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  • GIO Poetry Corner: Edition #1

    So, with a couple weeks' worth of outreach and work, I've been able to gather TEN submissions of poetry for the first GIO Poetry Corner post. I don't know about the rest of you people here, but this really excites me. I don't know how... More
  • Revealing the project we started about a week ago!!

    Approximately 1 week ago, I posted a forum post on the Role-Playing Group. This project was intended to create an RPG. It may sound a bit far-fetched, but nonetheless, it's turning out quite well. What we are doing is creating an RPG with a deep story... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 11: With Jack the Quixotic Gamer!

    We have a couple fantastic guests this week. The first is the legendary Jedi Master Yoda and the second is Jack the Quixotic Gamer. Jack stuck around for the entire show, but for some reason Yoda had to leave really early. I think he got shy. This week... More
  • Why the 3DS is Struggling, Not Doomed

    Having just finished a quick play-through of the ten free Nintendo games given to me by the 3DS’s ambassador program, Nintendo’s peace offering to bloodthirsty nerds across the globe, I find myself wondering what caused the eighty dollar price... More
  • Five Things That Undermine Terror

    Continuing the countdown to Halloween, yesterday we looked at the things that horror games need, today we will be looking at the things that video games that deal in horror should avoid at all costs. There might be a couple overlapping points, but I will... More
  • Movie Review #1: "Unstoppable"

    So this is something I might be doing every week, the idea is pretty simple. Review movies. I have Netflix, and i go to the theatre pretty often. The purpose of this is to tell you what I thought about certain movies, and you might just gain interest... More
  • The Formal Announcement of a previously Undercover Operation: Project Fox

    UPDATE: After I made contact with Blaze6106 and Drym, I decided that I'd let Drym do a regular 30/30 on the best games, and ill do my 30\30. However, my 30\30 will now fully be composed of the 30 worst moments in games that I have experienced. This... More
  • Video Game Journalism...

    Stop right there. If you're reading this blog with the expectation that I'm going to write about working for Game Informer, or any other video game media interest, I hate to disappoint you, but that's not the case. Quite the opposite in fact... More
  • Presentation in videogames: What it should not do


    Books and films have something unique to offer. So do videogames. Therefore it is important to retain those unique attributes and remain special.

    ... More
  • 31/31 Day 26: Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

    So these next few days are jam packed with stuff to do. I usually get these done ahead of time, or at least try, but I have so much to talk about in these games that I end up doing them on the day they are scheduled to come out. So I am behind in my opinion... More
  • Uh Oh... Now my Father is Involved in "The BRONY Quest"

    Soon after, my announcement of "The BRONY Quest", my father was driving me to school. I pointed out my initiation of "The BRONY Quest", and he laughed. Then he dropped a bomb on me: He said he may sit around and watch the cartoon with... More
  • The Future of Microsoft & Sony

    I was thinking today after reading the review for Uncharted 3 that we don't have many IPs left. With so many like God of War,Gears of War,Uncharted,Resistance etc. "ending" as a trilogy i can't help but wonder if we will see these games... More