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  • The List: Top Five 3DS Games

    Hello and welcome to the List. This a blog series were I list things related to gaming (duh!). Without further ado, lets get started (Disclaimer: I have not played Mario Kart or Pushmo so those were not considered in the list process) 5. Star Fox 64 3D... More
  • Re-entering the Battlefield (3)

    Battlefield 3 was one of my favorite games from last year. The mutiplayer was the best I have played in years. With high intensity battles and a perfect mix of vehicular and ground combat, I imagined myself playing it till early fall of this year. But... More
  • Let's Play Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Part 3 & 4

    Part 3 : Mission 4 Part 4 : Mission 5 Missed any parts? Find them on my Devil May Cry 3 playlist. More
  • I'm back from the Borderlands.

    Sorry everyone, I've been gone for a while now but I'm back and here to stay. I've been incredibly busy with school and other less scholarly things, like looking to buy a new laptop, which has kept me busy for a while. Well, since I'm... More
  • 31/31 - Akira

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    ***NO SPOILERS*** In the wake of World War III in 1988 after a mysterious explosion, the city of Tokyo is leveled into a ruined crater with no buildings left standing. What looks like a bomb decimates the houses, the population, and everything else within... More
  • GIO Assassins Creed 3 Multiplayer Matches

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    I have recently acquired my copy of Assassins Creed 3 which I intend to review for my Hometowns local news website. Since I have yet to play any of the multiplayer I am making an offer to all members of the GameInformer community to play a couple of rounds... More
  • Newer consoles need to push organized online play.

    I moved in to console gaming because I ended up having a large family at a young age. After PC gaming competitively online for over a decade I could no longer afford to keep up with costs associated with upgrading my computer, my dedicated servers for... More
  • Losing Touch: How Two Classic Franchises Have Lost Their Identities

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    Losing Touch: How Two Classic Franchises Have Lost Their Identities In the last year we have seen two formerly great franchises release new games with mixed results, but both have me concerned . Capcom's Resident Evil 6 came out last fall hoping to... More
  • Backlog Explained - PS2

    Alright, so not long ago I posted on my PS3 backlog. I explained how they got there, why they haven't been played, and my plans to actually play them. I plan to do this for every console in my collection, and the PS2 is next in line. My second largest... More
  • Sports Gamers: The genre you sweep under the rug

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    I have played best ball with Tiger, I have been known to dunk on Lebron, break the sack record with a rookie in 6 games, and hit a game winning home-run in a championship game with the Chicago Cubs. I have snowboarded down mountains, beaten Michael Phelps... More
  • History, Family, and Cycles in '7 Grand Steps'

    I shouldn't be writing this game review. I don't play board games all that often, certainly not super complex ones involving rich narratives. I generally hate reading in-game text no matter how well-written it claims to be (which it never is)... More
  • Console Wars ps3 vs 360 video format

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    Check out my first youtube video. Its a console wars discussion between the ps3 and the 360. If you enjoy the video be sure to subscribe because more videos are on the way. In order to avoid being redundant I'll let the video speak for itself. More