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  • Brother

    My brother and I, to say the least have always had a broken relationship. I'm not sure there has ever been a time in my existence where there hasn't been tension between us. We've never had that picture perfect bro relationship because frankly... More
  • $15 down on a brand new Dodge RAAM

    [Raam's Shadow DLC review - Xbox 360 - 8.5/10] The second Gears of War 3 DLC dropped this week, and - after a brief kerfuffle where Season Pass owners were prompted with a 1200 MSP download, instead of the free one - players were given the chance... More
  • The Indie & Mojo Show Episode 17: Special Guest Adam Boyes

    If you haven't heard of the upcoming downloadable platformer Pid, it looks awesome. It's for that reason that I reached out to Adam Boyes, a producer on the game to speak with him and have him enlighten us on this evil roboty, jazzy, puzzly, unique... More
  • Streamlining Saves-Should There Be An Industry Standard?

    No...Really...SAVE your game!! One of the most rudimentary actions of gaming is to save your file. Be it an RPG, hardcore shooter or puzzle game, saving your progress allows you to pick up the game at a later date or time when trivial things like your... More
  • Top 75 Favorite Games of All Time! #55-46

    Sorry about the wait for this part of the list, it's been a few days and I've been busy working on that survey (Ask me if you still want to take it). Anyways, 55-46 features six games from this generation, but that won't be a common theme... More
  • My list of Christmas break activities

    My video game list: 1. Play Skyrim 2. Play Modern Warfare 3 3. Play Battlefield 3 4. Play Batman Arkham (think I spelled that wrong) Asylum Girlfriend fun list: 1. Watch "Gone With the Wind" 2. Write in our handmade (not by us), leather bound... More
  • Games That Have Left Footprints Volume 2

    If you have read my first volume you will know that this blog is about games that have left footprints in my heart. I then explain to you why you should try them out, or look them up, but of course i tell you what is so great about them first. I am and... More
  • 5 of the Best Video Game Songs From 2011

    *This was originally written for music blog Music That Isn't Bad , but given the content I thought it would have a nice home here as well. Enjoy! Portal 2 - "Exile Vilify" (by The National) The score to Portal 2 does an amazing job of making... More
  • Guessing the Wii-U OS Design: My predictions combined with some wishful thinking.

    I made this mock-up because I am wondering what Nintendo's next console will look like and I am bored at work and decent at Photoshop. Keep in mind this design is NOT exactly my 100% perfect, ideal design. When putting this together I considered 3... More
  • Time With Demos! Rochard

    Released about a month ago by Recoil Games, Rochard is one of the newest releases in the vein of Trine and other physics-based, side-scrolling platformers. It has flash; it has pizzazz; and it has a certain degree of charm. Can it play with the big dogs... More
  • Does Quantity (Number of Games You Play) Matter...

    30 1
    While I may be one of the few gamers resistant to the Skyrim contagion that has spread like wildfire and reached pandemic levels in record time, I have suffered my own addictions to a particular video game or two in my time and understand what some of... More
  • Fallout: Me-Hi-Co

    Imagine: You are crossing an intersection in the obliterated city of Mexico City, when suddenly, you are assaulted by Ghoulified Drug Cartels, smuggling tons of Cocaine to another nearby camp for a big payout. They know you have a bounty on your head... More