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  • Temporary Hiatus/Time with Demos! EVE Online

    I have some sad news (possibly) for those of you that read my blog. I will be working for the next two months in northern Minnesota with little internet access. The natural result of this is that I won't be able to post here for a while. I might be... More
  • Games that Should Come to Handheld (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!)

    Yeah, it's not real, but a girl can dream, right? Every gamer has a group of games that they want released on newer systems. For me, I want handheld releases for PSP and DS (*grumble grumble* stupid, no good 3DS you still haven't proven your worth... More
  • Game ADD

    In Issue 046 of GameInformer there was a discussion about whether games are becoming too short. I have nothing against long video games such as Fallout or any Star Ocean game, which can take up to 40-60 hours of gameplay to complete. I just feel like... More
  • Hawk reviews: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GCN)

    One of the few million selling games on the Gamecube, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was undeniably important to the system in its early life. But how good is it now?... More
  • In Darkest Night

    Let’s play State the Obvious: The Green Lantern is known for shining a neon green light into the darkness. So, it’s interesting to me that, for the “Green Lantern Challenges” on Kongregate, the two games chosen are black and white... More
  • The Call of Duty Effect:How Call of Duty is brainwashing Gamers Everywhere

    Call of Duty, as a franchise, is arguably the most successful franchise of all time. Each game that comes out year after year in the series breaks the records set by the previous game in the series. The single player always includes action packed set... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 1

    Sorry I'm late, I was over at a friends house. “Shaun, hey Shaun.” “Hm, what?” “Shaun, it’s The Quest 2.” “What? What are you doing in my house?” “This is The Quest 2. It’s more important... More
  • Rant and Gamers within Society

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE So I've been pretty upset lately. With the whole COD Elite thing and how BF3 fanboys aren't what so ever trying to find any truth within the actual premise of the idea, for if I were to believe them... More
  • Confessions Of A ( not-so ) Hardcore Gamer 2: My Most Anticipated E3 2011 Game

    This is a series in which I, who considers myself to be a 'hardcore' gamer, will divulge some information quite contrary to that belief. Disclaimer : I do not wish to revoke your status as a self-proclaimed hardcore gamer if you happen to be guilty... More
  • Super Swag-What's the Best Thing You've Ever Gotten From Pre-Ordering?

    "Sweet swag, dood!" If there's one thing I love more than games, it's getting a FREE PRIZE with my game! A pre-order bonus is the one thing that usually turns a game from "well, maybe I'll get it," to "HECK YEAH I... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 15


    Next week is that special time known as E3, and you know what that means; E3 predictions! We have the usual "guess what's gonna happen" game, along with our branded GIOR stupidity. Does anyone else want to play Dig-Doug?

    ... More
  • Old games and high prices:an opinion and if they're worth it...

    Hello GIO, Its been a while. A while since i was here. a while since I last blogged. A while since I did anything. Anyway I have my reasons for doing so. Since my sister sold her laptop, my activity just screeched to a halt. So I've been a ghost here... More