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  • The ramblings of a po man

    I hope I can get a current-gen before there obsolete because I dont want to have completely missed out on what this generation have to offer. Not on do I need a current-gen (my fav being the 360) but I also need home base internet to fully enjoy this... More
  • Dimensional Destruction: 3Don't.

    Avatar, the brainchild of the visionary James Cameron. A movie that exploded into theatres eight years late. It made a whole bundle in the box office, and Jamie Cammy got EVEN MORE cash for a movie that will really be remembered for 1 thing, (not Leonardo... More
  • Back in action(almost)

    After going to Costa Rica, D.C. and other places earlier in the year, I am back for the summer. I also played some hot game s in spring and winter so ask a few questions too. More
  • Goodbye, Lost (A short break from games.)

    I have only now been able to post about the ending of the greatest TV show ever, Lost. The last episode made me close to tears throughout it all, (I'm just joking,) and it was a thrilling conclusion to the best show since the Twilight Zone in the... More
  • Imscared: Scratches

    Point and click adventures are often seen as a dead genre, only occasionally rising up out of its grave to serve a few retro-indie titles with crap-tons of fan service in them before disappearing again and never really truly gaining a second wind of any... More
  • What Microsoft should do now to differentiate the Xbox One.

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    Now that the Xbox One and the PS4 are nearly identical in terms of feature sets and policies, Microsoft is going to have to go back to the drawing board in order to stand out. I have a few suggestions towards that end, so here goes. * In a more limited... More
  • My Very First Blog Post!

    Hello everybody, this being my very first blog post, I wanted to talk to you about something that has been on my mind for quite some time, gaming as a career. No not your typical " I wanna play video games and get paid " act, although that would... More
  • 'The Walking Dead: 400 Days' and the Appeal of Short Fiction

    I'm a fan of short fiction, sometimes more so than novels. While novels are often much more ambitious and technically complex, few textual mediums can whet the appetite as efficiently as the one-sitting short story, and fewer still are quite as appetizing... More
  • Why Are We Playing This? - MLB 2K8

    A few of my friends and I have started a Replay-style YouTube channel with a bunch of different segments. We're called The Game Crits. We have a website right here! We're fairly new and far from perfect, so constructive criticism is very appreciated... More
  • Console Wars ps3 vs 360 video format

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    Check out my first youtube video. Its a console wars discussion between the ps3 and the 360. If you enjoy the video be sure to subscribe because more videos are on the way. In order to avoid being redundant I'll let the video speak for itself. More
  • My Self-Evaluation And Improving

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    Back on December 5(2012), I wrote a blog that was about me realizing something about hate, and it's tie-in with depression. You can read that blog here . Well, the thing is, I'm not done improving myself so that I can become a better person. With... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 17] Alone In The Dark (2005)

    A pattern begins to emerge. Paul WS Anderson directs several movies based on videogames, Uwe Boll pursues directing videogame movies. Anderson directs a zombie movie loosely based on Resident Evil , Boll directs a zombie movie loosely based on House Of... More