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  • Free to Lame?

    I'm a big World of Warcraft player, which is obvious if you look at my activity on the site. However, I'm not really a big MMORPG player. WoW has been my first and only, yet there exist so many Free to Play MMO's out there. So, I've set... More
  • My Favorite Video Game Web-Shows

    There are many video game based shows online but–as far as I know–no one has ever ranked them.I think it’s time to find the best show, but I need your help.I’m going to show you my five favorite shows, then tell me about more to... More
  • PS3 Collections: More That Meets The Eye?

    So my first blog of 2011 deals with a theory that I have about the selection process for PS3 Compliations. What really got me thinking about this was the news story earlier this week that provided the official details on the preivously leaked Tomb Raider... More
  • DLC and the Urge to Buy Games New

    The news yesterday (or reminder, maybe, if the deadline is January 11) that Dragon Age II 's first DLC will be available free on the first day (March 8) if you pre-order the game by the 11th has done something to make a blogger cry in delight: combined... More
  • An Epidemic: Rage Quitting

    (me after being pwned in Sim City, yet more proof that I am a crappy gamer.) Rage quitting is, without a doubt, this generatons' dirty little secret. So many people with such short fuses play competitive shooters online that we can almost expect people... More
  • The Beatles bass story...or The pain in my bass: A grouchy old dude report.

    It's been a while since I really wrote a blog. It's either writers block or zen pinball I can't figure it out. Well do I have a story for you. As you know I got the family Beatles rock band along with Rock band 3 game for Christmas. It should... More
  • City of Wonder Strategy Guides and Helpful Walkthrough Information for positive human beings

    One of the reasons I love City of Wonder so much is that it without a doubt is like one of the ancient generation offline strategy games. There are so many aspects of your city to monitor and enhance. One of the most remarkable things you willcommit to... More
  • Video Game Release Dates: Don’t Hate, Enjoy the Wait…

    "I CAN'T wait for (insert name of video game here)!" How many times have you been milling about your local GameStop or Best Buy and heard that expression before? Perhaps a better question is how many times have you voiced this same desire... More
  • Dr. Muto

    Dr. Muto screams, " Excelsior ! " A guarantee that this game is truly out there in genre but is truly the most fun I've had on the PS2! Once you start playing, its humorous story will keep you interested from start to finish. Dr. Muto was... More
  • The Failed Epics

    Lets face it we have all had them. One moment we are trying to act like a bad ass, the next we end up the *** fools. Epic! Fails, as they are called, is what I'm talking about. Those times when your about to do something awesome and then, SPLAT! you... More
  • Microsoft's So Awesome, They Don't Even Need To Make Money

    Despit e the fact that Xbox 360 is the largest console in the U.S., along with Kinect selling over 8-million units in 60 days, Microsoft still practically gives away their money to sell it at an affordable price. So how are they still in business today... More
  • Mature games should be kept away from children

    Yes the title of this post seems redundant. Duh! That's why they are rated M. they are not for children. At first i didn't care what people played, just as long as they left me alone. that all changed when I visited my relatives in Bakersfield... More