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  • A trip down memory lane: my top 25 games of all time, in no paticular order. Part one.

    SPPPOILLLLLLERSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep... everyone has to do it sometimes. List your favorite games of all time. Ive had multiple games bouncing around in my head, all equally great, so to relive stress, im not going to give them numbers. Just the names... More
  • 30/30 Final Day #30 - Shadow of the Colossus

    How do you define perfection? It's a tricky thing to think about. I mean there is of course the argument that there is no such thing as perfection. That perfection is impossible to achieve, because everything can always get better. Then you have the... More
  • Halloween Is Coming

    Yes, I know it's only September 30th, but Halloween is just around the corner. In just 31 short days, we'll be celebrating the very things that we fear in our every day lives. Things like ghosts, monsters and other frightening creatures are to... More
  • G3 Gaming and Giving for Good!!

    Fellow gamers, friends and world. Help us help the Children's Miracle Network through G3! Gaming and Giving for Good! On October 1st 2011. Myself and three other fellow Gamestop employee's and friends will be participating in G3 to raise $1 dollar... More
  • Why can't there be good licensed games?

    The problem is that licensed games tend to be mediocre at best. But why? There are two ways to sell video games: Quality of game, and reputation of name. Most video games that sell fall into at least one of the two categories. Game developers could take... More
  • Raising Awareness: Gaming(Rights & Wrongs)

    Just to be sure you guys know, you should read Oni No Tenshi's blog with a similar title, named: Raising Awareness: The Merits of Mindful Living .Trying to find more authors to help continue this, so tell me(not in the comments) if you're interested... More
  • Killing That Creative Spark

    Ask me why I'm awake at four in the morning. Ask me why I haven't posted another "Games That Take Skill" entry. Ask me why I'm playing Mass Effect 1&2 for the sixth time. All these are really good questions. Sadly, i don't... More
  • Raising Awareness: The Merits Of Mindful Living

    Gonna try to get my "point" across tonight... Recently, GIO user wayoverdue sent me a message asking me to participate in a blogging series to talk about various things that the various readers on the GIO blogosphere might find useful in the... More
  • The Mystery Game Box

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    In my first week of college I was assigned an essay in which I had to simply describe a package. Without thinking too hard about it, I decided on a video game box. However, instead of simply giving away the title of the game, I made it so that my teacher... More
  • Cranking up the difficulty setting


    Cranking up the difficulty in games can be more than just a war of attrition. These examples illustrate how increase in difficulty can be fun as well challenging.

    ... More
  • A trip down memory lane: the three star wars game that got it right

    To call starwars a titanic franchise is an understatement. From TV shows to books to movies and most importantly, games. Starwars has many games, but the majority messed up the fiction somehow (Five lightsaber blows to the head and it only damages him... More
  • Screw This Game! - Mirrors Edge

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    When I first saw Mirrors Edge back in 2008 I thought it looked really cool. I thought the visual style was very interesting, but the parkour style gameplay really stood out to me, and it was a departure from most games I’ve seen with a first-person... More