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  • My Favorite DC Comic Book Heroes

    5. Robin (T i m Dra ke) The 3rd Robin and easily the smartest. As a 9 year old boy, Tim was able to uncover Batman and Nightwing's secret identities. With a new costume and gadgets, Tim was able to avoid an untimely death like Jason Todd who was Robin... More
  • e3 2014 Review

    Conferences Micosoft Grade: C+ Review: I was thrilled that Microsoft dedicated an entire e3 conference to games. And they managed to deliver a solid showing. As a big Halo fan, the Master Chief Collection should keep me satisfied until next fall’s... More
  • Games: Escaping Reality Or Exploring It?

    The last couple of weeks have been less than stellar. I've been plodding along, but it's been an uncomfortable go. I was talking about it to a friend, and I happened to say, "Thank god for games." His reply: "Yep. It's a nice... More
  • My Favorite Pistols in Games

    Shooters are one of video games' most popular genres. With mega titles such Call of Duty and Halo still dominating much of the gaming landscape I thought it would be fun to discuss one of their key aspects. Weapons are a crucial part of any shooter... More
  • Game Franchises That Could Learn From inFAMOUS: Second Son's "Paper Trail"

    InFAMOUS Second Son 's Paper Trail downloadable content didn't exactly receive the same amount of publicity or hype that First Light has gotten. The latter is a standalone game that explores the past of Delsin Rowe's Conduit friend "Fetch... More
  • Game of the Year Contenders: Opinions

    Anyone who knows me knows my GOTY is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . And since this is only an introduction, I will save my rationale and criticisms for the list, right below. There are only five that make the top. 1.) Reasons for this should be plainly obvious... More
  • How Capcom Can Win Back the Casual Audience

    When Street Fighter 5 launched on February 18 th , 2016, fans had reasonably high expectations for it. Street Fighter 4 was a massive hit and enjoyed a lengthy and prosperous tournament life cycle, and both Capcom and Street Fighter fans were hoping lightning... More
  • The Vita TV: Right For You or Me?

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    The Tokyo GameShow is in full-swing and Sony’s hit the show-floor running. With all the games announced though, there’s still considerable questions for its newest subsystem, the Playstation Vita TV. Is it proving its worth to Playstation... More
  • I Take A Step Back.... Into Team Fortress 2

    I haven't stepped into Team Fortress 2 for a long, long time. So long, in fact, that I literally ripped myself out of a Half-Life 2 session on my PS3 just to see if this game was still played by anyone. Luck was with me, because I did find a game... More
  • The Invaders, Chapter Five: Burial of the Fallen

    Author's Notes: Yes... The last one was the end of the chapter. Well, I want this to be well thought out and brought to you guys with heart. I hope you guys like it. Where has this boy gone to? He is missing out. He will loose his mind if he doesn't... More
  • finally silver!!!

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    I'm finally sliver took 3 months but I did it 12 blog post, 444 forum post, 1 mock review and 155 comments later and I finally here level ten I win. Now getting to gold is going to take years but that's anothers blog post but all my sliver people... More
  • Shadow Complex devs. hard at work on next project

    Shadow Complex's developer Chair Entertainment is already hard at work on their next project, co-founder Donald Mustard says. Despite the huge success of the game on Xbox Live, it doesn’t look like any DLC is in the company's plans, but... More