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  • (Don't) Make it Stop! When Games are Exceptionally Immersive

    I'm playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow today, and I keep thinking, "I don't want this to end." Though I'm only two levels into the second chapter, I've found myself captivated by this game. The environments are fascinating... More
  • Why Nintendo can't make new franchises

    Good afternoon everyone! Have you ever read something about a Nintendo game announcement of, say, Donkey Kong Country Returns and think, "Wow, that's cool and all, but I wish Nintendo would stop being lazy and just make a new IP instead of rehashing... More
  • Character Development in Video Games

    For some time now, video games have drawn many comparisons to movies. And like movies, there are many that are willing to completely overlook character development and overall character depth in order to focus purely on the entertainment of the experience... More
  • mass wars story

    the year is 2079 and we are in a war with an alien race known as the valor. the war started in 2077 and it has been two years since the day they came from underground. i lost my family and my big sister in the war, my father joined after the first attack... More
  • Cat-Man

    Thomas Blake worked in big-game hunting, tracking big cats and selling them to zoos. His cat obsession led him to a Pacific island and its native "cat cult," from which he stole a sacred cat carving and the cloth that swathed it. Back in Gotham... More
  • Downloadable: Five Little Games that Rocked, Big-Time

    2010 was one for the independent developers and the downloadable games market. With several great titles coming out and a lot of fun to be had, I thought I’d share my experience and thoughts on a few games I had a blast with and show that small... More
  • Gaming Is What I Got (I said remember that)

    I suplement myself to alot of gaming culture. I blog about games, I think about games, I read gaming magazines... so I'm something of a gamer-media junkie. My list of heroes of life could easily be 1. Nathan Drake 2. Dr. Gordan Freeman 3. Everyone... More
  • Tell Me a Story, Video Games

    "In a sense, the story, or poem or verse or whatever it is you're writing; you can kind of think of it as a projectile. Imagine it is a kind of projectile which has been specially designed to be aerodynamic, and that your target is the soft,... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 26 of XX...

    The selection process for this week's edition of the Member Herding blog was simple enough - the first person who is already part of the herd that messaged me with a nomination would get the go ahead. It only took a day or two before someone was nominated... More
  • Satire Review: Lara Croft Reboot

    -WARNING: Mature (but attempts at being funny) themes apparent- Ever wondered what would happen if Elena Fisher met Chris Brown? Yeah me neither, but apparently the guys at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics thought so cause that's what you're getting... More
  • Chronologically Confused

    Let me take you back to when Capcom's Street Fighter II hit the shelves. I never heard of the first one, but it was one heck of a game, I couldn't wait for Street Fighter III. Then came Street Fighter II: The Champion Edition, cool Street Fighter... More
  • Feeding an Obsession 1


    With the announcement of Mass Effect 3, I have been able to think of nothing else.  And so I decided to keep all my thoughts down on digital paper. Join me, that crazy guy, as I keep  ranting about Mass Effect 3.

    ... More