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  • Advertising Games Online - Why the Portions Can be Valued at Much more

    A number of online games may be used quite low-priced - a cheap board game including Trivial Pursuit may perhaps be purchased for only �3. However now that individuals usually would like inquiries and a medium sized online game often have around a thousand... More
  • Part one of Gamebeast's Bookworm Review of Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis

    (I hope a book review isn't horribly off-topic, but if so- just tell me.) Low Men in Yellow Coats (approximately 320 pages on my copy) When you think of Stephen King, you usually think of the scary Stephen King. The Stephen King that writes stories... More
  • Online Games for Girls

    Do you recall playing with your dolls and toy pots and pans? Do you recall stealing your mother�s make up and dresses along with your sister? Yes, us girls have been so much fond of playing and acting as a grown sophisticated lady. Now the classics are... More
  • Saint’s One Year Anniversary at Game Informer Online - TCB…

    26 2
    Honestly, I may be a week overdue. Does Game Informer Online tell you the date you joined? I'm just looking at the number of blogs I've posted and the first blog I posted and trying to do the math. Oh well, regardless...if I'm late, better... More
  • My review of N.O.V.A the mini: A excellent game for 4.99 for your PSP/PS3.

    Gameloft is known for "borrowing" ideas from other game companies. With titles like Hero of Sparta (God of War), and let's golf (Hot Shots Golf) originality is not Gameloft strongest character. However Gameloft doesn't make clones of... More
  • My First Blog

    Hello Game Informer Community this is officially my first blog. Now, before you start thinking "Wow I wonder what subject she's talking about!" I must inform you that the only purpose this blog serves is to inform you of me, and also just... More
  • GIO Blogger Wars:Chapter 2

    Welcome to Chapter 2! If you want to be in Chapter 3 comment below! Chapter 2 WHAT THE! "OK! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!" said bjdbuch "You don't need to know." said Demon. "Let them know" said Hist "They need to"... More
  • Cranking it Up a Notch: My Dream Fighting Game Roster

    For those of you who don't know, Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be coming out February 18, 2011. And also for those of you who don't know, I'm pretty dern excited. I already know who my tree man team will be. Dante, Iron Man, and someone else I decide... More
  • Darwinism in Games. Developers Who Innovate

    We as gamers play it all, shooters, RPGs, tactical strategy, side scrollers, puzzle, platformers heck even platforming, shooting, tactical strategizing, side scrolling, puzzle solving, role playing, shooters. All joking aside though with all the titles... More
  • How does PokerStars compare with other online games

    Pokerstars is the biggest on the web poker place in the globe. Chris Moneymaker, May well Hachem as well as Jonathan Duhamel are past champions with the World Series associated with Poker that began away taking part in within occasions that Pokerstars... More
  • Video Games Benefits to Society

    I'm one of those people who tries to see the benefits to society of anything I don't like. I find that this often makes me less angry about something, or perhaps just helps me understand something that I cannot understand. I'm not in any way... More
  • All about Bakugan and Shooting Games

    There are many types of games online and people love to play online games as it is a good pastime and few games help to improve thinking and concentration skills. Two popular games are Bakugan games and shooting games. Bakugan games: Online Bakugan games... More