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  • Are you a gamer? Are you lonely? Here's something that might help

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    Yes, fellow gamers, GameCrush has launched! This service allows you to play your favourite games and have some female companionship! Unless you're married, of course, in which case the female companionship you're actually getting is probably complaining... More
  • Books and Video Games: Are they good?

    Books and Video Games. Video Games and Books. Two seemingly unrelated topics. Well there you are wrong. The other day, I was at the library, where I stumbled upon a copy of Ayn Rand’s classic novel, The Fountainhead. Now I am completely aware of... More
  • I’d Buy that For that for A Dollar. The Economics of Micro-transactions...

    Even though I might blog every day and discuss a wide variety of issues relevant to the world of video games, I don't always impress my opinion into the matter. Sometimes I do, but not always. Well...tonight's topic, I must say, has me a bit baffled... More
  • Sign-Ups for Game 4ever News

    If you like to work for gaming sites here is your chance! If you already have a wordpress account go to and follow what it says. If you don't have an account go to and sign up. It's free... More
  • Re - Releasing Nintendo

    I have been an avid Nintendo fan since I was a kid, but something disturbs me greatly. I've noticed a trend with Nintendo and I'm sure you have as well. It is Nintendo and their constant release of different versions of handhelds and classic games... More
  • Too Soon: a Phrase That Could Advance the Industry in the Eyes of the Non-Gamer

    Today, while I was at work, I read an article in my local paper that discussed recent movies based on recent historical events and how the timing of their release was received. The start of the list examined movies that were released "Too Soon"... More
  • Saint’s Grab Bag of Gaming Goodness…

    Its's finally Friday. Hallelujah. I've had a very busy week including working until after midnight last night...but still managed to get a blog posted for my good buddy TR, the newest member of the herd...and back to work at 6:30 AM... More
  • I love me some banhammer!

    Unless you live under a rock you know by now that Blizzard dropped the permabanhammer on a bunch of lazy cheaters in Starcraft II... and it made quite the satisfying thud. Honestly, I couldn't care less about Starcraft because I don't have a nice... More
  • Happy Birthday GIO! My Favorite Moments

    8 2
    Well it's been one year since the re-design of the Game Informer website. I thought it was a really fun year in my opinion. Different? Hell yes it was different, but nonetheless I had fun. I remember a year ago how crazy things were here. Everybody... More
  • MegaMan Legends: A Retrospect and Future Look (We all love Serverbots)

    Nostalgia is blinding my eyes like scorpion venom. To me, Mega Man Legends was one of the cornerstones of my childhood. But it's seems that it's one of those under appreciated gems from long ago that not many people, not even many Mega Man fans... More
  • The Rain: A TOGNick Story (fit for a tropical storm day in MD as well)

    Ok so this is a story that I wrote a little over a year ago, and while the grammatical editing has been completed, I haven't had any feedback on what works and doesn't. I know it's long but if you could after reading tell me what you liked... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 17 of XX...

    Take a guess on who is getting herded this week. I'll give you a hint...when he found out he responded with , "No effing way!!! Scratch one more thing off my bucket list." Sound like anyone we know. So, I think it's fitting to relate... More