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  • Hodge Podge Of Art! part 2

    Been awhile bloggers! i've been lurking you guys hardcore, and all the while drawing epic drawings! check em' out! Title: Small Time this was done for Aaron, randomly. this one took forever because i drew the zombies in the background in full... More
  • Five Things Every Horror Game Needs

    Continuing on to day two of the countdown to Halloween, I have created [pause for dramatic effect] A LIST! That is right, for today only (unless you choose to view it in my blog archive), you can be the proud viewer of a carefully thought out and planned... More
  • Batman: Arkham City Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Batman: Arkham City Review Kid Safe: Moderate (4.5 / 10) Game Quality: Very High (9.5 / 10) Genre: Open World Action/Adventure - This game takes place where choice is everything. Rather than providing a set story that a player has to follow, they are... More
  • Coming Soon: The BRONY Quest...Maybe

    The recent blog I did on this site (Bronies: My Discovery of Them and My Further Analysis) has led to a few Bronies to proclaim that I, libertydude, will soon be "joining the herd". Despite my example of Captain Picard resisting the Borg, one... More
  • Battle field 3

    ] So Battle field 3 came out today and I have to say that the game looks great. I was actually considering getting Modern Warfare 3 but then I realized that it did not have zombies and said screw that game. The main reason that I play call duty games... More
  • 31/31 Day 25: Halo: Reach

    Day 25, I can't believe this is almost done. I have had such a great time, and I'm glad Wolf did this to begin with. Without him, I would never be doing this great series. I'm really happy with all the comments I've positive reception... More
  • Metro 2033 Review: Overlooked Brilliance

    Game: Metro 2033 Genre: FPS, Survival Horror Console played on: PC Rating: M Every once in a while a game will come along with enough guts and balls big enough to slip past my guard and steal my heart from right under my nose, (Don’t ask why it... More
  • WGWC: Battlefield 3: The Review

    I was so excited to head to my friendly neighborhood(like, 3 miles away) GameStop and pick up my pre-ordered limited edition of Battlefield 3. I went at about 4:00p.m. to pick it up, and couldn't wait to get that disc in my PS3. It was a quiet ride... More
  • Battlefield 3 First Impressions

    For readers who have not been in a coma for the last year or so may have heard of a little title named Battlefield 3. Arguably one of the most over-hyped, flame-war inducing shooters in years, Battlefield 3 supposedly is descending from the heavens for... More
  • How The FPS Fued Turned Me Against Realism In Gaming

    Modern game design has come a far way since the days of pong and space invaders. But what does that mean? When the feud between COD and Battlefield began I honestly thought it was kind of cute in the whole "were super cereal" kind of way. Well... More
  • Battlefield 3 Review

    When we meet Sergeant Henry "Black" Blackburn, the U.S. Marine is precariously perched atop a speeding New York commuter train. The damp air whizzes past his helmet as he drops to the side of the last car and crashes through the window and kicks... More
  • WGWC: Betsy: A Friend Who Is Nearly Dead

    When I first heard about this week's challenge, I didn't know what to review honestly. The first speed bump was that it should be something I own. I've reviewed countless movies that I review, and along the way I've reviewed a couple of... More