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  • The King's List: The 10 Best Video Game Songs

    It wasn't too long ago that I got back into music (thanks to a few artists who I won't go into now), but even more recently I have discovered some video game music to be quite pleasing to the ear. A lot of this music I discovered when I was younger... More
  • Smiling Through the Pain

    9 3
    Dead Island is at once one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve had, and one of the most frustrating, which begs the question, “What is your threshold for video game pain?” In regard to Techland’s zombie apocalypse title, the... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 39 of XX...

    There is a misconception among some viewers that the Member Herding feature is an elite group reserved for the best bloggers at Game Informer. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth, although a number of them have been featured. No, the truth... More
  • Life as a Paid Writer is Different...

    Like I mentioned before , I recently picked up a job as a paid writer for the computer and technology website Vikitech . That announcement was happily followed by a slew of similar posts from other GIO bloggers who had ironically just received similar... More
  • POKEMONth Post: The Main [CHARACTER] Event!

    Once again +10 for anyone who can spot the reference! Other than your starter Pokemon, the number one important part about Pokemon is the character you get to have to stand in as an avatar for your adventure. As the main way to interact with the entire... More
  • Acceleration of Suguri X Edition First Thoughts

    Last week i had a few bucks to spend on a psn title so i went browsing. I came across this game for $6 which is a pretty great deal for the fresh experience it delivers. The best way to describe Acceleration would be to mash together a party brawler and... More
  • Remakes and their Flaws

    Everyone who has a favorite game has had daydreams about the possibility of playing a better, more up to date version of that same game; just as a kid dreams of the perfect dinner filled with cookies and cake. However, just like the underlying danger... More
  • What can Valve do with Half-Life 3?


    First, let's forget about Episode 3 (in light of the latest rumour) since Valve had already said they are done with episodic model of content release. So what can Half-Life 3 possibly be? I wonder at it and probably Valve do too. After all, the expectations are as high as they can get, something similar to what they were with Super Mario Bros. 3 from what I can understand. In this post I look at what Half-Life 3 might be.

    ... More
  • 30/30 Day #20 - Armored Core

    Wow.... 20.... Amazing, I can't believe that this is coming down to the end. I hope that you guys have enjoyed it so far, because for this stretch run I'm really going to work on improving. No more rushing, no more excuses, no more anything. All... More
  • If Pokemon were real, what would your roster be?

    Following Oni no Tenshi's POKEMONth, I decided to create this blog. I mean, it would be awesome to go on a real life Pokemon journey. Here is what my starting roster would be, in their first evolution. 1. My Starter- Charmander My favorite Pokemon... More
  • Di5a5terp13ce's art blog: Legend of Zelda edition

    Hello GIO. At long last, the next edtition in my art series is here. And after some thought, I made a decision on what I wanted to dedicate this edition to. Even though I've been absent from GIO for some time, I saw alot of people talking about Zeldas... More
  • Teh Ponehz Haz Taken Mez!!!!: Why I Am Now Part of the Brony Cult.

    For starters, the first time I heard about Friendship is Magic was when Mray was parading it around saying how good it was. I was initialy turned off, because he made the mistake of uttering the words My Little Pony, which defaults in my head to "Girly... More