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  • Getting To Know The Game Informer Community…

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    Don't ask me why or how I came up with this blog (I actually know but can't really tell you yet) but yes, there are people out there who read your Game Informer profile. I know there is at least one, me. So you, you know who you are, that has... More
  • Top 5 Flash Games/Series on the Internet

    We all get bored of games at some point. Its something that happens, you love a game so much, but you've played it just as much as you love it and you say, "I'm done for a while." Don't deny this has happened to you. I can almost... More
  • POKEMONth Post: Why Pokemon Continues to be the Best Handheld RPG

    10 bonus points if you get this reference. :D Hello there, dear readers! I am here with a little blog to kick off my POKEMONth gaming experiment. In case you didn't catch my previous blog, I will be playing the game Pokemon Ruby from September 16... More
  • Revisiting a favorite: Black and White.

    I'm not really a PC gamer. At fifteen I really don't have hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to overclock my PC. Though, that doesn't mean I haven't played a few gems. However, among all the games I've ever played, one game stands near... More
  • Downloadable Games That Should Be Brought To 3DS and/or Vita

    The 3DS is full of remakes, so why not downloadable games on XBLA or PSN? These are just ideas, not confirmed titles. Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid The Behemoth's games 2D art style and quirky nature make it perfect for the 3DS and Vita. If this... More
  • My Review For Resident Evil 4

    While I'm aware that normally you don't use blogs for game reviews, there are no reviews for Resident Evil 4 on Game Informer, and I thought I should continue to raise public awareness of this awesome game. So, I'm going to review Resident... More
  • Grey: Chapter 1

    “Oh look.” Draco said, though the only other creature around was his horse, Rozinante, “I see a city Rozy. Told you we’d find one if we just kept following the road.” The horse snorted, as if insulted by his implying that... More
  • Innovation with Gaming (vid blog)

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE So some questions to my viewers: What are some innovations that you feel are missing in the gaming industry conceptually? What are some innovations that you feel are missing in the gaming industry gameplay... More
  • Alright...second Blog Post...

    Thank you to those who viewed/kicked ass on rating my first blog post ever on this site. :) Quick Update: I bought a PS3. This blog might be all over the place, but I hope you can appreciate what has happened lately. First Off-PS3 is nice so far; The... More
  • 6 Things I Hate About Mass Effect

    Anybody who's ever come within even a mile of my blogs know that if there's one series I absolutely adore, it's Mass Effect. The sci-fi setting, sweeping story, and killer action RPG gameplay is just perfect to me. There's so much to love... More
  • What I want for Dead Space 3

    While watching episode 2 of the Super Replay of Galerians today, I couldn't help but think about Survival Horror titles that I really want to revisit again. So i started dreaming about Dead Space 3. While it has yet to be announced I decided to put... More
  • The top 5 games of this Holiday Season that may get overlooked.

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    This Fall/Winter season is going to be a great one for gaming. With so many Triple A releases coming out, not everyone will get to experience some of the games that might receive critical success, but will fall under the radar due to little to no marketing... More