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  • Calling Ubisoft Out...

    A mild but short rant. Can you tell I'm itching to play. I noticed Game Informer's recent news post for Homefront. If you don't know, Homefront is a "gritty American invasion game that channels John Milius' Red Dawn" . It's... More
  • Can you really blame fans and media for stifling creativity?

    Regarding the article: Treyarch's Olin Blasts Pundits And Angry Fans "It's true that many corners... More
  • So ya want to Kill Call of Duty eh?

    21 1
    I don't care if you personally think Call of Duty sucks, you're not the majority, there's good reason why it's on top. For the last decade, there's no person in the world who could take the time to tally up the Phrase "Call of... More
  • Hawk reviews: TimeSplitters (PS2)

    2 1
    While TimeSplitters delievers a very basic degree of fun, its terrible Single-player modes and vanilla multiplayer can only take it so far. The Mapmaker and the great music make it marginally bettter, but that doesn't change the fact that I did not like this game.... More
  • A TOGNick Challenge: How Fallout 3 is better than Final Fantasy

    Congratulations to lizzy who is this week's winner for the TOGNick Challenge. If you don't know, last blog I wrote I stated I wanted challenges. I asked that you, the community, answer a question and if you were the first to answer, then you would... More
  • Stubbs take on the community here.

    16 2
    Just the past a couple hours I've come across two blogs that highlighted how thriving this place has become, especially in the blogging section. Saint's blog displaying the statistics on how busy this place is and Sean Lowery's blog on how... More
  • That Magic Moment

    9 1
    No one is born a gamer. There is always a singular or sequence of events that turn us into one. While this sounds like some Frankenstein-like lab transformation it is far from it. There are different ways people have come into gaming. Some people instantly... More
  • Find Out How Online Adventure Games �Youngster Enjoy and Learn

    Whenever you�ve run out of places to go to and are in search of more affordable enjoyment possibilities because credit crunch is hammering your wallet, free games intended for young children is an excellent and innovative method. World wide web games... More
  • Assisting Your children with Gaming Systems

    There are numerous websites that allow people to get free games for them or their children to play. There is a general misconception that video games are all like "Grand Theft Auto," which has been unfairly labeled as a "murder simulator... More
  • How Am I Going To Tackle My Darn Backlog??!! (Community Blog #2)

    With all the talk about Dead Space 2's release swirling around the international gamescape (I hope I coined that word) I remembered something that is almost as scary as the Dead Space series... I haven't played them. You see, Dead Space is in... More
  • Gaming�s Eldest Joke Gets One More Punchline

    The gaming community would have never expected the game "Duke Nukem Forever" to come out. It is a sequel to the FPS classic game "Duke Nukem 3D". It took forever to completely develop DNF. After about a dozen years, being constantly... More
  • Game Informer Online: User Blog Statistics (JAN)...

    27 1
    You might have noticed that today was February 01, 2011. A new month begins as another one ends. And with a new month comes a new blog series that, if all goes well, I will do at the beginning of each new month. You might wonder why or if anyone even... More