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  • A Look At The Tactics Of Black Ops...

    Since I have been doing more serious posts, I decided to do write a piece that seems more lay back. I might make it another episode but today (or this post) I want to write about a game I have been getting a little too carried away with. Is that even... More
  • The man of Stale : A retrospective of Superman video games. By the grouchy old dude.

    Last night I witnessed the new Bat Man trailer you know the one where it shows the in game footage. Simply beautiful to behold the game will be everything the other one was and more. DC really outdid themselves on this one. Comic book hero video games... More
  • Secret PIctures

    Yes that is Ocarina of Time on the 3DS. Oddly enough they made me turn off the 3D for the picture and I had to have a thumb in the picture. The rep at the Nintendo booth had to approve the picture as well. More
  • Dead Space 2: Most Immersive Game Ever?

    I just finished Hard Core mode on Dead Space 2 this week, and I can now say it was truly my most epic accomplishment in my long video gaming career. I say "epic" because the word encompasses more than just difficulty (I'm pretty sure Veteran... More
  • Here's Where I Sell My Soul to the Devil. Or why you should come check out the bros in Brocast

    I've had about a dozen ideas for blogs after I wrote my last one. Instead, the majority of my time has gone into doing something I've been trying to get off the ground for the last two or three years. Finally, after countless headaches and multiple... More
  • Story Time! Part IV

    You can catch the Beginning of the story here: When we last left Odin Fog: "what are you waiting for?" cried the older member, the younger member then cocked the hammer of the... More
  • Dragon Age II and Making Better Games

    In my previous blog post , I talked about the storytelling in games. In this post I will be talking about much the same thing, but with a focus on a game that I recently completed: Dragon Age II. In my previous post I talked about how games shouldn’t... More
  • Druid Leveling Spec - Which is the best for leveling fast?

    Okey here we go. For me Druid is perhaps one of the most interesting classes in World of Warcraft. This is because it is a true hybrid class, being able to fill up any roll in the game: tank, dps, healer. Thus you can always change when you go tired playing... More
  • Doraemon Games

    There are many people who really love Doraemon games. From a design and development sampling we are talking about games that do not necessarily require extensive usage of a computer central processing unit. The reason why is because a lot of the graphics... More
  • Battle: Los Angeles – Blockbuster Movie; Low Budget Games…

    This past weekend I did something I don't do too often - I went to the movies. Yep, took the whole family +1 (son's girlfriend) to see Battle: Los Angeles . I'm not even exaggerating when I say it cost $45.00 for 5 tickets and that's with... More
  • ZENG THIS!!! Its your weekly Update for Games, Movies and Comics

    So this week is a weird week. We have Battle: LA, where the U.S. gets invaded by Aliens. Then we have HomeFront where the year is 2027 and the U.S. has been invaded by United Korea. And the Americans have to fight back Red Dawn style. I see a theme going... More
  • Hmmm Story Anyone?

    Alright, after playing Homefront, I really have thought of the idea about war at home. However, my iteration of this idea is different. Let me tell you the plot setup. 2011: Libyan war raises fuel prices. US tries to place No-Fly-Zone in Libya, however... More