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  • Dead Island Review

    Dead Island is a game that tries too hard on the things that weakened the game, and ignored some of the more enjoyable parts of the game. However, something I think Dead Island did exceptionally well was the opening video. As a person is slowly morphing... More
  • GTA IV's Entire Story Isn't Sad, Just Satirical (And Here's Why I Think So...)

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    We all know that GTA is a series full of satire of American culture. Every game has made a mockery of the failures of our society in different times and places. However, in the fourth GTA game it seemed that Rockstar was finally getting serious. Rather... More
  • 31/31 Day 13: Pokemon Stadium

    Unlucky 13! I really hope that isn't a sign that this won't be good. So for you we'll change it around to lucky 13! I'm not going to go through all the Hub blog stuff, you know that link by now, if not look at the last 12 blogs, I'll... More
  • The News - 10.13.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! We certainly hope that you enjoyed yesterday's review of " Rage ", because we are getting right into it with three new pieces; one interesting, one serious, and one quick. So, we will start off with you and... More
  • Sonic CD getting 20th Anniversary Soundtrack

    At long last sonics game of old is getting a soundtrack release. After reading around some I was suprised that Sonic CD never got a full release. But now it is and preorders are being taken. I am enjoying how sega is releasing a lot of the old game soundtracks... More
  • Sonic Generations Spotted At the Tokyo Game Show

    Here is a video of Sonic Generations 3 Eras thing that was filmed at the Tokyo Game Show, By jun senqune. [View:] More
  • I'll be back *Update & Preview*

    + Ten points for resisting to use a Terminator Photo I've been out for a Month and a half because of all the work I had to do. I did not want to do a goodbye Blog because I did not leave, but I've been snooping around the news posts and making... More
  • Mass Effect 3 Co-op

    When I heard about Mass Effect 3 multiplayer I completely freaked out I was like WTF Bioware. Then I found out it was co-op not competitive which calmed me down a little bit, And then I saw where Bioware was coming from and why they felt like they needed... More
  • I'd Buy a PlayStation Vita for XBLA/PSN Games

    There's something that's been on my mind a lot lately - I'd buy a PlayStation Vita if my favorite XBLA & PSN titles were available for it. I love downloadable games. Some of my favorite titles from the current generation of consoles were... More
  • Thoughts on Mass Effect 3 co-op multiplayer and DLC plans


    Mass Effect 3 is bringing co-op action to the table. I expect it to be a lot of fun but I do not like its nature.

    ... More
  • The Evolution of Oblivion

    By Matthew Wright Neighborhood Gamers As November 11, 2011 approaches, the most spoken word on the streets in the world of gaming is Skyrim , simple music to our ears. Unlike other titles in the genre, Bathesda game developers aren’t sirens, giving... More
  • Mass Effect 3: My vision of a multiplayer

    Bioware has shown some details concerning the multiplayer in mass effect 3, which is celebrating its debut, short time ago. With this I am also asking myself what I expect from this new added mode which not seems to fit into the game at the first view... More