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  • The Indie Phenomenon: What This Generation of Gaming Means To Me...

    As is to be expected this late in any console cycle, we are constantly being bombarded with news about the next generation of video game consoles that will inevitably be released. Most gamers even acknowledge that since the release of this generation... More
  • Cold slap of Rain:Shoob's Tale

    Before starting this blog listen to this to set the mood for this tale of mine.... The story you are about to read is a tale of deceit, greed, empty promises, and bad luck. I'll be honest its not a story for the young gamers out there and it asks... More
  • Grey: Chapter 10

    Xaldin surveyed the crowd, muttering to himself. He seemed to be counting the number of people that had stood up. The number of people who would be the start of his army. But suddenly, he stopped. “Oh, and what do we have here.” He said, “You... More
  • Trials Evolution Interview

    I really, really like Trials HD. Just saying... I also couldn't be more stoked about the upcoming sequel Trials Evolution. I interviewed RedLynx Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo, and he filled me in on some details about the game, including the new... More
  • Giving Thanks Through Gaming

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The whole country gets a week (or less) off to be lazy and eat too much food. If you're feeling cynical, you could say that we're celebrating the great American traditions of being fat and lazy. Or... More
  • An Opinion on HD Remakes

    So far, creators have been adopting the current trend of digitally remastering games that were popular during its time. Games such as Metal Gear Solid, God of War, or Resident Evil 4, there's, something out there for everyone. Personally, It is a... More
  • Confessions of a Noob

    I think I speak for the entire community when I say that 2011 was the greatest year for not only gaming, but GI Cover Stories. Starting out with a bang with the Tomb Raider reboot, onto the most anticipated game of this year, Skyrim, and to Call of Duty's... More
  • Why I think that this century is worse than the previous ones

    You know,I always felt like I was born in the wrong time,I mean,why the 20th century,why not the 18th century,the century when USA was announced independent,why not the 15th century,the time of Renaissance?I can talk about about famous events in the past... More
  • What I'd Like to See In the Next Generation of Consoles

    The next generation of consoles is almost here, and it's coming slower than I expected(thankfully). We've really come a long way as where graphics are amazing, gameplay couldn't get better, and security always being heightened. But what about... More

    So, recently Irrational Games released another in it's series of stellar podcasts, Irrational Interviews, where Ken Levine spoke to nerd legend Guillermo Del Toro. They spoke about all kinds of awesome stuff that predicted what may happen next in... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 26: FAR SUPERIOR!!!!

    "Well Well Well", I say as I pace around this conference call with a baton in hand, a Big Daddy standing menacingly behind me, "it seems that there's been an absence of content from The 4th Floor!!!" I slam the baton on the table... More
  • Bait and Switch: Only To Get Worse

    As you may know, some companies recently *cough* EA *cough* have been pulling bait and switch tactics on us consumers. Though, what will happen if we do nothing about it? Oh, like the title says, it will only get worse. Much, much worse. The few readers... More