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  • Best/Worst genre?

    I would like to know what peoples thoughts are about different genres. (shooter / rpg / platformer / adventure / action / rts / fighting / etc.) CASUAL GAMES ARE NOT AN OPTION, this about more serious gaming genres. More specifically which do you think... More
  • Grey: Chapter 5

    Draco was still wondering how someone could possibly hunt a bear as he walked through the hallways of Lord Tedro’s mansion. He decided he would ask Sovelt once he got back to the inn. He was trying to find his way back out when he saw a familiar... More
  • We Need a Video Game Art Section in GIO

    Ever since the beginning of video games there has been art of it. At one time or another we have probably stumbled upon a great fan made art of *Insert game name here* and you want to share it with your fellow gamer friend. Or have you made a drawing... More
  • WGWC: A Gamer Who Writes; Not A Writer That Games…

    I applaud BlackHeartedWolf for undertaking yet another lofty community oriented blogging project so of course I am compelled to support it however I can, even if it means doing something I historically don't do...blogging about myself. Sure I blog... More
  • The Works of a Stressed and Heartbroken Mind

    I've never even thought of making a blog, but I suppose I might as well. These are poems I've composed over that past two days, one forced, one not so. They speak how I've honestly been feeling lately. A Heart Shattered Before it Breaks Love... More
  • The End of POKEMONth and a New Year for me!

    Time to get this party started! Ah, it's the end of POKEMONth, and with that, it's also my birthday! Not only is it an amazing day to have fun and eat cake (OH WE LOVE THE CAKE), but it's also time to kick back, relax and enjoy the company... More
  • Deadman's Poems: (ALL NEW) "Ode to Master Chief", "Every Heart a Rose"

    First off, I want to tell you guys that I really appreciate you all reading my poetry... I mean, it isn't every day that a poetry blog gets 500+ views... How that has happened, I do not understand, but for you, today, I have two BRAND SPANKING NEW... More
  • Jumping Consoles: A big choice.

    I love my Xbox 360. I'll admit that right out. It's a great console, and I've played some of my favorite games ever on it. But, I always regretted one thing about it: It just doesn't stack up to a PS3. Well, the older models don't... More
  • Writer's Guild Weekly Challenge - Week #1

    Alrighty, here we are ladies and gentleman. Not even 24 hours removed from the Extra Life marathon and already we're underway on another project. Speaking of which, congrats to all the gamers that participated in the Extra Life Charity Marathon. That... More
  • 31/31 Day 16: The Legend of Dragoon

    Come one, Come all, to see the grand halfway point of 31/31. I made it this far, here's to hoping that I'll make it all the way to the end. This has been a great accomplishment for me. Check out the Hub Blog to see the early post and please leave... More
  • Games I'd like to see remade

    There's a list of classic games, and just a couple remade. I couldn't even say a handful. If we don't have a console that supports a game we loved, then why do we have to suffer not playing it? This is why I'd like to see the classics... More
  • a dark night

    Hey everyone! It's my first post here on GIO. I wrote this piece about Arkham Asylum earlier in the year, but figured I'd post it for anyone interested in what's in store for the Bat this week. You've heard Rocksteady's Batman game... More