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  • Top 5 Bloggers on GIO...

    10 3
    The giant community of Game Informer has lots of creative writers. Most of which were hard to depict as number 1! And no. None of them paid me to put them on a list... I wish they did, but what'ya gonna do? From members that achieve to speak about... More
  • The Invaders Prologue: Wasteland

    6 1
    The galaxy has many beings with it's depths. But some are hungry for destruction of their home. The galaxy's most peaceful forces and governments band together to create the Heltic Federation. With it, they made 5 task forces: The K-9's, Bio... More
  • Dead Space 2 not coming this year

    EA is either trying to just straight-out ruin my day, or they just want to straight-out ruin my day. I just don’t see any other reason behind the latest bit of news to come out of the mega-publisher. According to a release schedule, which included... More
  • Aim for the Limbs!

    This Memorial Day weekend I had to spend time going camping in an RV with family for a four hour trip to Iowa. I thought I was going to get to play Red Dead Redemption all weekend but my hopes were crushed, but thanks to bringing my Wii and GameFly for... More
  • PlayStation 4 Unboxing & First Look

    Hello, GIO, thanks for clicking. A friend and I unboxed my PS4 that I got and I made a video out of it. Let me know what you guys think. Any comments and suggestions for future videos of this sort are highly encouraged :) thank you! More
  • HELP!

    People of GI please help, today I wondered on to the square soft web site, I went on to the shopping area and clicked on the ps1 link, where, I was conflicted with a choice, Final Fantasy IX or both Final Fantasy V and VI on the same disk. Please help... More
  • First EVER GIO Movie Night(UPDATED, with more info)

    Alright, so some of you guys had questions in the comments, and I'll answer those first. Then, I'll add some details. If you have read this before, and had a question, please read this! And if you haven't, then just read this. by xl9 Tuesday... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football League Scoreboard- The Championship Game

    1 1
    Brought to you by: "The end of the NFL season. This was the general feeling it evoked from me." Welcome one and all to the final week of this year's Game Informer Online Fantasy Football scoreboard. It's been a fun season, and now it... More
  • Should PSN Users Be Forced to Wear Headsets?

    Recently I was playing Portal 2 for a hour and let me tell you that it was horrible. I suggest that whenever someone plays Portal 2 with a random person online, please wear a headset to save time and get on with playing. My experience with a few people... More
  • The Next Gen/Used Game Debacle.

    With the new console announcements and rumors flying all over the place in these past months, there has been a lot of talk about how the next gen consoles, specifically XBox for the most part, may have watermarked discs that prevent the sale of used games... More
  • I'm tired of console wars.

    7 1
    Remember when games were just about having fun and not about who had the better console/platform? No? Well you would be correct about the no part since they been for around since different consoles went to the public market. Recently it's all about... More
  • An Ode to All of my Unfinished Games

    The other night I started a new game of a Link to the Past and it was a very stupid thing to do. I have a really bad habit of starting a game and never finishing it. So, this post is for all of those games that are just waiting to be completed. I have... More