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  • Buy All Time Favorite & Unique Board Games Online

    There are fascinating online board games which are indeed popular board games amongst the young generation. You can now Buy Board Games Online for yourself or for gift purposes. Board game for kids are really all time popular as children love playing... More
  • MapleStory Ultimate Meso Guide: Four Ways to Earn Meso Quickly

    Abstract What is the best way to earn maplestory meso? Which monster in maplestory drops the most meso? How do you make millions of meso easily without cheating/hacking? or How to earn meso from scratch if your account was hacked? If you have all of those... More
  • I'm Going on a Trip and I'm Bringing a (blank)...

    Tomorrow I am departing on a work related trip to an undisclosed location to perform some sensitive duties. It might sound glamorous, but it isn't anything fancy; more administrative than anything. I can say that it isn't "haze gray and underway"... More
  • Catwoman

    Selina Kyle's childhood was defined by tragedy. When Selina was just a girl, her brutalized mother committed suicide and her violent father drank himself to death not long after. Seperated from her younger sister Magdalena and remanded to the Sprang... More
  • Bjdbuch's Epic 2011 Predictions Blog

    These are my epic predictions. Some predictions might be the same as others but that is because i argee with them. Reviews Mass Effect 3 It is not as good as 1 or 2 and the darker direction will not bode well for the series Average Score: 8-9 Legend of... More
  • Could this be the year I DON'T buy a Call of Duty game?

    I can still remember playing the first game on my PC. From the awesome sniping missions you had when playing as a Soviet soldier to fighting alongside Captain Price for the first time, at the time it was one of the best FPS games you can get. From then... More
  • mass wars history

    in 2012 New York City was attacked by an alien race called the drath. the drath came from under the city. they sunk half of the city and killed over 300 million people. the government did nothing to help, they just let it happen but one man stopped the... More
  • My Actual New Years Blog for 2011

    Okay, so yesterday (practically today, but please ignore a double-posting day) I posted a blog about enemies I hated. Idiotically, I posted this on 12:00 AM even though it only briefly mentioned New Years. Now that I've recovered from a 12:00 AM New... More
  • Fly for Fun Player Guide - Refine System

    Refine One of the best features of the game is the unique upgrading system. It utilizes elemental and strengthening refinement and armor piercing and socket placing. Before, it was hard to refine, but now it was made easier and better. The catalyst for... More
  • art for mass wars

    this is the vincole queen. the vincoles are a new faction with in the game this is mar this is jon. More
  • KiD CuDi::MOTM2: The Legend of Mr Rager

    So, Its been a while since Man on the moon 2 has been release. And its given me enough time to listen a few times and fairly judge it. Now im usually not one to judge music since i believe its something different to everyone. Some music is beautiful to... More
  • Game Characters You Just Want To Kill

    Okay, so first off- I'd like to say Happy New Years. I am posting this at 12:00 AM on January 1st 2011 mainly for giggles, but that is neither here nor there. Okay. so recently I've gone a crusade to replay all of Half-Life 2 in it's entirety... More