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  • Proposition for GIO: GIO Poetry Corner(PLEASE READ)

    (Update 10/21/11) I don't plan on updating this blog much, but I'm giving out a second chance for anyone who wants to take part of this(read original post below for details). I have decided what the name for this will be, I plan on calling it... More
  • 24 Hour Robotathon for Extra Life

    UPDATE 10/21/2011: Our 24 hour video game marathon for Extra Life starts tonight (Friday, October 21) at 7:30 PM central. We should potentially have up to 12 guys playing in the same house during the duration of this event. The Xbox 360 that we'll... More
  • Lord of the Rings: War in the North Game Info + Soul Calibur 5 special guest reveal !!!

    There has been a quite big period of time since the last LotR-game came out, Conquest. Now arriving with high hopes the story is told about the War in the North this time, 3 heroes are unifying to fight their way through the snowy terrain of the north... More
  • The Morality of the Assassin Order

    The Morality of the Assassin Order Nothing is True, Everything is permitted. This is what we are told is the creed of the Assassin’s. If we look at this from a logical standpoint however, the first rule would negate the second rule, if nothing is... More
  • WGWC Challenge #1: Who AM I?

    First off, I wish to applaud BlackHeartedWolf for taking upon this huge task. Not too long ago he did a massive blog segment called 30/30, where over the course of 30 days he outlined the 30 games that made the most impact on his life. So I tip my hat... More
  • The News - 10.21.11 - The Parent's Guide to Video Games

    Hello again, Parents and Gamers! Moving into the weekend, we will be leaving off with two little bits of info: one concerning an upcoming game and the second as a follow-up. So, we will start off with a little bit of information about the upcoming first... More
  • My Trade-In Report: Resale Value of Games #1

    Hey Gameinformer Community! This is probably the first trade in I have done all year so I then thought that I should just tell you guys to give the community a nice "heads up!" for their next visit to trade in games. Anyways, today (10/20/2011... More
  • Two Tele Shows To Watch

    Do you sit staring at your XBOX wishing it would play video games for you? You didn't have to pick up a controller and do it yourself, but it would do things for you! Well I'm happy to tell you that's been happening since the early 1900's... More
  • WGWC extra: I Write

    It's funny, I find myself again sitting in my computer chair staring at this screen as I type up a new blog, wondering just what it is that keeps me doing this. I mean I already posted once this week about me and my writing, so what is it that makes... More
  • The Ten Commandments of Gaming

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    Every Gamer has made bad decisions before. Whether you bought a bad game, got mad at other players who you probably shouldn’t have gotten mad at, or spammed an overpowered weapon or fighter, we’ve all made bad decisions. So, to help you not... More
  • Dark Souls and Dark Passions: Difficulty in Games

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    As my grandpappy used to tell me, “Back in my day, we only had two days of the week: Monday and Second Monday. Not only that, but we only had two numbers, one and zero. That’s how we made the computer. AND WE LIKED IT!” Okay, so my grandpappy... More
  • What's Normal For Me

    What's Normal For Me I see people move so freely And I ask myself Was it ever really Just that easy? Did I ever go up stairs Without a second thought? Could I fall down and say "who cares"? Did I ever sit up without feeling shot? I know... More