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  • DLC Skins I want to see in Dead Space 3

    I'm kinda bored so I figured I should show you a few cool DLC skins I would LOVE to see in Dead Space 3, some are obvious while the others are just bizzare. Enjoy ! Iron Man or War Machine I guess this was pretty obvious. Isaac’s futuristic... More
  • God Isn't Dead, He's Just Waiting to Respawn

    If you haven't read LittleBigDaddy's controversial post " The Most Godless Game ," I definitely suggest you do so here . In a well-written critique of gaming as a whole, he attacks games and game developers for their lack of respect... More
  • Gameinformer Online Radio - Episode 31

    Here it is, after such a long, torturous wait, episode 31 of GIOR! This week, Michael, Dan, Joel, JR, and Matt discuss such topics as Saints Row The Third, Skyrim, and why Michael is a biased fanboy hater of Sly Cooper and should die a horrible death... More
  • Why I Don't Game on a PC: A Gamer's Confession

    A few months back, I got so excited to find out I would be getting a free copy of Mass Effect 2 because I had purchased the signature edition of Dragon Age II for the Xbox. Unfortunately, my dreams of re-living the adventure with Shepard were shattered... More
  • The durararaGO95 Answerathon Manboobtactular

    Here it is the answer to the questions asked by fellow Gameinformer members. I wish I got more questions but hey you can't get everything you want. So let's begin. Jordan Ashton asks "What's the meaning of being a true gamer?" Well... More
  • Skyrim has Nurtured My Innermost Paranoid Thoughts!

    Heated debates between PS3 fans and XBOX 360 fans have been thriving since the two have cohabitated the industry. As a hardcore gamer who simply enjoys anything that has to do with video games in general, (down to the free Android market games) and an... More
  • Why you should play Arkham City

    Alright I admit it. I am a Batman Fanboy. I also love video games, and I really cannot think of a better mix of the two than Arkham City. It is easily one of the best games of 2011, and here are some reasons why. The Combat in the game is simply amazing... More
  • MarioKart7: Is it up to the Hype?

    Ok. here I am again doing my first "major" post in over a year....Such a long time. Anyways, I bought MarioKart7 yesterday. I opened it and so far it is really worth the $40 I spent. The Kart customization makes it so much more easier to get... More
  • Gamers Prone To Catch Bird Flu (Angry Birds Fever)…

    15 1
    Maybe you're a product of the 80s, or maybe you're not but you've heard the legends and read the history books. There was a phenomenon occurring in the 80s that swept across the nation, nay the world or at least parts of it. It spread like... More
  • Why Red Dead Redemption is my 4th Favorite Game of All Time

    Some games are just better than others. Some aspire to be more than a simple release, or a good time. Some are a true testament to gaming as more than just a Kid’s Hobby. No other game can advocate this notion than Rockstar’s greatest oroduct... More
  • Start of a blog? Probably not.

    (Yep, that's me) Hello. I am no blogger. I am just sitting at my college campus thinking to myself, "What should I do?" So I decided to write some meaningless blog that probably will have no views. Who is this G3N0Unknown character? (Yes... More
  • A song for the Holidays.

    I feel like I should share this song with the rest of the GameInformer community. The following is a song performed by comedian Tim Minchin. To me at least it encompasses the most important aspect of the holiday season. fCNvZqpa 7Q I just want to wish... More