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  • Overview of whats coming to Reach

    By now im sure everyone has heard of halo Reach that is hitting our 360 consoles september 14th and im here to give those who havent really looked into it whats coming this september. First of all as posted today it was just announced that bungie will... More
  • Do review scores affect your like/dislike of a game?

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    Surprisingly enough, a new study has shown that yes, they do. Saw this post on Games Radar stating that a new study has shown that professional reviews strongly affect consumer behaviour . From the article (where the heck is my blockquote????) "188... More
  • Checking out? Chapter 3

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Don didn't see it. Only Miranda did. How is that? Don said he heard foot steps and Miranda didn't. This was too confusing. A girl just burst in to flames and Miranda was the only person to see it? Don just saw the girl walk... More
  • Playstation Plus Thus Far

    First I’ll begin by saying this is purely a first person opinion based blog. Secondly comparisons with XBL have been purposefully avoided. Lastly, this will probably be a long topic. Sony launched playstation plus around the end of June along with... More
  • Stupid Internet... Part 2 (rant)

    So I finally got off my butt and contacted our service provider about our randomly disappearing internet connection. I chatted live with like 4 different people. The first two were from the local provider who said it's not an hardware issue, then... More
  • Patapon 3 demo!

    I did not play patapon. In fact, I've had my psp for less than 3 months now. But I tried the patapon 2 demo-not knowing my info would transfer to the game-and became the mighty one, jack and the masked hero joe. And I absolutely loved it. I bought... More
  • My Favorite Final Fantasy

    I love RPGs. Final Fantasy is one of my favorite series. I liked Final Fantasy XIII, but I was also dissapointed in the game. After finishing the game, I looked back at the other games in the series that I had finished. Final Fantasy. The game that started... More
  • Halo:Reach - Needle Rifle

    I am totally excited for Halo:Reach! I'm also very curious about one of the new weapons, the Needle Rifle. The Needler is one of my favorite weapons so when I heard about the Needle Rifle, I was instantly interested in it. So what do you guys think... More
  • What New Games do Bad that Old Games did Better: Bosses

    Recently I've been reliving some of the glory from my childhood and looking up gameplay of SNES games on YouTube, and it made me realize; there are so many things that new games don't do as well as old games. In particular is bosses. As games... More
  • What? I can't hear you!!!!! - the joy of subtitles

    Am I the only one who has trouble understanding the dialogue in games a lot of the time? Am I the deaf one? After the impact of yesterday's posts, I thought I'd do something a bit quieter today. Probably won't get near the views and comments... More
  • Gamer Score.... Does Anyone Actually Care?

    I got my Xbox in late February, perhaps early March. I have since been working my butt off whenever I could to get achievements to up my gamer score. Then I realized that I would be the only person who would ever actually look at my gamer score, and achievement... More
  • If My Life Were a Video Game... (Part 3: Life as a Problem Solving/Puzzler)

    For my third (and likely final) entry in my series on life as a video game, I would like to explore what life would be like as a problem solving/puzzle game. If you missed the previous installments and you'd like to catch up, parts 1 and 2 can be... More