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  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (I'm a free elf)

    I have to confess right now, I'm a Harry Potter fan, I've read all the books, and have seen all the movies up to this point in the theater, and thankfully I avoided the games (seriously marketing stop making movies based on books video games)... More
  • Super Story: Chapter 4 (A PARODY)


    WARNING: Not a real Super Story! But kinda like a parody!

    ... More
  • Does music make you a better gamer? A grouchy old dude report.

    Tonight I was gonna do a report on how the space program was going down the toilet, but I said "forget that!" I am gonna do a blog about something better. Then I got writers block and ate a burrito and said, "hey let's do one on music... More
  • Platinum

    Hello GameInformer community, I have been playing Dragon Age: Origins for quite some time now on my playstation 3. As most of you know it is developed by BioWare, who also developed Mass Effect. I must say the game is very fun especially if you love a... More
  • Slender Man Triple Review

    Well, I really, really, wanted to see Black Swan and review it for you guys, especially since Darren Aronofsky is one of my idols, but noooooo. As always, Hollywood shuns out all of the cool original independent ideas, meaning that some of the most awesome... More
  • The Taming of the Scrooge

    The holidays are a time of giving. We've all heard that, right? Well, apparently not anymore to judge by some charities' policies on donations. Spring isn't the only time to do some cleaning and every once in awhile we'll sort through... More
  • Getting Heard in the Blog Herd…

    A few days ago, I don't really remember when or where or even why...but I made a comment about my thoughts on being selected in the weekly Blog Herd feature authored by Game Informer's very own Annette Gonzalez, Associate Editor and Queen of the... More
  • Retro Review: Mass Effect 1


    Is Mass Effect 1 as good as you remember? I take a look back through time at this BioWare classic.

    ... More
  • What video game characters are doing with there free time.

    so what are video game characters doing with there free time this christmas well lets just see here. Master chief is enjoying his down time by catching up on some sleep. What massacring tens of thousands covenant would make you sleepy to. Commander Shepard... More
  • My Life And Times Blog Post Number One

    The Books Recently I've decided to finish reading the Dark Tower series (gotta love Stephen King) and I just finished literally devouring the 460 plus pages of crackling-good reading. I've got to say, in comparison to the 300 plus The Gunslinger... More
  • The Man Behind the Laugh: An Ode to THE Joker

    Recently, I found out that the upcoming Batman: Arkham City would be the last time that legendary Mark Hamill would be voicing the Clown Prince of Crime. Many of you may know Hamill's voice as The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series (which I consider... More
  • Gloria Reborn

    Hello, On December 25th, it will have been seven years---seven years since my mother died. Her name was Gloria. Christmas is a very happy time of year for most people. As the the day draws nigh, however, I get anxious and somber. How am I going to react... More