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  • Video Game Music Remixes Vol.1

    I don't know about you guys, but music is an integral part of the video game experience to me. I took some time and tinkered with and started remixing some of my favorite video game songs. I was pretty happy with the results so I decided to share... More
  • What I want for Christmas is...

    I know what you're thinking,"Christmas? That's like, a year away! You must be outta your freaking mind!' But for a gamer, planning starts pre-E3, or even sooner. With games like Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City, and (the recently announced... More
  • Better Maps

    Multiplayer maps are a playground. They are a place for the player to do what they want, finish their objectives, or play with friends. The map is a playground, and a playground has toys. So how come so many maps don't have toys? I am talking about... More
  • Music You Need To Listen To: Polkadot Cadaver

    The subject of today's blog is similar to Diablo Swing Orchestra , the subject of my last blog. Polkadot Cadaver is another avant-garde (experimental)metal band. Where DSO went for a grand, operatic sound with brass and such, Polkadot is metal mixed... More
  • Blogging philosophies

    I've become very sporadic on my blogging here. I still enjoy it, but I seem stuck in a rut. Part of it is lack of time, or access to a computer for the period of time it takes to write a post, when I've actually thought of a topic. When I do decide... More
  • From Your T.V. Screen to The Big Screen: Games to Movies

    Over time some movie studios have ventured into our private virtual world of gaming and attempt to take a game we love to the big screen. This is has been done to (and in my opinion quite un-successfully) games such as Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Bros... More
  • The Best Video Game Soundtracks - 2 of XX

    Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. I just did the first one this Monday. I never said that this would be a weekly thing. It's more of a "whenever I have time and feel like it" thing. :P In the last blog, I went old school with... More
  • The Swag Blog: Part 6 of XX

    When I was taking pictures for the previous installment of "The Swag Blog" , I took a lot of them. Instead of doing one huge installment, I figured I'd break them up into parts, because it makes them easier to read. The following is pretty... More
  • My Top 5 All Time Favorite Video Games

    Everyone has that game or games that make a gamer become a hardcore addict and forever changes their lifestyle. Whether or not it's the next big thing or a small title that people look over there's always that one game that make people search... More
  • Online Flash Games As An Approach Of Education and learning

    Online games ought to be exciting, but also include their own informative factors at the same time. Many individuals become enslaved by the particular games they engage in on-line, which often can cause harm to their own health and also relationships... More
  • What i like and hate to eat when playing games

    wether it be a bag of skittles of a unhealthy amount of crisps, their are certain things we just cant let get near are fingers when playing games. I, just lot allot of you out there, eat and drink when playing games. when you are blowing peoples heads... More
  • My hakumen cosplay *Update Part 2*

    and done. now all I need is to finish the sword and it will be 100% otherwise hes done finally More