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  • Superhero games and my disappointment.

    Superheroes and games based off of them are nothing new in the world of video games. For as long as I can remember, there has been a new game based off today's superheroes. While they haven't always been received well by gamers and critics alike... More
  • GIO Member Herding Part 18 of XX

    Since I started asking trivia questions as the method to get selected for the Member Herding blog, I don't know that I've ever had anyone answer as fast as this week's candidate. I thought it was kind of a harder question since it was based... More
  • UPDATED--Medal of Honor & Controversy in Video Games

    MEDAL OF HONOR, a title that all of us have heard of. A title that was even featured on FOX News for the 'controversial' issue of it naming the enemy forces Taliban. Of course the last we heard of this issue was about a week ago, when EA decided... More
  • [Update] 5-hrs after. Not a real blog, need good advice concerning PS3 in the next few hrs.

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    Updated: Ended up getting the 160gb Slim in a bundle from Best Buy that included the HDMI cable, an extra Dual Shock and a 2 year extended warranty. Set me back $414. In addition, and you'll have to excuse the lo-fi, I can't find my charger for... More
  • Two Types of Gamers, A Response.

    Last night, Saint, who I respect, posted a blog about gamers who seemingly can't decide between favorite games, and those who know their favorite, you can read it here . I responded there, but I felt that I left things unsaid. I'm not going to... More
  • [REPOST] Epic Game Informer Cover

    Note: This is my very first GIO blog post, from December 2009. It's been unviewable for a very long time (error page when you click the link), so I deleted and reposted it. I just finished looking through the Game Informer cover gallery. It brought... More
  • Change: A New Day

    Once upon a time I was baptized. I may have not been the most educated Christian, but I loved Jesus. Over the years, instead of increasing my knowledge of the bible, I found myself observing things. I would observe people's behavior and their mentality... More
  • The Starship Intercom!

    Look out Dean, (born4this) you have some competition coming your way! Us at Starship, a Ractchet and Clank and sometimes all around Insomniac Games fansite (That you can check out here ), have started podacsating... More
  • PS3 My new passion

    So after having the Wii for 9 months I still believe the PS3 should have been the way to go. More
  • Two Kinds of Gamers…

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    It's been awhile since I've done a "Two Kinds of Gamers" blog...but I was having a discussion with a fellow gamer about a particular subject and I realized that... There are two kinds of gamers. Those who can tell you what their favorite... More
  • Put It In Perspective


    I explain why people shouldn't take video games so seriously. Come on. It's not like I spend all day blogging about them.

    ... More
  • Game Ideas I Have

    Ok Guys I have some game ideas for you Star Fox Combat System: Wii Genre: 3rd Person Shooter Overview: Fox and his team are fighting an intergalacticwar VS Andross and the Star Wolf team by using Arwings, Landmasters, guns, and special suits. Controls... More