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  • Poem: You Are

    You were just a whisper in the dark An echo in the night Just the muttering of words I clung to with all my might Don’t leave me Don’t go I’m slipping away now With nothing left to show Do You have enough grace for me? Was I always so... More
  • Dark Souls Review

    Hello all! I know this is kind of late, as this title's been out for almost a month. I assure everyone I bought it then, I've just had a lot of crud to deal with and I haven't had much time for this one. But now I've beaten it and I'd... More
  • A scary story....

    Sometimes we like scary stuff. Other times it unnerves us. Me, I always found it hard to get scared or disturbed by stuff i see on the internet. Heck, I've seen it all. Or, at least thats what I thought. That all changed two weeks ago when i went... More
  • 30\30 Day #12 11/12/11 Abandonment: Pokemon Yellow

    If any of you read my Bio, and I'm sure that means none of you, you would know that my 2nd Favorite game of all time is Pokemon Yellow. It was the first handheld game I ever played, as I got it for Christmas as a 6 Year Old, and much of my childhood... More
  • Most Disappointing Game of the Year

    This year has been a incredible year for the video game industry, and there were many high profile games being released all throughout the year. Some games were pretty obvious whether they would be good or not (Skyrim). Others were a nice surprise (Mortal... More
  • Skyrim: The Ring of Hircine. *slight spoiler so be warned

    It all started with a Spriggan. It was supposed to be a simple “go to” quest to stop a spriggan from terrorizing a local town. Of course I had the choice to decline, but honestly who would? So off I go. On arriving in the town of Falkreath... More
  • The Skyrim Discovery Group(launched!)

    The day for the release of Skyrim has come, yesterday. So now, you can sign up for the Skyrim Discovery Group, in which we look around the game for interesting history, facts, and more. Also, we share these discoveries and tips with other users from the... More
  • My first hour (or 2) in Skyrim

    I'm guessing as a rule most of you have already played the third entry into the only Elder Scrolls games anyone cares about. But, some of you unfortunate souls have not been able to play Skyrim. So, I decided to blog a journal of sorts about my first... More
  • RC's Diary of Dark Souls, Part 2: The Undead Burg

    Dark Souls hates me, and rest assured, it hates you too. After the extremely brief tutorial, it will spend the rest of your time with it trying to convince you to believe that fact. After being dropped off by the kidnapper-crow-thing into a new area apparently... More
  • Top 10 Game Over Screens

    Top 10 Game Over Screens Nobody like to see a game over screen. It means you failed, you suck, you're not good enough to beat our game. However, some games manage to make it not so bad. Here are the Top 10 Game Over screens that made us say "Just... More
  • Skyrim: The Ginger Chronicles

    A Little Bit of Backstory: When I heard about Elder Scrolls V coming out, I decided to see what all the hype was about and went out and bought Oblivion. To make a long story short, I really enjoyed the game with all of its exploration and quirky little... More
  • Running with an Idea: Historical Games

    The Legendary Ewok King posted a blog about 3 weeks ago, which I just found after extensive digging. The concept behind it was a new genre of games, Biography. He has a passion for writing, which could use a little bit of fine tuning, but the ideas that... More