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  • Final Fantasy IV...A story of love and loss

    Ok so now that I have been so crafty as to lure you in, this is not about the game. Rather it is about why I think this game will forever remain as my favorite in the series. I was either in the 5th or 6th grade, maybe younger, when I played this game... More
  • Is it just me...(part 2)

    So in my last blog, i talked about the issues with the new design. In this installment, i will talk about how the Redesign is good, and what they did right with it, not wrong. Feel free to leave your comments on my post, and what you like about the redesign... More
  • You Might Be A Geek...

    When I'm at home I often post this daily "you might be a geek if..." on my Twitter and Facebook. I make up or borrow various reasons why you might be considered a geek. Well, if I were home, today's would definitely be You might be a... More
  • Horror's Downfall

    Well, it's not failing as of right now, it's been failing. I'm talking about movies and games. I have realized the reason why after playing a little of Alan Wake and reading over some of my Stephen King books. It's failing because movie... More
  • Reading Watchmen

    So I was at the library the other day, and I was stuck. I read a lot, and I do mean a lot . My house is stuffed full of books in every room and I've read them all. At that point, I was pretty sick of the usual Patterson-esque crime novel, and was... More
  • So I found a job finally.

    So I found a job finally.After looking since December.After falling behind so far on my bills that Im about to be evicted, and am scrambling to find a place to move to before my eviction is final and it goes on my credit. Oh and my car is nearly paid... More
  • My top 3 Systems.

    I'd like to start by saying I have played and owned most video game systems. The only system I do not remember owning was Sega Saturn and anything before an Atari. I have three systems picked out that I deem my very favorite. 3.Sega Genesis. I had... More
  • Videogame Snobs

    So I know these two guys. They are cousins. And videogame snobs. We were at my house. I asked them if they wanted to play Halo 3. They agreed to it, so I popped it in my 360. I told them I was pretty good and they instantly assumed they were better than... More

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  • Pac-Man's Ancestor

    Archeologists recently unearthed a long, lost ancestor of the Pac-Man himself. Researchers have found that its bone structure of a pizza pie could only belong to this iconic Arcadian. The teeth were round and seemed impeckable. The 'Cheese Wheel's'... More
  • My take on this whole Activision - Call of Duty thing

    Wow, the peasants are revolting! You'd think Bobby Kotick had just publicly ordered a mob hit or something. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the latest Kotick (Activision president, for those living under a video game rock) brainchild... More
  • Stress Relief

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    Like many of you, I play video games for a variety of reasons, and the reason I'd like to highlight here is stress relief. Video games are a great form of stress relief, IF you play the right game with the right task. I won't name EVERYTHING I've... More