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  • Raining Death From Above - Problems With Dragons in Skyrim

    If you're reading this, you know about dragons in Skyrim. They were the smartest idea to put in an Elder Scrolls game, and they're just fun to fight. They can come in out of nowhere, or can rest at a dragon burial site, and await your arrival... More
  • A Blog About Final Fantasy 9

    Final Fantasy 9 is hands down my favorite Final Fantasy game. I have played all of them except for Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 10. I played through that game without knowing about any of the characters or the story. I think that's probably what... More
  • Writing is an art form why aren't video games?

    So as I was thinking the other day about the debate of are video games art and was thinking “well if writing is an art why aren’t video games?” First of all if you try to tell me writing isn’t an art form I’m sorry but I... More
  • Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness Review

    Rating:E Console:Gamecube Genre:RPG Publisher: Nintendo Developer: The Pokemon Company This is an "old" game, and I understand that you probably are not saying "I'm going to play Gale Of Darkness this morning." Well, the truth... More
  • Why Portal 2 is my 6th Favorite Game of All Time

    Putting a 2011 game on this list may seem sacrilegious to some. I mean, most of these lists will include some sort of game which the person grew up with or one that made a huge impact on their life. I can say without a doubt that Portal 2 performed the... More
  • (late) Skyrim review

    November 11, 2011, I went to GameStop and got the game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I got home, and slid the disc into my PS3. Of course, the patch had to be downloaded, so I waited. And waited. Then the game came up. The menu screen was the symbol with... More
  • My Obsession With Replay

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    Hello fellow GI members, and welcome to the little thing that we call 'my blog'. In here, I type up opinions that I have about one thing or another, and you all read it. Today I wanted to talk about Replay, Gameinformer, and several of the staff... More
  • Video Game Black Friday Deals...

    I think next year GI should have a story if they can that tells us of what kind of deals are available for black friday. Im not big on the whole Black Friday shopping but i was just able to get a PS3 with 2 games wireless controller and stuff for 200... More
  • You Spoiled Me!

    *Spoiler Alert* This blog does not contain any actual spoilers from video games. *End of Spoiler Alert* We've all been there. A game has recently been released that you are excited for, but for some reason you are unable to pick up the game on day... More
  • The non-existent correlation between game mode and playing ability

    Time after time I have been told that my preference in picking team deathmatch over conquest or search and destroy is due to my lack of playing ability. But is that really the case? If you believe the above statement is true, then the simple answer for... More
  • Bystanders and Heroes: The Patriotic Edition

    I'm back to spread the Thanksgiving spirit with another blog about game quotes! This time we have a Shepard quote (not the commander, the general) and a G-man quote! HERE. WE. GOOOOOOO! "5 years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye.... More
  • On the Art of Opinion

    There seems to be an issue I notice when I read certain blogs, and I'm not calling anyone out, that involves arguing a point with little to no justification. While blogging is certainly a different act of writing outside of editorials, there needs... More