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  • 10000 Gamerscore!!!

    So I finally reached that big plateau, and since I have so little to write about on my blog these days, I figured I would post this. Now, I'm going to begin the long (and probably boring for you) task of tallying up what games gave me what score.... More
  • Resident Evil 5: DLC Episodes (Review)

    Resident Evil 5 came out a year ago, and was generally well-met and well-reviewed. Some people took issue with the changes it brought to the series, dropping the puzzles, death traps, and scares for a focus on co-op and 3 rd -person action. Capcom has... More
  • You might be addicted to COD if.....

    You might be addicted to COD if when a fire alarm goes off you say "WOW boosting nukes!?" You might be addicted to COD if when your TV goes fuzzy you say "Who has scrambler on?" You might be addicted to COD if you watch people running... More
  • How to pick the perfect 360 console.

    In this Blog you will learn about all the various consoles of the Xbox 360 and there features. You will also hear my recommendations and more. First we have the Xbox 360 Pro that actually is not being made anymore as of Spring 2009. The Pro has the look... More
  • Rewards

    I am going to use this blog to talk about some of the rewards we get on online fps games. I'm not talking about MW2 titles or pins in BFBC2. I'm talking about the satisfaction you get from putting a 5 inch bullet through someones head at 100 yards... More

    I thought I would follow up my top 10 games of 2009 with a look to the future as I will explore what I believe, when it's all said and done, will be the top 10 games of 2010. Now I am making this list with having played none of the games that are... More
  • Want to get into or ever thought about cosplaying heres some do and not to dos

    Well to many cosplay is only for people who dont know when halloween ends. This is not true. cosplay is actually much more fun than many may think. though i would recommend only doing it for a special photoshoot you have planned or conventions. Here are... More
  • May The Force Be With You...

    Star Wars. I love Star Wars. Video Games. I love Video Games. So it's only natural that Star Wars video games are always on my radar. Unfortunately, Star Wars video games are should I say this...less than spectacular. I hate to put it... More
  • Nargh! The Search for Shiny Pokemon...

    -Look! There it is!! I see a shiny pokemon!- Ok. So I'm a fan of pokemon. I've looked up everything I can about EV training, i've read guides about how to win the contests, and I've read all about the pokeradarwhachamacallit... and how... More
  • Don't crowd me. (Tips for a two minute life span in MP FPS.)

    Recently, I posted about my new found passion for online FPS. Specifically, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. This game is awesome, and the multi-player is mostly phenomenal, with a few exceptions. Namely poor decision making on the part of my squad and team... More
  • An Apple A Day...

    I was never a big Apple / Mac's not that I don't like them (who doesn't like those shiny fancy looking computers, but sheesh, who can afford one), but as a gamer, I always gravitated towards the PC. And since Apple doesn't offer... More
  • Movies With Me: Lo

    Now for the ten or so people who've been following this thing, I haven't been doing much writing for Movies With Me, the passion just wasn't there, which is why I've decided to transform Movies With Me into a Blog about films I feel are... More