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  • The Wii Ni, or Wii 2 For Those Who Don't Get The Joke

    Remember when the Wii was known as the "Revolution"? It was literally the "Revolution" in gaming, with its odd remote control-looking controller, and its state-of-the-art motion controls. You could move your hand, and the cursor would... More
  • Jane Talks About No Internet, Hoarding, And (Possibly) Leaving...

    I painfully suffered through a half day without Internet and it really sucks. My life, social, blog, and entertainment comes through the Internet. At around 1:00 pm or later yesterday, my Internet decided to quit working and we can’t figure out... More
  • It's Been Awhile........

    As I sit here at my computer, I wonder if I should be even writing this. I've been gone for about 2 months or so, I still visit and read the New Articles and Member's Blogs but don't feel the urge to comment on them. Before... More
  • My opinions on Motion and Touch Controls


    In this post I describe the  immersion  levels of the current handheld controller setup and then break down motion and touch controls and how I feel about them.

    ... More
  • The GI Community Minecraft Server Update (and upcoming events)

    Heyo, y'all! A few months ago (last January, I believe), I posted a blog about the 'GI-Exclusive Minecraft Server'. This is a bit of an update that the server was started, and a few people are on it! The only downfall is that the server is... More
  • Your future hot rod. Or how to have fun and wheels. A grouchy old dude report.

    I don't know the average age of the readers of GIO but at one point in your life you will have to get a mode of transportation. And since racing is a big section of the gaming world why not talk about buying your first car. I'm not talking about... More
  • Hanna Movie Review

    Young girls involved in completely murdering people aren't new in Hollywood (see The Professional & Kick-Ass ) but none have done it quite as wonderfully as what Joe Wright does with Hanna . The period-piece director's ( Pride and Prejudice... More
  • PMC's Review Corner :Final Fantasy IV

    The original game was released way back in 1991 only in Japan on the Super Famicon (Super Nintendo). It was eventually ported for the Playstation in the USA, as well as a Game Boy Advance updated version a few years later.With its character-driven emotionally... More
  • Why There Will Always Be A Controller

    In recent years, motion gaming has been huge. Nintendo was the only company in the market for about five years. Then at the end of 2010, Sony and Microsoft joined the competition. Sony released Playstation Move, and Microsoft released Kinect. It might... More
  • Do We Need New Consoles?

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    This console generation is going on to be one of the longest generations we have ever had. And I have been happy with the results so far. The industry has evolved into making video games more deep and complex in nature. We have seen some of the most memorable... More
  • Goal Check: Week 12 - Viewers Choice!

    On this week’s Goal Check I will reveal the GI community stat rankings for the prize giveaway as well as give you the people a chance to pick my next monthly goal. I will also set my goals for the coming week, which includes a lot of multiplayer... More
  • to cube or not to cube? A grouchy old dude report. (updated April 13,2011)

    I have had some personal time to sit back and game since I had became injured and have been waiting for surgery (don't ask) . I dusted off my kids DS and have played them, Figured out almost every little gimmick just short of "hot wiring"... More