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  • My Life Going Pro

    My Life Going Pro (Edit: Sorry that this post is a bit late. Life has been a bit hectic and I meant to have this posted last week. Forgive me) Confession: the title of this piece is not entirely accurate. I didn’t go pro and chances are I will never... More
  • I came, I shot portals, I conquered.

    So as you can tell from the title I have beaten Portal 2! :D But it has to be one of the hardest(if not the hardest) games I've played. Even though I beat it in about 5 hours in a couple of puzzles, I got so confused. Anyways if you haven't bought... More
  • Why Isn't Majora's Mask The Greatest Zelda Game?

    I knew this was going to happen as soon as I made my top five list. First, I want to clearly state that I think Majora's Mask was not only amazing, but the fact that it utilized so many different elements and innovative features really sets it apart... More
  • Degrees of Identity-A Gamer Above All Else?

    The definition of an "identity", at least for the purpose of this blog is basically one of the many facets of your personality that you use to interface with others with like-minded desires and hobbies. For example, many people on this site... More
  • Music You Need To Listen To: Volbeat

    To the few that care, I have not posted a blog in a while. I am sorry, but I have been extremely busy. Hopefully today's amazing band will make up for my absence? Ready for this? I don't think you are. You are about to learn one of the most bizarre... More
  • Okay, I'm Back!!!

    Ok, your favorite blogger- Gamebeast23456- is back from his short three day hiatus from GI. Suffice to say, I survived camping and I am returning- with a vengeance. You see, in this blog I'm going to talk about a few things that have swam around my... More
  • 30 Day Blogging: Edition #5: Vlogging is a Possibility...

    I am back and ready to redeem myself in two all-new videos. Please listen or watch to see how AllAboutJane is going to deal with the future of 30 Day Challenge Blogging. 30 Day Blogging Challenge Edition #5 Day 7, Monday, May 2, 2011 Vlogging is a Possibility... More
  • Correcting Past Mistakes

    The first video game system I ever got was the Nintendo Gamecube. I loved the Gamecube. I loved playing games like The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Pokemon Colosseum, and Super Smash Bros Melee. At the time, the Gamecube was great for me. However... More
  • Mortal Kombat Review

    First came Street Fighter 4, and then came Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and now we got the third entry in the revitalization of fighting games; Mortal Kombat 9. It has been a long time since we actually got a Mortal Kombat game that held onto its roots. With... More
  • PHOTOS: GT5 Collection

    While in my travels to one of the other sites I frequent (albeit specifically for a single game) earlier today, I realized that I have not shared the potential of the Gran Turismo 5 photo function as I've discovered it. I understand that Gran Turismo... More
  • Memories: Reminiscing With Games

    Some people remember times of their life by the music they were listening to at the time. While I love music and hearing Limp Bizkit always takes me back to my high school days and prompts me to quickly change the station. However, replaying a game from... More
  • Robot in the Corner Podcast: Episode 31

    Episode 31 is available now. This week, we talk about the games we're currently playing (as usual), and we share our thoughts on The Office - Steve Carell's departure and the future of the show. If you don't like this week's show, blame... More