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  • My Top 10 Favorite Characters of This Generation

    First off, this is completely my own opinion. If you think I'm way off base, fine. This is my list. This generation of consoles has shown some of the most iconic characters ever. 10. Little Jacob- Grand Theft Auto 4 Whether it's his hilariously... More
  • Mass Effect 1

    The past year's spurt of FPS's and my ever-growing collection of them have started to intimidate me. However, I haven't played a single role playing game for XBOX360. I haven't TRULY played an RPG since FFVIII, my favorite RPG of all time... More
  • Games

    Oh how wonderful they are. i cant really remember the first game i ever played. i think it was that one hunting ducks game for the nintendo (Duck Hunt). i think we should give thanks to those first games we ever played because if it wasnt because we liked... More
  • The Real Multiplayer Experience

    It's become pretty obvious that multiplayer has become one of, if not the most emphasized aspects of the current gaming community. Single player hasn't died out, but given the fact that even games with an egregious predisposition to single-player... More
  • Goal Check: Week Five

    Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Between work and the holiday festivities, it's been extremely busy for me these past couple of days. However I did not want to miss a single week of Goal Check, so join me this week as I tackle... More
  • TOGNick has Issues: Issue 5

    10 1
    Before I get into this blog, as some of you may or may not know, I didn't own a current system, yes I said didn't as in I now do. If you're a PS3 owner go ahead and add me TOGNick, I somehow managed to get the name I wanted. On to the matter... More
  • Does Anyone Actually Watch G4…

    First I'd like to open with a, "I hope this isn't a taboo subject" because as far as I know...G4 and Gamestop (and by associate Game Informer) are not in any kind of partnership so this could be a bit of an objectionable blog since they... More
  • Deadliest Warrior GIO Edition: A New Blog Series by Fife

    What’s up people? Today I’ll be introducing you to a new series of blogs I plan on writing. I came up with this idea a few days ago, but I decided to wait until after Christmas to post it because of all the commenting problems GIO was having... More
  • Confessions of a music game buyer. A grouchy old dude report.

    As I write this right I am listening to my middle daughter murder "I'm just a girl" by Gwen whatever-her-name-is. Next up "The perfect drug" by nine inch nails for the umpteen time sung (and ruined) by my oldest daughter. All thanks... More
  • The Holiday Weekend Recap

    So, Christmas has come and gone. My family and I celebrated on Friday evening, because my brother's girlfriend's daughter (say that 5 times fast) was going to be with her dad on Saturday. We had a dinner of my mom's inside-out ravioli (similar... More
  • It’s A Trap…

    I'm trying to be witty tonight by using the title of the new Family Guy movie that spoofs Return of the Jedi as my blog title, not just because this is the iconic catch phrase used by Admiral Ackbar in the original third installment of the Star Wars... More
  • mass wars

    my name is Anthony Simmons and i run a small indie company called plasma city entertainment. codenamed PCe we are working on a game called mass wars with the udk engine. mass wars is a thrid person/ fps/ rpg with a new multiplayer . campaign will be a... More