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  • WGWC: An Addiction to Games

    My addiction to video games started long ago. Back when I was younger(obviously), my brother owned a GameCube. I never saw him take it into the living room so anyone can play it, but when his friend Mark came over, he took it out from his room and hooked... More
  • It's Like That Line from Star Trek: First Contact

    Gaming doesn't have an identity. Not really, anyway. In an attempt to shed the stereotypic nerd image, gamers have tried to call gaming a sport and are now trying to argue that games are art. We're trying to fit gaming into other identities, even... More
  • An open letter to EA Sports

    Dear EA Sports Division, The era of yearly sports installments needs to die. It's painfully obvious from the latest release of Madden that your development teams can't keep up with the demand and produce quality products in the short time period... More
  • Gamedonator Weeks 12 and 13: Two Desert Busses?

    Gamedonator Weeks 12 and 13: Well, it’s that time once again to run down the different events being held for the purpose of raising money for Child’s Play Charity. Well the number of events happening right now is nominal, some of the events... More
  • Blog Post #2: Just Another Brick in The Wall?

    There are many genre's of video-games out there - no dip. Many prefer frantic, fast-paced first-person shooters while others may prefer completely immersing yourself in a universe such as in a good role-playing game, while still others may want to... More
  • A Not So Memorable Journey: Tales of Xillia Review

    Time for a Crazy Jamison Thought: JRPGs are making a comeback. Now, hear me out. This year, we’ve seen Fire Emblem: Awakening, Ni No Kuni, Shin Megami Tensei IV, SMT: Soul Hackers, Etrain Odyssey IV, Pandora’s Tower , and we’ll be topping... More
  • Taking The Next Step

    All my life I’ve played video games. Thousands upon thousands of hours with controller- or mouse- in hand and getting lost in captivating worlds. All that time I’d be learning. Learning what makes a good game. What it takes to craft a story... More
  • Review - Dragon Ball Super — Episode Six

    In many ways, Vegeta stole the show when Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods hit theaters in 2013. His comical attempts to appease Beerus forced him to set aside his pride, and develop as a character in ways that were both heartfelt and humorous. Episode six... More
  • Minecraft and Borderlands 2: The Weekend that Rocked!!!

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    I was told that I write like I talk. A few friends of mine like to read what I post on here. My wife does because she thinks I open up more than I do normally. I don't see it. But, I really like my title, not just because it's fun to say, "Rocked"... More
  • Art/Anti-art -- Games/Anti-games: The Indie Platformer

    Note: This write-up will be used in a presentation I'm giving at a conference in October. I would really appreciate any feedback you guys could give in terms of where it can be improved. And, of course, I will give you a shout-out at the presentation... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 55/Round 2 Day 32

    Today, I completed the Guild Quest Jackals and Hides, which was essentially running around the Bunker Lode Caverns (a large underground area with lots of elevators) for about 45 minutes killing 80 Jackals. Then, I tried once again to complete the Guild... More
  • ShortBlog: Has Nintendo Lost Their Place?


    The Wii U is much better than it typically gets credit for, yet, I can't name a single person who owns one...

    ... More