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  • Custom GI Avatars Through Space and Time

    Arriving this month ( Custom GI Avatars will be a monthly "event") we have a couple space marines and a bunch of re-dos. First off, I would like to introduce Master Chief. I have been working on him since the beginning, unable to get his helmet... More
  • EVE Online gamers and artists

    CCCP wanted to create the opportunity for one of his players to stay in the firmament of the EVE Online universe with one of his creations floating through infinite space. The art competition has finally given 15 semifinalists to compete for one of the... More
  • Starcraft 2 isn't just a boring RTS game, it's one of the greatest competitive multiplayer games out there!

    The game starts. I send my six workers to mine. In their two second journey to a mineral patch, I've selected half of them and sent them to mine a different mineral patch. Gaining me a slight economic advantage over my opponent. I send my first Overlord... More
  • No Love for downloaded games. A grouchy old dude complaint.

    Hello People and welcome to my post. I have a Question. How many of you have NOT downloaded a game from PSN or Wii Ware or from XBL? We all talk about how great it is to buy games from Game stop, Wal-Mart, Target or even Sears but I want you to count... More
  • where are all the platformers?

    I was just going through my game collection when i found my favorite game, jak 3. I started playing it and remembered how much of a great game it was. series like jak and daxter, ratchet and clank and sly cooper helped turn the ps2 into a platforming... More
  • How Wheel Do You Want Your Racing Games...

    Lots going on in my real life world, going to keep it short tonight. It doesn't help that I'm fighting with a blog that I've nearly finished but every time I go to post it, it rears it's ugly head and doesn't play nice.... More
  • The World Falls Out Beneath Me

    There has been a recurring theme among blogs of people I admire, and while I will wonder about whether or not this type of blog truly belongs on gameinformer, after the events of today, I feel the need to contribute my own selection to this very courageous... More
  • Break On Through

    Ever considered the possibility of working in video games? I think everyone who plays games has thought of the prospect at least once in their lives. I tend to do it when I'm playing a really bad game. I can't help but think of ways I would have... More
  • The Community News Review: Jan 24th-28th-Update: We're good to go for next week.

    Update: I've got all five contributors now. Thank you to everyone who requested to be a part of this next week's blog. Check out my blogs over the next week for the selection for the following week's Community News Review. Note: I am trying... More
  • Fallout 3: GotY problems

    Before you ask, I posted on here because I have an account here, and I don't have one on the Bestheda forum or other gaming places. Now, on to the problem! I figured a blog might attract more attention, too... So shoot me. About a month ago, I bought... More
  • Gamers Are Choking! Is there any creativity in the house?

    One of my favorite bloggers on GIO, Warbuff, posted a blog last week titled I have gaming indigestion , In this blog, he talked about how stale the FPS and general shooting genre has become. He at least hints about how the overall quality of level design... More
  • The Quest: Part 10

    “Now entering floor 3, miniboss and… no pretty much just miniboss.” Alicia says, “Raz what are you doing.” “I was narrating.” “Shouldn’t you be thinking about how you’re going to beat the next... More