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  • 2010, A Year In Review (2/4)

    UPDATE: Due to continued medical issues here on my end, I'm postponing the last few segments at least for a couple of days. My girlfriend is in a lot of pain right now and I'm trying to help her out as much as possible. This is proving to take... More
  • Nintendo's obsession with hands

    Is it just me or are there a lot of enemy hands in Nintendo's games?I thought I'd make a list so everybody knows what I've known my whole gaming life, Nintendo's obsession with hands.I'll only count them if they're a hand, two... More
  • Bag Heads: How we made the rest of society into awkward nerds like us.

    Disclaimer: This is an intensely personal blog about myself. It isn't extremely game related so if you aren't interested in hearing my thoughts on society in the digital age then skip this blog. Also, if you are easily offended, skip this blog... More
  • Firefly

    Garfield Lyons is a pyromaniac obsessed with starting large, dangerous fires and watching them burn. Lyons was a poverty-stricken young man who turned to petty crime but was captured by Batman and Robin after his first robbery. Inspired by a glowing firefly... More
  • The Creeper

    Reporter Jack Ryder was well known for his hard-hitting newspaper column. On the trail of a gangster known as Manny, Jack snuck into a masquerade party at Manny's house. However, the villain's thugs unmasked him, injected him with hallucinogenic... More
  • Control. Whats it to ya?

    So the new poll at the home screen got me thinking why it is that people have such a problem with inverted players... to me, games control better with an invert, accuracy is something you train for, not achieve through natural instinct. the invert for... More
  • Copperhead

    The criminal known only as Copperhead first appeared in Gotham City, where he used his bulletproof, slippery snake costume to commit a series of thefts before being apprehended by Batman and the first Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. Later, Copperhead turned... More
  • Descending into Madness

    Daniel peered down the rest of the hallway into the hellish black void. Who knew how long it went on for? Who knew what awaited him if he stepped one foot further. He looked behind, into the dark path he had just traversed, right before his lamp had gone... More
  • Game Archeology: Tecmo Cup Soccer Game

    For me, this was a great find in a forgotten corner of the NES library. Discovering hidden nuggets like this in the massive libraries of retro games is what makes excavating gaming's past so enjoyable. A few weeks ago I came across an interesting... More
  • Are These Video Games Really Educational ?

    Okay, now we seem to head into the realm of science fiction. People who play video games and find the awesome godlike powers they are allowed in virtual space quite addicting, have always walked about away from their a games kind of feeling like those... More
  • The Tardy Gamer vs. The Early Bird

    As some of you know, last week I became a late adopter to this generation of consoles. While it's easy to say it's about time, I've noticed a rather not so great symptom of late adoption. Which games should I get and whether some games that... More
  • Art of the Kill: The Rise of the Trick Shot…

    I wrote a blog a while ago (ah, if only I had a nickel every time I said that) discussing this nonsense about quick scopes, no scopes, hard scopes and all that noise. I guess I'm an old school gamer who's used to worrying about kills...not how... More