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  • Rainbow Six – The Return Of Greatness…

    I've been a little under the weather the past week (hence the lack of blogs), and by that, I don't mean some cunning trickery used to get out of work so I can come home early and play all the new games I've picked up recently, though I have... More
  • Dawn of Skyward Sword


    -The Journey Begins Now-

    ... More
  • Road To SWTOR: Can I Love an MMO?

    Ever since I first booted up Star Wars Galaxies in 2005, I've had a love-hate relationship with MMOs. On one hand, their capacity for facilitating social interaction is unparallelled among video games, and they generally provide unique, fun experiences... More
  • What happens when a franchise becomes to big to fail?

    Gaming is filled with huge, ground breaking, exciting, and fun franchises. Each year, many new and wonderful games are pumped into the market. But, many of these incredible titles get washed away by the major league contenders. But, this is not a blog... More
  • The Challenges Make the Game.

    After spending a lot of time with two of the latest and greatest games of 2011, Uncharted 3 and Batman: Arkham City, I've come to a conclusion. The real difference between a good and a bad game is how the difficulty feels . Let me explain. While playing... More
  • FanFic Fellowship: The Farmhouse

    The man pointed his gun at Gordon Freeman and slowly backed into a corner away from the exhausted physicist turned folk hero. The balding, stocky man was wearing torn overalls and a white shirt so stained with blood that it had taken on a permanent orange... More
  • How To Be Noticed

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    There's a sense of pride when you post a blog anywhere. There's a sense of pride when your first blog gets over a hundred hits, when you get your first positive comment, and when you get your first hater. Gameinformer has a small blogging community... More
  • Metroid 3 final

    This is going to be my final Metroid blog. the craz for metroid has die down so I'm looking for more games to blog about. So sorry this blog is so far off from the other ones. This game is epic, well to me. The game is basically to put you in dark... More
  • Do Graphics Even Matter?

    If there's one event of this year that I'm looking forward too, it's the Spike TV VGA 2011 Award Ceremony. This is my time to reflect on how truly amazing this year was, and especially this Holiday. Now, if I were you, I'd get on their... More
  • The Best Bad Movies

    Hey, it's me! While everyone loves a great movie, only some people can really enjoy a bad movie. I'm one of those people. Today, I'll be listing out the the Top Bad Movies of All Time. Enjoy. RUBBER Ah, Rubber. A movie that accepts its own... More
  • Common Sense Blogging

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    Blogging is an interesting tool for GIO members. A lot of people use it, now more than ever, and pouring quality content into the community is a challenge that we, the blogging community, should all strive to achieve. Blogs should be written with purpose... More
  • A big round up of all the Skyward Sword videos so far.

    Recently I went back and watched all the Skyward Sword videos. I can't wait for Skyward Sword, and as of tomorrow all these videos will be useless. Here it is, I'll warn you if there's spoilers. This is the opening trailer so it won't... More