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  • The Holiday Weekend Recap

    So, Christmas has come and gone. My family and I celebrated on Friday evening, because my brother's girlfriend's daughter (say that 5 times fast) was going to be with her dad on Saturday. We had a dinner of my mom's inside-out ravioli (similar... More
  • It’s A Trap…

    I'm trying to be witty tonight by using the title of the new Family Guy movie that spoofs Return of the Jedi as my blog title, not just because this is the iconic catch phrase used by Admiral Ackbar in the original third installment of the Star Wars... More
  • mass wars

    my name is Anthony Simmons and i run a small indie company called plasma city entertainment. codenamed PCe we are working on a game called mass wars with the udk engine. mass wars is a thrid person/ fps/ rpg with a new multiplayer . campaign will be a... More
  • Pirating

    I'm gonna be square. Pirating annoys the *** out of me. For starters, pirating has become something that is so accepted, some people like to tell themselves that torrenting a game that just came out is different from being that shady mother****er... More
  • My New Years Resolutions

    Now that Christmas is over, i figure its time for me to get my New Year's resolutions down here on pixels before i get into the new year and all. So here they are, my New Year's resolutions. First is game up on some of the games i missed the last... More
  • Trip Down Nostalgia Lane: Stay Tooned!

    Just recently I started to remember this game from my childhood. At the same though I was trying to figure out why on earth did I start to reminisce about it. Giving a rough estimate it must of been a good eight years that I gave this game a thought.... More
  • Merry Christmas GIO!! (and a Happy New Year)

    Merry Christmas Gameinformer! This has to be the greatest website EVER! (Roosterteeth #2!) Well I hope you guys got everything you wanted, including great times with family and friends. It's not all about the gift you know! (My Hero Pic is better... More
  • Black Swan Movie Review (The Best Movie of 2010)

    How far would you go to strive for artistic perfection? Would you give up your sanity? Would you give up your life? Would you let the pressure consume you until it you become an empty shell? All of these questions and more, are looked upon in Darren Aronofsky's... More
  • Merry Christmas…

    It took me a long time to get into the festive mood this year. I'm not quite sure why. Don't know if it was because of a busy work schedule, the economy like it is or maybe I'm just getting old and turning into Ebenezer Scrooge...but between... More
  • Blockbuster

    Mark Desmond wanted to become stronger, but instead of working out with weights, he decided to use chemistry. He experimented on himself and grew taller and stronger, but, in the process, was turned into a mindless brute. Desmond was cared for by his... More
  • Cold blows the wind (4 of 4)

    Cold blows the wind (section 4) By J.K.Ramswick Christine wakes to the morning sun, eager to complete her remaining two tasks. She wants to get the whole thing over with, so she can be back in the arms of the one she loves. She gets dressed, putting on... More
  • Game of the Decade from Gamefaqs

    Hey gamers! As some of you may know, Gamefaqs has been bringing you the fan voted Game of the Decade Tournament for the past couple of months. It took every great game of the past 10 years and pitted them into brackets against each other. Fans voted for... More