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  • I've forgotten some of my life lessons...

    Last summer I wrote a series of blogs where I discussed my life. A few months later, I wrote a blog about leaving which lead to me coming back 3 days later. I then promised no more blogs on my personal life. However, I've been out of therapy for a... More
  • Gamification – This Year’s Buzz Word…

    It's Valentine's Day and I had to work 3 hours late tonight. Not a good combination. Suffice it to say I'm going with one of my shorter topics this evening. Gamification. I'm sure I have heard of the word before but honestly until I wrote... More
  • the mini minute: Fortix and Echoes for the PSP/PS3

    Welcome to the mini minute, This is a quick review of mini games available on PSN. Alright first game is Fortix Fortix is like the classic qix but set in the middle ages with castles and dragons and knights. The game play is simple you move your knight... More
  • Music Games Coming to an End?

    I have noticed not many people have purchased music games, like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, I'm not a huge fan of either, but I think one main reason is that those games are same old, same old, every time a new one comes out. They need to try something... More
  • When We Start Gaming

    I recently took a test to see how much of a "hardcore" gamer I am. The questions revolved around identifying pictures of obscure 8 bit characters and naming various plot points or colors in games from late 70s to late 80s. I am 27 and the bulk... More
  • Is Guitar Hero Dead?

    Yes. Yes it is. Oh, you wanted me to expand on that a little bit? Okay fine, but only because you asked nicely. Guitar Hero premiered in November of 2005 and literally shook the foundations of what people had come to expect from a video game. Back in... More
  • Halo reach defiant map pack trailer

    The newly announced defiant map pack for halo reach, that is scheduled for a March release. I already submitted a new tip but figured I would put it up so people can view it now, enjoy. As you can see in the video, it will include 1 fire fight map, and... More
  • This one's for all the ladies ;)

    I would just like to wish all the gamer gals out there a sweet Valentine's Day. I have writen a truely moving poem that I believe will melt your heart... Although we have not yet met, I know our love is as awesome as Boba Fet. You are every piece... More
  • Advertising Games Online - Why the Portions Can be Valued at Much more

    A number of online games may be used quite low-priced - a cheap board game including Trivial Pursuit may perhaps be purchased for only �3. However now that individuals usually would like inquiries and a medium sized online game often have around a thousand... More
  • Part one of Gamebeast's Bookworm Review of Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis

    (I hope a book review isn't horribly off-topic, but if so- just tell me.) Low Men in Yellow Coats (approximately 320 pages on my copy) When you think of Stephen King, you usually think of the scary Stephen King. The Stephen King that writes stories... More
  • Online Games for Girls

    Do you recall playing with your dolls and toy pots and pans? Do you recall stealing your mother�s make up and dresses along with your sister? Yes, us girls have been so much fond of playing and acting as a grown sophisticated lady. Now the classics are... More
  • Saint’s One Year Anniversary at Game Informer Online - TCB…

    26 2
    Honestly, I may be a week overdue. Does Game Informer Online tell you the date you joined? I'm just looking at the number of blogs I've posted and the first blog I posted and trying to do the math. Oh well, regardless...if I'm late, better... More