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  • Before You Buy Read Air Hockey Table Reviews

    If you're thinking of buying air hockey, the easiest method to be certain that you're buying a high-quality item is to start reading numerous air hockey table reviews. Read on for some of our favorites. Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air... More
  • The Pop Music of Today....

    Sucks, seriously. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but the pop music I grew up with and the pop music of today are on complete different wave lengths. It feels like the pop music of today is made without any musical knowledge, just catchy choruses... More
  • Controls in Control of a Game’s Success…

    Okay, well this isn't the blog I had planned tonight. I honestly had no intention of watching the Super Bowl. I could care less who wins and if anything I'm rooting for who I want to lose. But something I discovered while watching the Superbowl... More
  • The Journey Man's Guide To The Sci Fi Channel (No Hitchhikers Allowed).

    (There spelling is atrocious. "Imagine Greater" yeah i imagine back when it was called Sci Fi channel now that was greater) Ah yes the Sci Fi Channel(I will never call it SyFy) it has good shows and bad shows but it always has shows(And movies... More
  • Top-5 List of Upcoming Games (Way Overdue)

    Forget the Year of The Rabbit, 2011 is shaping up to be the Year of The Game. Dead Space 2, and LittleBigPlanet 2 are perfect precursors to the games to come. Both of which received better-than-exeptional scores, with DS2 getting a 9, and LPB2 getting... More
  • The Quest: Part 12

    And then Raz started reading the sign, "Do not enter, hm. Well if there was ever a surer invitation I don't know what it is." and so they entered the temple, and there was a prinny there. "What are you doing here, are you the miniboss... More
  • Downloadable Shooters: You're doing it wrong

    In July of 2009, Battlefield 1943 went to rock the Xbox LIVE Aracade and PSN with a polished shooter experience. Packed with a fair amount content and a AAA experience, 1943 went to sell like crazy by offering a slice of a full-fledged title for only... More
  • GIO Blogger Wars: Chapter 1

    Hello guys! This is chapter 1 of of my new blog series GIO Blogger Wars! If you want to be in the next chapter, comment saying you want to below! Enjoy Chapter 1 The Beginning "Welcome to Divison 1 soilders!" exclaimed Saint "You have been... More
  • The Community News Review: Jan 31 - Feb 4

    Welcome everyone to the third edition of the Community News Review. It is my pleasure to have DSTUBBS, sealsaa, bjdbuch, ~Kyl3~, and masterassassin contributing this week. In this week's edition, we will be discussing what the industry would be like... More
  • Gyroscopic Worries

    I recently looked at the new psp's functions and it looks pretty cool( two analog sticks YES!). But something that bugged me was that it will have gryroscopic tilting technology like the iphone (you know, tilting the device to do something in the... More
  • Midnight riders

    I remember my first midnight launch. It was Halo 3 at a Gamestop in the Merced Mall. I was very excited. In the car was two of my cousins, my friend, and my wife. When we got to Merced (I lived a good 30 miles away) it was 10:30. There was a small group... More
  • Swear Filter Inanities

    We all know why web sites and other fora have swear filters for their users. It's because it's a site for all ages, and we don't want little kids to be out there cursing like drunken sailors (sorry, Saint) because of something they picked... More