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  • Battlefield 3: Know Your Role

    A few weeks into Battlefield 3, I'm still having a blast. However, all it takes is one bad team to break that momentum and fun, and turn it into a miserable experience. With a little coordination (and cooperation) your team can cover all the bases... More
  • WGWC: Should Wii Fit Be Considered A Masterpiece?

    If you haven't read this week's WGWC, it's a good one. You go to this website and it will generate a random blog titles from IGN's news articles. It's a really weird idea, but the results are hilarious. I got titles like: "The... More
  • WiiU Impressions

    Here's the bottom line: I want to support Nintendo. Gaming has not been hurt by anything that Nintendo has done, it has only expanded what developers can do with their games. Nintendo's WiiU has some serious potential, but as with a lot of people... More
  • What Makes a Game?

    If I were to describe this current generation of gaming, three words in particular always come to my mind; experimental, unorthodox, and unique. This generation has twisted and bent so many genres (some to the point of creating entirely new ones), that... More
  • Tons of facts about Skyrim!

    Here I am, 3 days before the game's official release, bringing you all facts of Skyrim, the province and game. Skyrim is in Northern Tamriel. It is home of the Nords, another type of men in the world of TES. Skyrim is north of Cyrodil, west of Morrowind... More
  • Battlefield: Leaving the War Behind

    I'm pretty sure I've made my preferences clear on where I stand between Modern Warfare and Battlefield. To be honest, I'm not the biggest shooter fan in the world. I find the appeal in hopping in a few matches for a bit to kill some time,... More
  • David and Volaroath

    David and Volaroath BY J.K.Ramswick Chapter 1 Just another day The commute to and from David’s work is nearly unbearable (a forty minute drive while breaking the 75mpr speed limit). The raise he just received does not even cover the amount he spends... More
  • A Night at the GIO Reviews Headquarters

    39 5
    (Thanks to Game Revolution ) (It's a dark but clear Friday night in a Minneapolis office building where the Game Informer staff works and plays. GI editors Andrew Reiner and Phil Kollar are the only ones in the room, sitting on the couch in front... More
  • 30\30 Day #7 11/7/11 Corona Mountain: Super Mario Sunshine

    Very Funny, Drym. 2 Mario Games for Day #7 Patience. It's something young Children do not have. Me definitely being one of them. I grew up with a desire for instant gratification and the pleasure of finishing things quickly. When I play most games... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 2-8

    7 Episode 2-8 is available now. This week, we talk about Robin Hood: Men in Tights for the Netflix Instant Queue Movie Review, and Wes throws out some entertaining discussion questions like, "Who would win in a fight between Ezio... More
  • Biding Time On The Next Gen

    The next generation is coming, make no mistake, and while there are people who have only just dipped their toes in to gaming during this generation it is past time for this train to start moving. For those of that doubt that, I'd like to point out... More
  • "Hamster Dance" Featured on "Galerians Super Replay Finale"

    In the final episode of the critically-unaclaimed "Galerians Super Replay", the GI team unleashed the "Hamster Dance". It has been awhile since I've heard this song, and it has not lost it's catchiness. Don't believe me... More