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  • Blogging stuff - and other junk

    There's been a lot of tension in the GI blogging community over the last few days. While I don't have a lot to say about it, I do have something, so I thought I'd do a "items too small for their own blog posts" post, for your reading... More
  • 3D Sonic Gets An Unfair Rep.... Sometimes

    There's alot of hatred out there for 3D Sonic games. Some of it is rightly earned. Some of it is not. But it seems like every time you mention a 3D Sonic title, stomach immediately turn and people start rioting. Lets get something straight: Sonic... More
  • Comic Jumper - Jumping from comic to comic

    I wasn't sure about the new XBLA game, Comic Jumper, put out by Twisted Pixel. A quick download of the trail version, however, quickly put that uneasiness to rest. It was funny, had some good side-scrolling action, and gave me that old-style arcade... More
  • I Have Some Advice For You...

    I'm on your side, man. I'm here to make you better at what you do. No, not gaming. Blogging. Yes, blogging. I'm not going to teach you how to actually blog (because it took me about 8 months to find out), but rather how to deal with backlash... More
  • I'm pretty sure Red Dead Redemption has Ruined My Life

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    I pretty sure Red Dead Redemption has officially taken over my life. Sad but true. I got the game on Thursday. Special Edition. You know with the map and everything. I started it up as soon as I got home, and that is all I have played since. This is probably... More
  • Reminiscence: Tarin Kowt part 1

    As I stated in my last Reminiscence Blog , my first week in Afghanistan was spent in Afghanistan becoming acclimatized to the new environment and waiting for our movement order to proceed to our more permanent location in Tarin Kowt. During that week... More
  • Front Page News: Anime Game Doesn't Suck

    I’ll go ahead and admit that I’m big Naruto fan. I love the manga and the anime. Now before this makes all of you think that makes be a biased reviewer, let me let you in on another piece of information: I know that most games based off of... More
  • Fallout: New Vegas Skip To Level 30 In Roughly 40 Minutes

    In this video I show you how to go from the beginning of the game to lvl 30 in 40 minutes real time, 10 minutes clip time. Here's The Key Info: ****I had my int. set to 10 and agl. set to 9, chr. set to 1. Perks on guns, science and sneak. Try to... More
  • Can Call of Duty: Black Ops save the franchise?

    November 9th is a fairly big day for any gamer. The newest addition to the best-selling FPS of all time arrives: Call of Duty: Black Ops. This time around it's set in the Cold War era, ditching World War II for good. Millions of people were let down... More
  • Games On The Re-Re (Retarded) Side

    Have you ever played a new game and felt it was like that one kid in your class? The one you knew who was let go of a grade too soon. With all these new games with new promises I feel as if they rushed them and the promises just doesn't out weight... More
  • The Blog Debate

    Ok guys there has been a lot of controversy about some of the recent blogs that have been coming out. It's time I address this situation. There are two important arguments. One by Trenton Miller, another by drubacca and many others. Let us address... More
  • The Life of an Addicted Gamer...

    To those handful of you who recognized I've been missing in action the past week, thanks for your thoughts, prayers and concern. Hopefully after reading this somewhat of a philosophical blog, you'll have a better understanding of what led to my... More