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  • My journey into the world of drawing.

    I've been wanting to tell you guys this story for a few days now. I've journeyed into a new world that isn't gaming. Thats right, I'm now practicing how to draw. I'm not sure were this urge really came from. Back in high school, I... More
  • What Didn't Work for Mass Effect 1&2

    Like most gamers worth their salts, I've picked up a copy of Mass Effect 1 and 2 and instantly fell in love with it. It was like watching Knight of the Old Republic have a love child with Star Trek (the new one, not the old one i've never cared... More
  • The Shopaholic Gamer

    It's been a while since i wrote my last blog and I thought I would write about how to purchase games at lower prices or search for great deals. If you have previously read any of my posts you would know I have an extensive library of games for all... More
  • Surviving In A Dynamic World - Day 2

    Day 2 - April 17th, 2011 Our tribe, the GIO, has been gaining and losing members. Some people who we have invited, join the tribe, but once they have seen how primitive we are just now, where we haven't been developed quite anything yet, they just... More
  • Underrated Games - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

    Today, I'm starting a new series of blogs called "Underrated Games". In these blogs, I am going to talk about games that I think are underrated. The first game that I'm going to talk about is the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. Pokemon... More
  • How Do You Rate Success?

    I was looking over one of my last blog posts and felt kind of disappointed. I thought it was a good one, a pretty well-written opinion piece calling for some more creativity in games and movies alike. But, it didn't do as well expected. The post got... More
  • (Non)consumer's Guilt: Why I am killing the video game industry

    Wow, what a sensationalist title. Sorry, I'll try to refrain from those. Anyways. On Friday, Major Nelson announced that, on that day only, many Xbox Live Arcade titles would be going on sale, with some slashed down to half of their price. One of... More
  • Games That Deserve a Sequel/Remake #2

    Back in 1992, Nintendo released a peripheral for the SNES system called the Super Scope. While the peripheral went on to be a failure, there was one game that I will always remember playing on it. That game was Yoshi's Safari Yoshi's Safari was... More
  • MK: Legacy: Baraka! DVD Plans! Episode 2 Teaser!

    Director Kevin Tancharoen's new web series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy , has made quite a splash in its first week, it has over five million views on YouTube and was featured by The New York Times. The Times article released the first photo of the Tarkatan... More
  • You Don't Know Jack is on the iPhone!

    I'm already a big fan of the latest incarnation of the hot trivia game called You Don't Know Jack , as you already know. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was coming to the mobile world! Yes, this game is now on the iPhone/iPad... More
  • My complaints with an otherwise wonderful website, ( UPDATE )

    Intro Hey everyone. I understand that this is a controversial subject but please hear me out. I have always been a believer in the value of positive criticism. I am also a firm believer that nothing is without its faults and that even faults themselves... More
  • How Story has ruined FPS campaigns

    I'm not saying story isn't important in campaigns. But too often in today do we see such tight-nit story arc's in FPS campaigns that it kills the one thing they used to be so great at; and that greatness was replay value. Before I go on, note... More