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  • August Releases: Fruit, Fantasy, and Football!

    I usually post these to my personal blog to keep friends updated as to what is coming out each month. I am still working through the format, so I apologize in advance for the tweaks and alterations here and there. Anything you guys are looking forward... More
  • Clark Rockefeller, The Man Who Couldn't Stop Lying

    Usually I stick to video games for my primary blogging subject, but today is different. One deeply ingrained habit of mine is reading. As a kid, learning to read was probably the biggest turning point in my life. As soon as I could understand words on... More
  • The Top Ten Most Important Games Released in June 2011

    Quite the interesting month, if I do say so myself...... More
  • Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3?

    Recently, I've been thinking about the releases of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 . Both have enhanced graphics from the last game, same, traditional gameplay, and more promising features. But personally, I think that Battlefield 3 will be just... More
  • My Obsession With Music Games

    Watching the goodbye video to Annette really made me remember all the good times I've had over the years with music games. I have a long, long history with these games. Many good memories, and some bad ones. Music games not only cemented my love of... More
  • The Family Game-A Rarely Visited Genre

    I am not sure if you have ever done this, but when I was a kid, my parents used to have what they called "game night." My two siblings and I, along with our parents, would pull out Clue, Scrabble, Yahtzee, LIFE, The Game of Love, or Key to the... More
  • Absurd Approaches to Acquiring Achievements

    Today's episode of Saint's blog is brought to you by the letter A and the number 8. Achievements. I've blogged about them before. Several times actually. I've blogged about my favorite ones that really convey a sense of accomplishment... More
  • A Respectful Message To The Elegant Eleven, Including A Little Gift From Me!

    First of all, I am very sorry for writing a double post. I know I just posted my Morrowind blog post, but for some reason I just got the urge to write this blog post. This is a respectful message to the whole Elegant Eleven and to each member individually... More
  • Games + Movies =

    Fail. Well usually, at least. I made this blog to see what games you guys think will make good movies. Honestly, Modern Warfare will make the perfect Michael Bay movie. Light on the plot, but full of exsplosions and block buster action. I could see Red... More
  • Annual Releases in Video Games: Does it Work?

    9 1
    One of the biggest recurring debates in gaming is the debate of "annual releases". The arguments of annual releases seem to involve the juggernauts EA and Activision, both of which have adopted a annual release for many of their current and... More
  • I Went on the Tour de GI!

    Hey GIO Community, have you been enjoying the Frag Fest ? It's not the only event on this fine Saturday we're having. If you were in the Minneapolis area early this morning, you might have attended the first of what I hope becomes an annual event... More
  • 11 Great Things You Can Do In Morrowind

    I've got this idea some time ago and as it's getting traditional already, everybody likes lists. I took a lot of time to prepare for this blog post. Even went on to play Morrowind for an hour just to get the images for all the great things you... More