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  • I'm Back (V.2)

    Well, it's been a long time but I am back on! Now, I have always loved going on GI but people give me negative comments (not whining). I'm very sorry if my blogs are short but I make an effort. Anyway, I have benn buying many games recently... More
  • Power for an Hour? Why Handhelds Are Having Terrible Battery Lives

    The PS Vita's battery life was revealed yesterday. You can only play games for 3-5 hours before the battery needs to be recharged. This was a huge disappointment for a lot of people. The Nintendo 3DS isn't any better. It also has 3-5 hours of... More
  • Second Hand Citizens [UPDATED]

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    Being a second hand purchaser leaves us as second class citizens in the nation of gaming. We're looked at as "double-dippers;" attending the gaming party with games in hand, reaching for the content salsa twice. The industry hates us and... More
  • Taking a Breather; Revisiting Your Older Games


    It's always important to take a break, whether you're trying to unwind after a long day of work, or even taking a break from whatever it is that you normally use as recreation. In our hobby, the typical story is that a gamer is simply getting bored or disgusted by gaming, and wants to step away indefinitely. But, typically, 'once a gamer, always a gamer' rings true, and many return to the fold after anywhere between a couple of weeks, to a couple of years later.

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  • 30/30 Day #15 - Sonic 2

    So because I am in a bit of a rush today we're going to skip the usual housekeeping (I know, so disappoint). If you really want it though, go check out pretty much any of my past blogs and get your fill. No more fluff, onto Day #15. Sonic 2. I think... More
  • Well I Guess I'm A Games Journalist (But There Are Many Like Me)

    I have never felt this way before and it feels amazing. All my life I have floundered trying to answer that age old question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, even after turning eighteen, living on my own, turning twenty-one, getting married... More
  • Time With Demos! El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

    This is one of the weirdest things I have played. Period. Here are some of the phrases I jotted down in my notes while I was playing through the demo: “… What am I looking at?” “something like a pcp trip and flying” “creepy... More
  • My Local Gamestop is Terrible

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    The photos above are photos of my local Mall called Las Catalinas Mall. Las Catalinas is like any other mall with a Food Court, shoe stores, clothing store, electronic store, and annoying kiosks. I like this mall very much because it is the only Mall... More
  • Thief II: The Metal Age review


    Garrett's adventure continues in this sequel to the stealth-based game Thief. The metal age is upon the world and the Keepers must embrace for another trial prophesised long ago. As a former Keeper-in-training Garrett is, again, left to play the critical role, willingly or otherwise.

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  • Apple in Gaming

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    On April 1, 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wosniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer, a business that would one day topple the Windows giant, seize the PC market and become the industry standard for innovation and professionalism. A fact that wasn’t... More
  • Top Ten Cannon Fodder Enemies

    Top Ten Cannon Fodder Enemies One of the best things about video games, in my opinion, is the thrill of taking down a particularly tough enemy. As satisfying as that is, it can be equally as fun committing genocide on a particular type of foe. We present... More
  • The grouchy old dude goes unleashed! A review of psp's Star Wars the force unleashed.

    Hello one and all in letter people land and sesame street and all towns in between. Well after I posted my PSN update for sept 13 I saw that Lucas art games on the black brick were on sell this week. Normally sales on PSP games don't strike my attention... More