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  • His Name is MOK...

    Recently, I was looking through a list of future Blu-ray movie releases. And one movie on that list, the very moment I read the title, almost made me jump out of my chair in excitement. That movie was... ROCK & RULE I don't know how many people... More
  • What I Do Instead of Sleep, Part 9: All the Rage

    Lately I've been all about Id Software's latest, E3 previews, Red Dead co-op, Dante's Inferno and Split Second. For the first time ever, I saw a few frames of what appears to be a giant boss in Id's impressive new Rage. It showed its ugly... More
  • The Never Ending Argument Vol. 2

    Hello, INDIVIDUAL in YOUR REGION. This weeks installment in The Never Ending Argument tackles the oh so old question of : "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Was he simply trying to get to the other side, or is there a deeper reason? A, sort... More
  • Caught Me With My Keyboard Down...

    I have to be honest with y'all...I'm not prepared for tonight's blog. You caught me AFK. It was my first day back at work after nearly 2 weeks of vacation and I had a brazilian emails to go through. On top of that, I have 2 college writing... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of 2010's Predators (I am alive)

    It seems like all the rage these days lies in rebooting old horror franchises. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre started this trend, and we have gone through Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street. Now we have Predators, a pretty much by the numbers... More
  • Past Present And Future

    Humans have come a long way. We started out walking aimlessly hunting and gathering in the Paleolithic era. Slowly evolving and adapting to our home. Through many trials and errors we ended up were we are now. How did we come so far? What was the driving... More
  • Gamer's Challenge #2

    Last challenge was nice, not as many people joined is as I would like, but, hey it just started. The winner of the last challenge was Fever Ray with 14 and Demon Ragnarok behind at 9. This challenge is a Photoshop/Gimp project of any game. Yeah, that's... More
  • Why 3D video games are a good thing. (part 2)

    I you havnt read my first post than you should probably read that first. One of the biggest things people said in the comments of... More
  • I Can't Shake it! Memorable [Serious] Video Game Quotes

    A good quote sticks with you for a long time. You can't shake it... In no particular order, these are some of my favorite video game quotes - quotes that cut right to the heart: "I guess I'm a bad man who tried to be a good father. I don't... More
  • Twisted Games

    PIXEL GAMES- This is something I wanted to talk about. Twisted Pixel was started in early 2006 with a group of devoted and talented individuals looking to make innovative games. This studio time and time again has produced top notch titles, Including... More
  • LittleBigMigraine: A Level Creation Story

    3 1
    I have just finished my second LittleBigPlanet level called "Showdown in Alien Town." I have been working on this thing for two months, mostly on the weekends and each day I grew more and more to hate it and I am so happy it's finally finished... More
  • Anime pic blog (part 1)

    I say meh to you. its a quiet night and said hey why not make a pic blog of a couple of anime pics i have. so hmm enjoy ;3 i know its not really anime but i just like the art for the comic More