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  • He Said It Better Than Me

    That title bugs me. The grammar is technically wrong. It should be, “He Said It Better Than I.” Whatever. It sounds better with “me.” A while back I was reading a piece of blatant trolling which I won't even bother linking... More
  • Time with Demos! Shogun 2: Total War

    My last Time with Demos installment was less than enjoyable. I hoped to remedy this with a genre I have always loved (I harbor no such emotions for MMOs) Real-Time Strategy. It may come as a surprise that I have never played a game in the Total War franchise... More
  • A Public Apology

    Unfortunately my last blog, entitled "The Death of Creativity", was met with many sarcastic and scathing remarks. This wasn't unwarranted however because it was hastily written and I released it before it was ready. It dealt with the impact... More
  • Gameplays

    Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I wanted; I couldn't find anything interesting to write about. But hello again, today I'm going to be talking about gameplays. Since the majority of my time on the computer is hanging out on Youtube... More
  • What G4 Could've Been

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    Anyone remember the G4 of a few years ago? The one that launched in 2002, with the goal of providing news and entertainment focused primarily the video game industry? Yeah, I wonder what happened to that. The last time I really tuned into G4 was at least... More
  • One Step Closer to Art

    I believe that there are moments in video games that are art. Yes I’m going there. In these moments I feel something, whether it be guilt, happiness, or a sense of awe that sticks with me long after I played the game. The reason for most of these... More
  • Game Informer Reader Recap: GIO Community Edition #3 (Part 2)

    UPDATED (COMPLETE AUGUST 2011 COVERAGE): -August 2011 Part 1 -August 2011 Part 3 Once again, I'm back to bring you more of The Reader Recap. As mentioned before, The Recap will from here on out be done in smaller parts and with me for August, I have... More
  • Shadows of the Damned Review - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Shadows of the Damned Review Kid Safe: Very Low (0.5 / 10) Game Quality: Very High (9.0 / 10) Genre: Third Person Horror Shooter - This game is characterized by its style of gameplay and the environment where play takes place. As a third person shooter... More
  • Secrets and Lies – A Ridiculous Video Game Rumor

    Growing up, I didn’t own a whole lot of games, but I still played the current games I had for hours. As a result, I usually beat each of my games to their fullest in a matter of a month. Since Christmas and my birthday were usually long ways away... More
  • Why I'll Pass on the Next "Beta" Generation of Consoles...

    "We don't need no beta testing. We don't need no bad controls." When I was a child, my parents impressed upon me the importance of finishing what you started. Giving a homemade gift that was either halfassed or not completed was considered... More
  • How GameStop Can Survive Digital Distribution

    It saddens me that the video game industry is on a crash course with digital distribution. I have already lost my precious CD's, but now I'm going to be losing video games on disc as well? As a gamer, I am prepared for this, but one company absolutely... More
  • My Top 20 Favorite Video Games Final Part (16-20)

    This is it, the last one. These blogs were a fun way to start off and pass time as I anxiously count down my last days of summer break to my first day of college. Sorry I'm posting this so late. Anyway enjoy! Uncharted 2 Saw this coming didn't... More