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  • It's Interview Time!(My inteview with Gamebeast23456)

    -And that is why Dragons cuased The Little Ice Age. Thank you Mandy for that informative documentary. Now then our very own The Journey Man has recently sat down with Gamebeast23456 who is about to hit his 100Th blog lets watch... The journey man: I noticed... More
  • The Quest: Part 5

    So now we continue our story with Raz still trying to pick himself up off the floor by the time Shaun and Alicia climb to the bottom. “Hey Alicia, is it just me or does that blob look familiar.” Raz, face plastered to the ground, said, “Would you stop... More
  • PowerupRewards, Hardly enough

    I was excited when I heard about Powerup Rewards, but after letting points build up i found myself with 6360 points. This is a fair amount of buying games, not a lot but enough that I would've expected to get a bit more than what I was given. My choices... More
  • The Gameinformer 30 characters who defined a decade Poster Impressions

    The poster is what I expected, it's got a good length and the picture is perfect, I will honestly say it was well worth my 10$. I like this poster particularly because it's more of a banner, It's long roughly 4 feet long but it's a bit... More
  • Call of Duty: World at War Zombies Review (App Store)

    I just got an iPod Touch months ago and never would have thought about getting video games through the Apple App Store. I usually use my iPods for music and I all ready have a smart phone that is filled with my daily use apps. So my iPod Touch was doing... More
  • RIP FFXIV: Why Square Enix Cannot Redeem This Game

    Let’s be honest - FFXIV was a monster of a train wreck that should have never been released in the state it’s currently in. With that being said, you have to ask yourself some pretty basic questions: Why was FFXIV released in such a horrible... More
  • Uwe Boll, Your Movies Suck...Please Stop Making Them

    Many gamers are familiar with Uwe Boll and his twisted intrepretation of our beloved video games. If you have no clue who is, let me fill you in. Uwe Boll is a German film director, producer and screen writer, he takes video games and turns them into... More
  • Some Really Cool Minecraft Creations

    Who would have thought that a virtual world where you play with legos and build whatever the hell you want would be such a huge hit (duh!). Creator Markus Persson had a showed that complete freedom is the way to go when he developed the independent hit... More
  • It's Midnight Already!?!?

    I think ever gamer here has said that before. Or it'll be "Woah it's 2am?" or "Is that the sun coming out?" It's pretty amazing how badly we can keep track of time when you get sucked into a game. If it's a game I've... More
  • What Would You Do For A Copy of... *Insert Game*

    If you haven't seen the commercial (what rock have you been hiding under- and how do I get there?) then I pity you, fool. Instead of explaining it for you, the Klondike bar commercial is where a voice asks 'What would you do for a Klondike bar... More
  • The Game Behind The Name

    After posting my last blog, I got a lot of PM's, comments and emails asking me about how I went about naming my XBox. Well, for those not in the know, Rinoa is the female lead in the epic game Final Fantasy VIII. Naming my XBox after a Final Fantasy... More
  • The devil is the details: A report on model trains by a guy who doesn't know enough about them.

    Whew! That's a long title. Anyway on with the story. I have a routine at night with my 5 year old. Right before he goes to sleep at night we watch Thomas the train. I like the show not just because it makes my little one sleepy. I like the show because... More