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  • Nintendo 3DS: First Look

    As it's been stated in countless sites across the internet, Nintendo has most certainly been pitching their loyal patrons some amazing things to look forward to this past E3! Now to be fair Microsoft and Sony did their share of Jaw dropping hardware... More
  • I See The Light

    Video games are video games, there isn't any difference between a Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft console, right? That's what I thought when I had my trusty Wii. I figured a game was a game, little to no difference between platforms. I forced myself... More
  • In Retrospect: The benefits of importing your save into Mass Effect 2

    As a fan of Mass Effect and the sequel, I've created a character for each class, each originally imported from the first in the franchise. After some consideration however, I thought I'd create a seventh from scratch just to see what choices this... More
  • Something Original (Part One)

    I'm a gamer. I love to play games. But, when you've played games as long as I have(close to ten years. that may not seem like very much, but its a mile mark for me), you begin to feel like you've played a "new game" before. I don't... More
  • A Message to the Community (Will be constantly updated)

    Dear peers, There have been but a few single human beings throughout our entire history that has managed to change the world for the better. This is because such a feat requires an incredible amount of inner strength and heart. Thankfully, the scope of... More
  • Happy 4th of July...

    It will be the Fourth of July very soon, and while I understand that not everyone that comes here might live in the United States or be interested in the fact that some of us will be celebrating Independence Day, the truth is…a lot of us will.... More
  • Fun: Sit Down, Shut Up, and Start Playing

    The topic of games as art has caused a lot of argument among hardcore gamers, and it’s not hard to see why. Video games aren’t exactly viewed by the average person with the same amount of respect as a film or book, so it’s natural for... More
  • My Life, Gaming, Etc. (Pt. 1)

    Ok, well, it's been a pretty long time since my last blog and I haven't had any inspiration to write anything extremely profound or anything, so... I figured that, to try to get a blog out every 2 weeks to a month, I'll just start blogging... More
  • More Videogame Characters I Would Not Want to Kill Me

    Because six... JUST ISN'T ENOUGH. Sorry, Skol. "Shoot to Thrill" just doesn't seem enough about death to work for my blog. But at least I gave you a mention, right? Right? Love you, man. Anyways, here the next song I chose. Yeah, the... More
  • If My Life Were a Video Game... (Part 2: Life as a Platformer)

    In " If My Life Were a Video Game Part 1 ", I pondered what it would be like if my life were an RPG. I started with RPG, becuase RPGs are pretty much the most obvious extention of adding game elements to real life. In this installment of the... More
  • M...MY childhood whyyy?!!!

    Just now I saw the new pokemon seris and almost cried. Then I saw the new bey blade seris and I think I actually felt part of my childhood die. I found my self cringing and asking when did ths happen and why at 4:30 in the morning. Even the sub sucks... More
  • Summer Backlog

    It has been so long since I have played on my XBOX 360. Not because there are no games to play, but simply because it died on me randomly. With no warranty to fix it, I was pretty much game less. With out a console to play I was left with one option:... More