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  • Day 17: Top 5 Number 1

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    Day 17 here we are. This is my 50th blog. I am honestly surprised I made it this far, but more on that another day. You guys came here to read a blog about a gamer's number one game. Well I can tell you this the answer is one of the most unique you... More
  • 31/31 Day 8 - What I Want In... #11 - Killzone 4

    So, I am a huge fan of the Killzone series. Its a Playstation exclusive series, and my FPS series of choice. Killzone is my Halo. In fact, Killzone was originally advertised as "The Halo Killer" but we all know how that turned out. In fact,... More
  • What I Want In... #4 - Boss Fights

    In my previous blog, I talked about the simplicity of normal enemy encounters. I also expressed my want of worthy adversaries like the Malboro. The issue doesn't stop with random encounters. Many of you have brought up the point that boss fights are... More
  • Bring on the Popcorn

    "Do you like anything?" This was asked of me right after I stated I didn't care for George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. This was also right before I went into my shift at work. It gave me several hours to think: what am... More
  • My Favorite Moments in Games Part Two

    Hey guys and gals of Game Informer! Your favorite assassin here with a new blog and it's continuation of a previous blog. I've decided to make this into a series of sorts. With college coming up next month, I've decided that I needed to improve... More
  • Gaming: The Next Medium for Literary Critique

    A Short Background I’ve found over the short course of eighteen years on planet Earth that there are very few things I am good at. I cannot succeed in sports, I cannot grow a moustache, I cannot gain muscle, and I certainly cannot swoon over women... More
  • Does it Hold Up??? Backyard Baseball 2003

    As I begin playing Backyard Baseball 2003 I’m having one of those moments where something I loved as a kid proving to be...odd. I noticed a “forget about it” line in the Italian girl’s profile. Okay, not a biggie. I next heard... More
  • When Will Techies be Released?

    The Dota 2 community has been exploding (pun intended) recently because of the anticipation of a certain hero. it's ether. (a.) Winter Wyvern (b.) Abysal Underlord (c.) Techies. If you guessed a or b, you are wrong. It's Techies. Now some bit... More
  • Remote Gaming: Potential Fun or Potential Headache?

    Alright, for the first time since the dramatic whirlwind that was the PS4 reveal, I feel like I might finally have a little perspective on the subject. Actually, I’m still pretty darned impressed with it, and the last few weeks have involved a lot... More
  • My Favorite Games of All Time

    Some spoilers may lie ahead GTA 4-Xbox 360 This is by far my favorite game on this list. Apart from the amazing single player , There is something called Free Roam. Free Roam is my favorite game mode put in to any game ever made. Gather a bunch of your... More
  • 31/31, Day 22. Sorry.

    Hey everyone, I haven't been writing these blogs lately, sorry about that. I've hit another hard time in life, as part of being a teenager, most of you know. Friend issues, relationship issues, and someone died. So in case you think anything happened... More
  • I'm sick of IT!

    I avidly follow videogames whether they be Blockbusters like Halo Reach, or A smaller release such as Enslaved Odyssey to the West. Whether it be through youtube or multiple websites or the gameinformer site/magazine, I consider myself very active in... More