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  • What happens at Comicon usually makes me blog angrily.

    During a live interview on G4's live coverage of Comicon an interview with a certain Mila Jovanovich boiled my fan boy blood. Mila called Resident Evil a "underground" hit until she showed up with the crappie 3 (now 4 part) Resident evil... More
  • The Ten Greatest Games of 1986

    If you're looking for a quick and dirty injection of nostalgia, this blog post is for you. Nineteen Eighty-Six was a great follow up to the previous year thanks to promising new franchises, several arcade hits, and an awesome icon for girl power.... More
  • What Did I just watch? #2 Fired Up

    Okay, so no matter how gay this movie seemed, I kept watching it. Basically, it's a couple of football guys don't want to go to football camp because they'd be without any girls to have sex with for two weeks, so they come up with a scheme... More
  • The Never Ending Argument vol. 5

    Hey, looky there, I thought of another one. On this entry in what's by far TH3 GR8EST BLOG EVAR!!!! (ha! made myself laugh) we tackle another one of histories mysteries: Is Pimping Easy? Do you agree with the great one, and think Pimpin' Ain't... More
  • Good And Bad: Movies

    This summer so far has been pretty good. Nothing bad. Good games, low prices, excellent weather (as far as I know). But no summer could be complete without a day at the movie theatres or day watching movies. In the past month, I've been busy enough... More
  • Are games art?

    Here is how I see it personally, and I apologize if this is long... To me art must conjure up some emotion, some thought, or some inspiration to challenge what I hold as true. I personally don't believe that every game is art, some games are art,... More
  • GIO Social project #1

  • Are Violent Video Games Art: A Parody...

    How many of you will click this just because of the title? I guess we'll see. Well, this actually doesn't have anything to do with violence and art and video games. Well, maybe video games, but not as it relates to the subject of art and/or violence... More
  • It's Like That Line from Star Trek: First Contact

    Gaming doesn't have an identity. Not really, anyway. In an attempt to shed the stereotypic nerd image, gamers have tried to call gaming a sport and are now trying to argue that games are art. We're trying to fit gaming into other identities, even... More
  • The Mistakes of Survival Horror Games

    Many people have recommended many horror games to me. At my core, horror is my pet genre, as in, the genre that I am pretty much an expert of. What Bill Nye the Science Guy is to Science, I am to the horror genre, and as such, me being incredibly enthusiastic... More
  • Are Video games Art? (an after-thought)

    This may seem late. It may seem uneccesary. But it is something I would like to share with the rest of the Gameinformer family. Last night I had an enlightenment. My brother, our neighbors and I were sitting around playing Bad Company 2, and my brother... More
  • Fatigued: A Response to Gamer Gorilla Radio

    In the latest edition of Gamer Gorilla Radio , Andy McNamara asks, "Are gamers fatigued about the video game violence topic?" I'd say we're fatigued by that topic and several others. Personally, I rarely do topical blog posts. Why? Because... More