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  • Grey: Chapter 4

    Draco and Angelina continued their walk, following the instructions that had been given to Draco. They arrived at a large, stadium-like building. There was no one at the entrance so they had no problem getting in. Then is was just a walk through a short... More
  • The Journey Man Reviews: Crysis (PC)

    (Note: This is a review of the PC version of Crysis, not the XBLA/PSN versions.) Game: Crysis Released: 2007 Platform played on: PC Genre: Semi-Openworld First-person shooter Rated: M The most likely main thing you would heard about Crysis was that it... More
  • 31/31 Day 9: Soul Calibur IV

    Well not much to say as far as house keeping goes, and I'm starting this at 12:00 AM anyway, so really not in the mood to do a lot of house keeping. Visit Hub Blog, check out all the other post, etc. etc. I've never really been that into fighting... More
  • I'm back on PSN! - The sad legacy of a broken console

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    One of the most common complaints I've heard about the PS3 is the seemingly constant need for system updates These updates are big and can sometimes take a bit of time to download and install. Generally, though, the process of updating doesn't... More
  • Just a reminder - 2 weeks left of some of this. New games!

    Some of you already got out of the drought, with Gears of War 3, Shadow of the Colossus/ICO HD Collection, or maybe an older game. Other people, are still waiting for the major releases. Some of us wait longer than others. Lucky for me, I pre-orderd BF3... More
  • Media That I Want To See Gamified

    So often, licensed games get the harsh end of the stick from experienced gamers. Partly, this is because, with the exceptions of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, developers just try to capitalize on the name recognition such properties bring with them... More
  • Weak And Flawed: The Humbled Heroes Of Video Games

    If you take a look at the gaming landscape, you might think gamers have a God complex; we're always playing as characters that are powerful, nearly unstoppable beings. Whether we're shooting electricity out of our hands while we grind power lines... More
  • I've Made an Youtube channel!

    Yes! Finally after much digging I've found how to record videos on my PC. So minecrafft vid's for everyone! Check out my channel! 3 series of videos coming up soon to a PC near you! More
  • The Danger of Video Games

    I know what you're thinking. How could I make such a blog about this? Danger? Video Games? Video games are a GOOD thing, not bad! And, you're exactly right. There is no inherent danger to video games, only the abuse society reaps and sows with... More
  • 31/31 Day 8: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

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    Welcome to the newest edition of 31/31. I'm really happy with how my Ghost Recon Blog came out, and it got generally positive reception, actually nothing but positive, so thanks to all of you guys. Please visit the Hub Blog to see the rest of the... More
  • Skyrim Trophy Grade Predictions as well as Plat Name Prediction

    We all know that the trophy list for Skyrim has been officially announced, but only the GamerScore Points. What about the Trophy Grades? This is my prediction on what'll be Bronze, Silver, Gold, and my own prediction on what they'll name the plat... More
  • Around the world of GIO

    Perfect first date! Update---9:29 PM MST The Brocasters are well underway, they are in prime form as the impact of the Dark Souls drinking game seems to be taking hold. If you want some pure entertainment, check it out. Beware of adult language. Also... More