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  • Gamer's Paradise? Far From.

    With all of the new games, consoles, and technology, some think that this is the best time for gaming, or almost as good as the 90's, early 00's. I think the total opposite. Gaming is far from perfect, and will always be. With the prices now,... More
  • Armchair Gamer Podcast Episode Eight: This Year In Gaming.


    On this, the last edition of the Armchair Gamer Podcast this calendar year, we not only eternally condemn ourselves with irreverent humor, we also analyze some of the high points (and low points) of our personal year of gaming, along with games released this year. Also, we talk a little bit about the way our favorite gaming mag, Gameinformer, once was. Warning: Nostalgia abounds. Thanks for listening, and happy holidays.

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  • Too Little, Too Late

    Yesterday Nintendo made one of its greatest announcements in recent history. Not a new Zelda, or Mario, or another esteemed franchise, but the last real forseeable swan song of the Wii. It announced that Xenoblade would be coming to North America. I,... More
  • Art updates!

    here is a sketch of my man Eric, in preparation for the Cover Story. I made him carry a standard RPG sword, a 2011 with games inside of it! This I actually spent more then 30 minutes on. I basically took a bunch elements of NYC, and added them together... More
  • Rocksmith Review: How they made it possible. 8.5/10

    Hi gamers! Here I am,sitting in front of my TV playing the game Rocksmith while I type this (The game is on Pause just in case) and I am here to tell you about my review of Rocksmith and how it was made possible. Maybe a few of you will be asking yourself... More
  • Old WGWC: The character of connection.

    I don't think many realize how personal this topic can be. By asking a person why they feel for someone or something, you're surfacing dormant emotions and old memories. A purely analytical mind would deny the idea of the fictional. How can one... More
  • What if I made Devil may cry 5?

    What if the next devil may cry picked up right where dmc4 left off? What if Devil May Cry 5 did everything the fans wanted and more like a sequel is supposed to do? I may not be able to create the game but can d** sure tell a good story for it. The story... More
  • The Unfortunate Black Sheep of: Final Fantasy

    Have you ever played a game that you really enjoyed and wanted the whole world to know about it? That's how I felt when I started play Final Fantasy 3 for the DS. I played the game and I love it so much, It's definately in my top five DS games... More
  • The Blogging Brotherhood

    (my apologies for any formatting problems. I'm at my grandmothers using my iPad.) Once in a lifetime an opportunity will come and you must grab it. The question is....the red pill or the blue pill? If you follow me on twitter, it's not a secret... More
  • Final Fantasy Rankings

    This is mostly in response to Joe's article. I feel like a comment wouldn't do this justice. Still, I don't have the time right now to sit down and write out an entire article like he did. Perhaps I'll publish an update in the future.... More
  • A Twist of Fate: A Look Back at the Best (and Worst) Video Game Twists


    Join me for a look back at some of my favorite and least favorite "Holy crap!" moments in video games.

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  • The Dragyn's Lair: A Word On My Brethren In Skyrim

    Before I get into this discussion, I feel the need to dispense a bit of full disclosure so that there are no misconceptions on the subject. I am not actually a dragon. Now that's out of the way, I can give a quick explanation of why I've been... More