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  • Over Taxed

    First the Government raises and Now the video game industry. Stop making us pay more to play online. Microsoft does it already and sony has optional. This has the potential of destroying the used game store because gamer will be forced to buy new. Ubisoft... More
  • Who Didn't See This Coming...

    …we interrupt this normally scheduled blog to bring you this public service announcement. It’s true. I had a totally different blog planned for today. I don’t know that it would have been a “Blog Herding” caliber blog, but... More
  • The End of Button Mashing Guitar Games?

    So I was browsing through 360 upcoming games on for the hell of it a few of days ago. It wasn't til I hit the last page where I saw this: No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That picture above is a six-string Guitar controller. String... More
  • Fringe Season 2 finale- Updated with afterthoughts!

    This Thursday, Fringe, J.J Abrams science fiction show, has it's second season finale. I rarely ever watch TV(most of my time with TV is when I'm playing my Xbox) but this has a special place in my heart. Fringe is about of group of people who... More
  • The Future Business Model of Video Games


    I've been musing lately about the current state or the way games are sold. With all the recent news I have been hearing about what shape the industry has been in, I wonder if the current way of doing business is going to be extinct in the next decade or so.

    In what I believe to be an attempt at cutting cost and controlling their products, I foresee a future of gaming in where we no longer own games, but rent them.

    ... More
  • What I Do Instead of Sleep, Part 6: Red Dead Single-Player (Pix)

    (Screenshot 1: Pike's Basin shows off the game's impressive visuals.) I played Red Dead Redemption for about two to three hours last night and so far am impressed. There are some minor issues but otherwise this is an entertaining, and addictive... More
  • ZZT and Megazeux

    I've had this burning question in my mind for a number of years. How many years, I'm not sure... things get foggy around High School. But I regress. (yeah, I know the word is digress. lame attempt at a joke.) The question is which was the better... More
  • Not All Books Are Boring...

    “Learn as much by writing as by reading.” ~Lord Acton In one of my earliest blogs here at GIO, I published a piece titled "A Novel Idea" that discussed my interest in fiction inspired by video games. It's certainly an area that... More
  • FuncoLand

    "Where do you think you are, FuncoLand?" A line from an old commercial, where a young boy hooks up his video game system to the jumbotron at a basketball arena, before FuncoLand became Gamestop as we now know it. From my memory, this statement... More
  • Terror Ninja Club Logos

    First off, I think I'll start off with our old friend Slender Man How about another Slender Man? I think yes! Now for a funny one Pick your favorite logo. If you don't like any, say so. I promise I won't cry. We have a winner. As per Night's... More
  • Ranking the Final Fantasy Battle Themes

    If you play JRPGs, then you should be familiar with the battle theme. It is the song that plays during a battle screen, which is arguably the heart of the JRPG game. In the Final Fantasy series, you enter the battle screen A LOT, and every time you enter... More
  • It's ruining my life!!!

    I have noticed lately that when a game gets more and more hype, more and more people end up disappointed. That makes for sad release dates, whining children, and an "energy source" of sorts for trolls. The problem (in my opinion) is that people... More