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  • The New Generation is Inevitable: What I think it Should Improve On

    There's still some time left in this generation. With both Microsoft and Sony keeping tight lipped on a successor to their home consoles, Nintendo has already announced it's next system. The Wii U looks to be Nintendo's big step into an HD... More
  • The Problems With Metacritic

    I am sure many gamers are familiar with Metacritic, a site that averages up all the scores provided for a game, movie, or album. This sounds all well and good, right? Reviews are a way for critics to let the public know what to expect from a product,... More
  • PSA: Be Careful What You Ask For

    27 1
    I'm going to take a break from posting a regular blog tonight to make this Public Service Announcement. Initially, I was kind of hoping to return kind of like I left and just quietly let myself in without anyone noticing. I really didn't want... More
  • How To Survive A Rock Concert

    I don't do all my blogging on GameInformer, believe it or not. Although you couldn't really call it a blog, I do have quite a few notes up on Facebook that are done in the same vein as my blogs here, except they're more for entertainment than... More
  • The best boss battles ever fought pt.2

    Here we go again! I rounded up more of my favorite bosses that i took down in my gaming career. Once again, spoilers ahead MECHA BOWSER WHY ITS THE BEST: I was about seven, the peak of my game cube's life, when i got to this guy. I had the game for... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 16

    Raz walked up to the robot. “There’s a button on it.” “Press it.” “Okay.” He pressed the button. The robot shook around for a second then shouted, “NEWS TIME!!!!” “News time? What’s that... More
  • Utter Disappointment Sequels That Made Me Go "Ugh"

    Well with Demon Ragnarok doing his blogs on games that disappointed him and Blaze6106 with his I figured "There are plenty of games that disappointed me so why not blog about?" However looking through the games that have disappointed me, I find... More
  • Exploring Game Industry Business Models – Free to Play & Microtransactions

    Welcome to the next section on Game Industry Business Models! Today I’d like to talk about Free-to-Play games and Microtransactions. I had considered separating this topic into two separate blogs, but the two topics are often intertwined together... More
  • Hardcore mode:is it really worth it?

    After playing dead space 2 on hardcore mode and realizing how much time i wasted trying to get past chapter 7 I decided to write blog on harder difficulties in video games these days.I've been putting a crazy amount of time and effort onto the mode... More
  • Addicted To Dragon Age 2

    What makes a hero? Anybody can battle thousands of foes, save the girl from the nefarious evil doctor, or wield a two-handed greatsword named Splinter. Motivation certainly helps, but game makers have struggled to find the perfect balance. On one hand... More
  • August Releases: Fruit, Fantasy, and Football!

    I usually post these to my personal blog to keep friends updated as to what is coming out each month. I am still working through the format, so I apologize in advance for the tweaks and alterations here and there. Anything you guys are looking forward... More
  • Clark Rockefeller, The Man Who Couldn't Stop Lying

    Usually I stick to video games for my primary blogging subject, but today is different. One deeply ingrained habit of mine is reading. As a kid, learning to read was probably the biggest turning point in my life. As soon as I could understand words on... More