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  • Challenge your Christmas Spirit!


    The due date is now open!

    ... More
  • Let Us Eat & Drink, For Tomorrow We Die. Saint's Frag Fest Summary...

    Tonight was the first (of hopefully many) Frag Fests featuring members of the Game Informer Community. I don't know if anyone was taking notes or keeping I figured I'd post my thoughts on it. First of all, hats off to eyros2k for actually... More
  • A Very Call of Duty Christmas (5 items every gamer needs)

    5. RXCD Do you have really annoying relatives you need taken care of? Or maybe you are just a huge Black Ops fan. Either way, the real RCXD is a must have for this holiday season. Some of its features include -real, lifelike steering that no one could... More
  • Why Master Chief helped define the last decade

    What's always fascinated me about this site (and probably, the gaming community in general) is it's ignorance to ideas they don't like and their instant belief that they'll fail or something that's obviously big doesn't deserve... More
  • Bane

    Bane will forever be known as the man who broke the Bat! More than three decades ago, Bane's father recieved a life sentence from the Santa Priscan government for his role in a failed revolution. He fled the country, but Santa Priscan law demanded... More
  • (Updated bigger List) I need some info before i make my list. You guy are the experts.

    So Christmas is almost here and i don't know what to ask for and i need to know what im getting in to before i make my list to the big guy. I need expert help you guys seem to be the most expert. 1. Shadowrun. first what is it, second is it any good... More
  • Holiday Interview: Wario

    Wario is a nasty villain, a true meanie. And I suppose we've all been wondering what he does for Christmas or Diwali or whatever the heck he does. So I decided to meet up with him and find out. Williamon: Thanks for coming, Wario. How far did you... More
  • Silly Tech geek HD is for new media

    High Definition movies, games, and even music have invaded, out with the old in with the new. In some cases let's make the old like the new. That is the problem right there. Have you ever watched an older movie in HD? Probably, I have watched LOTR... More
  • Assistants: The Unsung Heroes

    Recently I purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops, along with all my friends (and the rest of the world). After playing through the campaign, I turned my attention to multiplayer. I've been playing the multiplayer for about 3 weeks, and my focus has been... More
  • Dept of Redundancy Department - Do We Need Multiple Blogs on the Same Subject...

    So...I had a nice long trip home today. There's something about car accidents in the tunnel turning an 18 mile drive into a 2 hour journey. It did give me plenty of time to think about what I was going to blog about tonight. Honestly, my thoughts... More
  • The Year In Review With Cody Gilley

    This has been a freaking amazing year. Stellar titles have came out left and right, and while our wallets may be getting a liposuction in order to buy all the titles we want, I for one, don't think any of us suffered. I have recently conducted a interview... More
  • Goodbye GIO...

    21 2
    For those of you that have not heard....err.... read, I am leaving GIO. Some of you are probably jumping for joy; some of you may even decide I am a hypocrite for making a post like this, after having lambasted many a blog of similar length and overall... More