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  • WGWC extra: I Write

    It's funny, I find myself again sitting in my computer chair staring at this screen as I type up a new blog, wondering just what it is that keeps me doing this. I mean I already posted once this week about me and my writing, so what is it that makes... More
  • The Ten Commandments of Gaming

    22 1
    Every Gamer has made bad decisions before. Whether you bought a bad game, got mad at other players who you probably shouldn’t have gotten mad at, or spammed an overpowered weapon or fighter, we’ve all made bad decisions. So, to help you not... More
  • Dark Souls and Dark Passions: Difficulty in Games

    5 1
    As my grandpappy used to tell me, “Back in my day, we only had two days of the week: Monday and Second Monday. Not only that, but we only had two numbers, one and zero. That’s how we made the computer. AND WE LIKED IT!” Okay, so my grandpappy... More
  • What's Normal For Me

    What's Normal For Me I see people move so freely And I ask myself Was it ever really Just that easy? Did I ever go up stairs Without a second thought? Could I fall down and say "who cares"? Did I ever sit up without feeling shot? I know... More
  • 31/31 Day 20: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    Whoo! Finally in the 20's. Remember today is my goof off day, but this will actually be a little more serious than normal, so here we go. I have good stories for this game, and I get to defend and attack the game at the same time, yeah I know I'm... More
  • T.U.G: Brink

    Everyone knows Brink got a 6.75 from Gameinformer. That's is below average and because of that I bet a lot of you didn't go get Brink. Don't worry the price has gone down quite a bit and is reasonable for the price (I bet somewhere between... More
  • Funny Thing About Time...

    This is a poem about a more obscure game that, while amazing, was very underrated. I'll be quite surprised if someone figures this one out. Time Stops for One Man… The power to age metal into rust so thin, brown, and fine Or make the same specimen... More
  • WGWC: Everything in its Right Place...Finally

    I grew up the youngest of four children. I was the accident (as my parents proudly declared in a message to me published in my senior yearbook for all to read). My brothers were 9 and 11 years older than me, and I tried desperately to fit in with them... More
  • They Are The 99%. Are You?

    One of the biggest topics on the news right now is the Occupy Wall Street movement. What started out as a loose gathering of people on Twitter has evolved into a worldwide protest. The movement itself has been demonized as the a bunch of entitled kids... More
  • User Reviews - Review Feedback

    Now, I will be honest here, this little blog has essentially no value to the community at large, this one is all about you guys helping me. Last night Saint was kind enough to point out a significant weak point in our community, User Reviews. Now as I... More
  • WGWC- So I Think I can Write...

    Well, this is it to a road to stronger blogs. Anyways, a little about myself. I'm a Bronie and a huge Invader Zim fan. I also like Pokemon and Bender. I've also been writing since, well, I learned my ABCS. Anyways, me as a writer, on here and... More
  • WGWC: Itsa Me!

    Normally, I'm not the type of person to take part in this sort of thing, I don't usually blog for the sake of blogging, but right now I'm stuck on campus with nothing to do and I just lost a rather long blog that I have been writing for the... More