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    The story behind air force gator is a tale of revenge and redemption. The story starts on september 11th 2001, After a night of heavy drinking, Pill popping and sex it seems just like any other day in the life of air force gator. That is until the **... More
  • GaMe Week #26- markus1142 - Desperate Times

    “Not again,” Markus murmured to himself, his voice thick with sleep. These past few nights had been pure torture due to the annoying repair inquiry calls waking him up at the crack of dawn. Fumbling around on his desk side table, he came across... More
  • VGD Review: Resident Evil 6

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    Release Date: 10/2/12 Developer: Capcom Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC Genre: Third-Person Shooter, Action, Survival Horror (loosely) Overview Resident Evil has always been a famed series for popularizing the survival horror genre back in the day, while... More
  • Happy 25th!

    Or: 1987 Was the Best Year for Video Games Ever, Ever... If you decided not to read the blurb, this blog is not about my twenty-fifth birthday. We would have missed it by about ten years and a week. This blog is about the fantastic games I either was... More
  • White Knight Chronicles II Day 25/Round 2 Day 2

    Seeing as how I'm going through the game a second time, I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on things I've already covered because that would be boring. Instead, I'll just briefly summarize what I do each day, and only go into detail... More
  • My Frustrations With Yearly Release Games

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    Yearly release games in a series seem to have become a standard for certain franchises such as Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty . Though with these releases it seems the quality isn't improved much over the years. When I played Assassin's... More
  • Iron Man 3 Review - Commence Phase Two

    **THIS REVIEW IS 100% SPOILER-FREE** It's been barely more than a year since the world was completely dominated by The Avengers . Marvel's film studio (with ample help from the Disney Corporation, of course) had done what only six years ago would... More
  • Saints Row 4 Review: Eat Dub Step Aliens.

    Saints Row 4 began life as an expansion to Saints Row: The Third, but over time it evolved into a full-fledged sequel. The development of this game started during the fall of THQ and acquisition by Deep Silver certainly made for a more rocky development... More
  • Darth Revan Minifigure announced and is real

    Not a lot to say only if you buy Legos and love Star Wars The Old Republic. \ My first reaction on this was dis-believe and thinking this to be of some joke but it is very real and I plan on getting it (not a lot of games that interest me so I can save... More
  • 365/365 Day 99: 4/8/14 Super Smash Bros. Direct Reactions

    Super Smash Bros. is a series near and dear to the hearts of many people in the industry. It's been a source of inspiration for later crossover games, it's created (and ruined friendships), but more than anything, it's served as a source of... More
  • Joe Juba is awesome!

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    I know the man himself will never read this, but goddamnit he's a smart man. I just used his Vanish+Doom combo on the first legendary dragon in Final Fantasy VI and I whooped him in the first turn, hehe. Good guy Juba. I know he didn't come up... More
  • Battlefield 3 Campaign

    I'm really confused. I haven't played the game yet, but have read various reviews, and some reviewers, such as Dan here on game informer, have said the campaign is the greatest, while Eurogamer and IGN have said that it's not fun and too linear... More