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  • What Makes A Video Game Stand Out?

    This year has been murder on my wallet. Seriously, I am usually able to afford all the major console releases and still purchase games I may have missed from the older generations. This year is just already been murder with a slew of arcade revivals and... More
  • Storytelling and Games

    Before I go into this a bit, I think it might be a good idea to throw out a couple things about myself. I am an English Major with one year left until I graduate. Basically that means it is my full-time occupation to study stories. It's my thing.... More
  • A Few Great Tips for Making World of Warcraft Gold

    It feels like I've been playing wow for years. Oh wait, I have been playing for years. While it's true that I'm a notorious altaholic who has 7 level 85 toons on both factions, one thing has always been true. I absolutely love making gold... More
  • 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die…

    Finally. My copy of 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die finally came in the mail today. I've mentioned this book a time or two now having learned about its existence from Dean aka born4this. Now that this book is here I am compelled to blog... More
  • First Strike Map Impressions

    Hello Gamers! If you didn't know, First Strike came out for Ps3 came out! Here are my impressions of each map Kowloon By far my favorite map here. The fighting is awesome on the rooftops. It is a great place for cool parkour moves. The zip lines bring... More
  • The Time Killer Awards: Ninja Edition

    Everyone loves award shows, right? This is the first edition of the Time Killer Awards (I was tired when I made up the name). So I figured, what better way to start off then with ninjas. If I get a get a lot of positive feedback then I will continue.... More
  • A Day For Mourning

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    As many of you all have probably noticed, I have been essentially inactive on the site this past week. A few of you who happen to follow me on Twitter are aware of what happened, but seeing as today is the memorial service, I felt that I should put to... More
  • Choice and Consequence: How Heavy Rain should define this generation

    I recently finished my first play through of Heavy Rain, and my mind has officially been blown. I had at one time believed that this generation of consoles wasn't really offering me any new experiences other than a few graphical upgrade. It took me... More
  • Two Kinds of Gamers – The Basic Cable vs. The Premium Package…

    It's been awhile since I busted out one of my "Two Kinds of Gamers" blogs. For those that aren't familiar with the premise behind this blog, I compare and contrast gamers using two measures that are usually opposite one another. Read... More
  • Shut Up: My Message to the Westboro Baptist Church

    This isn't a very happy blog. But this is something I need to blog about. I know religion is a taboo topic here but this kinda related to it but not really. I am writing about an event that is very upsetting to me and to most everyone here especially... More
  • In Defense of Popularity

    A while back, I posted a blog saying that people need to help spread the love (and money) around more and support some lesser-known gems like the under-appreciated Blur. Seriously, go buy this. Best local multiplayer I've seen since Reach. At the... More
  • Sony vs. Hackers: a losing battle.

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    It's kinda hard to believe that February has come and gone. While I look forward to what March holds,I'm gonna kick off this month with a topic that has been bothering me since the whole Bulletsorm controversy.Anyone who's paid attention to... More