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  • Mediocre games that I like...

    So, as you might have surmised from the title, there are certain games considered "bad" by the gaming populace. while most of those games are not well polished, gripping, triple A production value games some of them still end up in a special... More
  • The Adjustment Bureau review ( no spoilers ) [ update ]

    "You can't outrun your fate, David." "I disagree with you about what my fate is. I know what I feel for her and it's not going to change. All I have are the choices that I make- and I choose her." - Hello and welcome to my... More
  • Opinions: IGN's Top 100 Modern Games: 60-41

    (As the picture says today we hit the halfway point in the countdown) IGN got to the halfway point today and I can finally comment on more games. Coming up today we have several PC exclusives, some more Nintendo, early Xbox games, and pretty much what... More
  • Controversy in war games: hypocrites

    Recently my old original PS3 broke down. I managed to fix it but unfortunately all memory got erased. One of the first games I decided to play was COD: World at War. I turned on new game, finished the campaign and all that. Then I saw the part where they... More
  • The World of the NPC

    Pretty much every game involves Non-Player Characters, known as NPCs. These are the characters you buy stuff from, often help move the story along, and often fight by your side on a temporary or permanent basis. Most of the time, NPC's don't have... More
  • Something that I hate a lot: Dead Space 2 Multiplayer

    I really like Dead Space. In fact, I made a blog about the markers because I like it so much. However there is one thing that I really hate about it: it's *** multiplayer. I am not far at all into the multiplayer. I am about level 13 or so and it... More
  • Wii owners: We want hardcore games! Nintendo: LOL no, friends!

    After five days of Rainfall, Nintendo finally gives gamers wanting hardcore experiences on their Wii an answer: No.... More
  • The Quest 2: Part 9

    Raz swung his bankai behind him, “Getsuga tensho!” He swung forward and a burst of energy came out and rushed towards Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra held his hand out to stop the blast, “What?” He brought up his other hand and managed to... More
  • Crunch Time: The Necessary Evil

    With the past overtime policies of EA and the recent turmoil at Team Bondi, there has been a lot of uproarious discussion regarding overtime in the game industry. If you are familiar with the industry you know that overtime has even been given its own... More
  • Ocaraina of time secrets part 2.

    Ok, i just got to the forest temple, and on my way, found some petty cool things, and took some pictures for you guys. X MARKS THE NO MASK Here is my inventory screen. What is that x, you ask, when you have no mask, but still look in your inventory after... More
  • Games in Games: A Mini-Game Rant

    Remember the good old days? When a mini-game was completely rewarding and addictive? Remember playing blitzball in Final Fantasy X or Geometry Wars in Project Gotham Racing? How come mini-games have turned into completely filler content in open world... More
  • Major Blockage, A grouchy old dude report.

    Hey guys just letting everyone know i'm still alive. I have some major writers block, but if I could get some of the developers to answer my emails, I would have some awesome stuff. I suppose there to busy for a interview with a grouchy old dude,... More