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  • My gaming weekend (7.- 9. oktober 2011), this week: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

    This weekend I am picking a game once again from my videogame-shelf and this time it is Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. ''Why ?'' you may ask, because of the upcoming AC-game ! and because it is the first assassins creed-game that really... More
  • POKEMONth Post: Legendary Pokemon-The Ultimate Conquest

    Legendary or not, they still fit in magic balls if you can manage to catch them. One of the things that Japan is amazingly good at time and time again is creating an artificial demand for something completely superfluous. Legendary Pokemon are one of... More
  • A list of everything I like about various multiplayer shooters

    For some reason me and my brother were having a conversation about stuff we liked and hated about certain multiplayer shooters. I think it started out with him playing KILLZONE 3 and I was commenting on how much I love the look of KILLZONE's environments... More
  • My Acceptance and Your Well Deserved Thank You

    Now that I'm in college and have less free time, you'd think that I would write less for fun and more for school. In a way, this is true. I will be writing for school, but also for myself and hopefully about video games in the near future. I recently... More
  • The Characters of KCQ - Part 2

    Click to read Part 1 . In Part 1 was featured the first two characters of "Kei's Creature Quest" , Kei and Kitaro. They will make their way from Suame Village (where Kei met Kitaro) to Kama-Naru Village. On the way they get trapped in a... More
  • Crysis Impressions

    Earlier this year, I got off to a good start in my 2011 gaming 'career' with Crysis 2. I was a huge fan of it and so far I've played it four times through with every intention on returning many more times soon. Needless to say I don't... More
  • Video Games As Collectibles…

    16 1
    A little bit shorter than my normal blog, but hopefully you enjoy it all the same. In the last episode of Member Herding , one of the questions I asked mojomonkey12 was, "Do you think as we see the transition to digital distribution, that physical... More
  • 31/31 Day 7: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

    Wow, the first week is up, it feels like I started only Seven Days ago. As I promised I will give a little rundown of what this has been like over the last week. Check out the hub blog to read all about the blogs I talk about. First I want to thank BlackHeartedWolf... More
  • The Best Mystery Story You've Never Read

    One of Saint's cooler ideas is his blog replays where he revisits an old piece. I always thought those were pretty neat. I'm just going to go ahead and partially rip that idea off for this blog. It's not intended to be a series, just a revisiting... More
  • An open letter to EA Sports

    Dear EA Sports Division, The era of yearly sports installments needs to die. It's painfully obvious from the latest release of Madden that your development teams can't keep up with the demand and produce quality products in the short time period... More
  • New games these days why are graphics so important

    This is a discussion blog but i wanted to know why have graphics taken over games these days. Games that look amazing is all most gamers care about these days. I remember when i was younger a good story or gameplay was more important. But i wanted to... More
  • The Armchair Gamer Podcast Episode Three: "Picasso" Says The Shadow Gamebeast!

    (This is a portrait of the hosts) Ladies and gentlemen, the three hosts of the Armchair Gamer Podcast are silly individuals who enjoy just rambling on comicly. We all do. So in this laugh-packed episode, we not only cover a record number of video-game... More