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  • Barbarella Quick Review

    So this week i thought i would dig through my collection and show you guys a cult classic of epic campyness proportions. BARBARELLA, the setting is planet Lythion in the year 40,000, when barbaella makes a forced landing while traveling through space... More
  • Suikoden Review !Spoilers!

    As many people know im a huge geek, i love anything movies, games, and comics, so im going to be giving a few reviews on some video games that are mostly overlooked or in some way changed the way I view the world today. The first one is probably my favorite... More
  • The Armchair Gamer Episode One: Communist Hipsters HATE Video Games! (A.K.A: DERAILED!)

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    Someone once made the comment that my podcast, The Armchair Gamer, was becoming vaporware... Always being touted as something cool and interesting, but never being released. That's true, I was afraid to do the show. As you know, in terms of speech... More
  • Again, no Weekly Coverage...

    This is important to read. Because I was so mad. I just wrote out all of my weekly coverage blog, and then for some ***** reason, my computer went to another page. I hate the internet sometimes, because it causes me nothing but anger. Anyway, I'll... More
  • "WRITE"-Ok Universe, I Hear You!

    Closing my eyes to the world can be lonely... This morning, (after zooming to work on my bicycle like the crazy lady I am), when I was sitting down at my desk, I took hold of my daily calendar and ripped off the page. I like to look at the little "bonus"... More
  • FamilyGuyGuy7's Top Ten Star Wars Games


    In anticipation of the release of all six Star Wars movies on Blu-Ray, FamilyGuyGuy7 counts down the top ten Star Wars games ever.  I have a bad feeling about this...

    ... More
  • One Hell Of A Week

    Well as the name of this blog says, this week has been one hell of week for me folks. So much big stuff has happened to me this week it's almost mind blowing. I've got a new Truck Yep I got a new-ish '98 dodge truck. My old Caprice Classic... More
  • REPLAY: Step One: Admit You Have a Problem…

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    Two Birds, One Stone. That's what I'm resulting to tonight. My good friend and loyal GI community member Jon Keyes personally requested I continue my REPLAY series where I repost a blog from the past and provide some updated comments. AND... I'm... More
  • News Flash! - Free Portal

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! What is this? Something is wrong. An article of The News on a Friday/Saturday? What has the world come to? I've decided that I can make an exception or two and this one is quite worth it; therefore, News Flash! Catchy... More
  • Range S4: Part 18

    “Although I’ll admit the changes you’ve made are impressive.” Allistair said, eyeing the black flame enveloping Alphonse, “I wonder how much stronger you’ve really become.” Alphonse Streamed out of sight. He came... More
  • How Much Should the Wii U Cost?

    The Wii U was first shown at E3 2011. It had a mixed reception. Some people thought it looked amazing. Others thought it looked like another gimmick. Some people are willing to pay $400 or more to get a Wii U. Others won't even want to buy it for... More
  • 30/30 Day #16 - Final Fantasy Tactics

    So I know that I said a halfway review would be going up after #15, but unfortunately I was not able to get that written to my standard and posted. It is still coming though, and most likely this weekend, but it is a bit delayed. I have to say though... More