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  • Drym's Chronicles - How I Failed At Grammar !!!

    Hey guys! In this blog post you can read my longest, but unfinished book I've ever written. I wrote it in Microsoft Word 4 years ago, when my English skills were really horrible... You can see it from the numerous funny grammar mistakes you will encounter... More
  • A 2D Resurgence

    Many of us have fond memories of playing classic 2D games such as Mario, Metroid, and Castlevania on our now dusty console's. Who could forget the first time that you toppled Bowser off his bridge? Or the the time you found out that your favorite... More
  • Yay a weekend with Portal 2 and...Homework. T_T

    So If you haven't known, I will finally be getting my copy of portal 2 tomorrow. But it just happens that I got a [bleep]load of homework. Yay me. So I will probably have to do homework 1st, then play portal 2 so my mom wont get pissed off. -_- I... More
  • Legends of the Past and Present: Sony Edition (Part 1)

    Well in this blog i want to talk about our Favorite Heroes from videos games from the Playstation 1, 2, and 3. Cloud Strife A 21 year old mercenary who is an ex-member of Shin-Ra's SOLDIER. Cloud is pretty much my favorite out of all the Final Fantasy... More
  • Some Food For GI's Thought...

    I'm going to be off the internet until Sunday, so I'd like to leave some food for thought for, especially the bloggers. Take my advice if you want it, or ignore it if you want to. I don't care. Here it goes- Recently, Gameinformer... More
  • Childhood Memories - Cartoons (Part 1) [UPDATED]

    UPDATE: I've written two more pages into this blog post, each page including two cartoons. In the end, there is a question I want you to read and if interested, post your response in the comments section. Now sit down and enjoy! I don't think... More
  • GIO Comedy: Madden 12 will be the most realistic football sim ever!

    UPDATE: Seriously, I know most people on GIO aren't interested in sports games but just read this anyway. I promise you will at least chuckle once. You might even laugh out loud, or chuckle twice. It's a quick read and it has funny captions under... More
  • Trying Not To Miss Out.

    I bet you said, "Trying not to miss out? trying not to miss out on what?, I better read it because it's from the journey man" (Well maybe you thought it...Subconsciously you heard a little person in you head say "Read it!" "Read... More
  • GONE FISHING. BE BACK LATER. A grouchy old dude report.

    Well people how we doing? Nobody has exploded yet? Good. PSN isn't up yet and you know what, I think it's good. They are taking care of what needs to be done and when it comes back up it will be better than ever. I'm a optimist so what can... More
  • The News - 04.29.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Today, we finally have something to talk about other then the recent developments and failures of Sony and the PlayStation Network. So, we have three things on the plate for today: two small and one big. Starting off with... More
  • The Great Debate: Games as Art

    The games as art debate is something we have all heard over and over, my point here isn’t so much to weigh in with my opinion as it is to provide a perspective that I hadn’t thought about before. In my Freshman Composition class, our last... More
  • Opinion: Users May Account for 50% of the PSN Problem [UPDATED]

    Yes. You, the user. I assert that you are a major contributing factor to the problem at hand. I'm fair though and claim some of that responsibility, or I would if I had my personal info on PlayStation Network (PSN) but I don't. The recent Sony... More