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  • Video Aftermath: Dragon Age Origins

    The first video Aftermath. if you like it and want more of these please comment. More
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Movie Review (From A Fan of the Comics)

    Here's a fun little question. Have you ever considered a movie adaptation of the game No More Heroes? Well, if you think that that could turn out well with the right director, you don't have to wait, because Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is basically... More
  • Top 5 Zombie Games "IMO"

    Visit for more blogs like these. Teen Gaming Community, Teen Podcast, Teen Gaming Blogs/Reviews! Everybody has to love those flesh eating, blood thirsty, zombies! Everybody also loves those zombies in the favorite games as well... More
  • How I play games.

    9 1
    In games that give you the ability to make choices (Mass Effect series, Bioshock series, Infamous, Fallout 3, Heavy Rain, etc), I always treat situations how i would in real life. Thats why im always good. Im not a person who does multiple playthroughs... More
  • Generation Gap- Grandparents and Video Games

    3 1
    Now listen to my sob story for a second. My Grandfather and I love to play golf together, but today when we were practice putting, he tried to help me, and needless to say, it went a bit sour. It's not what you think, but we were mad at eachother... More
  • Uncharted Tombs: Naughty Dog X Crystal Dynamics

    I just read Meagan VanBurkleo 's review on Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and that immediately got me thinking of Uncharted. Tomb Raider and Uncharted share a lot of similarities but there is one thing each game does better than the other. They... More
  • You Can Reach As High As The Sky!

    Me, being me, is super psyched for BioShock Infinite. With Irrational returning to the BioShock, it looks like all will be well... except for Columbia, where it'll be a crapper. 1. DUAL Plasmids/ Weapons I'm talking about true dual wielding, like... More
  • The feeling after playing a masterpiece

    I just finished playing Mass Effect 2 (I know im late) and i automaticaly started having a feeling of sadness. I played Mass Effect 1 first and then immediatly went on to the second, and the story could be the most immersive and enthralling in all of... More
  • Medal Of Honor Vs. Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I am a huge FPS fan but I am also limited on funds. With all of the great titles coming out this fall and winter, I am going to have to choose between these two shooters. Now here in lies the problem. Which one do I choose? A Medal of Honor reboot is... More
  • Scott Pilgrim soundtrack is the salt of the Earth.

    For those of you who just saw the epic new Scott Pilgrim movie, you may be wondering "Gee, that sure was some keen music they played during the movie! I wonder where a fellow such as I could get such a snazzy collection of music!" Ok, maybe... More
  • Need for Speed World Beta Impressions

    Wow. Need for Speed World. A racing MMO? Well, that sounds cool. Well, it surprisingly is cool. Very cool, in fact. Yeah, you start out with the basic car selection screen. Yeah, I got a Mitsubishi Eclipse for my first car. I changed the color, exited... More
  • Not tonight, I Have a Headache…

    I was actually going to skip blogging tonight…first time in 187 days. I have a headache and was busy working on real life work (probably the source of my headache). I was sitting on my bed, the uber-geek that I am, with my personal laptop on one... More