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  • Ahh... Nostalgia and the PlayStation 9

    Just a while ago, I was remembering an epic commercial made back in 2000 that was for the Sony PlayStation 9. When I talked to my friends and family about it recently, they thought I was crazy, saying that they never recalled an advertisement like that... More
  • Happy Birthday!!!

    A very small blog to my favorite character of all time : Sakura Kansugano from the Street Fighter Series She was born March 15th 197X (considering if she was born in 1979, she is now 31 XD ) Anywho, let's wish her a happy Birthday, and many more to... More
  • Bull$hit Article of the Week: God of War 3 causes REAL ApocalyPS3

    On March 16 th , 2010, the world will change as we know it. Millions of gamers around the world will flock to retail stores for God of War 3, in hopes of getting the ultimate action experience. And they will get it- just not the way they expected. There... More
  • Is This Really The Standard?

    No, sorry this isn't a blog about lists, or most awesome characters... It's about the standard we Americans have for learning. I want to be like this guy ^ First, the reason behind this somewhat random blog, I've started to take the OGT (Ohio... More
  • Hey G.I. - Thanks For Ruining My Portal Issue With Your Big Dumb Sticker!

    I finally get my Portal issue today, and it's the one I wanted with the blue portal on the cover! But for whatever reason, someone made the decision to remind me that my subscription is about to expire by putting a huge sticker right on the f***ing... More
  • Yet More Mass Effect 2: Kasumi

    Meet your latest (and most likely last) Squad Member for Mass Effect 2. Her name is Kasumi, which means "mist" in Japanese. It's an appropriate title, because Kasumi is a master thief, complete with a special squad power to turn "completely... More
  • IWF's 6th Annual Alan "Beetlejuice" Carnill Memorial Show, 3/14/10: Results

    *Before the show started, a video tribute to Alan "Beetlejuice" Carnill was played as the IWF locker room stood ringside and in the ring, followed by the traditional 10-bell salute. *Before the show's matches officially got underway, IWF... More
  • On the God of War band wagon....but I'm playing catch up....

    So God of War III is coming out Tuesday & like any fan, I pre-ordered it. I even went for the Ultimate Edition cuz' I am a sucker for special editions, & this one seemed worth it to me. Here's the problem: I have yet to play G.O.W. II... More
  • bad comments that arent comments just long storys example here a guy posted this as a comment to my blog about how i called portal 2 before it came out when i saw the story about the stealth update i have not read it all yet this is not my story

    Yes because he never did a thing like that before as ask to get his breakfast in bed with a couple of eggs since the City Arms hotel when he used to be pretending to be laid up with a sick voice doing his highness to make himself interesting for that... More
  • Games within Games...

    One thing I enjoy about gamers is their creativity, ingenuity and ability to take a game and play it the way the designers probably never intended or expected. Often times, these "crazy gamer" ideas are actually modeled into new games. Yes,... More
  • My Next Gaming Quest

    Due to the recent release of Final Fantasy XIII, I've been inspired to go back and play some of the great RPGs I missed on PS2, and blog about it. I'm going to start with three that defined the PS2 RPG catalog: Final Fantasy X, and Kingdom Hearts... More
  • Pokemon HeartGold: My First Impressions

    Today, my Pokemon obsession reached the next level when I picked up a copy of Pokemon HeartGold. The only reason I'm writing a blog about HeartGold instead of playing it is because DS battery died, which I usually try not to let happen. But in this... More