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  • My Top 20 Favorite Video Games Final Part (16-20)

    This is it, the last one. These blogs were a fun way to start off and pass time as I anxiously count down my last days of summer break to my first day of college. Sorry I'm posting this so late. Anyway enjoy! Uncharted 2 Saw this coming didn't... More
  • Gametype Which Would Be Great For CoD

    This gametype would keep great variety I think and would be perfect for Call of Duty becuase it has the individual get-tons-of-kills-n-XP approach but it adds a team work aspect many say Call of Duty lacks. Here is the gametype in a nutshell: 32 players;... More
  • Game Informer Goes Digital, Now Where’s the App…

    13 1
    I posted a blog on July 19, 2010 titled "Game Informer Magazine Ranked 11th..." that talked about the popularity and success of the magazine. I also shared some of my own personal thoughts on the magazine and what I liked about it. One of the... More
  • Silver-Tongued Devils: Braid

    If you didn't play it, see it, or hear about it, you might not know that Braid is as unique as it really is. I mean sure, the concept of a game that has no penalty for death is an interesting concept, but without playing it, you would have no idea... More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: Music For Gamers - Danny Wiessner

    Today, I thought I would enlighten the uninitiated into the world of a very talented musician, Mr. Danny Wiessner. I first heard of Danny last year while listening to another gaming podcast (message me if you want to know which one, I don't want to... More
  • The Borealis And My Hypothesis

    This Blog contains lots of spoilers from Half-Life 2, Portal, and Portal 2. Note: If you want to read the intro then click here . The first blueprint that I posted on my previous Blog. What makes this blueprint stand out from the other blueprints is the... More
  • The Ultimate Graphics Wall

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    It's all a bit suspect, but an Australian company called Euclideon just released a tech demo for their new Unlimited Detail technology. Nobody is sure if this is real, but if it is... oh man, it's a game changer. Instead of rendering 3D graphics... More
  • It Was 1 Year Ago Today...

    ...That I began blogging here on GIO, which as I was writing my most recent Swag Blog this past weekend, I realized that. Granted I haven't been the most active of members to hit up the blog section, but I think I have done pretty good for myself... More
  • Seven Reasons Why I Love eSports

    Recently Major League Gaming had a record setting event in Anaheim (a city probably best known for its 1992 role in the feature film The Mighty Ducks). They streamed over 35 million videos online, attendance was over 20,000, over 2.6 million hours of... More
  • Earth Defense Force Wins War Against Bordeom

    The summer has been a fairly lazy one for me. I’m living at home for the summer at my parent’s house in Missouri, a state where I literally have no friends. On top of that I have to endure, along with much of the gaming population, the annual... More
  • The News - 08.09.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Making up for lost time yesterday, we will be looking at two articles today that stood out against the rest. First, we will be examining a piece coming out of London with attachments to the riots that took place over the... More
  • Gender Bending in Gaming-Acceptance or Puzzlement?

    Gamers have been generally considered to be male, white, American and straight. But gaming in and of itself has always been considered somewhat subversive in nature. Just like "punk culture" and "Invader Zim," gaming has generally... More