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  • The Internet - for the narcissist in all of us

    Gamebeast had a great post this week about multiplayer gaming possibly making us more narcissistic . But I sometimes have to wonder. Is it multiplayer gaming? Or is it the entire Internet that's feeding into this narcissistic culture that we're... More
  • Why I'll be Purchasing Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    February is fast approaching, and you know what that means... Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is almost here! When I first heard the official announcement of this game, I could barely contain myself - I was SO EXCITED! I agree with Saint that we should enjoy the... More
  • Dogtooth Movie Review

    Not too long ago, about some time this week, the nominations for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards were officially announced (I'll get more into that in my coverage of the nominees some time soon, in the future) and one of the surprises in the running... More
  • What is essential?

    The Game Informer community knows me as the guy with an annoying amount of blogs. Well as you guys saw in my last installment, That i fixed it...a lot. You guys have told me a lot, like it should be 200 to 950 words, I have noticed that in every single... More
  • The Rebellion 2-By Happyginger and XxbARkxX

    A long time ago, way before I was even a popular blogger, I posted a blog that was a short story written me and my good friend XxbARkxX who is inactive at the site, but has an account nevertheless. That blog I posted didn't get a whole bunch of views... More
  • The Burden of Power

    The exercise of playing video games can be empowering, and never more so than in franchises such as Sid Meier's Civilization and Black & White, where the gamer decides the fate of whole societies. But the consequences are virtual; not so with... More
  • the world hates me.

    the world hates me. wants me dead. everyone wants me to die. i know why bc im worthless. i have no meaning in life. i tried to kill myself some many times but they never work.. i wish i could just die More
  • Plants Vs. Zombies Review (App Store)

    If you didn't read my other review , than you probably don't know that I just got an iPod Touch and have been playing around with games that I never imagined playing. But here I am reviewing Plants Vs. Zombies for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Plants... More
  • Coworkers- The Sequel

    (Note: I first published this a day or two ago. But for some reason, the moment I published it, the blog was automatically put a few pages back with the older blogs. Dunno why so don't ask me, but for those of you who wanted to read it and didn't... More
  • The Aquabats - Hi-Five Soup

    I thought I'd change things up a bit and talk about some music this time. Just last week I bought the newly released Aquabats album Hi-Five Soup. The Aquabats are mainly a ska band who mixes in other styles from time to time. They first formed in... More
  • Video games: Politicians whipping boy?

    Hello once again GIO! Despite not being able to log in(stupid computer place), I was able to read some news. And I noticed the blog section was kinda slow. So here's my new blog. There was this one article that bothered me. It was an article that... More
  • Final follow-up, then we're putting it to bed

    One last follow-up on Julius Jackson, the autistic boy with the reset gamerscore, and we're putting this story behind us. If his mom hadn't run to the media to take advantage of his autism there wouldn't be a story in the first place. First... More