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  • Metroid: Other M is a satisfying adventure.

    I finished other m recently and I'm still wondering what people hate so much. In the forums people say its fraught with problems, in the reviews people complain because Samus acts like a normal person, well boo-hoo. Your forgetting the most important... More
  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension, what is there to look forward to? Read on to find out!

    With the summer coming to an end and our eyes pealed for all of the upcoming amazing games this year will offer, it's easy to get excited. The industry has shed spotlight on Epic Mickey, Halo Reach, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country, Bulletstorm... More
  • No Dialogue!

    As many can agree, there's something magical and homey about sitting down upon your good ol' couch and popping in a fantastic Nintendo game, no matter the system! But why are Nintendo's productions so well known for their nostalgic feel? Is... More
  • GIO Member Herding 13 of XX...

    Better late than never. First things first - apparently a few of you fell for my little joke about last week's Member Herding being the last one. For the record, that was just a joke. I wanted to see who was paying attention. As long as there is an... More
  • Saka's Vlog Part 1 of XX

    Sorry for the delay guys, my videos took a while to load up. Here's my first vlogs. This one includes me introducing myself, and an eventful day of playing at a Super Street Fighter IV tournament in an Anime Convention. Hope you guys will enjoy it... More
  • PAX 2010 - Part 2

    The first official day of Penny Arcade Expo 2010 came and went on Friday. I meant to have my photo post completed sooner, but all these late night video game company parties take their toll. Still, better late than never! Friday morning began with the... More
  • Fixing a 360: A Prologue

    So recently, the video has gone out on my Xbox 360. No red ring of death, no warning signs (besides a little flicker the day before), and poof! Very depressing, especially since it's the long weekend and I was hoping to catch up on some gaming. But... More
  • Why Couldn't Microsoft Warn Us?

    By now, we're all aware of the Xbox 360 Slim, but what about BEFORE it was released? It's quite obvious that a company would make console commercials after release. It's just common business sense. Before said time though, Microsoft barely... More
  • When Geeks Run Gun Stores…

    Since work has been extremely busy the past week and I've spent most of my normal game playing time hammering out a blog just in time for bed, tonight I am going to take a break from blogging and actually play some video games. I know, right?!? Does... More
  • The Never Ending Argument vol. 9

    Hey there, folks. I thought I'd post a new blog for the weekend. Anyway, this one isn't as much an argument, as it is a a question, or game, people have been playing for a while. This weeks question to you, the readers, is..... If you were stuck... More
  • Cops: The Video Game...

    I don't normally blog about the whole "I have a great idea for a video game"...but tonight I am. Kind of. I guess. You see, I was watching Cops or one of those "Cops" like shows and for whatever reason I started thinking about... More
  • Duke Nukem Returns!

    I remember playing Duke Nukem when I was a child and being scared s***less of the battle-lords and commnaders. Duke Nukem was one of my first games I have ever played. Duke had something special and that was his character the amount of detail and interactivity... More