Immortalized in a bad movie forever XD Here's a better view , notice its issue 666 lol More
  • What Happened Online

    Today I had a long conversation with some classmates on facebook. Its with 2 asians and a girl they think I like. The conversation went on too long and me and the girl decicded to make the 2 asians believe we love each other. Apparently The conversation... More
  • Super Story: Chapter 1

    Hello and welcome to Super Story. Super Story is a community blog project that has been on break for a while. If you would like to sign up for Chapter 2, please comment below saying you want to write. This chapter was written by Me, Saint, and PSychotic... More
  • Black Ops = CoD4? Oh yes

    You were probably baffled by the title of this blog, and that is because it is merely the epitome of my OPINIONS. YES, I think call of duty black ops is going to take me back to the feel of Call of duty 4. HERE ARE THE REASONS WHY: -mp5 is back (one of... More
  • Super Meat Boy - Testing My Motivation for Playing Games

    UPDATE: I bought Super Meat Boy - wow, this game is fun! It has warp zones, a light & dark world, 8-bit style levels, 16-bit style levels, characters you unlock by finding, characters you unlock by purchasing (with the bandages you collect) and more... More
  • Inviso Gun At Play!!!! (Fallout: New Vegas)

    I turned off the game from last night's exclamation branded glitch. Turns out it's the game telling itself there's a error. The gun still works and there's hardly a sound to it now, but it's cool to see people die from an invisible... More
  • Fallout: New Vegas Branded Glitch!!!!!

    Look what I managed to do. lol More
  • Video Games: My Continuing Struggle to Defend Them

    Video Games: My Continuing Struggle to Defend Them Dead Rising: When My stepmother walks into my room, to find me hunched over, 1 foot from the television screen, one hand on the controller, the other reaching into a Pringles can, eyes locked on the screen... More

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