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  • The Best TV Show That Isn't Out Yet

    Short blog today over something that got me incredibly excited. I can't believe I missed the announcement. Seriously. One of my favorite running stories of all time, and I missed it . The fault could be slightly mitigated by the fact that the announcement... More
  • Skyrim Out For 5 Days, People Already Making The Game Broken (Spoilers)

    Source: Armor / Weapons with no training: Full Daedric Armor: 160 Armor Daedric Bow: 24 Damage Daedric Dagger: 12 Damage (wrote... More
  • Generation of real Gamers gone

    Hello and Salutations,fellow gamers and fellow posers. I am sick and tired of this generation of gamers and how they classify themselves as Gamers or "Real" Gamers lately. So I'm here to point some things out and probably knock some sense... More
  • WGWC 5: How I Became the Beauty Queen of the Netherworld

    Don't mind me. I just want to rule the universe. This week, we've been charged with writing about the video game character we most identify with. My choice is Etna, from the popular SRPG series Disgaea. You might not think that I have much in... More
  • Skyrim bugs

    Ah, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A truely remarkable game, and yet one that is marred by the presence of oh-so-many bugs. They're literally everywhere, from spiders to fireflys.... I joke, of course. I'm talking about technical bugs. They just... More
  • Halo's Anniversary And My First Experience With The Series!

    As you've just clicked on my very first blog, I'd like to share my thoughts on Halo. First things first, I want to tell you I'm not a great writer; you'll likely see mountains upon mountains of misused words and punctuation. I would also... More
  • Why You're a Moron for Buying Skyrim (unless you got that sweet collector's edition)

    13 1
    Alright, I have to get this off my chest. I know I'm gonna love Skyrim when I get it, but this has to be said. Skyrim will have a Game of the Year Edition. And it will problably be very similar to Bethesda's previous GotY Editions. It will come... More
  • A thumbs up to the PS3

    This is normally out of character for me since I am more about posting blogs on what irks me. But today i am taking a time out of being the grouching old man and saying thanks to PS3 for a small step towards making games look more beautiful. For a while... More
  • Eyes Open, Mind Free

    For such an important blog, as it is the one to push me to level 10, I decided to compose a piece I've been mulling around in my head for quite a long time. So without further ado, here is the poem. Eyes Open, Mind Free A walk on the warm concrete... More
  • WGWC: Why John Marston Reigns Supreme

    The various protagonists in gaming come and go. Most are the forgettable silent type, and others are just stupid. I guess the one thing that the two have in common is that silent types and stupid types both have a certain lack of personality. In other... More
  • Stop Me from Buying "That Game"

    First off, I want to say that I am truly astonished and humbled my last blog was not only herded, but also included as part of the weekly GI Newsletter. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my rant about Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign. Consequently... More
  • The Curse of the Backlog: Part 1

    29 1
    The other day, I was slightly bored, so I started thinking about all of the great video games coming out this month. Realizing just how many there were, I decided to write down a list of games I needed to buy, as well as the games I own, but have yet... More