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  • Gambling in Call of Duty Online (Present and Future)

    First of all, before you label this blog as a rally against Call of Duty Wager Matches (I personally love them, they are probably my favorite new addition to Call of Duty) I am simply suggesting that one day, sooner or later, wagers will become a staple... More
  • Reading A Song of Fire and Ice


    Joey, do you like fantasy novels? If you do, George R. R. Martin's got the goods. They're called A song of Fire and Ice. Wit that out of the way, Joey, have you ever… been in a Turkish prison?

    ... More
  • Winning is a crime

    PLEASE NOTE: Any reference to a weapon, map, ect. is strictly from Modern Warfare 2, since I'm very inexperienced in Black Ops. Not to come off arrogant, but I'm pretty good when it comes to Call of Duty. Typically, I'll get one of the best... More
  • What are Your Predictions of Elder Scrolls Skyrim

    Post a comment of what you think will be in Skyrim More
  • My Elder Scrolls V Ideas: Updated and Compiled

    20 1
    Elder Scrolls V has been announced!!! It will take place in Skyrim. Other than that, we don't know much else at this time. In celebration of this momentous occasion, I have updated and compiled my two past Elder Scrolls V idea blogs into one massive... More
  • Mini heatwave peaks in Southern California, pattern change this week

    Mini heatwave peaks in Southern California, pattern change this week December 11th, 2010 10:55 pm PT Do you like this story? A small heatwave has a grip of the Southland with temperatures in the 80s this weekend and according to the Southern California... More
  • The Toy Box of Topics – Saint’s Weekend Thus Far…

    Like many of you (or at least some of you) I had an extremely busy week at work; more so than usual. My week was so busy that I vowed I would do nothing this weekend. Just straight up not do anything productive and just relax. I have a ton of things I... More
  • Favorite Spike VGA Moment?

    I was actually kept awake by this year's VGA special. Last year's was a complete mess, but it was actually comedic in its setups, it had great stage presence, funny little skits, a variety of celebrities and bands, and not to mention, some of... More
  • The T for Teen Factor

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    I remember when Halo 3 released. Everyone talked about how great it was, and anybody who wanted to be a somebody had it. However, the reason why I and countless other high school kids like me have never played is because it's rated M. I'm not... More
  • 2010: The Games of the Year

    2010 has been quite a whirlwind of a year for gamers. With lots of huge releases out, there was just so much to buy, and with our economic crisis, so little money to buy it with... However, I was still able to play through enough to see some of the gems... More
  • My 2010 Backlog!

    I can honestly say, I am not sure where to start with my game backlog. I have so many unfinished games. I hate to say it but I think I have game ADD. I move from game to game without finishing the first one, almost like i'm trying to experience all... More
  • Steam - More to Love

    Like I may have mentioned in my last blog, I have been getting back into Steam and PC gaming. I have upped my list of games quite a bit and here's my current list of games - Aliens Vs. Predator Classic 2000 - Aliens Versus Predator (2010) - Evil Genius... More