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  • My Best Games of the Year - Part 2: Reasoning In My Choosing

    So in my last blog I chose my game awards for 2011, but without any reasons posted for them. In this blog, I will bring up the games I chose yet again, and this time, why I chose them(this will be less-than-colorful). Best Shooter Call of Duty: Modern... More
  • A Lesson in Privacy

    Myspace. Facebook. Twitter. These three websites serve essentially one purpose: to unite friends and family in one large network. People can chat through these sites, share photos, send messages, poke (God...I hate that), and of course, update their status... More
  • 2010 In Perspective Thus Far... THE KRATOS EDITION:3

    well now, ive certainly been away long enough to have forged and concocted brand new and amazing adventures to share havent i? u would think that but the truth is not so real. 2009 is done, and here we r in the dawning of a year that amazes me everytime... More
  • Monthly Gradebook: September 2016

    Greetings! Welcome to the eighth edition of the Monthly Gradebook. I’ll be giving my thoughts and grades on all the games I managed to play to competition this past month. I decided to do this as a way to share my thoughts on the games that I’m... More
  • My Top 10 Games of the Year

    Like many, I've been thinking over the last several days what my favorite games of the year were. Because I don't necessarily play a lot of games the year they were released, on my list I take into consideration any game I played or completed... More
  • The Gaming World... with DarkLadySarai

    Ok... Events happened in gaming today? What am I talking about... this week is boring! Nothing good comes out which is why everyone is focused on the future this week! Well... lets see what we have to look forward to: SplinterCell: Conviction is coming... More
  • Let's Play Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Part 5

    1 3
    Before we continue on our grand adventure through the land of Hyrule, I've just got a couple of questions for the viewers out there since I haven't had too much feedback. Are you enjoying these segments? Which did you prefer more, when I released... More
  • Video Game Black Friday Deals...

    I think next year GI should have a story if they can that tells us of what kind of deals are available for black friday. Im not big on the whole Black Friday shopping but i was just able to get a PS3 with 2 games wireless controller and stuff for 200... More
  • Staying Strong With Final Fantasy

    Everyone has their opinion, I understand that. I just would like to put my opinion out there and say that I support the way Final Fantasy is going. I have played Final Fantasy since I can remember, and now I will say that I love the story for XIII and... More
  • Calling All Video Game Collectors, Supporters of Physical Media, & Fans of Niche Gaming!

    I'll admit that I wasn't blown away by the E3 demo of Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!: What Did I Do to Deserve This? , the concept and look of the quirky PSP title made it an item that would remain on my video game shopping list. When NIS America... More
  • My answer to the question of the month, issue 234

    “If you could play as any video game villain, who would you choose, and why?” As I considered this question, a number of other questions began to form. Not immediately mind you, but after I started considering what was wrong with my first answer. My gut... More
  • 27/27: Part 3, The reasons that would posses me to do this

    (I promise, they aren't Face palm bad) Well, now that I got my introduction and New Year's blogs outta the way, I figure that I should talk about why I'm doing this in the first place. From what I've heard 31/31's are grueling challenges... More