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  • New Medal of Honor Game - a question for our military people here

    Any of you who follow FPS games already know that the new Medal of Honor game takes place in Afghanistan during the 2001 invasion. Lately, what's been making the news is the controversy regarding the multiplayer for this game: namely, the fact that... More
  • Starting and Stopping: The Art of Not Finishing a Game

    If you're anything like me, for your sake lets hope you're not, you find it difficult to commit to any one thing for an extended period of time. Now I'm not really talking about my personal life, as I have a wife and a newborn baby boy that... More
  • Video Games Don’t Cause Violence, Just Ignorance…

    How’s that for a somewhat catchy and offensive title? Now before I get too deep into this blog, let me just say that this is MY opinion based on observable instances and whether you agree or not is entirely up to you, but please don’t tell... More
  • gamers need respect

    i really think that gamers should be treated with more respect. Heres y, im in middle school and i love to play games. But i cant say anything about them with out being called a nerd or made fun of. so i cant talk about what i love to do with my peers... More
  • Inciting a War or Have Mercy on Me

    This image was taken from I stole it :) I've finally decided to put down some cash and get a game console. The problem is, I need help deciding. Now, you've probably noticed the title. I'm not INTENTIONALLY trying to start a fight... More
  • Album of the Week- Vedera's (formly Veda) "The Weight of an Empty Room"

    I like to make the claim that I'm a very musical guy. There's a lot of different kinds of music I listen to. So for me, making a series like this SHOULD have been a no-brainer. This series is going to be just as the title describes. It's my... More
  • What I Do Instead of Sleep, Part 11: Among Sacred Space Dogs

    I’ve finally finished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, spent a lot of time with the Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days demo, and delved deeper into Dead Space and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. With Uncharted 2, I think I went from about 65% done to completion and... More
  • Why Mass Effect 3 shouldnt be the last

    I hope other people share my point of view. Mass Effect 3 should not be the last, the story of Mass Effect is most likely the best and most captivating Ive ever seen, and Id hate to see it end soon. The fight against the Reapers should turn into an all... More
  • The Never Ending Argument vol. 7

    *Quick note before we begin* This entry in The Never Ending Argument is kind of mainly applicable for males to answer. But feel free to comment ladies, I want to know your take on this subject as well. This is just something that I got to thinking about... More
  • (Video Game) Character Spotting – Can You Name Them All. Round 2…

    25 1
    Back on July 28 th I posted a blog titled (Video Game) Character Spotting – Can You Name Them All (you can read it here if you want). It did well in views and comments and was one that I was pretty pleased with. Despite the fact that I mentioned... More
  • And Now For Something Completely Different.

    So, tonight I am in a weird sort of mood. It happens from time to time, and to be honest I should just go to sleep. However, I felt that this state of melancholy might breed something different; a side you might not have seen. Many of you know me as a... More
  • If GIO was a JRPG...

    …I think it would be pretty amazing. However, the bigger question is: What JRPG characters would represent GIO members? But before we get into that, let me explain the inspiration for this post. For one, GIO has a level system, a parallel to RPGs... More