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  • Endless Koins in Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Playing through the Challenge Tower on Mortal Kombat, I found a little exploit that kan give you as many koins as you like... While working your way up the tower you will at times kome to challenges that give you koins for every hit you land on your opponent... More
  • Overcast Podcast Episode 9: Talks With Ben Hanson

    It is Monday and that means it is time for our weekly edition of Overcast! I'm going ahead and posting this (instead of your regularly scheduled poster Miyuki Snow) at 2AM because I'm not tired and you all deserve some fun on a Monday. This week... More
  • Games that became T.V shows

    In this my first blog that I am posting here I will talk about a few video games that became TV shows. I hope you all enjoy it. The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog This was an American and French animated series that was first broadcast in September... More
  • Silent Protagonists with Personality

    I mentioned in my last blog about videogame storytelling that one of videogame's major pitfalls is proper characterization. I then went on to voice concerns about the use of silent protagonists, who, without the ability to speak, will resultantly... More
  • Dilemma!!

    We all have been there; in a situation where there was a lose-lose outcome but a choice had to be made anyway. This semester’s critical thinking classes have really opened my eyes to some of these lose-lose situations that I have had in my past... More
  • Tech today. Don't you just want to hug it?!

    Technology today, it’s amazing isn’t it? Have you ever just stopped one day and looked at your cell phone? I just had a moment of complete awe as I did just this; I wasn’t even thinking about it when it hit me. Consider for a moment... More
  • Dating a gamer chick. Hmm?

    I wish I dated a gamer chick, race unimportant, whether or not she even works I don’t care. I just would like to date a girl who is into video games like I am and who is competitive as crap. I think it would be a challenge to me and I think the... More
  • Social Media and its impact on us.

    In todays time it’s like we have so many resources availabe to us, and the ones that have the most effect on our professional lives are the ones we don’t even think about, yet we’re on them every day. I got the notion to post about this... More
  • This Semester

    T h i s s emester has been a proverbial smack in the nuts for me. I have been smacked in the nuts almost errday in this semester; I mean it has been hard from day one. Now I’m not one to complain about anything really, I mean it has to be something... More
  • Video game CAREERS.

    I'm pretty sure everyone who has played a video game, has thought about this. What would it be like to create your own video game? Maybe not so far to that extent, but it would be absolutely thrilling to take part in the making of the best hobby on... More
  • 30 Day Blogging: Edition #1: Starting on a Sunday Sucks...

    Well here I am, starting my "30 Day Blogging Challenge" which will not include weekends. If you are saying "well Sunday is a weekend." For me it isn't, if you are a teen like me and get all your work done on Sunday night, then... More
  • Is Multiplayer that important?

    Is multi-player really that important to a game, and does it belong in every game? It seems now-a-days every game is coming out with more multi-player options. That's not ot say that's necessarily bad, but what happens when it hurts a game.I realize... More