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  • the bitter pill, playing a bad game. A grouchy old dude report.

    Howdy ho and welcome to my little piece of digital rental property. First let me say this, I loved the super replay of Over Blood. To listen and see a group of people having fun playing a bad game and taking on a task and completing it despite the fact... More
  • Free Downloadable Games for Android Phones

    Free game download from the Android market have not been as popular as its Apple counterpart. Nevertheless, given that Android is an open source platform from Google, it has got to have some fun games to while away a few hours on your computer. This does... More
  • Oh

    What up blog no one reads. More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of I Love You Phillip Morris (I swear there are no scams afoot here)

    It's been awhile since I've had the nerve to go see a movie with Jim Carey in it. I suppose after watching so many duds on his part is the reason. This movie, I Love You Phillip Morris, just struck a cord with me. It had been shown at a couple... More
  • Saint’s Book Report on Mass Effect: Revelation…

    I like books. I have tons of them. Unfortunately, most of them go unread because when I'm at home, I don't read a whole lot. But when I'm on the road I find I read a ton more. I read daily and I read more than just the time it takes in the... More
  • I Love Dying

    Don't worry loyal blog readers, I'm not contemplating suicide. Instead, I've spent the last few weeks playing through Team Meat's stellar Super Meat boy. I've been impressed with several things that the game manages to do. I'm... More
  • Super Custom GI Avatars

    Here we go for another round of Avatars. This time with initials to help identify the characters. You are so lucky! T. B. D. T. L. H. S. S. B. M. S. Mii I have lots of requests that I'm still working on. If you made a previous request, you don't... More
  • What made the SSX series such a great series? (Well at least the first three)

    It's not a big secret if you've looked at my page that I'm a huge fan of SSX. (Maybe my avatar will be changed to Mac) And with the "big" trailer of SSX Deadly Descent it's gotten be once again pumped for my beloved series. Now... More
  • Remembering Old Video Games

    After reading many posts about old video games, I started to think about the days of staying home from school to play more Playstation, Nintendo 64, and my original Nintendo DS. We have probably all done it, I probably more than some.Video games were... More
  • Strong Opening, Middling Middle: Levels 1-10 in LotRO

    First impressions mean a lot, and it is clear that Turbine, the company behind Lord of the Rings Online, understands this. LotRO opens well with a solo quest series that does a good job introducing players to the world and gameplay. Including Aragorn... More
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Maybe its time to switch developers.

    Greetings GIO. Once again I've been busy with finishing up all the games I've bought over the holidays(10 in total). But recently, I've had the chance to play the Wii version of Sonic colors. And to tell you the truth... I was disappointed... More
  • I Take A Step Back.... Into Team Fortress 2

    I haven't stepped into Team Fortress 2 for a long, long time. So long, in fact, that I literally ripped myself out of a Half-Life 2 session on my PS3 just to see if this game was still played by anyone. Luck was with me, because I did find a game... More