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  • The Culmination of All Your Efforts- Boss Battles

    DON'T READ THIS AS IT IS NOT YET FINISHED!!!! I recently read an article on and I was surprised. The article was talking about how it was time to essentially do away with the classic boss fight. The article blasted the Batman v. Joker fight... More
  • Video Game Music: Special Edition: Final Fantasy, part 1

    So I decided to break this one up into 2 parts, mostly because there is a lot of Final Fantasy Music that I like, most of it coming from 7 through 10, because I think those games have some of the best songs, but that doesn't mean all of them come... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: Life Moves Fast

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    Yes, the picture is explained inside. Some of you may have noticed I've been pretty inactive lately. This is not due to a departure or sabbatical, but rather a drastic change in my life. I've recently started a new job and have been preparing... More
  • Scams

    A few days ago, I opened my inbox in my Gmail to find what appeared to be an invite to a website. It said the name of a girl, my ex girlfriend to be exact, had tagged me in a photo on this website. The website was called Shoppybag. I needed to see the... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 39

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    Episode 39 is available now. This week, Dean talks about his new writing opportunity, finishing up Darksiders, and starting Brutal Legend. Wes talks about his 2nd triathlon and what he's doing to pass the time until the highly anticipated games are... More
  • "Boxes" a short story by me

    A family nearing the end of its youth sits at their dinner table discussing the future: college, marriage, retirement. As this perfect little family talks, the sounds of their voices travel up into the attic where the family members who are never talked... More
  • Rasputin

    Hey there, been hard at work for like, a week drawing this one. i think its better than my other drawing. note: this drawing is inspired from the movie Anastasia, a really awesome disney movie based on the Romanovs demise, Rasputin is the main Villain... More
  • Apozem's Best Android Apps

    In case you missed it, GI did a feature on some of the best games for Android phones. They had a pretty good list, and the apps listed are definitely worth picking up. However, there were a couple apps that didn't get their day in the sun. In my time... More
  • Source Mod Spotlight: Introduction/Eternal Silence

    Source is one of the most flexible engines in gaming history, providing us with award winning games like Half Life 2 and Portal 2, as well as many, many, many great independent mods. Although Valve is one of the best developers ever in my opinion, for... More
  • Comics: Physical or Digital? What are your thoughts on these formats?

    From X-Men Vol. 2 #1 "Rubicon" Andrew Reiner's blog about the DC reboot got me thinking about an issue I'd put on the backburner of my mind for a while now. Namely: should I keep collecting physical copies of comics or go digital? There... More
  • Some developers take things way too far

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    Can anyone guess what game this is? No? Take a guess. It's either Duke Nukem Forever , or LittleBigPlanet . Still can't figure this out? I'll give you a hint. It's LittleBigPlanet (no, not really). Whoever made Duke Nukem Forever , honestly... More
  • Games I love...and you should too! #1

    Hello GIO! After reading numerous blog posts about favorite game lists and the like, I decided to start a recurring blog post called Games I love...and you should too! I'll kick it off with an oldie, and if you've seen another of my blog posts... More