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  • Review of a Review 1

    It seems like everyone is reviewing Mass Effect 2's Lair of The Shadowporkher . With all these reviews, we need someone to make sure they're up to snuff. So let's begin. LEVON's review LEVON was the first (I think) and did preeety decently... More
  • The David Lynch Experience - Mulholland Dr.

    [ Before we begin, I just wanna throw this out there: Today is the anniversary of 9/11. Let's all have a moment of silence to acknowledge the lives lost on that fateful day. Thank you, we can begin with the review now. And yes, I do have feelings... More
  • Kyle's Mass Effect 2 "Lair of the Shadow Broker" DLC Review

    I want to start off straight: As a standalone DLC, Lair of the Shadow Broker could have been a fine side story in the Mass Effect universe. With about 2-3 hours of content, cool additions to gameplay, beautiful new environments, and a great new way to... More
  • 5 Game Ideas We Can Live Without

    5. Google- The Game The kind guys at just want to controll your whole life. Whether it's reading and saving all of your emails, text searches, or stock buying information, and then selling it to people in China, or showing you where China... More
  • People need to learn how to read a blog post. (updated with apologies) (second update)

    26 1
    (ORIGINAL) Im sorry, but some people need to learn how to read. From what ive seen, and not just on my posts but on almost all of them, people choose to ignore the things written just so they can yell and argue with the writer. I dont know if people do... More
  • The Accent A Hard Part of Voice Acting

    All right, I'm calling on two characters from games that have used accents heavily. One is good, and the other is just funny. Probably one of the late games I've recently been playing is GTA 4. Perhaps my favorite character in it, Little Jacob... More

    "Batman... I want you to see the world as I see it... giggling in a corner and bleeding. But if you won't, I have nothing else to live for!". The Joker sounds so charming, doesn't he? Well, maybe more dark than charming. Speaking of... More
  • Halo > Friends

    Its been a long week. I've not been able to post a blog lately. I apologize. Ive gone through with my third week of school. Its been a fun ride so far. It makes it easier to have friends. I cant play during the week due to the insane amount of Homework... More
  • Mass Effect 2- Lair of the Shadow Broker review

    I had been eagerly awaiting this particular piece of DLC, and i was more than excited to play it the first day. Ive been meaning to write this post since the day it was released, but didnt have time because of football and school. But better late then... More
  • Resident Evil Afterlife. Not as bad as you think.

    8 3
    Resident Evil Afterlife ah where to begin *starts playing the soundtrack to the movie* Hmm well ok let’s start this. Also just letting you know there are going to be a ton of spoilers. Ok what am going to do is bring the film into segments and talk... More
  • PAX 2010 - Part 4

    Okay... time to bring this year's Penny Arcade Expo saga to a close with one final photo blog! Along with the usual costume and exhibit hall photos, I made sure to try and document a few other sights from PAX in this update, such as the console freeplay... More
  • Anatomy of a Kill

    11 1
    This edition of CSI Capitol Wasteland is not for the squeamish, or for those opposed to wasting their time reading random blogs. So if you hate slowing down for traffic accidents, move along. In fact, this read is a train wreck, both in subject and content... More