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  • I'd Buy a PlayStation Vita for XBLA/PSN Games

    There's something that's been on my mind a lot lately - I'd buy a PlayStation Vita if my favorite XBLA & PSN titles were available for it. I love downloadable games. Some of my favorite titles from the current generation of consoles were... More
  • Thoughts on Mass Effect 3 co-op multiplayer and DLC plans


    Mass Effect 3 is bringing co-op action to the table. I expect it to be a lot of fun but I do not like its nature.

    ... More
  • The Evolution of Oblivion

    By Matthew Wright Neighborhood Gamers As November 11, 2011 approaches, the most spoken word on the streets in the world of gaming is Skyrim , simple music to our ears. Unlike other titles in the genre, Bathesda game developers aren’t sirens, giving... More
  • Mass Effect 3: My vision of a multiplayer

    Bioware has shown some details concerning the multiplayer in mass effect 3, which is celebrating its debut, short time ago. With this I am also asking myself what I expect from this new added mode which not seems to fit into the game at the first view... More
  • 31/31 Day 12: Mega Man X-2

    Hey all, I'm done with Dragon Ball Z post now. now I'm onto Mega Man X-2, a game that to me is a classic. Please visit the Hub Blog . Mega Man X-2 is really the only Mega Man game I ever played. So here we go, Mega Man X-2. As I mentioned just... More
  • Top Ten PS1 Games

    Top 10 PS1 Games When the PlayStation came out, many of us were faced with a gut-wrenching decision. Should we switch to this unfamiliar monster, with its sweet graphics and CD-quality music, or play it safe with Nintendo and their new 64-bit system?... More
  • Flawed: The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

    9 1
    Sure, everybody loves TES Oblivion. So do I, in fact to the point where it cracks my top three games ever. But is that any reason to treat it like a gift from some kind of gaming god? No. It had it's fair share of flaws, and I think with the upcoming... More
  • In Defense of Crazy People

    This blog is about as off-topic as it gets, but it happened about an hour ago as of this writing and I want to get my thoughts down before I lose them. Today on my way to Panda Express, home of the most glorious green beans on this planet, when something... More
  • Expanding Horizons Through Videogames

    Hello again! Here is my second editorial/blog: Over the past few years, I’ve been delving into all sorts of new media that I never thought I would enjoy. I’ve always kept an open mind and been eager to try new things, especially when it comes... More
  • The indie & mojo show--Paul is dead episode 9....featuring BlackHeartedWolf!!!!

    You are probably saying something like "Hey, doesn't indiejones post these"? To that I say...get over it. It is true that Mr. Jones is generally responsible for doing the indie & mojo show blogs, however he is unable to do so today,... More
  • Battlefield 3: In the crosshairs !!!

    !!! SPOILER ALERT !!! THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE INCLUDES PARTS OF THE BATTLEFIELD 3 STORY !!! Videogames are often claimed as violent without any reason and this time also Battlefield 3. Everyone knows about the great discussion concerning 'killergames''... More
  • Rage Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Rage Review Kid Safe: Low (2.5 / 10) Game Quality: Very High (9.0 / 10) Genre: First-Person Shooter / Open World RPG - The name makes this form of game sound more complicated than it really is. These games are characterized by the viewpoint and weapons... More