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  • 31/31 Day 28: Mass Effect

    The God of Western RPG's.The undisputed King of the RPG World. The games that all other games aspire to be. The game that is possibly the best of this generation. Mass Effect, as a series, is one of the best experiences on this console generation... More
  • Get Ready To Write!

    With the first edition of GIO Poetry Corner being a success , and more poems on the way, I am glad to announce that GIO Poetry Corner Edition #2 is in the works. I am very excited about this. I thank everyone who participated and checked out the community's... More
  • Reposted/Updated due to spammers - Revealing the project we started about a week ago!!

    --ORIGINAL-- Approximately 1 week ago, I posted a forum post on the Role-Playing Group. This project was intended to create an RPG. It may sound a bit far-fetched, but nonetheless, it's turning out quite well. What we are doing is creating an RPG... More
  • Skyrim: Developer diary update at -new concept arts, new video

    Short time ago Bethesda has revealed an update on their official website:, the update contains a new podcast, artworks and a short video of the artwork-artists. To view this update just click here ! More
  • Battlefield 3, no different than Bad company 2?

    THIS IS FOR MP ONLY!!! Ok, before i get death threats, let me say i absolutely love BF. Here is my theory. To me it seems like Battlefield 3 is exactly the same as BFBC2. maybe with slightly better graphics and jets (which seems gimmicky to me, not much... More
  • The News - 10.28.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Today proved to be a slightly more interesting day than the last two, however only just so. So, we will be starting off today with a look once again at the upcoming handheld, the PlayStation Vit a, and your chance to get... More
  • This will just be a short angry Batman rant

    So I spent about a good 30 minutes writing a batman arkham city review but I can not publish it because it is saying that my blog can not write duplicate posts. But this is the first Batman review I have ever written and I would hate for my progress on... More
  • Catwoman Batman Arkham City

    Catwoman aka Selina Kyle is a cat burglar and the other character that you can play as during the story mode in Batman Arkham city. The game actually starts with her beating up thugs that work for two face. She ends up breaking into the vault in the room... More
  • My Feelings 2- Dark Souls

    This game is great. I wanted to find an RPG to fill my time until Skyrim, so I bought this game. Wow. What a smart move. This game is amazing. Now, I'm not far into the game (haven't even rung the first Bell of Awakening) but i do have some comments... More
  • 31/31 Day 27: Fire Emblem

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    First off Happy Birthday to Drym. i know your ahead of my time and technically your birthday will probably have passed already, but your present was yesterdays post. I know you love KotOR. This is really my first blog post of my absolute favorite games... More
  • Call of Duty: Caught in a Crossfire

    The fiery rivalry between EA's ripening Battlefield franchise and Activision's prestigious Call of Duty is no secret. However, it appears Electronic Arts is about to throw a little gas on the flames. In an interview with DICE, producer Patrick... More
  • Dragons' Dogma: short brief and hands-on !!!

    Mixing Dragon Age, Shadow of the Colosses and Monster Hunter Tri together isn't just tasting good for the RPG-gourmet player, it also looks great at the screen. In Capcoms newest RPG-project: Dragons Dogma you are slipping into the role of a young... More