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  • Super Story: Chapter 2

    Ok here is Chapter 2. It was written by Romars202129, PSychotic, and Koob24. This is a pretty good chapter. If you don't know whats going on go to and... More
  • A gamer's nostalgia (A Link to the Past)

    My last post was titled "Storage shed wonders". I was intending to start a blog about cool gaming products that I found in a storage shed my dad was using. Well, it's all cleaned out now. And aside from the gameboy and a joystick I used... More
  • So my brother got a Wii.....

    My 12 year old little brother recently got a Wii for his birthday so I decided to post a blog about it _____________________________________________________________________ I have always been a sony fan and have owned every one of their systems. You can... More
  • Black Ops Hate-Train?

    I've been reading and watching reviews for CoD:BO (heheh, BO), and from what I've seen so far this game looks very solid, as well as enjoyable. Why is it, then, that there seems to be so much hate for this game? I mean, there may be some validity... More
  • Sonic 4.....The game the Blue Blur needed to get back on track.

    Hey guys whats up?*waves* Anyhow just got back from a awesome day in MW online hobbys.Almost close to my first prestige(:D).Also got my new Game informer today and fast forwarded to the sonic the hedgehog 4 review.After reading the review I have high... More
  • Cheap Gamer Reviews - Game 2: NBA 2k10

    Intro: The second addition to my Cheap Gamer Review blog is NBA 2k10. Now, I understand that old year's sports games are an obvious choice for cheap gaming. OF COURSE the price of a 2010 game will drop significantly when its subsequent 2011 release... More
  • OMG...what the heck just happened...

    So...uh...yes, this blog has been back dated...and yes I's not really a blog per say...but I wanted to just tell a quick story because I honestly had every intention on posting a blog last night...a good blog too...or at least I thought... More
  • Advertisements: Do they work?

    The holiday season is slowly creeping upon us, and as is the norm this time of year video game developers are pushing out their best games to grab our wallets. The advertisements are in full effect, with my favorite for a new game so far being this one... More
  • Lonely on Live

    I'll be the first to admit that I am a quirky gamer. I don't really play the games that most other folks play. I've never played any of the Call of Duty games online, nor have I ever bought one of the Halo games, despite owning a 360. I also... More
  • The first(and last) blog I'm gonna write that has nothing to do with gaming.

    Hello everyone whats up? Not much for me except that i found a part time and may start working soon(:D).Now maybe I can finally move up to the next generation consoles.Anyway thats not what I'm here to talk about.We all had hard times in our life... More
  • Check Out Some Forums

    I don't know if this is allowed, but I ran a forum based gaming website for quite awhile before handing it over to be run by some other members. It's a smaller community where you actually get to know the members there. It's a place for gaming... More
  • A great game for a great price Pinball hall of fame the williams collection.

    I like pinball, let me rephrase that I love pinball. I was raised in arcades and pool halls so I have been playing pinball since I was tall enough to reach the flipper buttons. There is something about a Pinball machine that makes every man want one in... More