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  • COD sucks!!!!!!!!

    23 2
    i know a lot of people on this forum are really big fans of cod since thats all ANYONE EVER TALKS ABOUT on this freaking site UGH its so annoying you have NO IDEA........ anyway i just wanted to say something. i know this is probably gonna *** off all... More
  • "One Small Step for libertydude, One Giant Leap for Gamekind": I Got the Teacher to Quote Andrew Ryan!!!

    This happened a few weeks ago, but it still is tremendous. In the front of class, there is a box where we students can deposit quotes for the teacher to put up each day. As I thought the quotes were lacking a certain philosophical quality, I threw this... More
  • The BRONY Quest: The Book (I'm Absolutely Serious)

    That's right: I'm beginning to draft a book about my BRONY Quest that I have partaken on this site. I'm pretty much writing it to remember the feelings I had during this quest, and it probably won't become a published book. I mean, who'd... More
  • How Do You Game?

    Short blog today, just thought I'd ask you all what you think of this topic. One of the major downsides of my current dorm room existence is a certain lack of electronic toys. Pre-college life with my parents kind of spoiled me... they have some seriously... More
  • Ramblings of Uncertainty

    Sitting on the balcony, overlooking the concrete courtyard Surrounded by the white, wooden bars of my personal prison So much like my internal walls that guard my heart The ones I build up to take the barrage of change My mind races with thoughts of everything... More
  • Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 - What's with all the hate?

    As a gamer in my late twenties (ugh, I hate saying that) and with a well paying job, I can afford to pick up most games that come out. As such, I don't have to choose a side in the ongoing MW3 vs. Battlefield 3 war without ever picking up one of the... More
  • So many reviews by Game Over... continue?

    Hey all, hope everyone is enjoying this, the merriest time of year. I've been crazy busy at the store lately (for obvious reasons), and have a lot of games to review for the website. While I've got a lot of works in progress as it were, I thought... More
  • Calling out BF3 "Fans"

    I was working on a different blog to put up today. However, seeing as I have often written blogs calling for change of some form in this community, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see a blog of this nature instead. And this time, it’s gotten... More
  • Changing the Game-Sometimes Small & Practical is Better than Big & Flashy

    Sometimes, a purse is just a purse. And other have to make it stronger, faster, better. Believe it or not, this blog started out as a purse. Well...not literally. Let me back up a bit. When I was shopping around for pieces for my Halloween... More
  • Enough Already

    I think a lot of us can agree, this has been one annoying year thanks to a certain two games. I'm not gonna name names...but I will show pictures! (The awesome one is totally better than the other one) Whether you're interested in one, both, or... More
  • Most Gamers Don't Give A Tweet About Twitter (But Should)…

    I have a shirt that has the fairly recognizable Twitter bluebird mascot on it and a caption that simply reads, "Nobody Cares!" It's a funny shirt...or at least I think so, but it's also just a little ironic that I own it, wear it, believe... More
  • 30\30 Day #8 11/8/11 Killed while Picking Flowers: Red Dead Redemption

    Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games I have ever played. The story far exceeded my expectations, and while the open-world chaos is better in a legitimate Grand Theft Auto game, Red Dead Redemption succeeded where it counted: making you feel like... More