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  • Life, the Universe, and God. Part 2 of 3

    Last night, I delved into the question of what makes us, us. I concluded that we are a collection of our actions and values that we uphold. Tonight we will be discussing a topic that I'm a little uncertain on discussing, Religion and God. I have to... More
  • Ghost Recon Dot Net Interviews Ubi Kimi…

    Only a handful of you might know that I also volunteer at a fansite for Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon series. Actually, I suppose if you’re reading this…then you all know now. Well, if you follow gaming news at all, you probably haven’t... More
  • I'm Leaving GIO...

    HAH! Yeah right! Actually, I am leaving GIO for two weeks to go to fabulous Ft Pickett for Annual Training. I will be lacking computer or internets, so I just wanted to say I'll miss you all. Well, as much as I can miss profiles, avatars, and text... More
  • Expand Your Metal Library With These!

    Metalheads are a special breed. There are plenty of us, but we are spread around the world in isolated pockets in the community. We only congregate when we hear the call (which is a combination of guitar, bass, drums, and [depending on where you going... More
  • Let's play "What's on your iPod?"

    Wow, there have been a lot of super-serious blogs in the last 24 hours. I love that, especially that people feel comfortable enough with us to put themselves out there like that. This is not one of those posts. I was never much for podcasts, really. I... More
  • A Little Love Song for Mario (Kart)

    If you haven't heard 'Mario Kart Love Song' by the amazingly talented Sam Hart , you will be kicking yourself for not hearing it sooner. It is a love song that uses different Mario Kart scenarios as illustrations of the singer's love.... More
  • Autographed Spiderman comic is for sale on ebay if anyone is interesed.

    Spiderman Vol1. #158 autographed by one of marvel's artist/Inker Scott Hanna for sale on ebay for 2 more days starting today and it is in perfect condition. To find the item you may simply just click this link More
  • The Silver Lining

    I'd just like to warn you. This blog is quite long. It came out longer than I was expecting. However, I hope that it comes to serves it's purpose of helping anyone who reads it to learn about the valuable things in their own lives. I hope that... More
  • Life, the Universe, and God. Part 1 of XX

    For awhile now, I've been deep in a sort of existential quandary. What makes me, me? What does life mean? Who or what is God? What's the point? I don't think I can solve any of these questions in a single lifetime. I actually doubt that any... More
  • Underrated Gems

    Underrated gems have always concerned me. WHY are they so underrated? From this generation of consoles, Shellshock 2 and Soldier of Fortune Payback piss me off that they don't get the recognition they deserve. Though, there was one game in particular... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 10 of XX

    You might want to grab a snack and use the bathroom before you tackle this edition of Member Herding. It’s, uh…rather lengthy. But it’s good. I enjoyed it and I admire the person interviewed this week…definitely an interesting... More
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) Review

    Ah, Batman. Perhaps one of the coolest comic book heroes ever, justice has finally been served for the dark knight, and for comic book/video game crossovers in general. Enter, Batman: Arkham Asylum. First of all, don't knock the game off just because... More