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  • The problem with...... Activision

    We as gamers have some problems and complaints to make to the industry, I have decided to write something to discuss some of these problems, please comment I'm always looking for ways to improve, also leave ideas for things to write about. Activision... More
  • Bad Storytelling in Video Games

    Bad storytelling in video games has become so common to the point that we pretty much expect almost every single game to have crap writing. It's a sad truth, because when video games do have good writing, they can be much more amazing than a lot of... More
  • Vampire: the story of Malkev (chapter 9 the test)

    Chapter 9: The test By J.K.Ramswick A knock at the door prompted William to get up to answer the door, and I knew strait away that this was out of the ordinary, because William only answered the door himself if he was expecting someone important. William... More
  • Crackdown: Then & Now

    The most recent game I got now was Crackdown 2, an Xbox 360 Exclusive (which was about a month ago, given the dry summer gaming season). I really enjoyed it & contemplated writing up a review of it on here shortly after I beat it. One thing prevented... More
  • Sir0chicken’s Bioshock 3 Top 10 + 1

    Bioshock is awesome. The world of Rapture, from its insane, spliced-up population to its colorful cast of political extremist villains, is like a home away from home for gamers. Big, metallic brutes that can spill your guts with a giant drill; the ability... More
  • A day in the life of a Game Informer blogger

    Today's blog is a change of pace. I decided yesterday, that I would try something new. Yesterday, all day, I was thinking about an idea for a blog that would tell you about a day in my life. Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. This... More
  • So what's the deal with digi boobs?

    Assuming this blog doesn't get out-right deleted (You know, I wrote 'delighted' at first for some reason. I tell ya, some Monday mornings hit you HARD), I'd actually like to voice yet another of my concerns... WAIT DON'T GO!!! Yes... More
  • Video Game World Records…

    Most of the time when we think about “world records” we might think about the famous and popular series, Guinness Book of World Records. You know, the book that has everything from the tallest man to the fastest land speed record. Well…did... More
  • My Favorite Games of All Time

    Some spoilers may lie ahead GTA 4-Xbox 360 This is by far my favorite game on this list. Apart from the amazing single player , There is something called Free Roam. Free Roam is my favorite game mode put in to any game ever made. Gather a bunch of your... More
  • My Dream Interpretation of God of War.

    Disclaimer: No, this blog isn't some kind of "What I want to see in a GoW movie" type thing, this is about a dream I had. A dream about the story of God of War... which is pretty messed up, and nothing like GoW. The other night, I had a... More
  • NCAA Football 11 - a couple of comments

    Go Cyclones! I just bought EA Sports' NCAA Football 11 , and I've got a couple of comments about the game. I've only played 4 or 5 games so far, so I obviously can't review it (I also haven't played the Road to Glory mode). But there... More
  • ModWorld: Call of Duty Ep. 3 "Sticky as hell"

    As you know, the one and only free, fun, no aimbot, hack, glitch or player enhancement group of mods will be viewed in today's Episode of ModWorld: Call of Duty. So welcome to Ep. 3, I shall title it Sticky as hell Well, this title will make more... More