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  • GIO Extra Life: Mind of a Wolf

    Well now it's almost time. Just 10 more days until the Extra Life charity event takes place, and me and the rest of Team GIO will be gaming for charity. So I figured with that being said I might as well at least start telling my own plans as well... More
  • My First Few Hours With Dark Souls

    First off, I would like to say this is my first blog I've ever written on this site, and the second or third blog I've ever written in my life (the first two were complaining about texting etiquette and helping people understand that telemarketers... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 8: Pokemania!!!!!!

    9 2
    If you've never listened to The Indie & Mojo Show before, you are missing out. This is a show by two guys who love the GIO community and who try to do our best to make a show for this community. If you want to get a good sense of what GIO is all... More
  • 31/31 Day 5: Rock Band

    Written by Austin, blaze6106. For the use of If this is posted anywhere else without giving credit to blaze6106, or Austin, or posted by Austin, blaze6106, it will be considered plagiarized. Oct.-5-2011. I actually look like this while... More
  • Write My Blog For Me

    Alright... We'll call this a contest and not me just being lazy. I've been digging through some of my old blog ideas (they're all saved in a file on my laptop) and one of the ideas was to have a guest writer . Basically, for one super duper... More
  • Bridging The Gap: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City

    The month of October looms upon us. A month where many wallets will succumb to the hoard of games that will overwhelm the world of gamers with simultaneous grief and joy. There are so many games coming out this fall, but one specific game called Batman... More
  • Tales of an Ex-Gears of War Hater

    Haters gonna hate! A long time ago, in a world not all too different than our own. A video game by the name of Gears of War came chainsawing and active reloading its way to our fresh new Xbox 360s. The year was 2006, Mozart turned 250, the first case... More
  • Minecraft: The Joy of Stayin' Alive.

    When it comes to media, I'm no hipster... Let me just get that out there. When an entertainment product becomes as insanely gigantic as Minecraft has become, I'm not going to hesitate to check it out. Some of my favorite things, whether it be... More
  • X-Men Destiny Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    X-Men Destiny Review Kid Safe: High (7.0 / 10) Game Quality: High (7.0 / 10) Genre: Action/Adventure - This game is identified by its action-based tone of gameplay that focuses on one or more characters being faced with a challenge and going on an adventure... More
  • POKEMONth Post: "Finishing" the Game-An Arbitrary Act?

    BLING BLING, POKEMON TRAINERZ! I'm sure you already know this but Pokemon is a game where you collect stuff. Badges, Pokemon, Berries, and other various things (from bicycles to fishing rods to special stones and hold items). As of this afternoon... More
  • Fighting The (Virtual) War...

    18 1
    Let's be honest - in this day and age of video game warfare, conserving ammunition is not something anybody really thinks about. Of course there are a couple of reasons why. For one, I think the average lifespan of your character can now be measured... More
  • Writing Professionally and An Interview With Major League Gaming SVP, Adam Apicella

    Hey, GIO! I have a few minutes to spare so I'll resist playing WindWaker for a few minutes to update you guys on a few things. First off, I found an outlet to take my writing to the professional level. You may have heard from either Apozem's blog... More