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  • Something I strongly disagree with...

    An analyst group believes GTA V could be a digital only release. Oh hell no. "The boxed GTA V version will contain a collectible piece of merchandise and a download code," he said. "No disc." This isn't a for sure thing by anymeans... More
  • I'm Back! Well, for now.

    Due to the snow storm here in the North-East, I lost power, and I can't check anything online. I'm at my friend's house typing this, so I can check things on this website for now. So CL&P(Connecticut Light & Power) said that everyone... More
  • Battlefield 3 v. Modern Warfare 3: An Unnecessary FPS War

    With the release of Modern Warfare 3 just days away, I wanted to engage in a topic that has been bothering me about the current state of FPS games – specifically the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. For some reason, there seems to be a need... More
  • The F.A.T. Exam (Slightly Tweaked)

    *Note* I apologize for not having as many options for certain questions. This is actually the third time I'm trying to edit this blog because FOR SOME REASON D:<!!!!! edits weren't showing up. The truth is, I was trying to finish up this... More
  • Sometimes Things Don't Work Out...

    Sometimes things just don't work out. Today was supposed to be an amazing day. If you can't tell from that very small picture up there that I've stretched out and made hideous, today had something to do with Uncharted 3. As a matter of fact... More
  • Custom GI Avatars: Deep Fried Avatars

    10 4

    *sigh*... I guess I'm doing a Thanksgiving themed post this month...But don't fear, there's plenty of game character action to stuff your stomach with!

    ... More
  • 5 things I'd like to see the gaming industry do/change.

    Title pretty much speaks for itself, here we go. - Keyboard and mouse compatible console games Sounds pretty unlikely i know, but this is something I'd absolutely be thrilled to see. This could bring more life to console RTS gaming, and hey, some... More
  • 30\30 Day #1 11/1/11 My First Deathclaw: Fallout 3

    BlackHeartedWolf, you are a god among mere men. You inspired me to spend a whole month devoted to writing about the worst moments in gaming that I have ever encountered. You inspired me to join the WGWC to prove my stripes. And here I am, on the brink... More
  • Common Sense Media.... I Don't Get You

    Alright I'll be out with it right here right now; I'm a conservative video game player. It may be a shock to some as Fox News' blinking golden knob of knee-jerk perfection may give the world a perception that video games is conservative kryptonite... More
  • 31/31 Day 31: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

    This is it. We are at the end of the line here. I'm really glad I made it all the way here. I have managed to post one blog everyday since the 1st of October. This is a big deal for me. I'm really glad I got to do it, and I'll put up a blog... More
  • Trick Or Treat...

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    It's Halloween and what better way to spend the evening than to dress up in coolest Halloween costume ever? Too bad that's not how I'll be spending my evening. I suppose I'll have to spend it doing the next best thing. Playing video games... More
  • A Defunct Movie Rating System

    I know, I know, it's only my second blog and I'm doing a fairly large topic, but what the hell. The way of rating movies on content has been a G to NC17 for as long as I can tell. Technology progresses, culture progresses, content in movies surely... More