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  • Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you HAROLD HOWARD, the greatest MMA fighter of all time.....ALL TIME.

    Harold Howard, AKA "the guy who looks like a methhead hillbilly addict, AAKA "The guy who tried to do an awesome spin kick on Steve Jennum but missed" He won his fight against Royce Gracie (Gracie threw in the towel before the match started... More
  • What YOU need to know for the Zombie Apocalypse [Alternate Version]

    Since my last one was based on Left 4 Dead, I decided to make one for Resident Evil. Here are some things YOU need to know to survive the zombie apocalypse [Alternate Version] 1) It's completely acceptable to run around the zombie infested city all... More
  • Jouney to......Part 1?

    Last night I heard noises coming from my basement. No one else was home so I decided to check it out. I grabbed a bat from my closet and a candle from atop my dresser. I unlocked the door and headed downstairs. I slowly entered as the darkness engulfed... More
  • Duke Nukem Forever Lawsuit settled!

    I know I posted this already in the forum but I feel that I should talk about the game here as well out of respect for DNF and just being utterly excited. This for me is probably the best gaming-related news I have heard this year so-far. With E3 just... More
  • Some suggestions for GI Online

    Now that I've been blogging and interacting on GI Online for a while, I've noticed a few things that could stand for improvement on the site. I do love the site, and the community we've built here, but there are things that would make navigating... More
  • Why i wont be playing Metal Gear Rising (and Resident Evil 6), and why leperchaun violence is bad

    Yea.... First off, these are strictly my opinions. If you have an issue wih anything i say, put it in the comment box below. Or better yet write a blog about it. Its quite possible that most people are gonna hate me for this. Hey, thats alright, i really... More
  • Subscription Gaming

    This blog is part 1 of my responses to topics discussed during Gorilla Gaming Radio. I wanted to post a blog with everything I had to say but after writing this first part I realize it would be too big of a post. Plus this allows all of us the ease of... More
  • The WiiS360, in retropsect

    This has happened to many of us, we find ourselves at a buffet with a vast number of edible options to choose from, including an array of desserts. What do we do? We engage our hunger, armed with a plate (or two) full of food, only to find ourselves full... More
  • Vampire: The story of Malkev chapter 1

    V ampire: the story of Malkev by J.K.Ramswick Chapter 1: A lesson in vampire lore, politics, and reflection On this night of winter, a thick shroud of snow is falling from the sky. It is so dense that if you were to look up, you would be hard pressed... More
  • What YOU need to know for the Zombie Apocalypse

    Alright, I saw that other people were doing this, and I thought I'd put my spin on it. Alright, I am creating this guide from reliable sources. This is what YOU need to know about the zombie apocalypse: 1) You will be teamed up with any 3 of these... More
  • My E3 Hopes and Excitment. *Games am looking forward to and announcments*

    Well well well another year of E3 has dawned upon us all. i must say last years e3 sucked....hands down and you know it did to if you really like games. But anyway on to why i posted this. Nintendo- ........noting here am to interested in. Am kinda of... More
  • GIO (Unofficial) Member Herding Part 01 of XX

    25 2
    If you are wondering what genre (subtle reference to one of my previous blogs) this blog falls into, clearly it fits into the "cheap knock off" category as it smacks of blatant similarities between Miss Gonzalez’s (@amgo) weekly Blog Herding... More