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  • GamerScore Contest

    As of the 21 st of November, myself and some friends put some money in a pot and decided that for 2 weeks we will have an achievement contest. The rules are pretty simple: we basically get our Gamerscore as of the start of the contest and then earn as... More
  • A silly gaming situation: Companies trolling each other.

    ****Note**** This blog is for entertainment purposes only. Gaming has it's fair share of mudslinging between companies. Everything with competition does. But what if gaming companies resorted to the tactics usually employed by somebody looking for... More
  • Why Ocarina of Time is my 9th Favorite Game of All Time

    The amount of Flak I will receive for putting this game so low on a list will be incredible. Words often used to describe this game are Untouchable, Timeless, Outstanding, Perfection among other compliments. And I completely believe that those words could... More
  • Disgaea Series v.s. Final Fantasy Tactics Series (Part 1)

    Here it is, the battle of two tactical/rpg juggernauts. Which game will come out on top: the hilarious anime style of Disgaea or the serious, deep stories of Final Fantasy Tactics. I decided to do each game individually to make it easier to read through... More
  • UPDATE: My Complete List of Predictions for the Spike 2011 VGA's; Winners Revealed

    Well, the moment many gamers have been waiting for is drawing near, and it's not Thanksgiving or Skyrim (finally!). It's an epic clash of high-profile titles in the annual Spike VGA's, with quite a few surprises, from Portal 2 to Minecraft... More
  • The Curse of the Backlog Part 2: Attack of the Spider-Men

    Previously in my quest to clear my backlog , I played, beat, and reviewed the first Sly game. My review wasn't very favorable, and it garnered a lot of hate and negative opinions towards me. This week, I return with a slightly better, but less beloved... More
  • The Elder Scrolls 6: What I Want

    Bethesda's latest entry into the Elder Scrolls universe has been out for a little over a week now. Like most, I've fallen head over heels in love with this game; the adventure, the story, the shouts, the combat, and most of all, the leveling system... More
  • Sora3Ben's major announcement!

    Hello fellow gamers. It is I, Sora3Ben, once again. I have come back (from where, I've no idea) to grace you with my sheer awesomeness. Mainly because DCUniverse is downloading on Steam and I have nothing else to do, but whatever. This is going to... More
  • FanFic Fellowship Entry - The Farmer and the Skeleton

    The following piece is inspired by the opening sequence of Skyrim, which shows what I believe to be the misunderstood end of Lokir “the thief”. It is something of a twisted comical tragedy. The concept was inspired by the webisodes of The... More
  • Skyward Sword Basics

    One of the first things you need to know is that you start out with just a stamina guage that will be required for some actions. Second, your sword and shield can be acquired with some time(maybe 30 min) put into the game. You won't be able to upgrade... More
  • Are Video Games Associated With Problem Behaviors?


    Let me start by saying this will not be filled with statistical mumbo jumbo. As a Psych student at UC Davis, it was a common chore to scrutinize the tables and charts to come away with something meaningful. That something is all I wish to offer.

    ... More
  • FPS – So Easy A Caveman Could Play It...

    Following up on my blog from a few days ago that really just kind of scratched the surface of why gamers as a whole prefer one genre over another, I couldn't help but come back today and expound upon the discussion, especially in light of some of... More