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  • Perfecting the JRPG - Music

    As much grief as some people will give them, I love myself a good JRPG. Many of them offer various tales with wide ranging themes, battle systems and gameplay mechanics. They contain some of the best tactical and strategic games out there. Lately though... More
  • Appreciating Section 8 Prejudice

    In the past I've joked about this game for an attempt at satire by reviewing it long before it came out . Unfortunately no one seemed to get the fact that it was a joke and not a PREJUDICE opinion. But enough of that. This blog was meant to talk about... More
  • GI Community Update (Week of 8/21)

    Welcome back to the Update. This week there were a lot of great blogs to showcase, as well as a few community things that I'll be highlighting as well. This is going to be short by me though, as I just deleted my first draft and honestly didn't... More
  • The Perfect Game

    We've all thought of an idea that we think would be the perfect game for a single genre, or a great blend of your favorite, independant genres. Its one of those things that you want to see created not in some mediocre way, but in a superb piece of... More
  • I Need Your Help: LittleBigPlanet2 Level Series. PLEASE (improved repost)

    Hey guys. So here’s the thing, I have plans for a level series in LBP2 and I really need your help. The series will be called "PARADISE LOST" . I have the story completely fleshed out and everything, however, I am just no good at level... More
  • The End: Apozem's Favorite Endings That Are Epic

    Well, this is it. It's been one hell of a Favorites Week , and I have to say that everything turned out quite well. Thanks for the response to everything... Once again, you guys are the one thing that keeps me writing. But, I did say that this was... More
  • Does Gore Matter?


    Recently, the developers of the Ninja Gaiden series have announced that they will not be including decapitation inside their next addition to the series, Ninja Gaiden 3, citing the reason "We don't think people want to see that anymore...They've already seen that." The article on that statement here on produced a 1-star rating, and heaps of negative feedback directed at the developers:

    So, the question I pose to you all, and the one I investigate in this blog, is: Does Gore Matter?

    ... More
  • The Greatest Mind in the Industry, that you've probably never heard of

    Anyone who's gamed for awhile knows you need to develop some methods to discern your purchases. There is a lot of crap out there, after all. Maybe at first, you stick to sequels. For good reason, what better follow up to your favorite game than it's... More
  • The News - 08.21.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! It has been absolutely laughable how little new-information has been coming out recently with most stuff focusing entirely on screen shots and videos of upcoming titles. Nonetheless, there are two pieces today that we... More
  • Is A Truly Unique Gaming Experience Possible?

    Would you like a break from reality? No problem! My husband and I have recently been talking about the concept of the Completely Unique Video Game Experience. By this, I do not mean a game that has a totally different story or game mechanic than anyone... More
  • The Real Stars of this 2011 Fall Gaming Season

    14 1
    Everybody is aware of all the so-called "big name" games that are coming out this fall. Gamers across the country and the world are saving their pennies, making harsh decisions on which anxiously-awaited game(s) will have to wait and perhaps... More
  • Kingdom Hearts Super Rant

    Let me give you the basic run down. I won't go into detail but things have been really weird/bad here so I'm sorry if my upload rate isn't what it should be. I promise I'm working on a few things all at once. But one thing that's never... More