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  • Answering the Real Call of Duty...

    As Veteran's Day winds down and night begins to fall, I hope everyone had an enjoyable day. It's weird because I've been in the military nearly 20 years and I still don't really think of myself as a veteran. My grandfather, now there was... More
  • Call of Duty - responsible for a baby non-boom?

    I've seen a lot of Call of Duty articles recently due to the recent launch of Black Ops (I haven't read that many, but I've seen them). There is one that did make me just stop and stare for a minute. Did you know that Call of Duty is keeping... More
  • I have a subscription to GI, yet I don't think the website thinks so.

    I have a subscription to the mag, and even though I put the subscription code in online, it doesn't say that I am a subscriber. Now I wouldn't be so bothered with it, but I think I should get what I pay for, even the online services. I notified... More
  • Armor Lock---My Evil Nemesis

    I know. Most will just say I suck at Halo. I'm a long time fan of the series, but I just do not get enough play time to become truly awesome (though I think that I'm pretty good, all things considered). Anyways, I have a firm belief that Armor... More
  • The funniest "Leeroy Jinkins" I have ever heard in my life.

    As the title says....I'm gonna recount the funniest "Leeroy jinkins" moment I have ever heard in my time before online play.Anyone who plays online has to know it.It can make your whole team laugh their guts out(if said at the right time... More
  • I'm making that change.

    Some changes are happening. At the moment I'm going to the University of North Texas, furthering my dreams of becoming writer. But I won’t be going here next semester. I will be moving back to my hometown and gaining perspective on life through... More
  • A look into public opinion and the importance of review integrity - Call of Duty: Black Ops (Part 1: Introduction and Objectivity)

    Introduction Necessary Ladies and gentlemen, there are several relative topics I would like to touch on with this blog... each with a lot of strong opinions that might seem as though they've come out of left field from a nobody who doesn't regularly... More
  • The Top Ten Worst Sequels Ever! ... Or at least the worst I've seen

    I like list blogs, can't justify it. I especially can't for this one. Anyways, I've been thinking for a real long time about some topic I could do legitimately, and dropping that I thought I'd just try bashing crappy sequels. Spurred on... More
  • Black Ops Sets Record!

    If you have not been on IGN recently, then you don't know that Call of Duty: Black Ops has set the record for largest launch. What does this mean? It means that Black Ops has sold the most units in 24 hours then any other video game in history! The... More
  • Remembering the Fallen and Those Who Served

    It's November 11. Remembrance Day, or Veterans Day, depending on where you live. Do people really remember what this day is for? I hope they do. This is the day where we remember the sacrifices of the brave men and women who have fought to preserve... More
  • censorship: When is it good and when is it bad ? A grouchy old dude report.

    As a older person I remember growing up in the 80's and 90's and witnessing a change in media. The change was allowing "dirty words" on T.V. Was it the right thing to do? Who knows. Me personally, as a father of 4 children I have conflicted... More
  • Black Ops: Quicklook and Why Rockstar Games is Smiling...

    Hmm...let's go ahead and get the easier of the issues out of the way...Rockstar Games is smiling because... A while ago...who can say for sure...but a while ago, I predicted that the Game of the Year was going to come down to a slug fest between Medal... More