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  • Game of the Year, 2011

    What? You think it's too early to talk about this now? Nahhh, that's crazy talk. I almost did this about 2012! Hell, on a side note, what do you guys think, GTA5 or Modern Warfare 3 for 2012? Personally, I'm leaning for GTA, because of the... More
  • Analyze This!: Red Dead Redemption

    In "Analyze This!", story matters. In this segment, I'm going to analyze the themes and symbols of various video games just to jump into the "games are art" bandwagon that we've overused enough as it is. Today's game: Red... More
  • Happy Holidays 2010!

    I hope that everyone enjoy this holiday season! As a little something from me to you guys, I have a little video to share : H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S ! ~Saka More
  • The Tired Old Subject of Games as Art

    Last night I couldn’t go to sleep so I decided to crack open an old issue of Gameinformer. While I was flipping through it, I discovered an opinion article that was about EA’s tactics in dealing with the Medal of Honor/Taliban controversy... More
  • The Black and White Bandit

    Roscoe Chiara was once an artist who was commisioned to paint Winsor Munsell, an art lover and head of a chemical corporation. His company had created new pigments for painting, and Chiara was engaged to use these to paint Munsell. However, Chiara did... More
  • Killing Some More Time

    I had a couple of different blogs that I've been planning to do, but today I'm just feeling burned out. There's just been so much of a rush to get everything together for Christmas this year, that I'm just feeling drained. Combine that... More
  • A Very Marry Game Informer Online Christmas.

    So i had this poem stuck in my head, going over and over just like a cat With a rat. And with out further adieu (And hopefully with review) i give you My Christmas poem(I think its new?), A game Informer Christmas for all of you (Terrible name i must... More
  • Update on the Twelve Days of Gamer Christmas

    Well a few days ago I wrote a blog about the twelve days of gamer Christmas, and someone said that I should put it onto YouTube . Well I have done just that. Enjoy! More
  • My Christmas Buying Guide 4

    Christmas is coming closer and closer and each day I find cool games, gadgets, toys, and more. Although, sometimes we need "buying" guides that can make our focus set clear. I have created a guide that has products that I find every gamer should... More
  • Game Informer Online Public Service Announcement (Important, please read)

    As many of you know by now, the site was getting hit pretty hard by spam comments on posts. Because of this the tech personnel for the site have increased the filter on comments. This is why many of you have likely experienced posting a comment only to... More
  • In Defense of the Casual Gamer

    Achievements are everywhere, I was watching Liz play CityVille on Facebook, and there were achievements. This is an old topic, but it’s becoming ever apparent that we will never escape achievements. But I’m not going to comment on achievements... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of True Grit (I do not know this man)

    Last night was a good night, I got to see perhaps one of the best modern westerns in a long time. True Grit , which is a remake of the 1969 John Wayne film of the same name. As the movie began, I for some unknown reason established in my head that I was... More