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  • GIO Member Herding Part 23 of XX...

    This episode of the Member Herding blog is record setting in that it weighs in at 6 pages. But it's six pages of interesting material and I just couldn't bring myself to cut any of it out. So what I'm going to do is minimize my intro and my... More
  • Breaching The Line Between Video Games and Films

    The release of Uncharted 2: Among Theives last year signified a milestone in the evolution of video games. Because Uncharted had finally delivered a video game that can run parallel to Indiana Jones movies. It was perhaps the first true summer-action... More
  • Arcades and Community Social Gaming - Saka's Vlog #2

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    Saka is back with #2 for Saka's Vlog. This topic I really wanted to talk about is about how arcades and community social gaming has declined since we now have online social gaming. Hope you guys enjoy watching! ~Saka More
  • I have a confession...

    I have a confession. Really, it been bugging me, especially when I see it when I got on my Xbox. Well here it goes... I CHEATED:(... Now the problem actually does not root from me, but from my brother(Whom of which some of you met last Saturday). My brother... More
  • Holiday Interview: Captain Falcon - Part Two - The Actual Interview Part

    After me and the Cap cleaned up after our testosterone-fueled battle, we actually got to the interviewing. Williamon: So, my brother wants to know which is faster: The Blue Falcon or the Falcon Flyer? Captain Falcon: Well, one is a land vehicle and the... More
  • which useless channels would you trade for xplay?

    Well i had an thought if you could trade useless channels for just one show xplay which ones would you? . I mean there are plenty of channels i don't watch and im not asking for G4 just xplay only thing i watched on it was xplay . If only it were... More
  • Guild of Holiday Hat Avatar Wearers... yeah.

    So this blog... if it is a blog... is about a challenge. i want to see everybody in to wear some type of holiday hat. whether it be a yamaca (i know thats mispelled...) or a kwanza hat or a santa hat! i would like to see everybody get... More
  • Holiday Interview: Captain Falcon - Part 1

    Captain Falcon is a main character in the F-Zero series, and he made a comeback in the Super Smash Bros. Series. I sat down with him and proceeded to interview this Nintendo living legend. Or rather, TRIED to... Williamon: Thanks for coming, Falcon! Did... More
  • Reboots In Video Games

    Well the recent GI cover revealed that Laura Croft will be getting a new face lift in a reboot of sorts. Many video game franchises seem to be getting face lifts as of late, games like Sonic (well), Devil May Cry, Dragon Age, Silent Hill, Castlevania... More
  • Blurring The Line Between Games and Reality

    A strange thing happened to me the other day, well not so much strange as just out of the ordinary for me. This might not even be considered unusual for some gamers, as I'm sure someone else in the gaming community has experienced this as well. The... More
  • PS360 2: Electric Boogaloo

    This is probably a topic that has been run into the ground over the years, but a recent post I made on a news article prompted a huge discussion/debate about Playstation 3 versus X-Box 360. I'd normally roll my eyes at such a discussion and dismiss... More
  • Zeng This!!! 12/08/10

    Our world is in peril, the seas are rising, the earth cracks and breaks, and a giant ass Dragon fly’s over the land breathing fire and raining death. Oh this is not the real world this is the World of Warcraft. Yes after two years the next expansion... More