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  • The Classic and The Renowned: KOTOR vs. Mass Effect

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    Bioware is one of my favorite developers out there, if not my favorite. They consistently create engaging, interesting, and most of all fun games to play. Never have I thought any of their games were or are without fault, but the good far outweighs the... More
  • PSN store update info. A grouchy old dude report.

    This is for all you Sony owners, so this is online as of today. hope this helps you. PlayStation Plus Free BETA Access: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta Free Minis: I Must Run! Free Dynamic Theme: LittleBigPlanet "Sackboy on the Run" PSN PLAY Discounts... More
  • The Future Is Honestly Frightening

    Some of you may be aware of my own pledge to stop gaming all together on March 6th 2012 which is the release date of Mass Effect 3. My plan is to buy that game and beat it until I'm blue in the face and never commit any serious brain power to gaming... More
  • Space Marine Demo Impressions

    I have some familiarity with the Warhammer:40,000 universe, so when it was announced that an action game in which Space Marines were the star I was interested. Once I saw gameplay of the imperial's finest cutting a bloody path through hordes of orks... More
  • Portal: No Escape

    Commercial director Dan Trachtenberg has debuted his short Portal: No Escape (based on the VALVe series) on YouTube today. It's a beautiful movie and I am impressed with the portal effects and the look of the gun. I think it's very well put together... More
  • Thought I'd Stop In For A Spell

    hello! I see in my absence that the game informer online community has added new bloggers...and welcomed a few of the prodigal back with open arms. myself included. i been spending most of my digital time over @ 1Up....they've got a floodplain of... More
  • LIGHTEN UP! Why Are Depressing Games So Popular?

    All right guys, now let's go sing some Depeche Mode songs and write bad poetry. One of the things that I have noticed about video games is the fact that they have become more and more depressing as we have the chance to create games that are more... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 19: Johnny Unite Us

    Welcome GIO Residents to a very special episode of The 4th Floor. It's a fun week this week, we spend some time talking about the movie Survival Of The Dead from George Romero. We discuss zombie movies in general, and current events. ( My First Attempt... More
  • Forgotten Titles Screaming for HD Remakes

    The current trend of remaking some of the last generation's great titles in HD is one that I completely support. Titles like God of War, Metal Gear, and Medal of Honor: Frontline have such great replay value and were only being held back by how awful... More
  • Range S4: Part 6

    “Maybe we should start training with some strength.” Alphonse said. “Why strength?” “I noticed in my fight with Karin that even though she was a girl I wasn’t really any stronger than her. This new guy will probably... More
  • Sonic Generations: Zones in my Zones and Sonic Animations videos

    Thought Id make this as some old members know im probably the biggest sonic fan on the site. Also there usually behind in thier sonic postings. So I thought id step it up and show off some new things released the last few days. First off Could it be true... More
  • "He Held Her Heart"... My Short Story

    I've been trying to immerse myself in a deeper mode of writing, lately; I've garnered a passion to write a novel, and, thinking about it, I realize I need to be in a deeper mood before I begin writing. That, and I also need to develop my plot... More