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  • 2011 VGA Thoughts

    Its VGA time. Probably the most heavily criticized award shows gives it another shot this year. Here is what I think of the world premieres and the award show in general. Lets hit the premieres first. The Last Of Us has alot of potential, but has the... More
  • Holiday Cheer- What's Your Special Franchise?

    Every gamer has a franchise that they think is or are "the best game(s) ever". Let it be Uncharted, Final Fantasy, Zelda, or Earthbound, there is that series that, as previously stated. is adored to the highest extent in this medium. For example... More
  • As a Gamer: Where I've Been, Where I Am, and Where I Am Going


    In a little under a month, we'll all celebrate the beginning of 2012. Many will take time to reflect on what they accomplished, set resolutions, and hope for the best. Since this time of reflection is fast-approaching, I thought I'd evaluate what gamer I was, what gamer I am, and what kind of gamer I might become.

    ... More
  • Embracing Interactivity: I Would Rather Play A Game Than Watch It

    The comparison between movies and video games validates itself with almost every major release. The narrative boundary between interactivity and rhetorical storytelling fades as games adopt just about every technical aspect of film. The game developers... More
  • Just a Little Zelda Humor

    Just a little Zelda humor for anyone that's played Ocarina of Time. If you like it, you can follow me on my blog: for more gaming humor and posts. More
  • Top Ten Modern Gaming Moments (Spoilers)

    I was on today, and saw their top 100 gaming moments. Since we all know that IGN is short for IGNorance, I humbly submit MY top 10 moments in modern gaming. Also, if you clicked on this blog thinking that there would be no spoilers, go take a... More
  • St. Simon Belmont's Christmas Visit

    Yeah, I haven't written in over a year. I deeply apologize to all two of you. Anyway, back to the early days . . . The Christmas I received my TV/Nintendo set up was the best in my childhood. For once I got what I really, really wanted. And my parents... More
  • The Indie & Mojo show-Episode 16-Dan's not here man! Shootist makes both his triumphant return and debut

    REMIX! So many are asking, "Mojo, man, what happened to the show. I cannot find it on itunes, podomatic, or even right here on GIO!" To those worrywarts, I say fear not, as the show is now back online! You may want to know what happened, well... More
  • Why Donkey Kong 64 is my Favorite Game of All Time

    That title brought back the best memories of my life. For those who don't know that much about me and my love for this game, please read my 5 paragraph Bio description. It consumed my young life, it made me the man I am today. Ladies and Gentlemen... More
  • User Review Herding - 12/10/11

    That's right. You read it correctly. This is the very first session of the Game Informer Online User Review Herding. Surprised? I thought some of you might be. Saint pitched this idea to me a couple of weeks ago and thought I should be the one to... More
  • Nintendo's Franchises: Where they are & where they're going part 2

    Welcome to my blog. I'm sorry that part 2 took so long, I've been having issues with my computer and Internet. If you haven't read part 1 yet, you can here: _hunter_blog/archive/2011/12/04/nintendo... More
  • Reviewing Most of the Games I've Ever Played.

    With today's blog, I'm going to challenge myself, and try reviewing all of the games I've ever played. Be it rented or owned, I'm going to give it a legit review, and it will have 2 numbers. Past thoughts, and thoughts now. Along with... More