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  • Character of the Week: Michael Jackson

    Ok, so I was thinking about a new blog I could write the other day, and I cane up with this. Character of the Week. Every weekend (probably on Saturday, since it is the end of the week) I will post the most influential, charming, and useful character... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 8


    This week, we have the whole family together! That means me, JR, Dave and Sean, with no guests whatsoever. ...Well, maybe one.

    Also, this episode sucks. Don't listen to it.

    ...I don't really mean that.

    ... More
  • Hunter Prey, A good Science fiction movie.Now available on Netflix instant view.

    Hunter Prey is Sandy Collora first official movie. If you recognize the director's name your a comic fanboy. Why? Well back in the day Sandy made a fan film called Batman: Dead End you have probably have seen it on you tube. Batman: Dead End debuted... More
  • Project: "Surviving In A Dynamic World" --- IT IS A GO!!!

    UPDATE: The project is a go. I have established my first village (WORLD 55, STARTING POINT IS SOUTH-WEST) and have created a tribe for us: "Great Infernal Overlords" with the abbreviation "GIO". If you want to join: 1) go into the... More
  • Peggle: A small Review

    I wanted to do a blog, but I didn't know about what, so I decided to do one about Peggle, an game I am almost done with. Presentation: The presentation for this game is somewhat child-like. It uses a lot of mythical creatures, and stuff of that sort... More
  • Review of the "FPS Freek" Analog Stick Extensions

    The online gaming community is always looking for ways to get an edge over the competition. Well, here's your answer. The FPS Freek brand of analog stick extensions were made with competitive gamers in mind. I was heavily into first person shooters... More
  • Christian b on Nintendo's new console

    While it may not have been officially announced by nintendo, you have probably heard about nintendo's upcoming console. I've heard about it, and i couldn't care less. I recently blogged about the nintendo wii, stating five reasons why you... More
  • UPDATED: Best FPS Of All Time? (STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl Review)

    For the last several days I have been playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow Of Chernobyl. It is my second playthrough and I am getting the impression of this game the best First Person Shooter I have ever played. And I'll explain you right away, why I think... More
  • Range: S2 Part 3

    Jack landed about a yard away from the buildings edge. Now if I fire a shot at him, he probably come right at me and land right where I want him. He aimed and fired directly at Alphonse, Alphonse turned around and blocked it. “There you are.”... More
  • A New Generation of Consoles- Why, This Generation Has Hardly Begun!

    It may have felt like just yesterday you were having the immense pleasure that comes from buying your first console of this generation- (I believe the user TOGNick just bought a PS3 a few months ago). You may have fond memories of your immersion into... More
  • Why I keep my old gaming equipment and books

    This one was a bit hazy in its own way. I was cleaning out my closet yesterday. And by chance I stumbled upon my SNES. Sure it was dusty, and didn't work. But I refused to throw it in the garbage. So after a few minutes of cleaning and looking at... More
  • That first platinum Or...some other stuff

    Wow to think I've finally reached this most amazing of milestones, I actually lived long enough to write a second blog, woohoo! What?...Oh right, I'm supposed to right something for it to count. To make this easier on myself I'll let me and... More