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  • More Activision (and Call of Duty) Kookiness

    So the notorious "market analyst" who shall not be named** is at it again. According to many media outlets (including Game Informer ), he's upset that Activision Publishing's CEO has come out and definitively stated that Activision will... More
  • The Crayola Box of Pain (About The Dangers of User Creativity)

    I call the recent trend in video game development (the move towards user creativity, and user-created content,) the Crayola Box of Pain. Because like a box of Crayolas, they can be used as mediums of expression and creativity, but they can be used maliciously... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 12

    I have a busy week ahead, so I uploaded early this week! EDIT: I updated the post time this morning to make sure I didn't confuse anyone who's used to this going up on Monday mornings, HAHA! Episode 12 is available now. Brace yourselves... this... More
  • My wrestling past.....a near fatal mistake.

    Hey guys what's up? Anyway as the title says above I'm gonna tell you all about a part of me that I haven't talked about in a long time. I used to be a pro wrestler. No I wasn't in WWE. I was small time. The independent scene over here... More
  • Best $20 Game to Give or to Get for the Holiday's (2010)

    We all want to get for Christmas or to give, but we don't wanna spend that much,so here is a little list of PS3 and Xbox360 games under $20. -In random order- Fifa 2010 Bioshock Bioshock 2 (GS online only price) Tekken 6 Demon's Soul (PS3 only... More
  • Avengers Assemble! Looking for teammates for MUA2 community event on XBL

    While reading the news of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2's d/l content being taken off of the market at the end of the month, I realized there are quite a few goals in this game that I've let go uncompleted and that just doesn't sit right with... More

    24 1
    i love GIO. I have been here since the redesign and log on more than once a day. This blog is not a blog at all, im hoping enough people comment on it or write one of their own with the simple message of getting rid of the people who just recently started... More
  • The Boring but Necessary Administrative Update…(Possible GOTY Spoiler)...

    20 3
    From time to time I have to step away from the normal every day blogging about specific topics and address the mundane but necessary task of updating the "admin", especially since this admin is sometimes the genesis for other blogs. I admit... More
  • Game Informer Online Community Frag-Fest 00: Recap and Highlight Reel

    21 2
    Welp, I must say I am fairly pleased with the turnout of this little effort! 50+ community members submitted their info - thanks in no small part to Game Informer staff for bringing additional community attention with the front page post , mention in... More
  • The One-Month Milestone: How's Black Ops Holding Up?

    Continuing my obsession with Black Ops and titling my blog posts in the form of a question or including a colon, I decided to focus this installment on Black Ops and the never-ending quest to achieve multiplayer balance. Unless you are a complete societal... More
  • How I Won An Entire Season of Tecmo Bowl Using Only One Play

    The other day, I decided to play my Wii after months and months of ignoring it. I realized almost immediately that I had downloaded a game from the Virtual Console that I had yet to play. It was Tecmo Bowl and after starting it up, a whole rush of childhood... More
  • Your take on next A.C.

    As the world of A.C. keeps expanding to new heights every time, it's hard to believe that A.C. will never run out of story or locations.Today I wish to hear about your take on Assassin's Creed, tell me about the location you most wish to take... More