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  • the unsolved case

    planet echo was founded in 2069 by kindra sims kindra's daughter ket was one of the first to walk on echo. kindra sadly died in 2073 from an animal attack. no one knows what attacked her but some say it was the legendary creature called crafit. the... More
  • Dishonoring the Victims: An Expert Study on How Video Games Aren't Evil

    This is going to be a very personal and very likely long blog for me, so please be aware of that. Also, I'm sorry, but it will also be full of unedited, pure rants from the back of my brain. I apologize in advance for loving my soap box so much. I... More
  • Catfish Movie Review (Almost Spoiler Free)

    **WARNING: Although the following review does not contain any explicit spoilers, there may be what some call "indirect spoilers" in which I possibly hint at the big reveal of the film, without full-on giving it away.** I personally feel like... More
  • The MPAA's Bulls***

    Time for me to get on my soap box! Prepare yourself, this is gonna be embarrassing... Do you remember your first R rated film? There's nothing quite like it...that is unless your first rated R film was The Expendables , in which case, I feel so sorry... More
  • Gaming's Greatest Mixes

    Have you ever played an awesome game and thought, what if (insert protoganist's name here) fought in an epic battle with (other game's hero)? Well if so you have come to a great list. 1. Link Vs. Sheamus (however you spell the girl from Metroid... More
  • The Best Video Game Soundtracks - 4 of XX

    Hello again everyone! ... If you haven't noticed, I'm not very good at opening blogs. So... on with the show, I guess? Donkey Kong Country Yay, Donkey Kong Country! This was one of, if not my very first video game. Everything was great about it... More
  • A Word About: Used Games

    Who here loves the scent of a freshly opened game case? I know I do, in fact it's on par with the smell of a new car. Ripping off that plastic wrap, to find the manual and game card/disc untouched. Maybe I'm going a little over board since not... More
  • Tap Those Frets: A Tribute to Guitar Hero

    As most of you know, the Guitar Hero franchise officially got axed earlier this week. So in memoriam of the second greatest music video games series of all time, here is a brief history of it. The initial project of Guitar Hero was made from a partnership... More
  • marvel vs my friends

    A long time ago.... When I was younger, and in my more optimistic days of my cherished life, I convinced an aunt of mine to buy my even younger cousin a little game called Marvel VS Capcom 2! She hesitated when she learned that it was a fighting game... More
  • Forum Contest: The Greatest Video Game of all Time

    This is a port of a forum thread, for the purposes of collecting the blogging community's opinions. You can find the original thread in general gaming under this blog's banner. When it's finished, I'll update the thread with a poll, and... More
  • Creative Writing: Blending Concrete Detail With Abstract Themes and Generalizations Pt.2

    Last time, I gave you an introduction to concrete detail versus abstractions and generalizations. Today, I will focus more on where and when to actually implement these different forms of descriptions. However, for a review let's briefly go over the... More
  • Games That Take Skill: Dark Cloud

    I remember this game with an equal part of love and hate, and many gamers do as well. An action RPG, dungeon crawl, sims that defined the first year and a half of my PS2 ownership. I'm talking about Level 5's Dark Cloud. The game follows the story... More