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  • How to Survive the Hack-pocalypse

    Hacked, it seems like everyone is getting it these days. First came Sony, who did not use proper protection, and has now payed the price. But then it started spreading, soon Sega, Bethesda, Codemasters, and Nintendo got it as well. Which begs the question... More
  • Windows 8: I'm Not Happy, Bob. NOT Happy.

    If you haven't seen the video or heard the news, watch this first. Then we'll discuss. All done? Good. My first reaction to this video was, “Oh my god, they nerfed Windows 8 in a desperate attempt to hump Apple's leg.” The new... More
  • Games and information that GameInformer missed.1

    So you may have noticed 2 things. 1: What could GameInformer possible miss? 2: Why are you posting to your blog a day early? I'll answer question 1 later. But for now, I want to just say that I am going to post any kind of information that GameInformer... More
  • Best Legend of Zelda "Companion," Anyone?

    The only thing better than ONE companion would be TWO companions....who are also ADORABLE! One of the things that Ocarina of Time was famous for was introducing the idea of a "companion." Before Ocarina of Time, Link generally stuck to himself... More
  • The Green Lantern movie Review

    Today the Green Lantern came out; DC promises marvelous effects, top notch acting, and a cool origin plot. Well, how was it you ask? Keep reading, and find out. Plot: The plot is both refreshing and dull to me; I already knew all about Spiderman and X... More
  • How do they treat you?

    You know how it is; usually people think that XBL is a haven for 12-year, old pre-pubescent, squeaky voiced, boys, who are homophobic, racist, and sexist. I personally think that XBL isn't that bad; sure you'll find a bad apple, but usually people... More
  • How Co-Op Could Work in Mass Effect 3

    With the recent rumors of 4-player Co-Op in Mass Effect 3, I've heard a lot of comments bashing the idea, stating that it would get in the way of the single-player goodness that Mass Effect is known for as a franchise. When the rumor of multiplayer... More
  • Casting the Games: Siraz

    This commentator has a relatively smaller fanbase than the others that I have covered thus far in the Casting the Games series. This is no doubt due to the fact that he has been combating some chronic sinusitis that makes his voice a bit mucousy and not... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 5

    “Alright.” Raz said, “the cake temple was a lie, so we should get moving to the next temple.” A half hour later, “Hey, you guys ever wonder why we have a bunch of temples around our town?” “Not really.”... More
  • Big Difference

    It’s kind of an age old question: What makes a game, a game? Is it enough if it has rules? Does it have to teach you something? Should you have to master it or use some kind of skill to play it? Should you earn some sort of reward for accomplishing... More
  • 5 Games I want to see MADE/REMADE

    Going through my game library the other day, I stumbled upon some old classics that made me think of how good would they be if they were updated to the current generations of consoles. With E3 here, I decided to create a list of games I wanted made/ remade... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: Nintendo's New Wii May Excite U, But Not Mii

    Most of us have that one friend who actually tries to be different. The one who wears spikes for earrings or has a mohawk or whatever sets them apart from the crowd, right? Well, I'm starting to feel like Nintendo is that guy in the gaming world.... More