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  • Anime Review - ef: A Tale of Memories

    I never exactly expected to be posting this review here as a blog. This is my first time sharing my thoughts on an anime in a review format. I have no idea if I’ll write anything like this ever again. It’s just an experiment. Feel free to... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Anime. #14: Oh! Edo Rocket

    If there's one thing that makes anime particularly alienating, it's the cultural divide between a Japanese and American audience. When you think of some of the most popular anime in America; Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Fullmetal Alchemist etc., they... More
  • Playing with the Mute Setting Checked

    Let's face it. Not all of us can hear without needing hearing aids, myself included. And then there's those who CAN hear fine, but are forced to hit Mute every time they play due to some cranky neighbour or room mate who wants nothing to do with... More
  • My Favorite New Franchise Of the 7th Generation.

    As this generation of consoles nears it end in less than a month I thought I would put together some top 10 lists of different aspects of this console generation. This is the first of how ever many I end up doing. This is my top 10 new franchise of this... More
  • Made My Day

    8 1
    Hey Guys! It’s Dawson, Again! But I have to say something, so last night I posted a blog named “Umm… Hi” and it was pretty much my coming back blog and I expected it to get maybe 100 views and to see some of the old people commenting... More
  • Monthly Blog #2 - The Star Wars Group

    A couple of months ago, I joined the Star Wars group. A few weeks later, Darth-Carbonite created a list of the ranks and duties of the members of the group. I saw that the rank of Consular (The person who creates the monthly blog) had not yet been filled... More
  • CinEffect Podcast E3 Special: Day One Coverage

    E3 had some really big conferences the other day, with tons of big news and reveals going along with them...including a handful of SMACKDOWNS! Our coverage of the first day of the event is now live in our latest podcast episode! To listen to the episode... More
  • Assassins creed brotherhood multiplayer

    Man this is the next sequel in the life of Ezio and i strongly like the story of the Assassins creed franchise and i hope they dont ruin it since they are now adding the multiplayer. The multiplayer looks really kool the fact that you get to pick your... More
  • Quick Critique: Dead Space 2

    It's rare to see a videogame sequel deal with the emotional ramifications that it's predecessor may leave on it's protagonist. In most cases the events from previous titles primarily effect the overall story of the series, but rarely does... More
  • My premature reveiw of StarCraft II

    So, I suck at blogging, but this is a review, so bear with me. Starcraft II. This is the first game I played until my eyes hurt (I pulled all weekender once so...yeah) I'm going to be honest and say my last PC game was Battlefeild 2, and then my computer... More
  • With the Technology We Have, Where's the Cross-Game Hack?

    D I S C L A I M E R: I am not encouraging hacking, just asking a simple question. So I was thinking about this quite a while ago, like, when all I was playing was my GameCube. No Wii yet, it would come out in about a month. I was playing Sonic Mega Collection... More
  • David and Volaroath

    David and Volaroath BY J.K.Ramswick Chapter 1 Just another day The commute to and from David’s work is nearly unbearable (a forty minute drive while breaking the 75mpr speed limit). The raise he just received does not even cover the amount he spends... More