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  • Some cool changes to the GIO site

    There have been some great changes made to the GI site recently. Some of them may not be *that* new (I admit, I've been very intermittent in my visits to the site recently), but they're new to me. Either I just noticed them, or I noticed them... More
  • We Keep Saying We'll Play Them Again, But...

    I'm sure every gamer out there has a stack of old games. Games that they loved to play but that have been set aside. I myself still have the entire Jak series, both Kingdom Hearts games, the original God of War, and FF X and XII sitting on shelves... More
  • Level Up Faster With A World of Warcraft Alliance Leveling Guide For Cataclysm

    In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Deathwing has emerged and wrought havoc across Azeroth. With this new expansion comes new quests in once-familiar zones, new Alliance allies in the Worgen now free from Gilneas, and new end-game questing areas and raids... More
  • Good vs Bad vs Grey

    A funny trend has come up in games recently. It seems games anymore have forgotten that not all stories should be about 'we good, them bad, you kill' or what I would like to call Just Jarheads Killing "Stuff" With Spare Time To Kill... More
  • Music You Need To Listen To: Soul Embraced

    For fans of: melodic death metal, Soilwork, Dethklok, Living Sacrifice Notable releases: Dead Alive (2008) Soul Embraced is a melodic death metal band hailing from Arkansas. The band was actually started as a side project of Rocky Gray, a member of Living... More
  • GIO Member Herding Special “Bot” Edition…

    An issue came up with the latest GIO Member to be interviewed for the Member Herding blog. I hope everything works out for him, I truly do. But in the meantime, I had to come up with an alternative candidate (I'm already a week overdue). I thought... More
  • Writing Vs Gameplay, Community Response

    It seemed like a slow day for blog posts today, so I figured I throw up a short little quip about writing in games and look for a community response. Obviously writing in gaming is an aspect that divides those who play them. If you're like me, you... More
  • The Top 15 Most Confusing Movies Of All Time

    There's no denying that movies have a certain formula. You can normally expect your film to begin with set-up, then get into the big action in the middle, and then climax and resolve at the end. But what happens when a movie defies that formula? And... More
  • "UPDATE" GIO Community March Madness Contest

    Well it's that time of year. One of my favorite sporting events of the year, the NCAA Basketball tourney. And that means only one thing. Time to fill out some brackets! I do these things every year, I enter pools with friends for cash and I always... More
  • Golden Boy

    It's been a while since I've checked my GI page. I just wanted to say Hi everyone I'm back again and hope to fill your minds with geeky/ gaming goodness and plenty of fan art. If you were wondering the video below is a trailer about an old... More
  • How Important is Game Length to You?

    The length of games has been an issue for gamers for many years now, with people coming down on both sides of it. Some say that it doesn't matter how long a game is, as long as it's an overall quality experience. Others say that "If I'm... More
  • The Gullibility of Gamers Searching for Treasures…

    The Gullibility of Gamers Searching for Treasures… I was playing Donkey Kong Country Returns and I was on this particular level where I discovered a switch and when the switch is activated, a secret area is revealed chock full of bananas and gold... More