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  • Why Shovel Knight is My Game of the Year

    On New Year's Day, I posted, along with a bunch of other users, my Game of the Year awards for 2014. I am sure that some people were shocked or pleasantly surprised to see Shovel Knight be my Game of the Year. I felt that I did not explain everything... More
  • November Game Challenge: Week One (Open Worlds Abound)

    It's with both a satisfied and freaked out sigh that I admit it is officially November. In just over a week we have perhaps the biggest day of the gaming year upon us: November 10th. With both Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider arriving on that... More
  • My Beef With Microsoft

    Where do I start? Recently there have been many articles about motion controllers (ie the move and natal) and 3d tv. I can understand why to follow the "trend" for money duh! Sony can pull off the 3d TV and The Move because their system has... More
  • 12 Days of Christmas Movies: Day 3

    Day 3, and we hit the best Christmas movie ever: Die Hard : 12/10 John McClane had plans to be with his wife on Christmas. WELL *** JUST GOT STARTED! Kinda hard to spend quality family time when your wife just got kidnapped by terrorists. Now it's... More
  • It's Like That Line from Star Trek: First Contact

    Gaming doesn't have an identity. Not really, anyway. In an attempt to shed the stereotypic nerd image, gamers have tried to call gaming a sport and are now trying to argue that games are art. We're trying to fit gaming into other identities, even... More
  • Overcast E3 Extravaganza

    So for E3 we said that we would record an episode for everyday of E3. Well we did that and now that it's over it's time to post our thoughts and reactions to the GIO community. Now before we get into this, we did move the EA and Ubisoft press... More
  • My (real) 100th Blog

    It's a real milestone for me, I've gotta say. In about seven months I have finally posted one hundred blogs. It's not a goal I really ever set, just one that sort of happened. In the last few weeks I've skyrocketed in popularity (compared... More
  • Marcus' Weekly Game Journal: 2/21 - 2/27


    I chronicle my game playing experiences from the past week. 

    ... More
  • The Nine - Dragon Warrior

    So... when I recently was thinking about what banner to place atop my blog, I had several ideas. First, I thought maybe I'd just throw up my favorite sports team, game I'm currently playing or maybe even just a cool space photo (amateur astronomy... More
  • Mass Effect: Revelation

    Hey fellow members! Yesterday was my birthday and I thought I'd pop in and give you all a birthday present from me to you. It's a book report essay I did for school about the book Mass Effect: Revelation . I'm copying it straight from Word... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Why I Think Thief Deserves A Second Chance

    The irony does not escape me that I should be championing a stealth game when my preferred playstyle (in general) is to run in and wreak havoc on all the baddies. If there is a stealth sequence in a non-stealth game, I'm usually in trouble the first... More
  • The Last of Us Ending Impressions: 3 Spoiler fueled questions

    I was finally able to finish The Last of Us over the weekend, and I must say it's been a very unique experience to play. I think that in itself is saying something since I've been playing games for over 25 years. The final hour or so of the game... More