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  • Nothing Like a Little Gaming in the Morning

    So I'm up pretty early this morning, my son woke me up at around 6:00 and I haven't been up that early in years. I've made me a pot of coffee, got the baby's bottle ready and have sat down to watch a little morning news. I haven't... More
  • Video Games and Getting Your Money’s Worth…

    So, a month or so ago I wrote a blog that suggested the worth of a game could be computed by the amount of time spent playing said game. For example, one such game that I've logged a ton of hours on is Team Fortress 2 (approaching 1,000 hours). I... More
  • True Faith - Part One & Two

    For those of you who don't know, I like writing. I'm not sure how good I am at it, but I try all the same. Recently I had an idea for a short story titled "True Faith." I will post parts of it as I finish them, so it's a work in... More
  • Days of My Gaming Life Part Two: Penny Arcade

    When I was a kid in the late eighties and early nineties I grew up with a lot of gaming friends. I mean, alot. And one common place for me to be found was a penny arcade two blocks from my school in Colorado. The owner of this imporium was the late John... More
  • Video game frustrations

    I wasn't going to do a blog today. I did my weekly one-hit wonder post over on my other blog and decided afterward that I wanted to play games today instead. I fired up my NCAA Football 11 Iowa State dynasty and was ready to go! I'm at the end... More
  • Ok so here is I-Exist

    The past blog I talked about this band and how they opened up for No More Goodbyes the first night I found them ( NMG ) , well they are pretty good also, though not much my style, don't get me wrong I like some good industrial music like NIN, Ministry... More
  • Intolerance: A Gamer's Rant

    Please excuse the imperfect structure of this blog, but this is a rant and I there will be no editing, just writing until I get everything out that I want to say, so my apologies. Today I want to talk about intolerance, both in and outside of the gaming... More
  • Life is Good; Life as a Gamer is Better…

    It's late. I'm tired. And I just got home. Hopefully a more normal blog will return tomorrow. Earlier today I experienced a pair of activities that were spectacular. Honestly though, no matter how wonderful they were, chances are I won't be... More
  • Which Halo Short Film is the Best?

    After watching both short films, I have come to one conclusion: I want more! Can we just settle this Halo movie issue once and for all? Both films are short on words, unless you speak German (or whatever that langauge is in "We Are ODST"), but... More
  • Companion Cube, who cares?

    I recently replayed Portal(this time with developer commentary on), and I'm reminded that I seem to be the only person I know who didn't care about the companion cube. It was useful, certainly, but only for one level. The developer commentary... More
  • Tech News: Facebook is trying to trademark the word face. In another news, Gamerbeast23456 is trying to trademark a picture of an assassin as his avatar.

    3 So apparently now that Facebook has grown tired of suing people for using the word "bookk" (I had to misspell it so I won't get sued.) they have moved on to trying... More
  • Cosplay Blog: Roxas_Twilight_Town_Remix_Kingom Hearts 2

    3 1
    This is my first of many cosplay blogs that I hope to do. This one features my cosplay of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts. I'll post more for each gaming related cosplay I complete in the future. As a little background this is my first cosplay. I wore it... More