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  • Is Rock Band fueling its detractors' fire?

    Since Guitar Hero debuted on the PS2, I've loved me a good music game. After over-saturation and unwanted "innovations" turned me off Guitar Hero (boss battles? Really?), I turned to Rock Band and found myself an even better party game,... More
  • Overcast #4: The Wienerless Podcast

    2 Overcast Episode 4 is up! Charli is STILL out (seriously!?) so we once again have two guests. This week their names are Andy Noviello and Cayci Phillips. This week we talk about our... More
  • 360 or PS3: Which Is The "Definitive Version" of Mass Effect 2?

    The latest game I wrapped up was Mass Effect 2 on PS3 this past weekend. For those of you wondering why I bought another copy of a game I already had and played before, the answer is plain and simple: In my opinion, Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games... More
  • The Undead Quest: Part 3

    Once arriving at the town square, they were immediately surrounded by a crowd of zombies. “What the” Raz said, “Where did all these zombies come from. We were all alone just a second ago.” “Well” Shaun started, “Either... More
  • Fables, Steam Engines, and Mobility: Things I Learned in my Time Away from GI

    It's been a while since I've been here. Almost an entire year, in fact. I blame college. Since I returned to the life of a full-time university student, video games took a back seat to finding a way to survive in today's economy. Video-game... More
  • Addressing Xbox Live: Keep Playing with the Harassment...

    I recently stumbled upon a news feed post at . It was titled " NSFW: New Research Looks At Hate Speech On Xbox Live ." I read the post and watched the video that was included, believing and not being surprised about what some... More
  • What's In A Name: Mario

    Since my adventure game nostalgia blogs don't seem to be attracting a lot of viewers I thought I'd try adding a new series into my mix of blogs. This series will detail the history of some of gaming's most famous characters and how they ended... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 25

    Episode 25 is available now. This week, Wes takes over takes over the show! We talk about Battle: Los Angeles, the Batman: Arkham City gameplay trailer, and Killzone 3 (with Playstation Move support.) Also, Dean talks about Game Informer's attempt... More
  • Dsi Downloads

    I bought a Nintendo Dsi and am loving it just now, However I wanted to be able to Download DSi Games like I do on my Nintendo Wii. I have found the solution for all of you looking for Nintendo DSi Downloads. These days with the internet there is a wealth... More
  • CityVille Franchises Walkthrough

    CityVille is the new game from Zynga and is played on Facebook. The typical Zynga sport mechanics are present: you do use Power to do tasks and execute organization and fabrication actions. You bring in XP for just about every action you take. XP is used... More
  • Going for the gold: a quick thought on record setting.

    Before I get started, let me congragulate the GI editors in setting the new world record for the longest Smash Bros. session in the world. I can't imagine how tiring in must have been to play one game for 30 hours straight. But at the end of the day... More
  • Now You're Playing With Power. Super Power.

    Today I went to check out Super Dodge ball (after reading Phils Post on the wiiware version) on my favorite free/legal NES emulator site. They basically stream games to you that they own for free. (like netflix instant streaming) Well when I got on I... More