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  • Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge - Week #5 (Challenge Only)

    Hello there, sorry to say that right now I am unavailable for comment due to the fact that I am away from home right now. However I couldn't just leave you guys without your weekly fix of WGWC and so I decided that while I was on my way back home... More
  • My gaming weekend (11.-13. november 2011), This week: The Bourne Conspiracy

    This edition of MGW is all about a person that was a former assassin agent and can't remind of his past, Jason Bourne. What happened in his past and what impact will this have on his future ? With the merge of his present and a few fragments of his past he tries to figure out what his true enemy is.

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  • I've come to a conclusion! Christmas is next month.

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    I'm well aware that we all know Christmas is next month, and I know that pretty much all of us get or give something game-related. I usually get some candy, games, a new console, and an accessory/something better suited for my console(for example... More
  • Game Informer Reader Recap: GIO Community Edition #6 (Part 2 Of 2)

    This portion of November's Recap is a little late because I, like many others this week got caught up in one of two of the year's major releases: in my case, Modern Warfare 3. It's a topic for another time, but I didn't really have high... More
  • How "Women Oriented Media" is Doing a Disservice to Us All...

    This is basically the message of 99% of women-oriented TV. I am going to talk about a couple things that have been stuck in my craw for a bit and a lot of them have to do with women, how companies erroneously market things to women, and generally what... More
  • System Shock 2 review


    System Shock 2's accomplishments are yet to be surpassed even after 12 years. I might call it the greatest game ever made but I have not played every game.

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  • Poem: You Are

    You were just a whisper in the dark An echo in the night Just the muttering of words I clung to with all my might Don’t leave me Don’t go I’m slipping away now With nothing left to show Do You have enough grace for me? Was I always so... More
  • Dark Souls Review

    Hello all! I know this is kind of late, as this title's been out for almost a month. I assure everyone I bought it then, I've just had a lot of crud to deal with and I haven't had much time for this one. But now I've beaten it and I'd... More
  • A scary story....

    Sometimes we like scary stuff. Other times it unnerves us. Me, I always found it hard to get scared or disturbed by stuff i see on the internet. Heck, I've seen it all. Or, at least thats what I thought. That all changed two weeks ago when i went... More
  • 30\30 Day #12 11/12/11 Abandonment: Pokemon Yellow

    If any of you read my Bio, and I'm sure that means none of you, you would know that my 2nd Favorite game of all time is Pokemon Yellow. It was the first handheld game I ever played, as I got it for Christmas as a 6 Year Old, and much of my childhood... More
  • Most Disappointing Game of the Year

    This year has been a incredible year for the video game industry, and there were many high profile games being released all throughout the year. Some games were pretty obvious whether they would be good or not (Skyrim). Others were a nice surprise (Mortal... More
  • Skyrim: The Ring of Hircine. *slight spoiler so be warned

    It all started with a Spriggan. It was supposed to be a simple “go to” quest to stop a spriggan from terrorizing a local town. Of course I had the choice to decline, but honestly who would? So off I go. On arriving in the town of Falkreath... More