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  • Dead Space 2 not coming this year

    EA is either trying to just straight-out ruin my day, or they just want to straight-out ruin my day. I just don’t see any other reason behind the latest bit of news to come out of the mega-publisher. According to a release schedule, which included... More
  • All three major consoles to possibly get price cuts this year

    Surprise surprise, just when you thought both Sony and Microsoft had gone as low as they could possibly go with the pricing of their home consoles, comes some rather unique (and always welcomed) news. According to a senior global publishing source of... More
  • Capcom to take Mega Man Online?

    It seems that almost every major developer out there has a little secret that they just aren’t willing to share with anyone. Obviously, Ubisoft is on the top, with its recent Assassins Creed website and all. Who knows what they have in store for... More
  • Top 5 Worst Game Combinations EVER.

    #1. GUITAR HALO This is probably one of the worst game combinations I have ever come across. Although some may argue that Halo's musical pieces should be IN a guitar hero game, few would actually want to play a Guitar Halo. Its random faceless hero... More
  • We The People...

    I don't do this very please bear (or is it bare?) with me. We interrupt this normally scheduled blog for a gamer rant. I’ve been around long enough to know there are certain topics you just don’t talk about. Religion. Politics... More
  • Why Mw2 Sucks "From my perspective."

    Lets get started. On Halo its loud annoying kids but here its loud annoying 20 year olds that complain about the them! They will scream and yell into the mic until I can't here. Sniping is unlegit. Its almost like a flip a coin thing, sometimes you... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of 2010's A Nightmare On Elm St. (That's what I call a Wet Dream)

    Ok so that's not Jackie Earle Haley as Mr. Krueger, that's Robert Englund. I really didn't want to ruin the way Mr. Krueger looks in the movie as it is seriously that awesome to see Freddy in this move. So here it is another year and now another... More
  • My Top 3 Favorite Gaming Worlds (in no particular order)

    Rapture - Bioshock I still remember the feeling I had the moment the credits rolled on the original Bioshock. I was blown away. The story and gameplay combined to form an incredibly original and imaginative underwater city which astounded me. The living... More
  • DRM and that other BS

    So theres been an uprising of DRM crap, and now EA goes and puts their funny little registration code in the mix. I wonder what the guys in charge are thinking, because gamers are not stupid. Ok there are some, and most of the more casual gamers arnt... More
  • An ode to Little Big Planet

    I just saw that Little Big Planet 2 had been announced and I could not be more excited. Little Big Planet is a one of a kind game that gave gamers a chance to expand on their creativity. I dont want to know how many hours ive used up making my own levels... More
  • Things That Should Not Have Sequels 3: Jaws

    16 3

    My thoughts on why Jaws should have only been the one classic film, and not a ridiculed franchise.

    ... More
  • Movie Roundup #12

    This is inadvertently the Movies You All Know And Love edition. Getting a Blu-Ray player makes you revisit movies you haven't seen in 10 years, I suppose. Black Dynamite (Scott Sanders, 2009) I'd like to think of this as a spot-on homage to Blaxploitation... More