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  • Like Neo, I Say, "Whoa".

    A massive earthquake struck Haiti just before 5 p.m. on Jan. 12 , about 10 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, the country's capital. The quake was the worst in the region in more than 200 years. The day after the quake Haiti's president, René... More

    Yes, I did steal that from Wes, from Robot In The Corner. Anyways I was thinking, why sift through a weeks worth of news when you can get it all here and read it all in about ten minutes. Vita News Vita got a release date this week! February 22nd my friends... More
  • FF7 Update #03

    Just made it to Cosmo Canyon. Cloud is level 40, Aerith is level 39 and Tifa is level 37. Earlier this morning I grinded a bit before work and finished collecting all of the items from the Gold Saucer I needed. I have four Champion Belts and one each... More
  • I Want You to Join Discussionz!

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    Hey, fellow awesome member of Game Informer! How’s it going, my brotha or sista (whichever you prefer)? I just want to tell you something, something very important that could affect the balance of the universe. If this knowledge were to leak out... More
  • What I want from Smash bros. Universe Part 2

    Hi! I`m back for part 2 in my blog about who-and what I want in smash bros. Mallo He would use his immense strength to perform suplexes and throws, battering enemies who got in his way. Death Death is being starred as one of the highest profile games... More
  • Zang Recommends: Clash at Demon Head (NES)

    Now here is a real gem. I use to play this all the time when I was just a young one. Clash at Demon Head was released in the states in 1990 for the NES. You play as Billy “Big Bang” Blitz, now that is just an awesome name, and are on a quest... More
  • The new Super Smash Bros.

    It has been 5 years since the last SSB game was released and 14 years since the 1st SSB was released for the N64. SSB has undeniably been one of Nintendo's best selling games and one of the best fighter games ever. It has been a couple of years since... More
  • The quality of a game measured by trophies

    Ever since trophies/achievements made their way to the PS3 and Xbox 360, I've become the victim of trophy madness; a trophy whore, if you will. Every game I purchased from '09-2011, I've been constantly focusing on achieving these virtual... More
  • What Happened to Music (A short departure from gaming.)

    I like older music, I really do. I would take Jimi Hendrix over Jimmy Eats World, and Rhiannon over Rhianna (haha, a Fleetwood Mac joke,) and here's why. First of all, I just think the musicians today in large lack quality compared to the musicians... More
  • What If Gamer's Ruled The World???

    Those of you who've ever listened to Hip Hop music at some point or other, may be familiar with a song called "If I Ruled The World" by NAS. I was never overly fond of the song, but the lyrics often spurred thoughts in my mind about the... More
  • 5 Game Ideas based on Song Titles

    Hey all! Awhile ago I thought "some song titles would be really good games!". I have thought about this and now it is being turned into a blog! Without further ado, let's get to the blog! Karma Police Song by: Radiohead Game Concept: You... More
  • Game/Fame Collisions

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    Drink deeply, you poor stiffs , of my quickie observations regarding when video games cross paths with actual, touchable, nutty-as-a-jay-bird famous people. Then regret that you can never get the time back, and go do something productive. Burnout: Lindsay... More