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  • My One Year Anniversary (And a Top Ten's List)

    Yes it has now been one year since I started blogging at Gameinformer. Honestly though I have never been that big of a writer before and even after I started blogging I'd maybe write one or two blogs a week (And only ever got a blog herded once.)... More
  • WGWC: The Other Rage

    Ironically, I was working on a blog today and happened to take a break when I noticed BlackHeartedWolf posted the next episode of the Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge. The assignment, as many of you already know, is to post a review of some sorts.... More
  • The Best (NSFW) Thing I've Seen All Day: Hotdogs!

    If you read my last The Best Thing I've Seen All Day, you know I'm easily impressed. This video is absolutely hilarious, but is very NSFW, as the guy in the video drops the f' bomb about every other sentence, so if you're unnerved by swearing... More
  • WGWC: Cogito Scribo Ludo

    Cogito ergo sum. I think, therefore, I am. This is heady existential stuff. In taking up the gauntlet laid down by BlackHeartedWolf’s Writer’s Guild Weekly Challenge, I’m forced to ask myself, Who am I, at least from a writing perspective... More
  • Bronies: My Discovery of Them and My Further Analysis

    I have never watched "My Little Pony". I didn't even know there was such a show until about 2 years ago, I just knew that they were a bunch of dolls (or whatever the kids call them these days). Therefore, imagine my suprise when I saw a... More
  • Grey: Chapter 6

    Draco was eating breakfast with Angelina the next morning when Dalinus stumbled over to their table. He rested his head on the table when he sat down. “Hey guys.” Dalinus said, rubbing his head, “What’s up.” “Not you... More
  • [WGWC #2] Deus Ex: Human Revolution review


    This blog serves three purposes: Saint's challenge (it is also posted on User reviews), BlackHeartedWolf's challenge (WGWC #2) and the review itself. Very timely, I'd say.

    ... More
  • America's Army 3 Review

    America's Army 3 is a realistic multi-player game that tries to replicate what real combat is like. In my opinion, it does it pretty well. The game came out a year or two ago, but I still play it a lot. First I'll talk about graphics. America's... More
  • WGWC: Reviewing Nostalgia

    For those of you who have gotten know me in my short time here at GIO, you know that my favorite video game series is Pokémon. I absolutely love Pokémon. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. It has meant so much to me as a gamer. So, I... More
  • Deadman's Poems: "Legends of Old", "Silence of Mind, Extra: GIO Poetry Corner Announcement

    Two new poems from myself today, I hope you can take the time to read them, but if not, I hope you read what else I have to say. I have been in a poem crazy mood for the past week,I've written quite a few of poems, which, to me, is surprising. Before... More
  • Arkham City Easter Egg! *Spoiler Free*

    "It will end where it began" -Hugo Strange- By now I'm sure all you gamers are knee deep in Batman's deep combat and utterly satisfying open world story but if you slow down and bit and take a look around you will find some interesting... More
  • Just another WoW/Blizzard Rant...

    The Recent Expansion Pack...The Issue of Another Class who becomes a Hybrid Class (Tank/Heal/DPS)...when will it end? I'm pretty much down with wow at this point. I wish we could have played this class/this race back before BC, but its too late now... More