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  • The Best Possible Idea for Microsoft's HoloLens in Gaming

    Pokemon. No, I'm absolutely serious. I'm pretty sure we've all seen the April Fools video from last year by Google which was clearly fake but was on many regards an awesome idea even if the execution looked sketchy at best. I immediately thought... More
  • My Top 25 Favorite Video Games: Numbers 25-16

    Hello, again, gamers and bloggers of Game Informer! I continue my series of blogs on my favorite video games by starting on the actual list. Reminder: the only rule that I followed was that I had to pick one game per franchise. If you aren't aware... More
  • WGWC Week 2: The Fate Of The Bastion

    Well here I go taking the plunge again! Week 2 is something that I haven't been looking forward to an immense amount; reviews are somewhat difficult to me. I almost just directed everyone to the coblog I did with Glasses where we reviewed Scott Pilgrim... More
  • Delving Into Dark Souls

    I want you to picture something: A lone figure peers wearily into the stygian abyss yawning ahead, naked blade in hand and lantern held aloft. He pauses, listening searchingly to the omnipresent silence, then strides forward, raising his gruesome light... More
  • 31/31 Day 15: Dungeon Defenders

    "The Eternia Crystal is under attack!" The third-person tower-defense genre has always been interesting to me. Having spent a lot of time playing tower defense games when I was younger, it only seems natural that I would find a full-fledged... More
  • What is it that you want?

    Post anything that you want to that you feel should be in the gaming world, be it game ideas, critiques to your faves, some cool tech idea, or anything else that you feel should be said. Just let your voice run rampant. Its ideas that are heard that are... More
  • Control Yourself – It’s Just A Controller…

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    If you own a video game console from any generation (and statistics say you do) then no doubt you have at least a controller or two available. Heck, even if you're a PC gamer there is a good chance you have some kind of controller or game pad for... More
  • Amazing Video Game Music Moment

    Everyone is going nuts for the PBS event. Watch this Marching Band Awesomeness (btw my friend is playing Clarinet in there somewhere) POKEMON IS IN IT!!! More
  • The problem with...... Activision

    We as gamers have some problems and complaints to make to the industry, I have decided to write something to discuss some of these problems, please comment I'm always looking for ways to improve, also leave ideas for things to write about. Activision... More
  • The tale of nothingness chapter 7: OMGITSPHIL.

    The walrus king didn't know what to do. He had the walrus ball, but he had no real use for it. What was he going to do with a bunch of walruses?! He decided he was done. He covered the ball with a sheet, and left the room. Done deal. Say bye to the... More
  • Holy Crap that's a lot of games

    While I was browsing the news, I'm starting to see a little more DLC, but has anyone noticed that Q1 of next year looks crazy...Note that some of these are rumored, but still that's a lot of games, and I probably won't be able to play all... More
  • Rock and Shock 2012

    For the past five years I've gone to the Rock and Shock horror convention/metal show in Worcester, MA. Usually taking place at the end of October (this year got moved up a couple weeks for some reason) and full of horror celebrities, it's one... More