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  • ...To Make a Calvin and Hobbes Movie: Advice for Hollywood

    It's no hyperbole to say that Calvin and Hobbes, written by Bill Watterson, is one of the best comic strips ever drawn. In fact, I would put it up at the top of my list, right in front of the Peanuts. However, something has always beckoned me: Why... More
  • 30/30 Glance Back - 30 points about the 30/30 so far

    Okay, so not quite midway. More like 2/3rds. Unfortunately this weekend was a bit busy and hectic so I wasn't able to get it after 15. Instead though you get 5 more blogs worth of me talking in this, Lucky you! Seriously though, I don't think... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: All I Want For Christmas Is Diablo 3 For PS3

    After more than a decade since the arrival of it's predecessor, the Diablo III beta is now officially underway. Like any good little Blizzard fanboy, I've been holding my breath for years. But now that it's underway, I have two serious problems... More
  • PSN update for Sept 20, A grouchy old dude report..

    Hey people here is the Playstation store updates hope you like them . I personally am excited for Cubixx HD, Saints Row 2 and of course every hard core gamers favorite game.....Disney's Bolt. he he. All information is from Playstation blog. Here is... More
  • PC Gamers are Elitist Pigs

    Before I hear any cries in agreement or in rage, let me quickly say (Specter520…I swear to GOD, put down that pitchfork…jk bro lol) that this blog is in no way as serious as you might think it is. Yes, since this is the Internet and people... More
  • aeria games

    As an active gamer I like to explore all various types of games and have explored all different avenues. recently i had a problem with this company that i thought i would share. please mind that this is not a flame post against the company, it is an experience... More
  • the mini minute. A review of I Must Run. and Jelly Pops.

    Hello and welcome to the mini minute. Today on the mini minute we will be exploring two games that have been made for free on the Playstation plus program. First up I Must Run by Game lion. I Must Run by Game lion is a game in which you are a convict... More
  • The News - 09.21.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Allow us to begin with an apology for the delay. Over the course of the past day, I ran into a bit of a personal dilemma that drew upon my time until very early this morning; the resulting time constraints restricting... More
  • My Top Ten Most Anticipated PS Vita Games

    The PS Vita has gotten a lot of attention at TGS. It has looked very impressive to a lot of people(including myself). A lot of games have been announced. Here are my top ten most anticipated PS Vita games. 10. Katamari Damacy Vita The Katamari series... More
  • The Shuffle Blog

    Well after a debate with myself I've decided to go ahead and make a Game Informer Shuffle Blog. Now while some of you may be smacking your hand to your face and cursing me for my stupidity, I'm telling you now: THIS IS NOT SOME PARTY ROCK ANTHEM... More
  • My Video Game Timeline

    Hello for those of you who don't know me, I'm ynoT0312Taz PS3. I'm 18 years old and play the most popular games out there such as Red Dead Redemption, Gran Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, God of War, and I'm looking forward to play Skyrim,... More
  • The King's List: The 10 Best Video Game Songs

    It wasn't too long ago that I got back into music (thanks to a few artists who I won't go into now), but even more recently I have discovered some video game music to be quite pleasing to the ear. A lot of this music I discovered when I was younger... More