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  • The Zombie Survival MMO: Overview/Story

    Game design is great. I don't think anyone on this site will tell you that it's not. It's something anyone can come up with, and anyone can do, even if their ideas can't be moved upon in the current moment. Things like UDK and Source are... More
  • 30/30 Day #6 - Devil May Cry 3

    Hello and welcome once again people to my ever growing 30/30 series. So far we are through five days and now we are onto day 6! As I mentioned last blog I have created a Hub for all of the 30/30 blogs that I have posted/will post Including the intro post... More
  • The Low Budget Guide to Buying Video Games. (With a PSA at the End)

    Some of us don't have disposable income that we can easily spend on the latest and greatest games. I'm one of those people. I'll admit I get a little jealous when my friends are all playing the latest games, and I'm still scratching the... More
  • Top 5 most annoying moves in mk history.

    After playing Mortal Kombat 9 online and reminiscing about old Sega Genesis, I realized that the exact same attacks that gave me trouble before!Usually the attacks that gave me trouble in other long lasting fighting games don't really give trouble... More
  • Range S4: Part 13

    Alphonse stood in his yard, a fight had never felt so unresolved. He couldn’t understand why Revic had just left. Whatever the reason there was nothing to be gained from standing around outside. He went back to his house and, for a change, nothing... More
  • Transformers post

    Hey, I went to Wal-Mart...(***)...and I saw they had the Transformers: War for Cybertron for the Wii. Does anyone know if that particular version is kind of decent? I know it's pretty awful considering it's been released for the Wii but I desperately... More
  • Motion Control Sucks!

    As many of my stories have begun, I ventured to the nearest Gamestop in my area to fetch some cheap entertainment. I happened to be on the West side of town, and noticed a new store location had just opened up! Obviously I was excited, biting my bottom... More
  • Dead Island review at 10% gameplay

    I'd like to start by stating what was dissappointing about this game since my list is quite short. When my daughter and I got home after the midnight release we were all geared up to play together. However, this game is only co-op online or system... More
  • Surprise, Surprise

    I hate going to Wal-Mart and finding new videogames on the shelf that I didn't know existed for my console. I hate bringing up Wal-Mart in my blog posts. Wal-Mart is not a videogame retail store and yet they have the latest videogames in stock for... More
  • Dead Island Review

    The psychology of fear is an incessantly absorbing topic. In the film and videogame industries, more is more and, well, less is less. But the true high-water marks of horror tell a more nuanced and personal story than a hewed limb spurting a small cascade’s... More
  • Can Gameplay and Story Truly Co-exist?

    Recently at PAX Prime, Game Trailers held a panel with Ken Levine, Todd Howard and David Jaffe, in which Geoff Keighly talked to the trio about their inspirations and what makes games different from other mediums such as books and movies. As usual, David... More
  • Style and Substance: How Graphics are Finally Working WITH Good Gameplay

    Photo-Realism is finally getting to the point where it alone does not make a winning game. I remember when I was maybe 8 years old and a new Disney movie was recently released. The name of the movie was "Aladdin" (I am sure you know of it, yes... More