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  • Top Ten In-Game Wars

    Top 10 In-Game Wars War. War never changes. But the armies fighting in the wars do! There have been some great conflicts to grace our consoles, especially recently, but some are a little more memorable than others. Here are the Top 10 Wars in video game... More
  • What Do You Want To See At The Nintendo 3DS Press Conference On Friday?

    With the recent post of a prerecorded Nintendo press conference that will release on Friday, many are awaiting new games or confirmed titles with little to no information on them. Some anticipated announcements are... - A New Zelda on 3DS or a Majora's... More
  • The Voice of a Lost City

    This time, the poetry has a theme to it. Let's see if you can figure it out. Powerful Phrase…Familiar Phrase? A city of dreams many, many untold leagues deep Where the greatest of minds went for true freedom, Where those whose abilities were... More
  • WGWC #1: So You Wanna Know About Me As A Writer

    So I come back from a long hiatus to find Wolf has laid out a challenge for us. Okay, I can dig that. I like challenges. I find them to be...uh...challenging. Let's cover the obligatory historical aspect of the subject. I've been writing for as... More
  • WGWC: Instead of regular blogs, this is one about me

    ^ My favorite band's newest album Right now, I'm blogging out of anger. The reason why, is personal. But Here's the story. I was looking through blogs to read, and noticed tons of these WGWC posts. What were they? So I did a little research... More
  • Fable III review

    This artical was originally posted on October 9th to my website . While implementing the tried and tested formula of the first two Fable games, Fable III also manages to take a considerable step forward. The formula is as follows: Players assume control... More
  • WGWC Week 1: Oh Brother, Who Art Thou?

    Life is but a journey, full of many roads. The paths we choose influence who we become, and my path has crossed with the community of GameInformer Online. (backstory) I never get involved much with online communities, I consider myself more of a "private"... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 10: Double D's!

    Are there any games that are unanimously loved throughout the industry that you just don't like? On this week's episode Jeremy and Daniel discuss our controversial opinions of two games that are generally viewed as masterpieces of the art form... More
  • It's A Hard Road Ahead, But It's One That I can Walk

    A Hard Road Ahead I know I could have been paralyzed Hell, I could have died But if I said I was fine Then I lied I try to keep my cries inside But what would you do If you felt knives with every stride? My back’s only kept straight By my pride... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 24: Cookies For Us

    GIO, Welcome. Come on come all and listen up. This week we did it, we interviewed MC Lars. There's a funny story to how the interview happened, we interviewed MC Lars in the alley at the venue. So if there are some sound issues we apologize. The introduction... More
  • The Merits of GIO User Reviews

    Friends…I have a problem I must confess to you. You see, I’m in a particularly snarky mood and, for those that know my writing, snark isn’t unfamiliar to me. But today, it is especially… well, let’s call it intoxicating... More
  • Batman Arkham City

    First here is the launch trailer although I am sure that everyone has seen it by now There are many other video trailers for this game but this is the most important trailer. The other trailers show characters like Mr. Freeze in the game. If I put every... More