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  • Video Game Villains

    Villains are just as important to the story as heroes are. With out a good villain, what's the point to save the world? Real great stories always have a terrible evil villain pulling the strings somewhere in the story. Finding ways for us to hate... More
  • How long can we keep this up?

    The world of video games has exploded over the last few years, and 2011 is no exception. Blockbuster titles abound in the coming months and already people are suggesting that this might be one of the best years for the industry. I distinctly remember... More
  • TV Ain't What it Used to Be

    I'm not old, though according to some on here I must be like...40 right? That's how I seem to act, isn't it? No, as it turns out I am literally half that. But my age just makes this all the more shocking to me...and possibly for you. If you... More
  • Play a Bad Video Game

    How have you all been community? Just kidding I don't care in the slightest. Instead I am going to be talking to you about a problem we are seeing the gaming industry. This may be a problem most are not fully aware of and it is not your fault. My... More
  • 11 NES classics that helped shaped me as a gamer

    Holy Crap! My first list! Here are 11 NES games (and a few honorable mentions) that that introduced me to new game play ideas. They may not have been the first game to show these innovations, but they were my first experience with said innovation. Ah... More
  • Woah! What time IS IT?? (When a game is almost too immersive)

    Gamers, like most other people who really enjoy doing pretty much anything, have a tendency to get very absorbed into a game. I don't mean they go psycho and think they are literally in the game- I just mean that they kind of shrug off the cares of... More
  • Looking at me and laughing

    This blog will not indent. This is a problem. :( This is my new year's resolution. Granted, I'm a good month late, but it's almost midnight, so I guess by my twisted logic it counts. Last year, at least on this site, I was two things: a commenter... More
  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, The PSP owners motto. A grouchy old dude report.

    "With great power comes, great responsibility." When Stan Lee penned that quote, no truer words have been written. In that one instant he laid down a fundamental law of the universe. (My hero Stan "the man" Lee) He is right, with power... More
  • Calling Ubisoft Out...

    A mild but short rant. Can you tell I'm itching to play. I noticed Game Informer's recent news post for Homefront. If you don't know, Homefront is a "gritty American invasion game that channels John Milius' Red Dawn" . It's... More
  • Can you really blame fans and media for stifling creativity?

    Regarding the article: Treyarch's Olin Blasts Pundits And Angry Fans "It's true that many corners... More
  • So ya want to Kill Call of Duty eh?

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    I don't care if you personally think Call of Duty sucks, you're not the majority, there's good reason why it's on top. For the last decade, there's no person in the world who could take the time to tally up the Phrase "Call of... More
  • Hawk reviews: TimeSplitters (PS2)

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    While TimeSplitters delievers a very basic degree of fun, its terrible Single-player modes and vanilla multiplayer can only take it so far. The Mapmaker and the great music make it marginally bettter, but that doesn't change the fact that I did not like this game.... More