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  • Backlog Blues - Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

    Greetings, fellow gamers! My name is Jonny and I like games. My never-ending quest to conquer my backlog has earned a small but well earned victory today. With a list of nearly two hundred games to go through, each game I finish and check off my list... More
  • E3 2013 Review/ The Most Splendiferous Event Ever!


    I can't remember the last time I enjoyed an e3 this much, but I still found some crap to complain about! My top 5 surprises and disappointments of e3!

    ... More
  • 30/30 Day 12: To the Moon Review

    One argument I hate that people talk about is the "video games as an art" debate. I personally don't play games for their artistic value, but all of that changed with To the Moon. To the Moon is honestly one of the most emotional experiences... More
  • Thoughts About The New Star Trek Game

    Star Trek what an awesome show. What a great movie. But as far as games have gone Star Trek really hasn't had a good one for me at least. Finally someone is making a Star Trek game that may be a little more interesting. The biggest thing about this... More
  • April 7, 2013

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. Been busy watching movies. I finally recieved my Game Informer Magazine, it's been years since I've had any kind of magazine subscriptions. I finally saw GI Joe Rise of the cobra and I found... More
  • Saints Row 4 Review: Eat Dub Step Aliens.

    Saints Row 4 began life as an expansion to Saints Row: The Third, but over time it evolved into a full-fledged sequel. The development of this game started during the fall of THQ and acquisition by Deep Silver certainly made for a more rocky development... More
  • 365/365 Day 30: Top Fifteen Alan Wake Moments

    SPOILERS FOR ALAN WAKE Alan Wake's original premise intrigued me, and for a couple years I sort of followed the game, but then I sort of got into other titles that were being released at the time, as well as old ones such as Chrono Trigger. However... More
  • My Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles for the Xbox One (2014)

    So, I went on a hiatus from blogging and reviewing for a while, but now I am back. I did not abandon this without cause. A few months ago, I decided to by a current generation console. Eventually, I decided to pick up an Xbox One, but before I could say... More
  • 365/365 Day 60: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Impressions

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    MINOR SPOILERS With my recent obsession with Persona 4 Golden, I've neglected playing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, which was the reason I bought a PlayStation Vita in the first place. Now that I've beaten Persona 4 Golden, and have started... More
  • Sharing the Love Part 2

    Not too long ago, I wrote a blog that served as the prequel to this one. In it, I talked about how I got into gaming, and about my girlfriend and her new appreciation for gaming. As of this post, my girlfriend and I are almost finished with our first... More
  • The Action of Inaction

    In video games, we try to make the most of what's happening in the story. We try to stay involved and make sure our voice, if applicable, will be heard. This is what happens in most RPGs where you're able to put a bit of your own personality into... More
  • My Day at PAX

    Hello, GIO, thanks for clicking. This blog is a bit of a recap of my time at PAX Prime in Seattle today. I've been a gamer all my life and have lived in the Seattle area all my life, but this is my first time going to PAX, or any gaming convention... More