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  • Does Gore Matter?


    Recently, the developers of the Ninja Gaiden series have announced that they will not be including decapitation inside their next addition to the series, Ninja Gaiden 3, citing the reason "We don't think people want to see that anymore...They've already seen that." The article on that statement here on produced a 1-star rating, and heaps of negative feedback directed at the developers:

    So, the question I pose to you all, and the one I investigate in this blog, is: Does Gore Matter?

    ... More
  • The Greatest Mind in the Industry, that you've probably never heard of

    Anyone who's gamed for awhile knows you need to develop some methods to discern your purchases. There is a lot of crap out there, after all. Maybe at first, you stick to sequels. For good reason, what better follow up to your favorite game than it's... More
  • The News - 08.21.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! It has been absolutely laughable how little new-information has been coming out recently with most stuff focusing entirely on screen shots and videos of upcoming titles. Nonetheless, there are two pieces today that we... More
  • Is A Truly Unique Gaming Experience Possible?

    Would you like a break from reality? No problem! My husband and I have recently been talking about the concept of the Completely Unique Video Game Experience. By this, I do not mean a game that has a totally different story or game mechanic than anyone... More
  • The Real Stars of this 2011 Fall Gaming Season

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    Everybody is aware of all the so-called "big name" games that are coming out this fall. Gamers across the country and the world are saving their pennies, making harsh decisions on which anxiously-awaited game(s) will have to wait and perhaps... More
  • Kingdom Hearts Super Rant

    Let me give you the basic run down. I won't go into detail but things have been really weird/bad here so I'm sorry if my upload rate isn't what it should be. I promise I'm working on a few things all at once. But one thing that's never... More
  • Nothing Left

    My friends, bronies, and followers, I bring forth terrible news. After a long gaming marathon yesterday on my friends Retro Consoles (i.e. SNES/N64), I came to a conclusion. I believe we are at a point where everything in gaming has been done before.... More
  • Apozem's Musically Inclined Albums That Rock

    Alright... I realize that music blogs on GIO go over about as well as a Battlefield fan at a Call of Duty convention, but I feel like this has to be done. Music is very important to me, and Favorites Week just wouldn't be complete without at least... More
  • Mood in Games; or "Can I Borrow a Feeling?"

    Mood. It’s one of the most important aspects of storytelling. It is what tells the participant (be it reader or movie-goer or whatever) how to feel. All mediums use every tool at their disposal to try and convey mood. Except games. Sure, gamers... More
  • Weekly Coverage 8/20/11

    August 19, 2011 @ 5:11p.m. It was announced(by Ben Reeves) that the PlayStation Vita will support cross-game chat. Much like the Xbox 360, where you and your friend can be on two different games, and still talk to each other via a chatroom. Hence the... More
  • Rage & Borderlands ARE Similar - But Who Cares?

    I've been eagerly reading information about Borderlands 2 as GI reveals it, along with (I assume) thousands of other fans around here. It's no shock that the sequel is getting a lot of love, after the first game established itself as one of the... More
  • Want To Be a Successful Gamer? Bring The Following.

    It's no surprise, but games require a certain amount of skills in order to proceed. We all know the normal skill set; fast reflexes, quicker thinking, and the insatiable thirst to conquer all (OK that's not a skill), but there are other skills... More