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  • My Feelings- World War 2 Trivia

    ***This is a re-post, because for some reason this thing got a fourth of the views of a post of me complaining about my day. Really*** World War 2 trivia is so cool. Like the Medal of Honor recipient who's unit engaged a large amount of Germans, then... More
  • My Feelings- The Start of World War 2

    I'm not entirely sure when World War II started. I guess it all depends on when you would like to define as the start of wars. If you think it's the literal start then Case White is what launched everything. The German invasion of Poland the coining... More
  • About the most recent wave of blog spam.

    10 1
    I really don't know what's going on with this "test222" guy. He's banned in our system, but for some reason the blog deleting feature isn't working and he's able to circumvent the ban. I think it might be some kind of glitch;... More
  • My Feelings- Today

    Today has been a bad day for me. I've been killed by a demon, a black knight, flipped scores when losing to an opponent only to fumble the ball and have it returned for a touchdown two plays later, seen a Replay that is for a game I have zero interest... More
  • Multiplayer: A Haven For Lazy Developers

    Normally I'm not one to make such a generously negative statement, but my recent experiences have changed my outlook on multiplayer gaming. I was of the opinion that multiplayer games suffer because they aren't given enough attention or time during... More
  • (WGWC 3) Intangible Consumption: Digital Distribution Of Video Games [Edit X1]

    As the world shifts towards a digital domain, how we access our media has drastically changed in a short period of time. Not everyone goes to a retailer to make physical purchases now. Rather, a large portion of consumers get their entertainment and information... More
  • Sinners and Saints: Dichotomous Morality in Video Games

    The choice often presented to gamers in modern gaming is the question of whether they will be good or evil. Will they let their nemesis live or will they mow them down in cold blood. Will they be polite, lawful citizens of their inhabited universe or... More
  • WGWC# 3/ The Perfectionist In Me

    Hello again everyone and welcome to my first ever Writer’s Guild Weekly Challenge. I made my triumphant return to blogging just a few days ago and I thought what better way to solidify that return, than taking part in BlackHeartedWolf’s prestigious... More
  • Epic One Way, But Not the Other: Video Game-based Movies That Fell Short

    It's an undeniable fact: Video games are big. So big that Hollywood comes knocking at their door often with the promise of a big movie. And they tend to make it into movie...with an absence of the "big" part. There has rarely been a VG movie... More
  • My Gaming Autumn - Tough Choices

    We all know that this Fall has some awesome games coming out, if they haven't already. Everybody's anticipating the likes of Skyrim, already enjoying the hell out of Arkham City, or Battlefield 3 , or Gears of War 3 . Unless you're filthy... More
  • My gaming weekend (04.-06. november 2011), This week: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion


    Noone believed they would come back, but by now, they are here ! The elder scrolls told about their return, the dragons....but noooooo ! This edition is not about skyrim, this MGW -edition is about the prequel, Oblivion, for all those who want to review this great produced game or those who have left out this game and want to know what they missed.

    ... More
  • The -Official- TES V: Skyrim Discovery Sub-Group

    This symbol was actually in Oblivion, I didn't know that until yesterday. I call everyone who anticipates Skyrim and will get it to come to this blog, because this is in term, about Skyrim. First of all, there's no such thing as a sub-group. I... More