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  • E-Pals: Spider-Man

    Superheroes are awesome. It's a fact. So for this week's edition of E-Pals, Karl and I share our perspectives on one of the most popular superheroes ever, Spider-Man. It should be a rootin', tootin', web slingin' good time! Punch me... More
  • Tech Success!

    I had known for some time that I wanted to replace the hard drive in my PS4 with a 2TB drive, as the stock 500GB drive was long ago put through its paces. For many months, each time a new game released, I had to go through and delete games off the drive... More
  • Final Fantasy X (Review)

    A young man, a strange land, and a journey to save it. These are all common and clichéd aspects of your typical JRPG, but Final Fantasy X manages to take these key components and make them feel fresh. While originally released on the PlayStation... More
  • Is Nintendo Doomed?

    Nintendo was once viewed as the Alpha and Omega of the video games industry. Now, it seems as though Microsoft and Sony's more modern approaches to their platforms and Nintendo's unwillingness to embrace the future have left the juggernaut company... More
  • Yeah About That....

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    I think that sums up a lot of the members here on this site, they post as much as they can simply to raise the post count it might be nothing insults, griping, complaining, fanboy whining, or even just pointless comments. I'll read a news story on... More
  • Prototype

    So I was at my friends house and he fell asleep while we were playing black ops. So I started playing prototype for about 3 hours and then I realized that I really like the game. You have unique abilities and taking over peoples bodies in order to get... More
  • Day 6: What I Want in the Next Legend of Zelda

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    Wow it's only Day 6. Hmm pressure is setting in. Anyway topic should be pretty clear so let's get to it y'all. The Legend of Zelda was my first Video Game ever. I was three and a half when my Aunt was playing A Link to the Past while I stayed... More
  • Would Alan Wake make a good HBO series?

    Alright, so I finally got around to playing Alan Wake (I know, I'm really behind on some of the new releases)and so far I'm really happy with it. The story is interesting (though I kind of wish the manuscripts wouldn't tell me about things... More
  • My Response To Everything!

    I wasn't even going to log on until Tactical Rash got back, but then I started to get the shakes... Since I've been away for such a long time (it seems like forever!) I've decided to condense all of my missed activity into one extra strength... More
  • I was on an episode of Replay

    This is Harry Mackin, the fan from the latest episode of Replay. I have never composed a blog before, and hadn't planned to, but I felt I should publicly acknowledge and thank the Game Informer staff and community for the great birthday experience... More
  • 52/52 Week 9- I Respect You, Rocksteady

    What a week. From Destiny drama to a blue and gold dress, this has been quite an interesting week. But what mattered to me most was the week that developer Rocksteady had this week. Four days ago, the developer of the Arkham series revealed that their... More
  • Blockbuster releases of holiday 2012, what are you picking up?

    This year of video games is going to be a big one, and it can be expected that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are going to be swimming in cash from the gaming public. So my question is, what will you be getting this holiday season? We have the huge sellers... More