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  • The easy way to make user reviews work...

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    So the complaints are just about as annoying as the review section, and I really think this is a problem that could be EASILY addressed with 5 pretty simple steps. (In no particular order) My idea to get the user review community going would be to first... More
  • 8-bit art project

    I just started working in Photoshop today, and decided to make an 8-bit art collage for my digital art class. Do you like it XD? The picture looks better if you view it on my profile. I understand that this isn't much of a blog post, but I am looking... More
  • [UPDATE] Severe Game Ending Glitch Found On PS3 Skyrim

    ***See Bottom For Update*** Like a lot of other people here, I've been waiting for Skyrim all year. As it neared, the waiting became unbearable. On the last week, I was counting down days, and going crazy. When it finally released I couldn't believe... More
  • Game Informer Replay Twitter is Online!

    Due to the fact that Game Informers replays have been a huge hit, I've decided to make a twitter, just for one of my favorite online TV show. This will hopefully function like the Facebook version, where fans can upload pics, and all that jazz.. Now... More
  • Playstation 3D Display: 1st Impressions & Unboxing

    As I announced earlier this week, I did indeed pick up the Playstation 3D Display. For those of you looking for any additional thoughts on it, you have come to the right place. I'm going to start with the unboxing, which I didn't really take too... More
  • WGWC: Barret Wallace Revisited

    NOTE: I decided to participate in this week's WGWC , which is something that I had intended to do in my previous blog on the topic, but was unable to complete due to certain length restrictions. In this blog, I will examine and critique a definitive... More
  • Not so much the price of entertainment

    Im writing this in a more in-depth response to the user who had the blog titled "The Price of Entertainment". The user is writing as to why it is "worth paying so much" for the entertainment of video games, hence, he agrees with the... More
  • The problem with Game Informer's user review sections

    A User Review section is a great edition to have on any video game website, like Game Informer (GI). Having a user review section can potentially tell how the public as a whole thinks of the game and can give an idea as to what type of video gamer would... More
  • The Price of Entertainment


    Games seem so expensive nowadays and the costs so cryptic. In this blog, I will attempt to decypher the real cost of a video game.

    ... More
  • Addicted to Skyrim

    To start things off, I am going to confess that I haven't even put more than 10 hours into any other Elder Scrolls game. However, last Thursday I finally felt compelled to go to Gamestop and put in my "preorder" for Skyrim for my PS3 the... More
  • Sonic generations is actually a very good sonic game.

    I actually do not have the game which is very upsetting to me but I do have the demo and I played at least 6 times with each sonic and I enjoyed it. The best thing about this game is being able to play as the old sonic which will satisfy many of the old... More
  • My Hopes For Gameinformer's Youtube Channel

    Today, our very own Gameinformer announced that they were going to get serious about their YouTube channel. They said they will be posting a variety of videos to their channel. As a user here at GIO, this is amazing news. I have wanted Gameinformer to... More