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  • Video Game Survey Results Are In!

    Alright I created this survey for people to take about video games. I created this for a project for school and I hope you guys can take it. Much is appreciated for you time, it is just a nine question survey that I tried to keep as opened minded as possible... More
  • RIP: Paul Gray

    Paul Gray,38, Slipknot's bassist, was found dead earlier today in a hotel room. Autopsy will start tommorow, Tuesday May 2. Foul play is not suspected. Check MSN, especially tommorow to find autopsy details. May it be a sad day for fans and maggots... More
  • Goodbye, Lost (A short break from games.)

    I have only now been able to post about the ending of the greatest TV show ever, Lost. The last episode made me close to tears throughout it all, (I'm just joking,) and it was a thrilling conclusion to the best show since the Twilight Zone in the... More
  • Blog of Rock #4: Justin Bieber

    I've realized something. Rock just doesn't cut it for me anymore. The heavy, unpleasant sounds of guitar riffs and pounding drums from posers like Metallica and Thousand Foot Krutch just dont compare to the fresh pop sound of Justin Bieber. His... More

    June 22nd In Bulgaria the big four masters of metal are joing each other on stage for a four hour concert.Well if your not lucky enough to get tix and fly over seas to see this once in a life time concert, relax it will be broadcasted via satellite to... More
  • Do You Have the Time...

    I don’t know what the first game I played that started keeping track of how much time I’ve invested (or wasted, depending on your point of view) in the game, but it seems like it’s becoming a more common feature for a game to keep a... More
  • Should the PS2 and Xbox Really Die?

    For years, Microsoft and Sony have been competing in the console gaming market. We all know that. This generation, the battle's been a tug-of-war. There's is NO clear winner. For last generation, Sony won by almost a friggin' landslide. The... More
  • Bioshocked! Feeling Irrational.

    I'll tell you the truth, I only got half way through Bioshock on my ps3, but that half way was incredible! After so many years of generally conventional games, (Super mario, FF) there came a game that could finally take Half-Life's place as a... More
  • More Epic/Funny pics *Part 2*

    ill add more later. its my parents anniversary and i have to go for a bit. More
  • Too Many *** Pokemon

    I make it a habit of collecting games. Perhaps I've already amassed a collection whereas the backlog is technically impossible to catch up with in the lifespan of one working human being. This is where I would inject my aggressive personality into... More
  • A true american rock band, No matter what you say

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  • Can You See Me Now…

    Stick with me for just a moment as I make a somewhat bumpy transition from what inspired this blog until I actually get to the topic of the blog. Here goes. You can thank the GIO website for the inspiration behind this blog. I noticed the review titled... More