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  • Final Fantasy Protagonist Discussion

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    So GI posted a podcast about the Final Fantasy series and the discussions that they feel justify them as the best. The consensus was that Final Fantasy 6 is the best among the in the franchise. I can understand why this conclusion was reached. But let's... More
  • The News - 07.05.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! While I will admit that I did not expect ANYTHING to happen over the course of the day, I am happy to say that we have one point of interest that many of you might enjoy. So, for those of you PlayStation 3 owners that... More
  • Morality in Games: Why Do I Have To Be Generic Hero Or Bland Bad Guy?

    Ah, morality. An issue that games have tried to tackle, but rarely shown realistically. When done right, it brings a level of maturity and interactivity to games that no other medium could ever contend with. On the other hand, if gone about poorly, morality... More
  • Updates, Problems, and a Cool Little Group Idea.

    First of all I'd like to blame Microsoft for making Windows the poop it is today. Thanks to Microsoft, my computer is being all Windows 7 on me and crippling my ability to make blogs, play games, and chat with friends. So, that's the main reason... More
  • The Old Republic guilds

    so in the forums section in PC gaming I just asked if anybody on the GIO community would like to join me in a guild, just go to the forum post for full stuff. More
  • The Quest 2: Part 11

    Oh, hey. It’s the next part, I guess. I’m still torturing Harrison Ford with snake creatures. Oh, you thought I meant bat snakes? No. Let’s see, I see some snake dogs, snake spiders, snake bears, snake snakes(twice as snakey as your... More
  • The Shadows of the Damned Review

    I've made a habit of reviewing small titles that fly under the radar, sales wise anyway. And Damned [I'm officially dubbing the title this] is probably no exception. It's also a game from Grasshopper Manufacture, my favorite up and coming... More
  • Been Surfing...On The Web.

    Sorry that i haven't blogged in over a million years but, I've been facing a bad case of writer's block (it's more like writer's drought...famine and black plague) but, however, in that absents of mine i have been traveling the net... More
  • Game Over... continue? New Reviews

    Hey all, sorry... I know, I know, I lied to you. I said I'd be back on more often, but I haven't been. The good news is I've been promoted so I'm working a lot more, the bad being that I've got less time to play and write! Still, gotsta... More
  • Excited?

    Excited for all these great titles all coming out? I know I am. Some people can't decide to get BF3 or MW3. Battlefield looks way more realistic, with bobbing head, and you see your arms actually touch your gun in it when you're not using them... More
  • -POSTPONED-Marathon for charity, i'm sure you've read this title, and sorry

    -OTHER UPDATE- While we were setting up the software for the computer regarding the USB DVR, we ran into a number of technical difficulties. Sorry to say, but it's postponed. I couldn't tell anyone about this until my internet came back up. On... More
  • Round Three- My Re-introduction

    As all of you who read my blogs know, my first couple of blogs were not as good as I thought they would be. I'm more happy than disappointed though because you all have given me great advice, so I can be a great writer like those writers whos blogs... More