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  • Buying A Bad Game- Community Blog #3 (And some info on the GIO Name Exchange)

    An average new console title is 60 plus dollars, which is a lot of money. There are also a lot of new games that have varied opinions on them.. It isn't very often a game comes out that people unanimously think is worth the 60-dollar investment. And... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 31 of XX

    Perhaps you noticed that last week the Member Herding blog took a break. I carefully camouflaged my tardiness with a clever blog about the special edition of Robot In The Corner or something like that. Anyway, this week's edition of Member Herding... More
  • In the Crosshairs: Taking Aim at the First Person Shooter

    In this inaugural installment of my series challenging video game convention, I explore the limitations of the shooter genre and how developers can create outside the box. Someone with the gamertag Shootist2600 should be able to speak authoritatively... More
  • Writing Creative Fiction and Non-fiction Part 1

    Here's the thing. While this post isn't exactly about video games, it serves a necessary function in creating them. Creative writing is an essential part in making engrossing scripts for game play. Since some of you out there are interested in... More
  • A TOGNick Challenge: Challenge 2 Silent Hill vs Dead Space

    11 1
    This week's challenge is brought to you by Cody Gilley, who wanted to see me defend the classic series Silent Hill against today's survival horror king, Dead Space. I have to admit, this is a hard task to take on, especially given the popularity... More
  • [UPDATE] Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 19 - Robot Reveals! Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

    20 1
    UPDATE: Many of you may not have heard the notice at the end of the last episode (due to the spoiler discussion), so this is a reminder that we'll be doing our next "Ask the Robot" this weekend. If you have a question for this Q&A segment... More
  • Should The Racing Genre Die?

    8 1
    Racing games have been a staple of the industry since the beginning. Every device that can play games has had a racing game on it. Over the years each game brought a more realistic driving experience and in this generation the visuals and realism seem... More
  • About fun games for kids

    Fun games for kids contain a comprehensive collection of the games. By visiting the index of this site you can find almost every type of game and update you with the latest trends in the market. You need to install adobe flash for playing these online... More
  • Gamebeast23456's Feats of Gaming Beastliness

    In case you don't know, despite all of the flack I give the Call of Duty series... I really kind of like the single player after all this time. I mean moments like this- keep the game cool after all of these entries. When I first played this mission... More
  • joining the flock. Buying a FPS . A grouchy old dude report

    I am not a first person shooter type of guy. I like seeing my character not their arms and the gun. The closest I've come to owning a FPS is WII boxing. I have tried to. I downloaded demos of Kill Zone 2, and resistance but they really do not grab... More
  • Playing Devil's Advocate Again (News Review Selection At The End) Update: Still need 2 more contributors

    Another day, another group of stories that I figure I should submit a point of view that most of you aren't seeing. Today I'll be discussing DICE and whether they are being overworked by EA, Treyarch's Community Manager's comments last... More
  • Amazing Video Games and Their Music

    I just recently completed Dead Space 2, and enjoyed it immensely (see my review). However, after I recovered from my mind being blown I came to realise just how important the music in that game was. It added to the already intense atmosphere, and simply... More