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  • AllAboutJane's Top Ten Pokemon of the 90's

    I am not supposed to like Pokemon, right? I mean, I am in high school and should move on to living on Myspace or something. Pokemon should have taken only a small percentage of my life. Well, not exactly. I do play Pokemon games and think more of the... More
  • An Idiot's Guide to Jailbreaking

    The iPhone is a pretty sweet product. It's a classic example of Apple's excellence of elegant design combined with comfy functionality. It's also a great example of how Apple sometimes acts like an evil corporate giant that wants to suck you... More
  • Rock Songs That Should Be Made Into Games

    (Side Note: The title did read Classic Rock Songs that Should Be Made Into Video Games, but I added Weezer and Franz Ferdinand, so I had to change it.) I finally got around to writing my promised blog today, and I was seriously considering rescheduling... More
  • UPDATE: The Community News Review Going Forward

    So, the first two entries in the Community News Review have received a positive reception. I'm really happy to see it finding a place here with the community. However, the core element of this blog is participation from the community. My goal is to... More
  • My Dead Space 2 Mistake

    I play games to have fun, I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone with a higher gamerscore or more trophies or beating a game on 'SuperCrazyHardcore' Mode. I'm not saying that the people out there who do enjoy a challenge are trying... More
  • Enjoyable Experience with Nintendo Wii

    The fame gained by video games resulted to more inventions including gaming consoles and other gadgets. Huge companies employ their own developers for product development including gaming consoles and games. Among them arise Nintendo WII which is known... More
  • Robot In the Corner - By Gamers, For Gamers...

    DISCLAIMER: This blog was endorsed by the RITC crew and is being posted to assist with publicizing their upcoming show featuring a few high profile guests from the Game Informer Staff. No robots were harmed in the posting of this blog. How do you take... More
  • The Waiting Game

    10 1
    Now I know that most of you are looking at this title and are instantly thinking "Yea, I hate waiting for new games to come out! Why is this game delayed! I would kill a man to get this game in my hands right now!" This is not that blog. The... More
  • Getting to know the community *Small Update*

    Update Update: Nope, too late. Sorry! But still check out my blog Update: So I kinda messed with things. Because Im stupid! So instead of having 4, I chose 5. then once I got a couple more, I accepted more than 5 because of a mix up. So know I finally... More
  • Game Over... continue? Heavenly Sword

    Sorry, here's another old(ish) game with no page of it's own so I'm posting my review with the blogs... Heavenly Sword is all about… well, a heavenly sword! The sword is said to be an ancient and mystical weapon that is supposedly the... More
  • The Quest: Part 11

    So, after Raz’s fight with Byakuya Kuchiki they were all moving towards the next temple. Hmm, I have to think of something interesting to happen to them on the way. Alright, I have an idea. And then as they were walking, they saw a gathering of... More
  • I want this as a Career so bad!

    I have a big problem! I want a career in the gaming industry so ridiculously bad thats all i ever think about. My problem is i have no idea where or how to begin my journey. I think my first step needs to be to STOP playing WOW thats definitely slowly... More