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  • Hello, again.

    I have had a hiatus(I really hope I used that term correctly) from GIO for the past two weeks... at least, I think it has been that long. Half of it wasn't my fault. We didn't have internet for three or four days. The other half of it WAS my fault... More
  • Activision, Hardcore Gamers, COD Elite

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE So to begin, I’m personally tired of hearing about how Activision/Blizzard is the evil empire of the world. To talk more appropriately, I am referring to a comment CEO Eric Hirschberg of Activision... More
  • Looking at the Past and Moving on: Smash Bros.

    This picture has absolutely nothing to do with Smash Bros. other than the stage, but that picture is awesome regardless. In 1999 a game known as Super Smash Bros. was released for the Nintendo 64. This game was kind of a hybrid of sorts. It was a fighting... More
  • Suggestions for the borderlands sequel

    This is the fourth suggestions blog ( counting the if then else gears of war blog even though I only touched on one issue), Where I suggest changes for the sequel of another game. Today’s lucky game is borderlands. And as usual spoiler free. I’ll... More
  • The News - 06.02.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! We've got ourselves a busy one today, so let's get right into it. We will start off with a message to some of the older gamers in the audience concerning some long-lost pre-orders for Duke Nukem Forever and what... More
  • EXTRA! EXTRA! PSN STORE NOW OPEN! (Edited June 2,2011 8 a.m. c.s.t ) A grouchy old dude news statement.

    As of 3 am c.s.t on June 2 2011 the playstation store is back online! That is all. **Now I wrote this at 3a m to let people know the PSN store was indeed back open. It was also after I woke up from resting after my procedure I had yesterday. So I do wish... More
  • Childhood Memories - Video Games: NES Era (PART 4) (NOT FINISHED)

    I am finally getting to the end with these blog series. The following will be all about the great times I had in my childhood, playing NES games - some, that seemed original, and others, that didn't seem so unique. I decided to split the Video Games... More
  • Why Team Tactical is the best

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    So you know that game mode that you never really tried in MW2, but always wondered what it was? Yep, Team Tactical. It's basically a bunch of different team based game modes (which the name implies) with 8 people. First of all, the people who play... More
  • Perspective: Cheapest Singleplayer weapons


    How can a Single-player weapon be cheap? Well, I decided to think about it from the AI's perspective. If I were an AI and thought "Oh, come on, now how the f*ck was I supposed to compete with that?!", the weapon's probably on this list. In no specific order:

    ... More
  • Microsoft, E3, and Kinect

    If you believe the rumors around the internet, then you've heard that Microsoft is going to focus on the Kinect at their conference at E3. Confirmed so far is that there will be an unveiling of the new Star Wars game which will take advantage of the... More
  • My Xbox Problem

    Long time, no blog. This teaching and coaching thing can really start to catch up to you. Not to mention being married.... Not too much time for gaming these days. Sadly, my 360 has become a source more for Netflix and Hulu Plus than for gaming, and when... More
  • Grab Bag Blog: Reimagine The Game, HISHE and Goldfish

    Well folks in honor of my return (My blogging mojo left me for a while back there) i have decided to do a grab bag blog of things i have come across on the Internet. "What is a grab bag blog?" You ask. Well it is a blog with multiple topics... More