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  • Penny Arcade's Gabe Said This Was the Best Song Ever. I Don't Disagree

    WARNING! CONTAINS NAUGHTY WORDS THAT CHILDREN SHOULD NOT VIEW! TURN BACK NOW IF YOU ARE A CHILD, OR SENSITIVE TO NAUGHTY WORDS! There I was, looking up Penny Arcade, when I saw this comic. It proclaimed that one of my most favorite songs ever was THE... More
  • Tales of Tamriel: Oblivion Edition (2nd part out of 3)


    With the Tales of Tamriel: Oblivion Edition I am introducing you to my TOP3 books in the game Oblivion, last time I was picking the book: Vernaccus and Bourlor and this time I am picking: Hallgerd's Tale. Hallgerd's Tale is about rumors of the biggest warriors in Tamriel' culture. 

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  • 30/30 Day 7 - Super Mario 64

    Since I've been very tired and busy today, I'm just going to make this one short. I hope you don't mind. I have never owned a Nintendo 64 and I've only played its games with an emulator, but in my opinion, the games were fantastic. Especially... More
  • WGWC 4: Top Ten Tastiest Thighs in Video Games

    Just as a note to you all before I start the actual blog. I actually just clicked on the link to the random generator and it gave me the above title. I guess that the website must have somehow knew I was coming, ehehehehehe.... ;D "My eyes are up... More
  • Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver

    While it doesn't look like we will get a new Legacy of Kain game anytime soon it hasn't stopped me from being a huge fan of the series. I've desperately wanted to replay all the titles but it's not easy keeping so many old systems hooked... More
  • Northern landscapes and she-orcs

    Okay so now the wait is getting close to unbearable. 5 more sleeps until Skyrim is released and so that means another blog describing reasons 5 and 6 why I'm so stoked for Skyrim. 6. There's no place like home... This reason is most definitely... More
  • 30\30 Day #6 11/6/11 Losing Thrown Weapons: Dead Island

    For those who don't know, and by that I mean those living under a rock, Dead Island was one of this year's major releases. From the tear-jerking trailer in early 2011, to the minimal amounts of coverage done by Game Informer among other websites... More
  • GIO Fantasy Video Game League (Just a Thought)

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    Some of you are football enthusiasts, and you may even partake in a particular nasty aspect of your fandom, simply called Fantasy Football. Heck you may even do this for another sport. This football season marks my first in the sweet debauchery that is... More
  • WGWC: Top Ten Awkwardest Easter Eggs in Video Games

    Well folks, for Challenge Four of BHW's WGWC project here in GIO's blogging community, I decided to write a lighthearted subject out of the numerous zany headlines found here involving, as the title clearly states, my own take on the most awkward... More
  • From The Metal Age to Thief 4


    Details on Thief 4 are scarce at this point but that does not stop me from pondering on it. Here are a few of my thoughts on Thief 4.

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  • A Look Back at Gaming 2011 - Pt.2

    May - August May May played host to a handful of great titles. DiRT 3 returned to bring the rally racer back into the lime light. A new mode called gymkhana consists of obstacle courses in which the player must perform various tricks to earn points. The... More
  • Grey: Chapter 8

    Draco looked at Angelina, “You know the guy who’s down there?” She nodded, “He’s my brother. I hope he would never come here.” She looked on the verge of tears. Draco looked her in they eye, “Don’t worry... More