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  • 6 Bosses Who Will Destroy Your Soul

    Everyone is familiar with a boss battle. At the end of a level, some lunatic show up, ranting about how the mute protagonist has no chance of stopping his master plan... at least until he takes a shotgun blast to the face. Usually, these are pretty fun... More
  • The Once Magic Kingdom: Restoring Kingdom Hearts To Its Former Glory

    After wrapping up Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep to where I am satisfied to the progress I made (I finished each character's initial story, but am currently stuck on The Final Chapter), I've been thinking about the series a lot and about my recent... More
  • Xbox live vs PSN *the roundabout battle of fate* *Part 2*

    Well its that time again where we bring to light the differences between the xbox live service and the PSN service. Well let’s begin shall we Xbox Live Well xbox is still going strong. The overall service has come a long way over time. The overall... More
  • Reliving the Adventure: King's Quest 6

    Everyone has that one game that opened their eyes to what was possible in video games. That one game that solidified in your mind that you were a gamer. That one game that was so good you never wanted to stop playing. That one game that changed everything... More
  • Gaming Rituals/Weekend In Review

    With two close to perfect games coming tomorrow (LBP2 ME2 for the PS3) I am beyond excited. And when games like these come out that I've looked forward to since the rumors about them I get myself prepared. I usually play a prequel or similar games... More
  • Sometimes it's fun to break the rules

    Ever use a cheat code? Come on now, don't be ashamed. In this post I'm going to list my 5 favorite games to play using cheat codes. Not cheat to beat the game, but to create a different experience. So without further ado... I'll start with... More
  • Xbox Isn't a Gaming Console" Says Microsoft

    Xbox Isn't a Gaming Console" Says Microsoft Steve Ballmer says the Xbox 360 offers so much more. Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that the Xbox 360 isn't a gaming console – and that's what helps differentiate it from... More
  • I thought you were based on a video game

    Before I start, let me say that this poster is much better IMO then the one of Alice falling. This isn't a review of the 4th Resident Evil movie. As weird as it sounds the movie series is starting to feel like the game. Although this is because game... More
  • I get no Wii-spect, or Wii are not amused: A grouchy old dude complaint.

    Hello and welcome to your doom!!! Whoops sorry was thinking about a game. (Somebody gets a no-prize if they can guess which one.) Games, isn't that what everyone is thinking about on this site? Well if your a 16 year old boy your thinking about girls... More
  • Being an Arteest (About Illustration and Video Game Art)

    (Just a warning to readers, this blog post is only partially related to games... but it is related to a very broad main-blog topic here at GIO. It's entertainment related...) Some time ago (I can't justly say how long ago it was without facing... More
  • Star Wars films to be re-re-released, but this time in 3D

    7 The above link is to, where George Lucas has announced that all 6 film will be given the 3D treatment. Beginning sometime in 2012, episode 1 will be the first to be released. Depending... More
  • The Quest: Part 4

    “So” Raz started(DARN YOU COMPUTER RAZ IS HIS NAME STOP TELLING ME IT’S NOT A WORD!)(sorry about that. But this computer has been telling been telling me that since part 1.) “Well as I was saying before the writer so rudely interrupted... More